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Thursday, 08 October 2009



It sucks... and it might not even be for your life, but yes, it was meant to be, and maybe the next buyer will be the one who is supposed to be there.


@Lark - Agreed. That's the thing about the universe- it encompasses all of us - not just me. So what might be bad for me might be good for someone else. And that's what I'm trying to keep in mind during this process.

I also have that part of me that ADORES my house and feels sad when someone else that loves it won't get to live in it.

Thanks for stopping by to comment :-)


It WILL all work out - for everyone! Maybe someone will come along that loves your house even more than the last unfortunate soul - and how could they not? Such a great house!


Argh, so frustrating. Fingers crossed for the "sooner" scenario!


Crossing fingers for you, Kath! The best buyer is on their way over right now ...

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