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Refresh your browser and check out my new spiffy design. You like?

My design's not the only thing that's spiffy. After staring at the boxes occupying my living space for the last 32 days, I finally felt I was healed enough to take them on.

So from 11am-11:45pm I cleaned, unpacked, lugged, sorted, vacuumed, laundry'd and in general was non-stop busy trying to get my place from Box City to a nicer Kathyland. Oh, I also cleaned my truck out in the process!

It was tough to accomplish without bending, kneeling, pivoting, lifting but I managed. I'm beat and I know I'll feel this in the morning, but the feeling of productivity - plus my place looks so much nicer - makes it all worthwhile.

I figure one more 12 hr Saturday should do the trick.  And before I forget, anyone need moving boxes with clean packing paper?

NNSD xo <3



Busier Than Busy

Need to wake up in 5 1/2 hrs, so I'll make this quick.

* I'm back to work

* Still in Physical Therapy

* Today is the first day since Oct 4 that I did not use my crutches in any way, shape or form!

* Still have a ways to go until I'm fully healed - 6 months +

* Envious of people that can walk without limping :-)

Ignite Boulder tickets are almost sold out...don't wait to get yours!!

* Miss my former roomies but love my current living sitch

* Adore my landlady and her two kids - they are all darling and kind and sweet :-)

* Miss Daylight Savings Time

* Still not unpacked from my move due to limitations from surgery. And a small percent due to laziness. But mostly limitations from surgery. Moving my unpacking deadline to Dec 11.

* Realized today that I am happier with more sunlight in my life. Need to start taking advantage of daylight hours.

* I need to ditch the CFL lightbulbs in my room. I know that's not very EcoFriendly of me, but they hurt my eyes and make me feel like I live in a cave. And depress me and make me sad. Out they go!

* Spending time with friends that let you help them clean?? PRICELESS!!

And that's what's new in Kathyland!

NNSD for now :-) xo <3

Don't Say, DO!

How many times have you said to a friend "We've got to hang out"  or "We've got to catch up" maybe "Let's get together". Too many times, right? I know I've been guilty of it. The desire is there, the friendship is definitely there, but we don't take it a step further and make it a priority. Something always comes up and you think "Oh, next week will work" or "Hey, I'll catch ya next month" maybe "We'll get together soon". And nothing happens.

Then it's a month, 6 months, a year. Time. It flies. It flies at the speed of light. We all have busy jobs, busy lives, the best of intentions but sometimes our friends take backseat to our day-to-day lives. 

Recently some close friends lost a very special friend at a much too early age. His absence has left and will leave gaps in the fabric of the lives of his loved ones, both friends and family. Gone in an instant. It seems impossible. Incomprehensible. And you're left with the memories, the stories, the pictures.

Life is short. Let's please not take it and each other for granted. I just Tweeted to a friend that we needed to get together soon. Then I thought about that friend. Her darling baby boy. Her equally darling husband. As soon as I post this, Tweet this, Facebook this, I'm contacting her. I'm setting a Date. A Time. I miss my friend. I love my friend. I want to see her this week. And I'll do everything in my power to make that work.

Going forward, I'll be acting like it's my last day on Earth. Cause you never know when it might turn out to be true. So I want to be prepared.

My new motto " Life is short. Love more. Live more. Hug more. Kiss more. Facebook more. Twitter more. Connect more xo ♥ "