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Ever Have One Of THOSE Days?

Like I had today?

In the space of 10 minutes I : Turned off my alarm in my sleep, woke in a panic cause I was running late, forgot to take my meds, forgot to pack my headset, left for the gym without my work clothes (had to come back for them), realized I never froze my lunch bag cooler so left without lunch  and discovered my brand new Kia displaying a Tire Pressure Warning. 

All before 5:15am.

But instead of rolling over and going back to sleep (believe me, it entered my mind) I worked out to no music, deleted weights from my workout routine  since I was running late (but still did an hour of cardio and 25 minutes of water aerobics), had the presence of mind to grab an apple & Justin's Nut Butter pack  and a  banana before I left my house so at least I had breakfast.

Super hectic day that turned into a  super hectic afternoon. At one point I had the thought "I am dying for a Coke" and refilled my water glass instead. (Coincidentally, it's been two weeks today since I've had a Coke). Took my lunch much later than planned and  boy did that Larabar I hid in my locker come in handy. 

So what did I learn from my day?

Two things. It's good to be prepared (having healthy goodies to grab and go) but it wouldn't hurt me to be more prepared. And get more sleep so I don't sleep thru my alarm. And those of you that really know me TOTALLY know where I'm headed!


Need to spend some time winding down at night, prep my gym bag & work clothes, go to bed at a decent 10pm (no later).

Check, check, check.

Thing #2?

My new motto :

Screen shot 2011-10-03 at 10.13.43 PM

I saw this message about 3 weeks ago. It had the effect of a sucker punch as well as the proverbial lightbulb going on inside my head. And I'm really tired of excuses. While some of them are valid, I'm still tired of them.

I'm in control of my destiny and excuses will be my downfall if I'm not careful.

Long story short, I'm making smart lifestyle changes that I'll clue you in on one of these days.

In the meantime?



** nnsd = when we were kids my parents would read bedtime stories to all 5 of us. At the very end, right before they turned off the light, they'd say "Night Night Sweet Dreams". I loved that phase and voila, that's what nnsd stands for!

A Sure Thing To Make Me Feel Better

* Awesome friends

* Challenging days to keep me busy & occupy my mind

* Personal challenges to battle complacency 

* Music music music

* Living in Colorado

* Flying my parents in for a long weekend

* Balancing the heartbreak of missing Terry with appreciating everything he brought to our lives.

* I still remember his voice and the sound of his laugh. I hope I never forget.