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One Month Check-In



Found some incredibly cool debt-free blogs that have become my new addiction so of course I'm going to share them with you.

A Colorado local, Mr. Money Mustache is a hoot! Common-sense, humor and authenticity all rolled into one...with a mustache. Plus? He and his wife are retired! And they're still young enough to enjoy retirement.

Joe Mihalec of No More Harvard Debt paid down $101K of debt in seven months. SEVEN MONTHS! Beyond amazing and truly inspiring. I read Joe's blog from end to beginning last weekend.

One of my favorite blogs is my buddy Ryan's Becoming Debt Free - his most current post "Going Out" really resonates with me. 

And my story?

I'm on a cash-envelope budget (thanks Dave Ramsey ) and am always looking for ways to save more / make more money.  Cashed out my Apple stock to pay off my credit card (then I performed a plasticectomy on my credit card!!) and the only debt that remains is my car loan, which I want to pay off in the next 16-18 months, if not sooner. My biggest win of last week was paying an extra $250 on my car loan...seriously, it gave me goosebumps!

What debt-free/finance blogs do you follow? Do you have a success story to share? What is your biggest 'a-ha' moment when it comes to personal finance?



Awesome, thanks for the links! Have you seen Michael Sitarzewski's blogging on becoming debt-free? http://www.zerologic.com/Categories/Personal-Finance.html

I love mint.com's blog and wisebread.com as well.

Dustin Davis

Congrats & good luck. My addiction was listing to Dave Ramsey podcasts every day.


Thanks Dustin, and thanks for reading!

Am considering taking Dave's FPU classes - have you taken them?


JJJ - I have!!

I'm familiar with Mint...will check out Wisebread :-)

Thanks for posting!! :-)

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