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I'm updating! Scary, I know!

While some may call today Halloween, most everyone in my family calls it 'Two Days Before Kelly's Birthday".  Which it is! I'm sure the festivities started last night and will continue well into the next two weeks until our collective family takes a breath...then ramps up for Diane's birthday (Nov 27).

I'm still on leave from work :-(  It's weird, I'm sad, I miss everyone. I'm not used to being off work without being on vacation..and I'm definitely NOT on vacation so I guess I'm in limbo? Whatev.

Now that I'm feeling somewhat better post surgery (I can now sleep all thru the night HELL YEAH!!) I've tasked myself with unpacking. Still have lots moving boxes littering my living space and now that I'm more mobile the moving boxes must go. My space is limited so I'm getting extra creative in figuring out where to put everything..a far cry from what my buddy Andrew Hyde is experiencing!

Once everything's unpacked I'll take pix of what I no longer need/want and post them on my blog so keep an eye out if you're interested! My goal at being totally unpacked is Thanksgiving. 

I've also started a running To-Do list of things I've been meaning to do forever but haven't. Things like :

* Input all my paper scraps of addresses & info into Address Book

* Update / Revise my Contacts into said Address Book

* I owe Abby & Jeanine long-overdue update emails

* Sort thru two huge bankers boxes of pix in the hopes of scanning them someday (need a scanner first, tho!)

* Meet with a financial planner to strategize on the best allocations for my 401(k)'s

* Fine-tune budget know...stuff like that!

Started Physical Therapy last Friday. A far cry from what I expected but so far so good. I'll be going 2x week for the next month and then they'll re-evaluate to see where I am. I've made it this far without having to break into the Vicodin (no, you can't have my leftovers, they're already spoken for!) and am hoping that trend continues. Not as much as painful as it's's like my knee has a mind of it's own and isn't sure where it wants to go. Weird sensation, at least for me.

Finally, I'm thrilled that this is the FIRST Halloween I've experienced in CO that hasn't seen a snowfall by now. So. Happy.

Snow will be here soon enough (boo!) and I'm thankful to be enjoying the remaining snow-free days of Fall.

Recovery Thru Internetting

My surgery was a success thanks to my surgeon and my buddies who have supported me and will continue to support me! 

JA got up at the buttcrack of dawn (that would be 4:30a) to drive 35 miles to pick me up and drive me 2 miles to the hospital...on her day off. WHO DOES THAT?? Jill does!

Kirk came to get me post-surgery. He sat and listened to my surgeon & the post-op RN give him updates on what I'd need to do, drove me around to fill prescriptions, to Safeway to get frozen peas and ginger-ale, helped carry all my stuff downstairs all the while being so kind and helpful...given his day started at 4 and he'd already worked half a day before coming to get me.

Woke up from surgery with a huge GERD attack and a migraine. They stayed with me pretty much all day, thru two long naps, a 2 hr convo with my brother in CA in the wee hours of this morning, and finally left me late this morning. Whee!! My knee has felt fine & I haven't even cracked open the bottle of Vicodin.

Today was supposed to be a rest day. I'm not really one for "resting" at least not first thing in the morning. Given that I couldn't take a shower (which is the logical thing that inspires me to get out of bed every morning) I just stayed in bed. And internetted. Then internetted some more. Listened to the wind, talked to a couple of friends on the phone, IM'd with Kirk, then internetted even more.

Found some new blogs that might interest you!

They are :

Never Niche - courtesy of the lovely Clare that I met a long time ago and recently re-met in Boulder. Clare is a breath of fresh air, updates her blog almost daily, is financially wise and frugal and all-in-all is simply wonderful!

Don't remember where I stumbled across Lachlan's Blog but I'm glad I did! He's just started blogging and I hope he keeps it up!

Found the blog Good Men Project yesterday thru this story about Aaron Govea and his wife and how Aaron stood up for his wife Confronting Life . I also think if there is an award for "Husband of the Year' it should go to Aaron. Cause that's the kind of guy a great husband should emulate.

