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There's a saying out there about 'a journey starts with a single step'...or something like that, but I'm too tired to look it up.

Today was a day. A good day, a long day, a second-to-last-day before vacay day. Was pretty tired when I left work...mentally more than physically. And I wanted to go home in the worst way, but I've acquired two accountabilibuddies....buddies that I am accountable to for my actions. Instead of going straight home and collapsing, I went to the gym.

You see, I joined a gym on Saturday. I needed to do something, anything to get active and stay active. In addition to joining a gym, I asked my two roomies if they could hold me accountable to actually going to the gym. My goal is to go 5 days a week. For every day I DON'T go?? I owe each of them $5. So my potential fine for NOT going to the gym is $100 a week. That's steep! That's also good :-)

I wanted to raise the ante so to speak, and my roomies jumped at the chance to possibly profit from a weak moment I might have.

It's a start. And a step in the right direction. And to their absolute credit, they are not trying to tempt me to stay home and not work out - talk about great roomies!

My limited membership is from now until Nov 28, so here's to accountabilibuddies, getting & staying active & healthy, and (hopefully?) not giving my roommates any extra $ other than rent.


It's Been Awhile...

My blog is always in the back of my mind. Not forgotten, just dormant.

Between my Facebook account (which is private) and my Twitter account (even privater -new word!) my blog seems to be the last place I venture for updates from Kathyland.

My system for sharing my life is an inverted pyramid.

At the bottom, is Twitter. That's my most private account, where I follow people I've actually met IRL (In Real Life) or want to! Twitter is my main go-to for anything and (almost) everything that happens in Kathyland.

Next, Facebook. Again, private. Updated fairly regularly with news near & dear to my heart. Great for sharing pix and seeing what's going on with my family, friends, and friends of friends. I've been able to establish relationships with family members I've never met IRL and continue to bond with the rest of my family and extended relatives and friends. For that reason alone, I will never give up Facebook. (Thanks Tricia for that reminder!!)

Which brings me to my blog. Open to everyone. Read by my friend Chaya (Shalom Chayale) and several other friends & relatives  both here (JA!) and there (Betsy! Bill!).

Tweets can be done in a second (140 characters doesn't require a whole lot of thought) and Facebook posts might take a couple seconds longer to update. Posting on my blog requires thought; what to post, why am I posting and do I have time to verbally portray exactly what I'm feeling?

Unless the time is right, I don't blog.

Do I want to end my blog and say adios to Typepad? Nope, not really. Will I return to blogging every day? Nope, not really.

Lots of what I experience on a day-to-day basis 5 days a week can't be blogged about anyway.  When I'm not at work? Sleeping, vegging, catching up on day-to-day stuff and the routine parts of life take precedence. Not exactly blog fodder :-)

I've also stopped sharing so much of my life publically. Many of my friends overlap on Twitter and Facebook. And sometimes - a lot of times really - I don't have anything newsworthy to say.


It's good to update every now and then. It's good to have something to look back on. Thanks for the reminder, Chayale.

Stay tuned!