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90 Days

Texted a friend earlier to ask if they were interested in participating in a "No Nonsense 90 Day Challenge".

Basically, I'm fed up with myself. I've fallen off the eating healthy wagon. Still on the exercising wagon, but could do better. I spend too much time online.  I'm not sticking to my budget. I don't lead a balanced life. I could do so much better. I want to be so much better.


Tomorrow is August 1. Brand new month. And roughly 90 days left of decent weather before the snow and (shudder) ice come to call and I go into hermit mode (I'm not the 'typical' Coloradan that loves Winter sports.) (Far from it.)


Wanna join me?

For the next 90 days, I'm committing to 5 actions :

1) Eat healthier 

2) Exercise regularly

3) No internet the first 3 hours after work (when at home)

4) Cash envelope system with a written budget

5) Honestly & transparently account for all of the above with a weekly check in.

Why wait for New Year's Eve to make life-changing resolutions? Now's the time to act!

Let's do this!