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Last Look at 2012

2012..and 2011 to be honest...was filled with too much sadness, death, illness and did I mention the sadness?

2013 WILL be better...has to be better.

So many friends share my opinion that 2013 is OUR year. I'm partial to birthday is 12/13...and 13 has always been lucky for me.

I know we make our own luck, but I'm not taking any chances.

Almost everyone I know always says "Come Jan 1, I'm going to eat healthy, exercise, get organized, etc etc etc".  I'm no exception (except for the organizing part :->), but this year I got a headstart. Other than Thanksgiving and Christmas, I've had at least 1, if not 2 salads a day for the last 35 days. Just wanted to see if I could do it and guess what? I did!

Joined a group of friends on Facebook for a 100 Day Challenge to spend 100 days in a row exercising, eating healthier and getting to a better place in our lives. Again, a headstart. Upped my walking last week and just got home from the gym. A far cry from the level of most of my friends (Marathoners, IronMen/Women, Climbers, Slackliners, Ice Climbers, Movers and Shakers, 4 % body fat) but it's a step in the right direction and what amazing role models I have!

Joined an online motivational group 3 weeks ago to figure out how to turn the ideas I'm passionate about into a side business.

The hardest challenge of all? Realizing that I'm way too comfortable in certain areas of my life and vowing this has to change if I want to live up to my potential. My stomach just dropped typing that.

Wishing you strength and courage in your 2013 dreams. Remember, it's OUR year :-)


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