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You Know You're From Colorado If...

(Something I found on the interwebs - enjoy!)

A winter statistic:



You're from Colorado if You'll eat ice cream in the winter.

When the weather report says it's going to be 65 degrees, you shave your legs and wear a skirt.

It snows 5 inches and you don't expect school to be canceled.

You'll wear flip flops every day of the year, regardless of temperature.

You have no accent at all, but can hear other people's. And then you make fun of them.

Every movie theater has military and student discounts

'Humid' is over 25%. (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!)

Your sense of direction is: Toward the mountains and Away from the mountains. (Totally!)

You say 'the interstate' and everybody knows which one.

You think that May is a totally normal month for a blizzard. 

You buy your flowers to set out on Mother's day, but try and hold off planting them until just before Father's day.

You grew up planning your Halloween costumes around your coat.

You know what the Continental Divide is.

You don't think Coors beer is that big a deal.

You went to Casa Bonita as a kid, and as an adult. (But God forbid you eat there!)

You've gone off-roading in a vehicle that was never intended for such activities. (Not by choice, but yeah!)

You always know the elevation of where you are.

You wake up to a beautiful, 80 degree day and you wonder if it's going to snow tomorrow. 

**You don't care that some company renamed it, the Broncos still play at Mile High**

Everybody wears jeans to church.

You actually know that ** South Park ** is a real place not just a show on TV. 

You know what a 'trust fund hippy' is, and you know its natural habitat is Boulder 

You know you're talking to a fellow Coloradoan when they call it Elitches, not Six Flags. 

A bear on your front porch doesn't bother you.

Your two favorite teams are the Broncos and whoever is beating the crap out of the Raiders. 

When people out East tell you they have mountains in their state too, you just laugh.

You go anywhere else on the planet and the air feels 'sticky' and you notice the sky is no longer blue

Friday Love List

It's been ages, so here ya go.

* White furniture. I've gone back and forth (white? expresso? black?) and decided when all is said and done, I prefer white. Time to own it & move forward.

* The ocean. I saw it last week and didn't realize how much I missed it. Here, take a look for yourself.


* No more second-guessing myself. 

* Solitude (every now and then, it's a must have)

* Garlic mashed potatoes. Cheese. Bacon. All-rolled-into-one-glorious-meal.


* The possibility of a weekend and all that can be accomplished/experienced

* October in Colorado 

* You :-)

Have a great weekend!!

Happy Birthday Larkin!

It's incredibly difficult to write anything of substance concerning my friend Larkin and not have it sound like I'm part of a huge Larkin fan club...even tho I sorta kinda am a huge fan of him.

Once you meet Larkin, you never forget him. And the more you get to know him, the more you want to know him.

For starters?

Larkin's funny! Outgoing. Helpful. Bon Vivant-ish. Loyal. Introspective. Warm. Kind. Make that very very kind. Authentic. 

I could go on and on but really, all you need to do is read his blog, see him in action, check out his pix...and you'll see what I mean.

Boulder is definitely a better place for having Larkin as a neighbor.  And I'm definitely a better person for having Larkin as a friend. Most definitely.

So happiest of birthdays, Larkin.   If I had to sum up my birthday wishes for you into one quote, it'd be "May life love you as much as you love life".  Cause no one loves life as much as you do!


Kath :-)


Long time no post, I know!

House is still on the market. Activity has been steady over the last week but no offers as of this second. Hopefully soon..really really soon  :-)

Leaving for San Diego in a few hours to see my adorably awesome friend Aree. She started out being a client, turned into a really good friend (Jager Bombs will do that to a friendship!) and now she is really part of my 'family' - she's adopted us and we've adopted her. So there you have it!

When the house deal fell thru, I texted Aree to inform her that my trip was off. Didn't see how I could afford a trip at this point. Yeah, the ticket was paid for but everything else? Not so much. No budget for In-N-Out, much less Jager Bombs.

Aree insisted. She said I needed to get away. That I needed a break and she needed a break. She told me that all my drinks/food/In-N-Out runs will be paid for. She's my Sugar Momma for the weekend. And if I didn't get my butt on the plane as scheduled, she would make my life very unpleasant.

Alrighty then!

So I'm packing to leave for San Diego and will spend the weekend hanging with Aree, some of my family, some of Aree's friends, we'll pay our respects to the lovely Pacific Ocean in all her glorious wetness and homage will equally be paid to my all-time fave "In-N-Out'...cause a trip to Cali is not complete without a visit. 

As I've written in the past it's sometimes difficult for me to accept. Giving? Not a problem. Accepting? I'm working on it. And learning that there needs to be a balance.

So many of my friends - all you guys - have been extra giving and loving over this last couple of weeks...the comments, the hugs (especially the hugs!), the's all be much appreciated.

Thanks Aree for this weekend..I can't wait to see you and I KNOW we'll have a blast. 

And one of these days...hopefully soon...we'll reconvene at MY house - where ever that will be - and we'll have our Aree comes to Denver celebration.

Will all of you invited, of course :-)

Happy Thursday!

Take Two

House is back on the market & we're hoping this time will be the charm.

While I am dissapointed, I am not defeated. I hate the phrase 'it all happens for a reason' but I do believe it.

My realtor called at 2:08 this afternoon to tell me the buyer backed out (for privacy reasons, I'm not going to say why) and that she had already put my house back on the market. Shortly before 5, I was notified of a showing for tomorrow morning. So the wheels are already moving forward and that's a good thing.

Thanks so much to so many of you for your concern, support and love. It has meant the world to me and helps like you can't believe.

My faith and my trust in the Universe, God and my wonderful realtor remain.

Sooner or later (hopefully sooner!) my house will sell and it will be the sale that was meant to be.

So nnsd from here and thanks for being there for me.


Keepin' It Real...

Not gonna sugar-coat it. There is a huge snag in the process of selling my house.  The buyer has some serious issues they need to fix by this Friday or else the contract is broken and my house goes back on the market.

Of course, no one wants this to happen, especially me, but really - no one wants it to happen.

So for now I am thinking positive and trying to stay calm. It's hard, but I know that all of you are pulling for me, so I'm choosing to look at this setback as a challenge I need to learn from.

Assuming positive intent all the way around yet being realistic as to what can happen. And at this point all I can do (that I have control over) is hit 'Publish' then call it a night.

So nnsd from here and I'll keep ya posted :-)

Check That Off The List!

At last!

Found a cool place to live with a cool roomie and his equally cool doggie!  Yay! I get to live with a dog again!

Signed my lease today and my buddy Rosalicious and her fiance Kev are helping me move a bed, nightstands & a small dresser to my new place tomorrow. I'll continue to drop stuff at the new place thruout the week and will make the final run to my place Friday morning.

Yes, Friday morning!

Seems the buyers wanted to get in a little early and since Oct 12 (my original close date) turns out to be a bank holiday, all parties decided to close this Friday instead.


As in, I don't have a  full Saturday & Sunday night to clean the house before I leave. Yes, some of you may scoff, but it's a personal pride commitment I have to turning over my property. And that is to leave it as clean for them as I'd like it left for me if I was moving in. That, and karma!

So, back to Friday!

The movers (and me) need to be here at the buttcrack of dawn so the house can be finished in time for the closing. Eek!  It's coming down to the wire!  Can I do it? Will I be ready? OMG, this is really happening!

Yes, I can do it. Yes, I'll be ready, Yes, it's really happening.

But if I want any of the above 3 statements to come true, I'll need to get offline and get busy.

So bye for now :-)

Operation Adios KS is almost complete :-)