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Happy Friday. Happy April. Happy New Beginnings.

I've not been online much this last week. Normally I'll check Facebook or Twitter or a favorite blog or two during the day and definitely at night, but this past week? Not so much.

I'm at a 'what now / what next' phase in my life. I'd gotten myself into a rut in a lot of areas and it's finally hit me that I need to break out of these collective ruts. Spending time online is a huge part of that, so this past week I tried limiting myself to 1 hour online when I got home. Instead, I read. Watched movies. Exercised. Organized. Interacted.

It's not enough. Maybe it's a combo of Spring Fever, things I want to accomplish, restlessness and just being at a crossroads in life, but something feels missing.

You know what I mean?

Not to say that anything's wrong with my life. I love my life!! Absolutely adore my job and super duper adore all the 'OMG-beyond-amazing' friends I work with and opportunities I have. Over 3 years into this job and I can't wait to go to work everyday and miss work/my work friends when I'm not there.

I'm happy with my current residence and while it's not my 'own' place, it's manageable. It close to where I need to be and the sunsets from my back patio are stunning. I've been here 6 months and hope to stay for another 6.

My truck had a major tune-up last week (over $1,000) and at 131,473 miles I'm hoping it lasts in the 175,000-200,000 range. I'm saving to pay cash for my next ride. Every now and then I think it would be nice to have a brand new fresh-off-the-lot car to call my own....but I don't want car payments. 

Last week was my 1 year anniversary of getting debt free. It's a feeling I love and want to keep. If anything, I'm about to get even stricter with myself and how I spend/save/budget. I'm a loyal Dave Ramsey fan and read his books/listen to his podcasts all the time.  What I haven't done...that he says you need to have a cash budget. Starting today, I'm that person that takes cash out of the credit union on payday and lives on that amount. Once it's gone, it's gone.

Frugal can be fun. Cash is king. Debt is dumb. I should have been doing this since the night I got debt-free, but I didn't. I thought I knew better. I don't. So I'm starting over.

Thinking this might be the jolt to get me out of my rut. This and paying more attention to my finances instead of leaving them on autopilot. I want a house. A laptop. A new-ish car. Right now they're all wants but one of these days they will be needs. And when that day comes, I want to be prepared. I also want to be prepared for the unprepared, the surprises, the 'Murphy's Law' part of life.

I'm also considering starting a business. In the past I've done professional organizing, time management consulting, recruiting consulting. All passions of mine, all things I would honestly do for free. Which is a sign I should do them for pay :-)

So. That's where I am in Kathyland and that's what's new with me. 

What's new with you?