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Too Much Month, Not Enough Money?

Actually? That's not the case.

.96 cents left in my Food envelope, but I have enough food on hand to get thru the rest of the week. I'll need to be strategic at bringing my lunch Tues/Weds/Thurs, but I'll make it work.

Yesterday was a splurge from Jimmy John's and today I had half a breakfast bagel for breakfast and the other half for lunch, with a brought-from-home Noosa Raspberry yogurt as a snack. Not the healthiest, I realize...I have to work on that.

Still have $20 sitting in my Gas envelope which I probably won't need to use since I have half a tank with 3 more commute days left to drive. Housesitting in Boulder plus a fuel efficient car is a Godsend in the budget dept. 

This whole "Cash Envelope" system is getting much easier. Dave would be proud!