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3 Re Weekend

The last 8 months have seen lots of change in my life. 

Since last September, I've : Found a new place to live (closer to work), moved out of the room in the house I shared with my buddies Brian & Tim, fell and tore my meniscus the week before I moved, was on crutches the month prior to surgery, had surgery, had P/T post-surgery, had several personal issues mixed with the ice and cold that Winter brings and tossed in with a side of  my life as I know it.

I needed a break and decided to get away for a long weekend. A weekend just for me, only for me, where it was all about me. A getaway to Relax, Reflect, Restart. I wanted to retreat to a place that was quiet. With a comfy bed. With down comforters and pillows. With a huge soaking bathtub and lots and lots of hot water. I was craving warmth and comfort and peace and quiet and coziness.

So 2 months ago I added a vacation day to my normal Friday/Saturday day off schedule and this past Thursday I checked into to my private getaway before I left for the 14th edition of Ignite Boulder. Which was an awesome start to what I hoped would be an awesome weekend.

Initally, I'd hoped to make it an internet & cell-phone free weekend and my cell was actually off for most of Friday. However, as I turned it on late Friday night to see if I had a call from my Dad, I was surprised by quite a few texts/voice mails regarding something beyond my control but something that I wanted to be made aware of. It was all good and led me to realize that sometimes it's better to have everything in moderation rather than all or nothing.

My weekend's been AMAZING. I've slept more than I have in ages and the quality of sleep has been superb. This Winter has been particularly hard on me (mentally, physically, emotionally), so much so that all I crave lately is warmth in my surroundings. Toasty warmth with no shivering :-) This weekend there's been long stretches of time when I've been so content it's like I'm in's that perfect!

Every now and then, you have to listen to yourself, really listen, and give yourself what your body and mind and soul need to be 100%.

Solitude combined with down comforters, spa-like surroundings, lots of hot water and knowing that I'd budgeted enough to pay cash for my weekend made for a wonderful long weekend.

In less than 12 hours I will have checked out and I'll be back to work and back to my life as I know it.

What I took away from this getaway is a renewed sense of what I need to be happy. A quiet space (animal free, kid free, roomate free, noise free, cold-free) every now and then is crucial to my happiness. And until the day comes when I no longer have to rent or share living spaces, I might need to stage a get-away every 6 months or so.

Granted, this might sound trivial and even petty to a lot of people, but it's what I need in order to be happy. Some people go shopping, some people take drugs, some people skydive naked. I like cozy, warmth, peace and quiet.

Sometimes the little things can make the biggest difference in your life.