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Long story short, something's been wrong with me for awhile. I have extreme dizziness...don't know why...and it's getting worse. It's not vertigo. I've been tested. It's not anything having to do with ears or eyes...I've had those tests too. Anxiety was considered a cause but after visiting a Biofeedback Clinician and having her witness one of my 'episodes' she urged me 5 times in 3 minutes to get a brain MRI. Stat.


Had one scheduled last week and even tho I've had several MRI's before (none were of the brain) and I thought I could handle it, to be blunt, I 'freaked the fuck out'. Severe claustrophobia. Hyperventilated. Couldn't stop crying. It was horrible.

I've started using a trek stick to help maintain my balance as I walk. It used to help but lately things are getting worse and tomorrow I'm looking at getting an actual cane. This is all so weird.

Having an Open MRI on Thursday which I hope I can manage. Anything has to be better than the closed MRI. I'm still having nightmares from that episode.

I miss walking unassisted. I miss being social. I base all social plans on how close I can park to where I'm going and how much walking is involved. I loathe walking into and out of work each day and do everything I can to stay away from the food court and the rest of the mall. (Wide open spaces are much worse than small spaces).

So that is what's going on in Kathyland. Thought you should know. Not for sympathy. Not for anything but keeping you in the loop. Life is short. Don't take your health for granted.

Over and out for now.