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I'm ready for a change. Not exactly sure what type of change. Maybe Spring? Can't hurt. Maybe a new place to live? Possibly.  A new lifestyle? New friends (not dumping the old ones, no way, no how)? New routine? Probably.

Normally when I get restless, I clean or organize while I ruminate. The act of going autopilot whilst I clean really clears my brain. Helps me process what needs processing. And hey, I have a cleaner surrounding to show at the end of the night.

Seeing as I don't have a kitchen, living room, or garage of my own to clean and call my own, I've changed my blog template. Actually, this is the 4th template change in less than a week.

Nothing's really grabbing me, so I guess I'll keep changing until I find something I like...or until I figure out what needs changing.

In the meantime?  If you have something that needs organizing, give me a shout!

Friday Love List

Remember those?

It's been ages. Too long, really. Life's been busy and interesting and sorta kinda stressful but still fun.

Ok, enough about me. Let's talk about LOVE.  As in Friday Love List :-)

Things That I Love In No Particular Order

Ignite Boulder  (and all my planner buddies / our volunteers / our presenters)

* Sleeping in late

* I have a new library. And a new library card. Yay for free books!

* Ambient lightning that gives off a warm, comfy glow

* When traveling friends return to CO

* Imminent arrival of Spring (I heard birds tweeting the other day & almost lost it)

* More than two sunny days in a row also make me lose it. In a good way.

* Extra love it that more of my family have crossed over into the Valley of Darkness (aka Facebook)

* Exceptional health care coverage

* <3 my job so very much

* Ridiculously close proximity to the job I <3 so very much

* Have started bussing it to Denver. RTD + Me = BFF's

* Yoga (yep. me. yoga. go figure. love it. yay!)

* You. Yes you! Really!! YOU :-)

I told you mine, so tell me yours.

What are YOU lovin' these days?

Happy Friday :-) xo