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Somehow, You Find Yourself Outside The Plane

One of the funniest lines (delivered deadpan) from my buddy Larkin's IgniteBoulder5 Preso

What is Ignite, you may ask? It's THIS!  Bringing it down to the local level we have IgniteBoulder :

Ignite is a night of presentations on a variety of topics, with a twist. Each presentation has 20 slides, that automatically advance after 15 seconds. It is aworldwide movement, and Boulder is hosting our sixth September 16th at 6pm."

IgniteBoulder was conceived by my buddy Andrew Hyde and the first ever IgniteBoulder took place October 29, 2008.  As the year anniversary mark approaches, IgniteBoulder has blossomed into a bi-monthly night of passionate presentations, laughter, geekery and of course, beer.

IgniteBouder 3 was my first Ignite (Andrew asked me to wrangle the mic-ing of the presenters and I was happy to oblige) and I've been attending ever since. After IgniteBoulder 4 a Planing Committee was formed (disclaimer -I'm one of the Planning Crew) and IgniteBoulder 5 brought with it a venue change and a close to sell-out crowd at the Boulder Theatre.

Getting involved with IgniteBoulder has honestly been one of the funnest, most amazing, life-changing choices I've ever made. The friends I've made have welcomed me into their lives and in turn, I've brought several of my close friends into the IgniteBoulder fold, which has served to add additional talent, strengthen bonds of friendship and overall enrich our little community.

I've learned so much!

Also discovered I shouldn't have wasted all that time and money going to college cause  everything I need to know I already knew in the 4th Grade

Terry spoke on Community (and continues to practice what he preaches to this day)

No decent night of presentations would be complete without a least one mention of bacon and thankfully Rick Bakas  didn't let us down

So. That's what IgniteBoulder 5 was like. IgniteBoulder 6 is now taking submissions for presenters. Talking to you. Yes, YOU!

What are you passionate about? What makes you laugh? Smile? Swoon? What bits of knowledge would you love to impart to the rest of us?

This is your chance, baby. The spotlight calls...will you answer?  Don't keep us from knowing the awesomeness that is you!

See you at the Boulder Theatre on Wednesday, 16 September, doors open at 6 pm. It'll be a night to remember. Especially if you're there!


WHAT A Weekend!

It's Sunday morning and I'm working the late shift today (yay for hiring events!) so before I head off I wanted to share the fabulousness that has been my weekend. It rocked. On so many levels.

Not being one to waste a second of time when it comes to weekending, got busy with the having of fun at 5:01pm on Thursday. First stop? My Dentist!

Yeah, I consider the every-6-month-visit to get your teeth cleaned as a fun event. Not that I think having sharp pointy ouchy objects in my mouth is fun - I totally don't - but the end result where you have super clean teeth is a win.  I'm a huge fan of something you have probably never used before.  I'm the only one at my Dentist's practice that requests it. It's messy and loud but the end results are totally worth it. Feels like you have brand new teeth.

With that out of the way for another 6 months, I was off to see my buddies Jeff, Floyd & Seth (better known as MCQ) at the Boulder Fringe Festival.  I've been a loyal (very loyal!) fan of MCQ since they were hatched and I can honestly say this was one of their best shows, if not the best. Endearingly goofy and musically talented they sang new songs and old (let's hear it for 'Commando'). And they made me laugh. Lots. Which is always good.

Afterwards I introduced them to the awesomeness that is Rio Boulder w/ margs to die for!! which are best enjoyed while on the roof of the Rio. Some kids don't get out much...count MCQ in that category :)

Ended my foray into Boulder by hanging out with my buddy Larkin  (Hi Larkin!) who pretty much defines the phrase 'awesome & amazing'. 

Started my Friday the way I start all my Fridays...sleeping in!!  Highly underrated and always a bright spot in my weekend. Another bright spot in my weekend was meeting up with my friend Shmeder (Hi Shmeder!!) to catch up over a really late breakfast which sorta kinda turned into lunch and afterwards we descended upon our buddy HDW (Hi HDW!) to catch up and giggle and snort and learn the special secret on how to get your iPhone to work when it decides to die. Anyone?? Anyone out there know what to do?  :-)  Finally, Shmeder and I got the 411 on the coolest new decorating tip hitting the Lowry area. It involves books. And is rad!

Good times!

Ok, still with me?

Headed back home to hang with the roomie for a bit. Yes, I have a roomie. She is darling. She is not a dog (which was was all of my friends thought at first) but a real live human being  :-) And she rocks! She doesn't blog or Twitter so until that day comes she'll be fondly known as Roomie. 