Spent my time "resting" and thinking about other things I can do that don't involve walking/standing yet will be productive. Have a couple of 'hmm, this might work' projects that I'll make a list of tonite.

Tomorrow it's off to my surgeon's office for a post-op visit (where maybe the bandages will come off and I can shower again??) and then off to Occupational Health Dr. to talk about Rehab 101- how much, what kind, and when does it start?

I'm not driving this week which makes getting around a bit problematic. In case any of you just happen to be in my area and happen to be completely bored and would like to hang out and happen to want to taxi me to and fro, hit me up with your availability. I HATE asking for help but guess what, I'm getting good at it :-)

To recap...

*Surgery = Great

*Friends = Beyond Awesome

*Internet = Great for "resting" and finding new blogs to read

It's the little things, yes?



10 Loves 10 Hates 10 Surprises

Several summers ago my buddy  Tom  suggested I create a 200 Things About Kath post. I'd be hard pressed to come up with 100, much less 200 things, so in the interest of procrastinating, I came up with 10 Loves, 10 Hates and 10 Surprises (things you may not know about me).


Ta Da, here they are!


10  Loves


CO sunsets

Smell of freshly mowed grass

Happy, smiley, positive people

My family & friends who are like family

Receiving a hand-written note in the mail (Aree, Syd, Jillian - I'm talking to YOU)

When a gut feeling pays off

Ignite Boulder Organizing Peeps

When the weather report calls for snow but you wake up to a sunny day

Weiner Dogs....ok...ALL dogs!

My dream job that came true Dec 15 2007

10 Hates

Cigarette smoke

Whiney, negative, sarcastic people

That teleportation isn't a reality


When people give up on their goals and themselves

Improper use of the words their/they're/there & you're/your

Milk that isn't ice cold

ICE (not the kind in drinks, tho)


Squeaky brakes

10 Surprises

Tattoos freak me out so much that I can't look at them and will do whatever I can to avoid looking at them

I've never passed out/thrown up/had a hangover from drinking

Bit my nails until the day I turned 35 then stopped cold turkey

My Mom let me smoke a cigarette when I was 4 in the hopes I'd never smoke. It worked.

I would give up my life in exchange for a cure for Pancreatic Cancer

For the last 2 1/2 years I make the same wish every time I see a shooting star. No, I'm not telling you what I wish for.

The older I get, the more annoyed I become with negative Nellies. Grow a pair and get on with your life.

Every time I mail a letter or a card, I kiss the back of the envelope

Ahavachesed is my personal mantra

I grew up reading about a Christmas miracle where every Christmas at the stroke of midnight all animals can talk. For as long as I had a  dog, I never gave up hope the story would come true.

 Your turn!


Unpacking For The Next Month!

The household goods that I put into storage on 11/19/2009 arrived today.



OMG, the boxes!! Moving from a 3 bed 3 bath house into a walkout basement with a kitchenette will result in too many boxes, not enough storage. Trust me :-)




Some of my discoveries were a welcome surprise  (the iron doggie sculpture & my George Forman Grill) and some were "OMG, why did they pack that"? ie the recycling (thought I had emptied it - guess I didn't).

With tomorrow my last free day before my surgery, I know the unpacking process will take a bit longer than I'd like and I'll have to be fine with that. (Really I won't be fine with that - hello OCD??- but it's all relative). Thank goodness there's plenty of space in my landlord's storage room. I've made a dent in the kitchenette and whatever's not unpacked by tomorrow night will go into the storage area after I get off work Sunday night. Out of sight = less clutter = less crazy Kath. Eventually I'll get everything unpacked.

I knew having my stuff delivered right before surgery would drive me crazy in some respect, but having my couch, comfy chair, dining room table, my George Forman Grill...would make for a nicer, cozier, more conducive-to-having-friends-over (hint hint!!) recuperation.

