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About a year ago Typepad rolled out a 'new & improved' way to blog. Tried it once, wasn't impressed, never went back.

Now they tell me I 'have' to move over to the new platform. So I'm trying it out. Still not a fan, but since I loathe Blogger & despise Wordpress (not a fan, even tho most of you are huge fans) don't know of any other choices.

Maybe this is a sign it's time to stop blogging?

I'm Really Not Brave

No, not at all. 

Not when it comes to listening to the last gift you gave me.

You were never one for just wasn't 'you'. It wasn't a bad thing and I never held it against you. Yeah, it woulda been nice to be surprised every once and then, but it wasn't your style so I pretty much accepted it and never thought anything of it.

About a month before the end came crashing down, you surprised me out of the blue with a CD of one of my fave 80's groups . You knew I'd been looking for it for years and it was nowhere to be found. But you tracked it down and found it and gave it to me and I SCREAMED and cried and hugged you so hard you almost passed out. 

I played it for 2 weeks straight from sun-up to sun-down.

Then two weeks after that we had the conversation that changed our lives forever. I moved out 2 weeks later.

I didn't play the CD for another 4 years. Even tho I'd healed and moved on and was fine, it was that one little remembrance  that took me totally & completely off-guard.

I'm playing it now as I type this post. It's raining and the wind's blowing pretty hard. Much like the weather we had that January back in college when I heard the album for the first time.

Time & Time Again
Mike Rutherford "SmallCreep's Day"
It's been so many years since i saw your face,
But now i'm home again back in my old place
And though you're not quite sure you think you see me by the door
I'll be there.

When the winter comes knocking on the door
And you've the firelight dancing on the floor
In the dead of night when every star is burning bright
I'll be there

Time and time again
I am always there to see you through the night
Time and time again
Rest your tired head and it will be alright
And after all is said, is said and done
Oh god you'll never know
Just how lonely life can be for me.

So let me tell you now what it's like to be
The one whose memories are scattered on the sea
When the wind goes down you'll see them lying all around.

On a cloudy day, high up in the sky
There's a lonely bird who's sailing round and round
Looking for a place to land down on the ground, for a while
Over and over again
Please give your love to me
Throw it in the wind and i'll be there.

Deep within the darkness i'm the shadow next to yours
I'll be there.

Time and time again
I am always there to see you through the night
Time and time again
Rest your tired head and it will be alright
And after all is said, is said and done
Please give your love to me
Throw it in the wind and i'll be there.

Moving Day Approacheth...Again.

Seems like yesterday that I moved from my house out in KS to the rental across the street from my perfect job. More like 7 months really, but it SEEMS like yesterday.

And now I'm getting ready to move again.

Current roomie's rent was increased and since I wasn't keen on paying an extra $300 a month to stay (and signing a year lease) or (per his suggestion) move into a 3 bed, find another roomie and sign a year lease, it was time to start looking.

Search accomplished!

Am moving in with a work buddy & his partner...and their cute little dog and equally cute 2 kitties. Yes, I know. Kitties. I'm allergic to kitties. Wish I wasn't, but I am. I'm not allergic to trust & friendship, and trust & friendship is what won out in this equation.  My new housemates keep their place really clean and will deep-clean before I move in. I'm getting a hepa-filter. Will keep my bedroom door closed at all times.  Flonase & Claritan will be on hand. I'll make this work.

I'm moving to Thornton, which is roughly 25 minutes east of my perfect job. There may be opportunities to carpool (several co-workers live minutes away) and it's 2 blocks away from Ella, the canine cutie I dog-sit for every now and then.

Moving mid-May and I'll be there until January 2011, at which time their lease ends and I'll (hopefully??) be ready for my next house. And if not, I'll find another place to rent.

Since I'll be on the move for the next year plus, I got a Post Office Box yesterday. The mail at my current location has been a nightmare so figured a PO Box was a wise move.

I'd hoped to be ready to move into a house of my own by now, but since getting debt-free I really don't want to buy unless I have close to 50% for a downpayment.  Rather be safe than sorry.

I'll be sending out a group email with my new address next week.

