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Friday, 18 September 2009



1. Macbook
2. Nikon D50 Camera
3. Cedar Chest full of "Dad" stuff
4. Good smellin' candle
5. Bug :)


Hi Kathy,
Congratulations on the sell.
Shanna Tova from the holyland.
Please let me know where you end up.
Miss you, Chaya


Congrats, Kath! This will be a good change for you.

Aside from my cats, clothing, the basic whatevers (including vital documents because I'd never put that in storage), I'd bring:

-My computer and all its accoutrements...because I would lose my mind without the online world.
-My teapot because I'm not a tea bag and microwave sort of girl.
-A painting I bought from a dear friend that's both inspirational and colorful.
-My camera because I'd have to document my life.
-My favorite cookbook because, sometimes, I need to know how to make something and the Internet doesn't have the recipe that always works for me.



ok....will the king bed fit in the room you will go to....if it will absolutely with 1K thread count sheets and a pillow!
a fantastic outfit including accessories!
a bottle of vodka
another fantastic outfit including accessories
another bottle of vodka?
wait...a martini glass!
i think that may be 7 but i think you can group them together?


I'm still so excited for you about this whole house selling thing. And I am curious to find out what movers you're using.

If it were me, I'd keep my bed, computer, filing cabinet with important papers in it, down comforter, and dog.

Karen Peterson

Oh... what would I keep with me --
1. My iMac w/printer
2. My bed
3. Giant tub with all my necessities - financials, power cords for iPhone, bluetooth, iHome, etc., backgammon game, camera, etc.
4. ??
5. ?? ... still thinkng ...

Karen Peterson

Wahoo -- that's great Kath! What a wonderful way to start the New Year! L'Shana Tova!

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