Things are a little crowded right now, but once my landlord sells the lovely pool table that inhabits my space I'll be able to move the dining room table to where the pool table now sits, resulting in a less cluttered, more open space. (Know anyone that wants to buy a pool table?)

OK, break time over,  back to unpacking :-)


Going Mobile

This Monday will be two weeks since I've been using crutches. It's opened my eyes to so many details that affect people with limited mobility.

*When you use crutches, you're extremely limited as to what you can carry in your hands

*Opening doors in public places can be tricky

*Transitioning between floors where there are no elevators or escalators is also tricky. And ouchy.

*It takes so much longer to get where you need to, work, meeting friends for dinner, etc. And let's not even talk about 15 minute breaks at work :-)

*Crutch chafe :-)

I'm lucky! This is a temporary thing and I'm hoping to be off my crutches and back to walking unassisted by late November.  I've been amazed how many complete strangers have gone out of their way to open doors, share encouraging comments, ask if I'm ok!  My co-workers have been so fantastically supportive and caring - which is no surprise considering how awesome everyone is ( I work with phenomenal peeps!!) and all you guys - my internet buddies both local and long-distance have been very generous with offers of love, support, transportation & post-surgery nom-noms.

I have it made. My injury has  made me even more grateful than I normally am to have such a wonderful support system. It's also made me more open to receiving help - an area  of opportunity I've blogged about before. 

Looking at this whole experience as an adventure. Also learning lessons about taking mobility/life/health/great insurance for granted. Not that I really took them for granted 100% of the time but let's just say I'm really appreciating that I'll get the chance to be fully mobile in the near future :-)

Surgery is scheduled for Monday Oct 25. Out of work for 10-14 days afterwards. In rehab from Oct 27 until whenever I no longer need rehab. Can't conceive of being out of work for that long without being on a vacation - that will be uber weird, plus I'll totally miss my work buddies like you can't believe.

Thank goodness for the internet :-)

Surgery And Other Things On My Mind Tonite

2 weeks from tomorrow I'll have surgery to repair my torn meniscus. 

Until then, am getting around on crutches and trying not to fall. I'm the type that can't walk & chew gum at the same time. Have tripped myself several times whilst crutching around but I am starting to get the hang of it. Which is good, cause I'll be on crutches for at least another month.  Maybe I should find some purple cloth & glitter & ribbons and festoon my crutches?

I've always liked the word "festooned" :-)

I'll be out of work for 10 - 14 days and in rehab right after surgery. Promised myself I'm gonna make an adventure out of this.

My surgeon has warned me that my knee won't be 100% perfect but I can't help but wonder what will be viable and what will be off-limits.  I already know running is on the forbidden list. I tried running about 20 different times in my one point I hired a friend that was an ultramarathoner to help me train to run a marathon. Shin splints put an end to that effort. I remember her telling me after yet one more aborted training session that not everyone was meant to run and not to take it personally.  But I did and I do and a part of me will always wonder if I had pushed harder could I have completed a marathon?

That whole 'shoulda woulda coulda' phase is on my mind. What could I have accomplished in my life if I didn't give up?  I honestly don't know. Sometimes I wonder if I'm my own biggest roadblock to success?

Obviously a lot of  "what if's" in Kathyland this week.

What about you? What have you stopped pursuing that you sorta kinda wish you hadn't? Professional? Physical? Personal? Emotional?

I'm also all ears about your experiences of having knee/meniscus surgery. How fast did it take you to recover? What was your rehab like? How long before you could walk safely without crutches? What amount of pain did you have and how did you manage it? (Note - I hate to swallow big pills and would rather put up with pain than do the pill thing). How did you keep yourself busy while you were in rehab?

Kath has you have answers??  :-)

What's New in Kathyland??


I moved into the new place in Superior! My former roomies Brian & Tim helped and did an AMAZING job at helping!! Seriously, you should be lucky enough to have B&T as roomies...or just as friends.

