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3 Years But It Seems Like Yesterday

Dearest Michele (Auntie Chele) -

It's been 3 years this week since you left.  Not a day goes by that you're not thought of and missed greatly.

So much has happened - Tommy & Jen  got married, Matt moved down to San Diego to live with Tommy & Jen, and this past week Brian moved down to SD to be closer to Tommy & Jen and Matt.  You've a granddoggie - Page. She's adorable and uses Brian as a pincushion.

Of course you know all this...heaven gives you a front row seat on our lives. Or at least I would like to think so.

Life goes on, but it's just not the same. And never will be.

Miss you so much -





True Love

My Dad asked my Mom to marry him on their first date...after he pissed her off and she got out of his car and said 'I'll just WALK home" and he followed along side her pleading for her to get back inside the car while she walked the 3 miles home. He proposed when he walked her to her front door. 

They'll be married 57 years in Sept.

True love, y'all. When you know, you know.

Happy Valentines Day! xo ♥

It Was The Best Of Times... was the worst of times.

A week ago today I was at work and took a call from my Dad only to find out that my beloved Auntie Irene, my Dad's sister, had passed away earlier that morning. It's tough when you get calls like that at any time of the day, but especially when you get bad news while at work.

I reacted as I'd expect anyone to react, crying, more crying, stepping away from my desk and crying some more. Auntie's death was unexpected. She'd had surgery several days earlier and breezed thru it, only to crash two days afterwards.

One more family member gone. One more family member transitioned to Heaven, to join the rest of our family. That's my belief about Heaven. When my Auntie Maggie passed away after a bout with lung cancer, she came to me in a lucid dream several months later. It was one of the MOST lifelike dreams of my life and she assured me that Heaven is a wonderful place and all our family members were there, happy and content. Then she told me who the next member of our family would be on their way to heaven soon...and don't you know, she was right.

For the rest of last Sunday as well as for the rest of the week, I was a little more introspective than usual. A little quieter as well. 

As much as I love CO and my life here in CO, certain times make me wish I lived much closer to my family. Sometimes all you really want to make everything better is to be with your Mom and Dad and Brothers and Sisters. My friends-like-family here in CO stepped in and were there for me in ways great and small. My buddy Jill came to stay the night with me. My darlingingst of darling friends HDW offered me whatever it took to make me feel better and my work team was amazing.

Took last Monday as a Bereavement in order to get my heart and thoughts in order. There'll be a memorial service in the future which I'd like to attend.

The rest of the week was a mix of good and great and sad and uplifting and challenging. You know, pretty much like the week you had and we all have every week.

When all was said and done, Faith got me thru the week. Faith as it pertains to my religious beliefs and what happens 'when it ends' well as Faith that God/The Universe/Karma will get me thru what I need to get thru.

Faith for trials and challenges both miniscule and least gigantic to me.

So if you're not having the best week/month/year, have Faith. And keep hanging on, cause things WILL get better.