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1 & 2/3'rds Out Of 3? Not Too Shabby~

Wrote this a year ago tomorrow and outlined what my 3 resolutions would be for the coming year.

How did I do?

Hit 2 out of 3 for #1.  

Mentally & emotionally, I'm stronger than I've ever been. Not to say I haven't had some meltdowns along the way, especially when a fall at work resulted in a torn meniscus, surgery and the whole recovery process that comes with surgery...which is where I am right now. I miss running up stairs. I miss walking normally. I miss having an extra 4 hours at work per week instead of going to physical therapy. I hate having to rely on others for help. 

Obviously this was meant to happen and I've accepted it as a learning process. Have definitely learned a few lessons that I'm putting into play that relate to my physical well being. 


#2 - I'm in a house.

It's a beautiful house in a lovely area. While it's not 'my' name on the mortgage I get to live in it and take advantage of all the perks that come with it as a renter. Being in a house of my own is one of my all-time top 3 life goals.  

Coincidentally, one of my other life goals was to be debt free.  I reached that goal at 9:23pm on March 23, 2010. I've been in debt in the past...deep debt...and have to say that being debt-free (at least for me) is the only way I want to live.

Earlier this year I looked at homes, hoping to find the one that was 'mine'. It wasn't meant to be since what I could afford is NOT what I wanted to own. And as hard as it was for me to accept that, it turned out to be a no-brainer. 

Debt isn't isn't keeps you awake at night. And as badly as I wanted a place of my own, I didn't want it bad enough to get back into debt and live paycheck-to-paycheck.

The universe was looking out for me (as it does when I manage to get out of my own way) :-)  and the house I'm living is now is just about perfect and definitely a much nicer house than I could afford on my own. Thanks Universe!

#3 - Nailed this.

Nailed this 99.9% of the time. When I take myself and my ego out of the equation and listen with an open heart and an open mind, I've  come to some mindblowing understanding. 

Listening instead of assuming is awesome. Assuming leads to so many incorrect perceptions, feelings, non-truths. I just don't do it anymore. 

So what are my resolutions for this next year?

Just one resolution that covers 4 areas. The main resolution is personal accountability. Something I'm a fan of and  try to practice on a daily basis. Taking it 4 steps further to encompass the areas of :

* Personal Finance - Continue to stay debt free while building wealth and saving for a house/car/retirement. To pay as much (or more) attention to my finances as I do to Twitter and Facebook. Build a budget I can stick to. Track my expenses on a daily basis.

* Health - Injury/Surgery/Rehab have taught me not to take my health for granted. Enough said.

* Learn - I want to learn something new every day, especially in the fields of technology, culinary skills, photography, the written word, design and fashion. Each of those areas in my life needs revamping. Time to get busy.

* Listening - Specifically, listening to my gut feeling. It's saved me countless times so I'm keeping it in my repetoire. Don't leave home without it!

And that's pretty much it! My year in review, so to speak.

Of course, this would all be worthless without having so many of you along for the ride. So thanks for another year of following what's new in Kathyland and holding me accountable. I may not have the most readers (and friends) in the blogosphere but I certainly have the best!

xo <3