A couple of days before I moved I fell while at work. It's sorta embarassing, but as I reached to get a label above and to the right of my desk, my chair submarined out from under me and I fell down & went boom. It all happened in total slow-motion and I was more embarrassed than hurt...until I discovered the huge purple bruise on the bottom of my right arm the next day (was actually pretty scary even tho it was a lovely dark shade of purple). Two days afterward my right knee started to hurt...then went from slightly hurting to OMFG this HURTS!

So after a trip to the ER, I'm on crutches and awaiting the results of my MRI later today. Initial diagnosis is a sprained knee...the MRI will show if there's any further damage.

For the record, crutches suck. Gives me a renewed appreciation for being ablebodied. The kindness of friends and strangers overwhelms me on a daily basis. And it takes me 20 minute to walk into and out of work everyday. My biceps are loving the crutches tho :-)  At least one body part is happy!

This next part? Well, I've never really talked about the "private" part of my life cause I'm a private person. But after discussing this with Brian (whom I love and adore and TRUST!!) I decided to take his advice and share it with you. Ready? Here goes.

I'm ready to start dating. (Just gave myself chills by typing that!!) But yeah, it's time. Bri urged me to try the whole online thing so I filled out a profile. But really, I don't want to pay for a subscription before I've exhausted all my FREE resources. That's where you guys come in :-)

I'm gonna post what I would say in an online profile here for all of you to see. If you know anyone that might be a good match, have them read my blog and send me an email. I've met most of you via the internet and can't imagine my life without you in why not try to find a partner the same way? Right? Right!

Here goes.....

I once said "I Do" and thought it would last forever. 20 years later, he decided he didn't love me anymore. Figured I could either curl up and die or start over. So I started over and never looked back :-)

 My life is awesome! I'm blessed with incredible friends, a job I ADORE, I'm debt-free (and plan to stay that way!), amazing family in CA, and I live in CO which is the coolest state EVER!  Having someone special in my life would be a nice-to-have, but not a need-to-have.

 My favorite words to live by are "You drive your destiny" and "If you will it, it's not a dream". Basically, if you want something bad enough, you'll make it happen (Legally, of course!)

 The no-kids thing is a deal-breaker. Decided when I was 8 I didn't want kids and have never changed my mind. Am the oldest of 5 and helped my siblings raise their kids. Colic, teething, terrible two's? Been there, done that, no thanks :-)

 Grew up in CA, have lived in VA, FL, Northern & Southern CA and now CO. Never leaving CO, it's heaven on earth. I came here to start my life over which has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

 My ideal match?? Don't know if "Ideal" is realistic, but here's what that might look like.

 You're kind when no one's watching. You respect & love your family, friends, and friends who are like family. A friend's good fortune makes you happy for them instead of envious of them. You count your blessings on a daily basis. You assume positive intent. You're a man of integrity, honesty, ethics, compassion. You do the right thing because it's the right thing to do. You love to laugh and do so on a daily basis. You are absolutely awed by the beauty that is Colorado. You are open to the possibility of trusting yet one more person with your heart & soul. You challenge yourself to be a better person on a daily basis.

 In the 'little things matter dept" - You're clean, neat, drug-free, smoke-free. And yes, 420 is a drug!

 Debt-free is something I've worked hard at achieving. Flashy cars & expensive toys don't impress me. I sold my house to move closer to work and got debt free in the process. Someday I'll buy another house and when that day comes, I will be in debt, but not for longer than 15 years.

 So that's what I'm all about & what's important to me. Notice I didn't say anything about long walks on the beach, finding that 'perfect soul mate' or any of that other  crap. Yeah, that's not me. I'm not status quo and couldn't be happier :-)

 Thanks for reading! 

So. There it is!

If you send someone my way, great! If not, that's fine. I'm going into this expecting nothing and if something happens to happen, even better!

I'm off to sleep for now while you (and the internet) do your magic :-)