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Hate Is A Pretty Strong Word

But I hate drugs. I do.


Hate how they are addicting.

Hate how they prey on weak people.

Hate that they ruin lives, families, reputations, legacies.

Hate how they drain you.

Hate how they make you wish for the phone to ring to find out if your loved one is dead or alive.

Hate the devastating toll they take on your whole entire family.

Hate how they drain bank accounts and 401(k) accounts and retirement accounts.

Hate how they change your family member.

I hate them, hate them, hate them.

And when I get the eventual call that says the love of my life - my nephew - is dead, I will hate them even more.

((Reposted from Sunday November 26 2006)

Friday Love List

(even tho it's no longer Friday)

What???  I was really busy and social and procrastinaty on Friday. So THERE!  :-)

...where were we?

  • Two days off in a row with those two days being Friday & Saturday
  • My iPhone. I <3 my iPhone. I really truly do. 
  • Planning for my trip to CA to surprise my Dad for his bday 
  • On a related note, LOVE the lower prices for airfares 
  • Falling madly deeply passionately totally in love...with a new CD! 
  • Paying all my bills and having a little extra left over. Doesn't happen all that often but when it does? SWEET! 
  • Getting an unexpected refund check in the mail  
  • Wedding invitations in the mail (Receiving them, not sending them)  
  • Sleeping in 
  • Making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich 
  • Lays Kettle Potato chips. Perfectly crisp. Perfectly thin. Perfectly salty. 
  • Sleeping in my own bed  
  • Having my own agenda 
  • Being confident in my choices and going with my gut feeling on said choices 
  • Sunshiny CO days 
  • Getting whatever NHL & NBA playoffs I can find on network TV 
  • My job...more and more every day
  • Being invited to a birthday party for a friend I've not seen in ages 
 So, what do you love in your life?

List it in the comments or leave a link to your list.

Oh Apple, What Have You Done To Our Daughter?

Booking flights for my Dad's surprise birthday soiree. Since he never reads my blog (no one in my immediate family does) there's no chance of me spoiling the surprise by blogging about it.

Last time I visited, my parents were somewhat concerned with my attachment to their antiquated PC...hey, it was the only way I could be online, so you work with what ya got, right?

This trip?  I'll have my iPhone with me. Internet anywhere 24/7.  GPS. Pix. iPod. FB. Twitter.

They won't know what hit them :-)

Rev It Up

This here blog is roaring back to life!

Life and everything it brings with it is one of the of the main reasons...I have not been posting that much as of late.   Just too much to see/do/go/be.

But after tonight, I would be remiss in not blogging about the good time I had with my buddy Rosalicious & her fiance Kevin...Kev to those who know him!

Started out at a Tweetup - yeah, that would be a gathering of people who Twitter - at the Great Divide in Denver. Great Divide is an amazing brewery that I've been to several times. Good beer, good people, and one of the many really cool places that makes Denver so awesome. 

Had mentioned the Tweetup to Rosie earlier in the day and what do you know? She and Kev swung by to check it out.

Introduced them to several Twitter pals of mine, we schmoozed, we drank, then Great Divide closed and we headed out to one of my FAVORITE restaurants in Denver. I just <3 this place!

Rosie was one of the first Denver bloggers I met IRL (in real life) and we became good friends from that point on. She (and Kev) are just so easy to hang with.  They're fun, gregarious, interesting, educated and just the best friends you could ask for. Their lovely home is as cozy and as welcoming as they are. 

Several times during our late night dinner (try the Chicken Pot Pie the next time you visit Steuben's- it's that amazing!!) I was struck my how many wonderful people I've met thru my blog and Twitter and how this thing called 'Social Media' has really helped to define who I have in my life. 

The great majority of people I know here in Denver I've met online. Be it blogs or Facebook or Twitter, meeting online was the common denominator. And I'm thankful I had an open mind (plus guts and courage) to get out there and meet the people that would eventually become some of the closest friends I've ever had in my life.

I'll be posting more on this subject over the weekend, but for now, let me just end by saying I heart Social Media. And Rosie and Kev. And all my online buddies, wherever they may be. 

And internet? I am so totally head over heels in love with you. You know it's true!

Belated Friday Love List

Very belated. It just dawned on me that it was no longer Friday, but Saturday. Having 2 days off in a row can do that to me.

The basis for this love list is 'right off the top of your head'...what do you love without having to think about it?


  • Lots of ice in my drinks (but not on my streets or freeways)
  • When major appliances work like they are supposed to 
  • Payday 
  • Random emailed pix that make me laugh out loud 
  • Thoughtful blog posts from friends that inspire me to be a better person 
  • When the furnace repair guy said ' Just once more month and then you can turn the heat off' 
  • 12 pack of Coke 
  • Electric blankets  
  • American Apparel white thermal LS t-shirts 
  • Surprises. The good kind. 
  • Fresh organic Raspberries and Blueberries 
  • Tweetdeck 
  • FINALLY finding out the name of a song that you've been wanting to know the name of for years 
  • Buying 'Supermassive Black Hole' by Muse on iTunes
  • iTunes in general