In the meantime, I need to start packing :-)

Dollars, Decisions, Destiny

I'm debt-free. Totally debt-free. Don't owe a cent to anyone or anything.

Got debt-free on March 23 at 9:23 pm. I'd been carrying a too-large balance on my VISA (bad Kath) and had a Nordstrom card with a $505 balance. Also had a nice amount set aside for my next house...not talking about millions, but enough to make a nice downpayment.

I'd started reading Dave Ramsey along with Suze Orman back in the day when I was married and in huge debt - upwards of $76,000 (not including our mortgage). Took 4 1/2 years to get debt-free. Hard work! Had a mantra of 'Is it a want or a need'? for the entire time. Lived on $20/week fun money, $20/week gas money & $100/month grocery money. Piled the rest onto our debt. Lived on a cash basis with strict accountability. Got a second job. Then a third job.

That was then, this is now.

I 'almost' learned my lesson, but not quite. Post-divorce I'd accumulated some debt. Paid it off. Accumulated more. Paid it off. Then realized that I truly honestly HATE debt and do not ever want to have it in my life. So I raided my house fund and paid everything off. Paid off and CANCELLED my Nordstrom card. I'm not a 'shoppy' type of chick, but I love me some Merrell's (comfiest shoes EVER!) and Nordy's has an excellent selection of the comfiest shoes EVER! Paid off and performed plastic surgery on my only remaining credit card...then took a picture of it and have it as my cell screen saver.


(notice it's a library book??) Why buy a book when you can read it for free? :-)

Can't believe it took so long for the 'ah-ha' moment to hit. I shoulda done this right when I sold my house, but I didn't really stop to do the math. Once I did, it made sense. And now that I am debt-free? I'm reevaluating everything in my life. My purchases. Why I spend what I spend...and what I spend it on.

Had decided to keep renting my room a little longer and postpone buying my house. My new goal is to put 50% cash down on my next house, get a 15 year mortgage and a house mate, and pay it off in 7 years.

Monday afternoon my roomie advised me that he needed to raise my rent by close to 50%. His lease is up and he needs to do what he needs to do. Understandable, but I'm not comfortable paying 50% more. 

Did I freak out when I heard the news? YES!! Hell yes!!  You might recall that I live ACROSS THE STREET from my perfect job. I <3 my 2 minute commute. And I'd finally changed over all my records to this address. I am comfortable. Settled. Life is good!

But you know, change is good too! And as much as I HATE the saying 'things happen for a reason'....things really DO happen for a reason.

So I'm no longer freaking. Instead, am choosing to see this as an ADVENTURE, with moving and packing thrown in for good measure. At the very least, another excuse to further declutter my belongings.

And know what?? Being debt free when life yanks the rug out from under you is a good thing..a very good thing.

So boys and girls, I'm looking for a new place. Have several options in play and hoping to hear good news by Monday. Am open to where the Universe wants me to land. And I'm excited for this change! Yeah, even tho it means changing my addresses all over again.

While I may not have control over the changes that are driving my move, I'm always in control when it comes to driving my destiny.

Going with my gut by getting (and staying) debt-free, being open to change, facing the change with happiness and a positive attitude, and being excited about the changes to come is making Kathyland a really interesting place as of late.

Thanks for sharing the ride :-)

Time Flies aka Happy Blogiversary To Me

6 years ago last week - March 23rd, to be exact - I started a blog. The one and same blog you're reading right this second.

Back then I was in 'starting-over' mode. Fresh from a divorce, in the first house I'd ever bought on my own, living in Boca Raton, FL,  I'd recently discovered blogging and figured I would give political blogging a try. That lasted two days once I figured out political analysis was not my forte. Not Even!

Figured I should focus on Life in Kathyland instead which has worked out pretty well.

If I knew then what I know now? (Typing that just gave me goosebumps)

I love my life and I definitely love all of you that have made my life so enjoyable.

Blogging has led me to all of you...all the amazingly awesome people I can't imagine NOT having in my life.

Honestly, starting my blog is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Thanks for commenting, sharing and being a part of my life.