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Neverending Excitement & General Giddyness Recap

Dudes! Dudettes!  How ya doing?

All's well here in Kathyland :-)

Operation Adios Kansas, aka selling my house, is progessing very well.

An offer was made, I countered, they countered, we signed!

House inspection went off without a hitch - no repairs to anything needed.  Getting quotes on movers tomorrow. House gets appraised next week.

Have talked to several potential roomies but nothing's in stone as of now. Soon, I hope.

Even tho I am under contract, I've kept my house pretty much spotless and in super clean/orderly 'show' mode. My realtor had it staged and the end result was very cute. So I keep it clean to honor the work that went into staging it and cause I like the end result. If anything, keeping it clean and spotless has made me focus on the whole process.  

Even tho it's more work to do as I prepare to leave for work each day, it grounds me and makes me conscious of what this is all about.  Which is selling a place I love and treasure as my private sanctuary and soon it may become (hopefully?) someone else's private sanctuary.

Just a couple of weeks left of my life in KS (cross fingers & knock on wood).

Life is once again being very generous to me and I am grateful in return.

Over and out from Kathyland :-)

Pick 5

Let's say you are packing up the entire contents of your home and putting everything in long-term storage for 6-8 months. Hypothetically.

Not counting clothes/shoes/necessary toiletries, what 5 things do you also take with you?  Creature comforts? Things that you need to get thru the day/week/month?  What would drive you absolutely crazy if you could not use it/see it/hear it/have access to it for 6-8 months?

Reason I ask?

I sold my house! In 4 days. Yippee!

3 weeks from today a moving van will pull up in front of my house & pack up everything I own. All my stuff is going into storage and I'll only have the basics. Have no idea where I'll be living...still working on that detail...but I'm not worried or stressed over it. It will all work out according to plan.

So tell me...what would you take with you? Why? 

I did this very same thing when I sold my FL house and moved in with my buddy Howard. At that time, I took a Queen Bed, one of my 2 nightstands, a small rectangular shelf for my CD's and personal paperwork, and a plastic bin that held all my financial records. Oh, and a really cool -really huge- picture of the dunes in Sarasota, FL. When I found my house in CO, the FL movers took all my stuff out of storage, stopped by Howard's condo to load up my remaining belongings, threw my truck on as well, and I flew out to CO while they drove.

This time?  I'm thinking of taking my King Size bed cause it's the best bed Ive ever slept on and I figure if I'm gonna be in transition, at least I'll sleep well. Still not 100% on that, however. We'll see.

So that's why I'm asking. 

Leave comments or links to your posts.

Happy Friday :-)

On Your Wedding Day

To my lovely wonderful kind hysterically funny about-to-be-married Jillian -

Today is your wedding day. You've dreamed about this day for your entire life. And while I so wish I could be there to see you walk down the aisle, say your wedding vows, see your first dance with Patrick and watch your special day unfold, I sadly will be there in spirit only.

From my own experience, this day will fly by. You will be the center of attention from sunup to sundown and even later than that. Enjoy it. Bask in all the love and attention and good wishes. Don't forget to eat. I'll say that again...don't forget to eat. Lots of wedding toasts + no food in the tummy = uh oh.

Live in each moment. It might be hard, but try. Not only are you thrilled to see all your friends and guests, but they are also thrilled and excited to see you. You will get hugged more this day than any other day of your life. Hugs are never a bad thing and even more special on your wedding day,  so savor each and every one of them.

Your first dance with your beloved Dad will be awesome & amazing. You two are so close, you are his only little girl (no matter how old you are, you are always your Dad's little girl) and I'm already tearing up thinking how special that dance will be and how you'll treasure it for the rest of your life.

You are a beautiful and loyal friend and Patrick is getting the best possible wife and life-partner ever. In sad times and happy times and trying times, you will be there for him, as you've been there for all your friends...especially for me!

Have a happy, wonderful wedding of a lifetime today, Jillian!

Love and all the best to you and Patrick -



Operation "Adios Kansas"

...commences tomorrow.

My life is changing. With change on the side. And a smidge of change for dessert.

Early last week I was reading in my room. Couldn't really concentrate on my book, so I vegged out to watch my ceiling fan turn. After several minutes I said out loud, 'OK, just give me a sign, allright?".

The next day my roomie told me she was moving.

Be careful what you ask for, huh??

Taking everything into account, I decided that the time has come for me to bid adios to KS. Now you all know - or should know - that I really don't live in KS. It feels like it tho.

Signing real estate paperwork tomorrow and my house goes on the market on Thursday. I am hoping for a quick, easy, fair transaction. Crossed fingers, prayers, good karma wished and happy thoughts of moving would be greatly appreciated.

Yes I've been cleaning/decluttering/organizing like a maniac.  Yes I am probably gilding the lily cause my house is pretty clean to begin with. Yes, I am continuing to clean anyway cause that's how I roll.

My 'grand plan' is to sell my house and find a room to rent from a friend or friend of friend for 5-9 months, then find a house/townhome to buy. I will definitely move closer to work...that is the main reason for my move. 

So now the cat's out of the bag!

I love my house and wish I could pick it up and take it with me. But I can't. So instead I'm focusing on everything running smoothly...and if it doesn't I will pretend it does :-)...and hopefully being outta here before Nov 1.

Burying a Saint Joseph stature tomorrow cause you can never be too sure!

So there you have it. Ready for the next challenge in my life and can't wait to see how it unfolds.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Next Chapter

My roomie moved out in the wee hours of the morning.

Her requested transfer came thru earlier than expected so she took advantage of her vacation time and jumped on the opportunity to accomplish as much as possible before she heads off to Tokyo next week.

For someone I've only known since late June, and was my roomie from late July, we got to be pretty close.  I was on a mission to introduce her to all my local Denver/Boulder peeps, we went out several times, her Mom came for a short visit and stayed with us, and we laughed at anything and everything.

While I was slightly hesitant at having a housemate once more, I decided to approach it as I approach most mind, expect the best, and see what I can learn about myself and others in the process.

What did I learn?  

That there are incredible people out there who are kind, adventure-oriented, eat really really healthy, aren't afraid to take chances, and will reciprocate kindness when kindness is offered.  I also learned that I tend to slam the door from the laundry room to the living room (oops) and that I get attached fairly quickly when I find someone I really admire.

Thanks Ondreya for being an awesome roomie :-)

Best of luck in DC and where ever else the friendly skies take you!