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Adios Kansas

It happened. It FINALLY happened!

After the first buyer dropped out 3 days before I was supposed to close (right after I signed a lease on a 6 month rental and MOVED IN), then putting my house BACK on the market, then three offers in just under 2 weeks, then having the closing pushed back again and again and again then again several more times....I finally closed the sale of my house Tuesday Nov 24 at 11 am.

And I breathed the biggest sigh of relief possible. Seriously.

This was a test in patience, trusting a process I had no control over, stretching myself financially in ways that proved to be uncomfortable and at times embarrassing, and basically living each day at a time and trusting in the Universe, God, Karma that I was doing the right thing for the right reason. Which I knew I was doing from the start.

This move was all for love.

I love where I work. Love the people I work with and the company I represent. I wanted to live closer to work. The commute had grown long, stressful, expensive, tiring and more. Altho I loved my house (still do!) it was in the wrong location for me. I wanted/needed/had to be closer to work. And now I am. 3 minute drive and in warmer weather a 25 minute walk. I sleep longer. I spend WAY less money on gas...which came in handy for the two months that I paid rent AND a mortgage. I am much kinder to the environment. And I am happy. Since Tuesday at 12:15 my stress level plummeted with the news that I'd finally (FINALLY!!) closed.

As much as this stressed me, I found out 2 days before we finally closed that the buyers had been trying to plan their wedding around this move. The 2 1/2 week delay had taken a toll on the couple and the bride-to-be was close to a mental breakdown over the delay. When I heard that news, I felt horrible for them. I can't even imagine the stress of planning a wedding and not being in the house you needed to be in.  They were scheduled to be married this past Wednesday, the day after we closed.

As I cleaned my house for the final time last Saturday, I often thought of how the new owners would like living in my house. Would they have lots of family and friends over? Would they appreciate the killer sunsets that you have almost every day out in KS?  Would they come to appreciate and value the neighbors as much as I had? Would they love and laugh and enjoy the house as much as I had?

I left them a housewarming card next to the pile of appliance manuals, paint chips, and contact info for the furnace and garage door repair. Wished them love and happiness and many warm and lovely memories in the years to come. I asked them to enjoy my house...their house...and to take good care of it. 

I walked from room to room and thanked my house for sheltering me and being my sanctuary over the last (almost) 4 years. Then I backed out of my driveway, took this picture, and drove off into another beautiful Colorado sunset and towards the next chapter of my life.

Adios Kansas. You were my landing place when I moved from FL to CO to start my life over. And now you'll be the landing place for a newlywed couple starting their life together. Be good to them and shelter them as you've sheltered me. And always remind them that there's no place like home.


Yeah, Not So Much

Ok. 3rd time was NOT the charm...not even close :-(

Woke up at 4:30 AM...yes, in the morning before the sun comes up, so I would be at my house at 7, all set to go to prepare for the movers. Not so much. As it used to be trafficky when I commuted to work, it's even trafficikier in the opposite direction. 

Arrived at 8 and promptly salted the driveway to get rid of the remaining ice (my buddy Tami stopped by the night before to shovel for me...huge huge help to me...thanks Sistah!)

Movers arrived at 8:30 on the dot. Sweet, polite, kind and professional. They did an AWESOME job and for anyone looking to move anywhere in Colorado/Utah, call Allied-Bailey's Moving and Storage...they totally rock.

As I was writing the check while the last load was wheeled out, my realtor called to tell me that once again, my house did not close. I can't even begin to express my level of dissapointment. Seems the underwriters these days are pickier than they've ever been and keep asking for verification after verification. 


Not much I could do since I was scheduled to head on into work. I can only control what I have control over. Things like my emotions. How I react. How I choose to react. 

And how I chose to react was get myself home as quickly as possible, change, and get into work asap.  Life goes on and my full attention was needed to be at work and make sure a coworker's first day on the job was phenomenal. So that's what I did.

My realtor called with an update to say that we're gonna try this again tomorrow. 

Seriously am not getting my hopes up. I afraid to do that anymore.  Figuring it will happen when it's meant to happen.

Wondering what lessons the Universe wants me to learn from this experience. Definitely patience. And maybe finetuning my 'grace under pressure' skills? Perseverance?  Who knows!!??

At any rate, I'm still staying positive and hoping for a quick close.

Thanks for stopping by :-)

3rd Time's The Charm?

Certainly hope so!The closing on the sale of my house has not gone as smoothly as I had hoped. 

(huge understatement).

Long story short, I signed my share of the documents Tuesday morning. The buyers are scheduled to sign off at 12 noon on Thursday, which is about the same time as the movers should be finished loading my household goods onto their truck.

And hopefully (pretty please God & Universe & Karma) all will go smoothly, my house will finally close, and the proceeds will make it to my account swiftly.

I truly hope I will have some great news for you in my next post. 

Waiting and trusting in the Universe.