We chitted and chatted and soon it was time to leave for my 3rd social soiree of the day...dinner with the darling Jess & her husband Torsten (and doggie Montana) and our favorite wine-expert & all around badass blogger Rosie & her fiance Kev (and their doggie Chloe)
I'll be the first to say that as organized as I can be and want to be, sometimes I drop the ball big time. Like showing up to Jess & Torsten's house 15 minutes early...only to realize I had totally spaced and FORGOTTEN TO BRING A SIDE DISH!  Eeek!!

I'd been so determined to get the directions right (thanks iPhone GPS) that I'd spaced on stopping by Whole Foods on the way. No problem (or so I thought) I'd Google where the closet WF was and pop right on over. Suffice to say my plans didn't pan out, I got wicked lost...twice (yes, I know, I know, GPS....whatev!) and showed up way past the time for being politely late. Way to make a good impression, Kath!

But I was there and it was great to see everyone and as I sat to join them for dinner which was well underway, my roomie texted me. To ask if I was home. ???? Which turned into a whole series of calls, texts, juggling phone calls between my neighbors and 911, hanging up on 911 (total accident) and lots of confusion since my roomie was convinced someone was in the house. Long story short, no one had broken in, my roomie was fine, the cops were cool, my neighbors relieved and I got to rejoin everyone mentally for dinner.  Without the drama. Which I'm allergic to :-)

Dinner was AWESOME!!  Jess & Torsten knocked themselves out and we all had the best time chatting and getting to know our newest blogger friends. Jess & Torsten have a lovely house (which we got to house tours!) and I'm so excited to hear that they plan to stay here A LONG TIME!  Yippee! It was also great to catch up with Rosie and Kev who I (sadly) hadn't seen in way too long. If you read Rosie's blog (and you should!) you know that there's a wedding in their future so we got to hear all the latest and greatest details about their special celebration. We all left close to midnite and I smiled all the way home; I was that happy to have been included and had such a wonderful time.

Saturday brought another day of sleeping late (FTW!) and another late breakfast out, this time with the roomie. Normally I am not a breakfast eater but when the situation arises to share a meal with a friend, I am there! Especially if bacon is involved :-)

After breakfast it was the normal weekend, the usual. 


It was time to head to The Pepsi Center  for an event I'd been anticipating for the last 6 months. Green Day!!

I'd always wanted to see them but it never worked out. This time? I bought tickets the second they went onsale.

Here's where I sat...


Seriously, there is something to be said for live music. Especially my favorite kind of music, all that is Alternative.

It's a combination of so many things, at least to my way of thinking. The excitement of the crowd leading up to when the band hits the stage, the energy when they first take the stage, the emotion in the songs, the non-stop dancing, screaming, clapping and singing along to all your favorite songs. A live concert is the best workout in the world. It rocks my world and when I'm at a live event of this magnitude I always ask myself why it's been so long? Music is one of my 'must-haves' in life, and I was sorely overdue for a show of this magnitude.

In a word? Awesome!! Best Concert Ever. And I've been to a lot of concerts. This was epic and I took pix for Facebook and Twitter all night so I'd remember the songs that matched the shots. Seeing Green Day in Denver is a memory I'll have for a long long time.

And that was my weekend in a sorta kinda wordy nutshell. I got to visit friends, have fun, reconnect, appreciate the people in my life and events that are special to me. And sleep in!

I so love my life and my weekends!  Thanks for sharing this one with me :-)



Had the weirdest dream Monday night. That's not unusual...I have them all the time and for the most part remember them in great detail. This one particular dream? I've been thinking about it non-stop ever since Tuesday morning.

Seems I turned into a robot. Went to bed a human with a human body...and woke up with a mechanical shell. Inside I still felt human...had the same physical feelings...I could hear my heatbeat, think, swallow, feel hungry...but my outsides were robotic. My body was along the lines of This Eva-ish look and instead of legs there were two polished titanium stalks. I was tall, too! Probably a little over 6'3" which is tall to me considering I'm 5'5".

So there I was, all robotic and everything. Sorta like a dream within a dream, I couldn't make out if it was real or a dream...but then I decided it was real and I'd better adapt. And that was pretty much all the freaking out that occured. Like going to bed human and waking up a robot happens every day.

With no need to shower...or wash my hair...or blow dry my hair...cause I HAD no hair...I left for work. Yeah, I just got in my truck and drove into work. You would think the visual of a robot driving would cause attention or maybe a doubletake or two, but nope...nothing of the sort.

Work was very understanding about the whole Kath-turning-into-a-robot thing and told me to hang out in the warehouse...where I am most of the time anyway. I had a wasn't too off from my human I kept doing what I always do at work. 

The one awesome change was I could read the minds of all the computers. And so many tech details that had evaded me for years? I knew them..I knew it all..down pat. And that was probably the one thing that's had me recalling this dream so much over the last week. I was now a tech know-it-all. I was a de facto expert by default. Brain dump accomplished. And the talking to & with computers part? It was magical. Their thoughts were so smooth...polished...totally reeking of logic...unless their logic board was bad. They told me what was wrong with they wanted to be they had been abused and mistreated...and how they had been loved and cherished. 

