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A Story From Back In The Day

Back in the San Jose days something occured that I think of every now and then. 

One night as I was falling asleep, I heard a voice unlike nothing I had ever heard before. It was soft, yet strong, kind and gentle, and very very comforting.

The voice called me by name and asked me 'You can either be very rich and not that happy, or not that rich and very happy'.

I woke myself up when I said the word yes.

And I lay there, wondering which question I had answered yes to.  Riches? Happiness?

Tonite as I watched the Denver Nuggets emerge victorious over the LA Lakers (Game 2) it dawned on me that I knew what I asked for.

I asked for happiness.

I'd have to say my request was granted.

Not just cause the Nuggets won...altho that is a very cool thing. And I am not happy 24/7...who is? And if they are, who can stand to be around them?

When all is said and done, at the end of each day I am happy. Happy that I chose to have a happy ending when my life so coulda gone the other way. 

Guess there really IS a happily ever after!


Denhere. Yep, I live in Denver and I'm proud of it. Damn proud of it.

Now I know there's been some gentle ribbing (mild heckling even?) about Denver. Some have called it Denwhere. Some have referred to Denver as "smelling like Frito's". Some have snickered, laughed, chuckled and maybe even guffawed at the 'cowtown' rep that Denver has.

And that's cool. We can handle it. Denver's a big kid now. In more ways than one.

Boulder came first, believe it or not!  Gold seekers established the first non-native settlement in Boulder County on October 17, 1858 at Red Rocks near the entrance to Boulder Canyon whereas Denver was established by a party of prospectors on November 22, 1858, after a gold discovery at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River.

According to Google, Boulder had 293,161 as of July 2008 while Denver had a population of 598,707 for the same time period.  More people, bigger city, it stands to reason, right?

While Boulder has many good qualities (proximity to the Flatirons and lots of my good friends live there), let's face it, Denver is bigger. More room to spread out. More neighborhoods to choose from. More restaurants. More parks. More bars. Not to mention the Rockies, the Av's and the Nuggets. Boulder has? Oh wait! Nothing! No major sports teams. 

Denver has more schools. More concert venues. More great musical acts come to Denver than Boulder, hands down. Not to say there isn't great music in Boulder...there is....just nowhere near as much as Denver.

Then we have DIA. As in Denver International Airport. Located in Denver...not too far from KS. That's a joke. Not by much, tho. And Boulder has? Nothing. Nada. Zip. 

Just imagine if Denver didn't exist and all the techy types had to drive to their techy destinations. Or else drive to Colorado Springs to fly out of their airport (and you think Denver is bad??!!) Can you imagine the Twittering on their iPhone/Blackberry/Treo/Latest-new-gadget-that-came-out-5-minutes-ago of the horrors a drive to Colorado Springs would mean? Instead, a short bus/car ride from Boulder and you're in Denver, ready to long as the Blue Stallion of Creepy Death doesn't fall over and kill you.

Hey, I'll be the first to admit. Boulder IS cool. It really is. It's small. Compact. You can get around by bus or bike or hoof it even. And I'd be lying if I didn't say I am very jealous at times of my buddies that live in Boulder. Taking a page from the First Commandment of Real Estate (Location, Location, Location) I'd have to say that Boulder's version of that would be 'Proximity, Proximity, Proximity'.  And that's a good thing. Like I said, of one.


Even tho in the time it would take someone to leave their house in Boulder and be at a Boulder event lickety split, proximity isn't everything.

Maybe I'm nuts (and don't feel like you have to agree) but I love the sight of downtown Denver off to my left as I travel West on I-70. Like a Mile High version of Oz, it calls to me. So many good times I've had in Denver, so many more good times to be had. Sports. Bars. Improv groups. Friends. Fun. Lots of fun. That's what Denver is to me and so much more. 

Denver is my zip code. My address. My home. And I love Denver. I really do.

As for smelling like Frito's?  Come on! Are you Boulder hippies so high that you can't smell the stench that is the Purina factory?  I'll gladly take Frito's any day over that olfactory awfulness. 

Hey, just keeping it real.

Facts and Figures from Google. Google is your friend. Speaking of friends, you can't find a better friend than Andrew Hyde. Even tho it may seem I am mocking Andrew (Denwhere?) Hyde, I am not. This was written semi- tongue-in-cheek with Andrew's full knowledge. We here at A Likely Story! adore Andrew and you should too. Even tho he does live in Boulder.  :-)


Seems the weekend comes with all my grand plans. Do this. Do that. Work out. Clean this. Clean that.

When all I really do is sleep late and lounge about and spend waaaay too much time on the internet.  Yeah I need downtime. And yeah I feel good relaxing and catching up with my internettty friends. But something's gotta give. 

So tomorrow, today actually, I'll start all over and try to be productive.

In the meantime?

Thanks for checking in after my last post. That was very kind of you.  

As for me? Time to call it a night. Morning. Whatever.