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And The Winner Is...

I chose a rental over a purchase.

It was tough, with my "want" of having a home of my own butting up against my "need" of staying as debt free as possible. In the end, the need won out.

My awesome realtor Angela Fox is an amazing ally (and friend) who listened to everything that I wanted in my next dream house. She was patient and shared my optimism that somewhere out there was MY dream house. Angela was my voice of reality and kept me on track for what my budget would allow.  Not one to pressure at all (which I LOVE!!) she guided me through neighborhoods I might not have  considered.

Some of the homes we viewed were the epitome of handyman specials while others seemed just fine until you noticed all the cracks in the walls. Authentic hardwood floors are nice, but a faulty foundation negates the appeal of any type of flooring. And while handyman specials don't scare me, the homes we saw would have required $25,000 or more to fix up, which would have eroded my downpayment of $30,000. There was one absolute stunning standout that I adored, but it would have resulted in living paycheck to paycheck and I just didn't want to go down that road. 

Getting debt-free took some doing. And now that I'm there I am loathe to go back. I realize that when I eventually buy a house I will incur debt, but it has to be within a comfortable range commensurate with what I make. Until I can find the perfect-to-me house that fits the bill, it's not gonna happen.

Ultimately, I decided to keep renting.

Next weekend I'm moving into a basement. Not just any old basement! This is a beautiful walk-out basement with a huge bedroom (with fireplace!), gorgeous bathroom (granite countertops, 2 sinks,and a window at which the ventilation freak side of me rejoices), custom-designed walk-in closet, kitchenette and plenty of additional space as well. It's so much space that I'll be taking my household goods out of storage and moving them into my new place.  I'll also get to park in a garage which means no more scraping snow off my windshields. And? Two blocks from the dream job. Which rocks!

While I had hoped to end up in "my" dream house, in a way I guess I'm there after all. Yeah, my name isn't on the mortgage, but it's giving me everything I need (for now) and will be an inspiration for what I eventually want for the future!

This week will be a blur of work, decluttering, packing, changing addresses, and all the other details that come with moving. Yay!! 

I'll DEFINITELY miss my awesome roomies who have been so wonderful, kind and caring. Seriously, best roomies ever! They're even helping me move & won't let me pay them! Who does that?? Brian and Tim do!

I won't miss the commute. Or the cats - sorry Tucker and Ziggy - love you guys but don't love what your cat dander does to my eyes.

On the other end I will love my 3 minute commute,  more sleep that a 3 minute commute allows, spending way less on gas, living closer to Boulder, and the awesome view of my next door neighbors, the Flatirons.

I'm at peace with my decision. Have several irons in the fire where not having a mortgage or being locked into a certain location may be an advantage in the long run. We'll see where the Universe wants me to land.

But before any moving happens, I need to prepare :-)

Taking a week off from blogging. Next stop, Superior!


Housing update coming at ya!

The house I found and fell in like with was so CLOSE to my dream job. The price was in my price range. It was cute - 3 bed, 2 bath, HUGE eat-in kitchen, cute & quiet neighborhood. Hardwood floors to die for.

The downside was daunting. Foundation was wonky. Numerous cracks in the ceiling, walls, exterior walls. It needed a new roof. Needed gutters (there were none!). And in the end, it just wasn't meant to be. Which yeah, did make me sad, but not defeated. 

With my decision deadline of Oct 1 looming large, I'm starting to look at rooms to rent just to cover my bases. The closer to the Fruit Stand, the better. I'm also preparing myself not to live with my current roomies anymore which makes me tear up at times.  T&B are TEH AWESOME!  Even with two kitties, this roomie situation has worked out better than we all could have hoped for.  Still, they have to do what is best for them and I have to do what is best for me. Even if it means not living under the same roof.

So it's back to looking for homes online, looking for room rentals online, and having faith that God & The Universe will point me in the direction I'm meant to travel.

It's Jewish New Year... L'Shana Tova - let's make it a good one!

First Day Of Househunting - Look Out Below!!

It's time to start looking for another dream house, so Wednesday morning I met my awesome Realtor Angela to journey here and there to accomplish that task.

Takeaway from the day?  People need to CLEAN & DECLUTTER their homes before they put them on the market. Seriously, cleaning goes a LONG way if you want me to buy your house.

Of the 7 homes we saw, 2 were on the keeper list by the end of the day - both short-sales, one a house, the other a townhome.

Last night I decided I'm finished with townhome/condo living. Nothing against condos/townhomes...of the 4 homes I've bought, 2 of them were townhomes. And who knows, I may very well end up in one after all?  The townhome in question is in Thornton where I live now - actually right across the street from where I live now - but if I'm going to have to live in Thornton, I want to have lots more outside entertainment options and that (to me) says house.

The house I'm interested in has several structural defects so I'm having my buddy Jeff check it out for me. If he says no, I'll move on. 

For your viewing pleasure, want to see one of the "Nope, no thanks" homes? I knew you would!


And want to see what it did to the floor below?



Oh hai buckled-water-damaged floor!

No thanks!

Looking for something close to work, so if you know of any cool casa's near the Fruit Stand that would be perfect for the next Kathyland, please let me know!