The new insights and knowledge I'd acquired thru my assilmilation was calming. Yeah. I was no longer a human. And thoughts that now I'd NEVER have any type of human relationship (ie boyfriend/husband) did linger in the back of my mind. Also, I'd look nothing like my family anymore. Resemblance goes out the window when you're a robot. Instead of doctors and dentists, I'd have to find a place for checkups. Who would I call? Robots 'R' Us?

My next thoughts were of what I COULD do! Would I still be afraid of heights? Could I possibily fly? Hmm...I hadn't tried that yet...maybe I should? What would my endurance be like? Could I do an Ironman? Could I float? Still swim? How would I be powered? And HOW FREAKING COOL would it be if I could be solar-powered? That would rock!! A green robot. In CO, of course...what else would you expect?

So why did I have this dream? Who knows...why do I have any of my weird-ass dreams that I remember in great detail days, weeks, months later?  Maybe it had to do with living in a different place? I've been house/dog sitting in Boulder since Monday night...the night I had the dream.

And maybe it's a sign that more changes are about to occur in my life...physical, mental, work, academic?  I would definitely love to be more tech-savvy.  And I've always said that in my next life I want to come back as Gabrielle Reece (she is sooo hot & athletic & kind & outgoing). And being taller than 5'5" would personally rock in lots of ways. Plus, robots have always fascinated me. Not sure that I'd actually want to BE one :-)

I'm gonna keep thinking about this and what it might mean. Feel free to deconstruct what you think it might mean as well. The possibilities are endless :-)

Not Even Close To Friday

But I'm gonna pretend it is and whip out another Friday Love List. What?? You don't know of the Friday Love List tradition? Then you must not follow the always funny, simply precious darlingly charming Meg

And that's a shame, so I'll wait a sec...maybe 3...whilst you pop on over to Meg's site.

(Cue Jeopardy theme)

Ok, welcome back!!  Now that you've had a chance to peruse Meg's Friday Love Lists, I'll give you the Kathyland rendition.

The Official Kathyland`Love List for Monday, August 3 2009

- Love that Thursday is my Friday (it's true!)

- Love dog/house sitting. It's funner than fun! And satiates my dog craving.

- Taking a cold shower after a sweltering hot day/workout/whatever

- Sunrises. And sunsets. Especially in CO.

- Long newsy catch-up calls with good friends

- Hi, How are you emails for no reason

- Waking up to cool breezes thru open windows

- Waking up to birdsong  (the original Twitterers)

- Grasping a techy computer-related concept that has eluded me in the past

- A-Ha moments in general

- Knowing that I can help someone financially, emotionally, logistically

- Freshly washed 1000 Thread Count Italian sheets. TO. DIE. FOR!!!

- When friends send me  pictures of their In-N-Out Burgers 

- When my Dad calls me by my nickname

Boulder Dushanbe Tea House  Visited for the first time last week...Amazing!!

- Lots of ice in my cold drinks

- No ice on roads, freeways, tollways, sidewalks, parking lots

- Love the possibility of possibility

What are you lovin' in your life right now?

Post your list (or a link to your list) below!

Still Over You...

That was then, and this is now.

When I decided to give up cable back in January, I hoped it was a step in the right direction and I promised I'd report back. 

My take on it now that it's been over 6 months?  I wish I woulda done it sooner. Seriously.

OK, I will admit that NBA season was tough. Tortured during the playoffs since I love me some NBA action. But other than basketball, I really don't miss it at all.

Speaking of basketball...I resorted to watching playoffs at various sports bars. Yes, a bit spendy. But? It got me out of the house and in social mode. Living out in KS does not translate into throngs of visitors, so it was a trade-off.

The litmus test was when I visited my parents in June. They have every channel known to man. And one day while they were out running errands, I turned on HGTV to see if it still held the same allure for me. Nope. Not at all. I'd lost that lovin' feeling.

These days, even when I have the chance to watch cable at a friends house, I don't. I use my laptop to watch DVD's. Use my laptop for Hulu. Typing this while doggie-sitting in Thornton in a house where they not only have cable, but Direct TV and Apple TV.  Watched maybe 15 minutes of HGTV and I can honestly say that addiction is over.

All in all, I'm pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to give up cable and TV in general. I definitely pay less than I used to and I've become more involved in other interests that get me out of the house and interest me in other ways.

Of course, this is just me and my own personal each his own, ya know?  If you love TV and can't live without it, well then don't!  Do what makes you happy. 

And just in case watching NBA playoffs make you really happy, you know who to call in case you want company :-)