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I'd Like To Thank The Academy...Part Two

Five years ago today, I decided to start a blog.  I'd like to thank the academy was my first ever post

That was then, this is now.

If you'd told me then what my life would be like now, I woulda thought you insane. Certifiably loony. Cause no way could I ever have conceived back then what my life would look like now.

Blogging has changed my life in so many remarkable ways.  

All you guys over on my Colorado blogroll?  I met you thru my blog. You were all unknown to me 5 years ago. Now? I can't imagine my life without you in it.

Moving to Denver and knowing only 2 people (a former client and his realtor, who became my realtor) I was determined not to become a hermit. Since I worked from home at the time, I decided that blogging would be my 'gateway drug' to Denver and the friends I had yet to meet. Now?? I know and have met all but one of the bloggers under my CO Blogs heading.

In a way, I feel like I'm the poster chick for the good side of blogging. Cause there IS so much good that's come out of it.

All of you...every single one of you linked on the side...even if I've not met you IRL, you've enriched my life beyond belief. And I thank you for it.

For something that started as a lark, it's turned into a most fulfilling part of my life than I can't imagine living without.  I'm gushing, so forgive me.

It's just that if I'd never started blogging, I'd never have met you. There wouldn't have been a least not an online place.

So thanks. To all of you...every last one. Even tho I can't begin to thank everyone personally, I do have a special word of thanks to Curt, the first blogger I met who inspired me to start my own blog. Curt, if and when I ever meet you IRL, I owe you a couple dozen least. And Pete, I'll include you in the deal.

Thanks for being a part of Kathyland.

Now go hug your blog and post something!

Friday Love List

A couple of days late, but better late than not at all. Plus, the short and sweet version.

Actually, it's just one item for this week.

I did an entire Spring Clean of my house in one day. Even cleaned the guest room down to washing the sheets, blanket, comforter, cleaning the window sills and tracks. It's spotless. As is the rest of my house, pretty much.

So, when ya gonna come for a visit?

Have a great week!

Friday Love List

Before Friday slips away, here's a list of things I am currently lovin'!

This past week was full of mostly good, some bad, and several ah-ha moments.

  • Having Friday and Saturday as my days off
  • Friday the 13th!! 
  • Ending my work week with fun - ie. bowling, buddies and beer
  • Sleeping in late 
  • Sun instead of snow 
  • The possibilty of all I can accomplish in 2 days 
  • Sticking to my budget 
  • Staying in the moment and not acting rashly 
  • Saying no to procrastination 
  • Hoodies  
  • Unexpected checks in the mail  
  • Seeing the fuzzy spider BEFORE I stepped on him. Or her.  
  • Picking up a week's worth of mail without a single bill in the pile  
  • Rediscovering songs I love when I set my iTunes to shuffle 
  • Remembering the Thin Mints in the freezer 
  • Finding 2 extra tubes of Burt's Bee's 
  • Coming downstairs in the morning to a spotlessly clean living room 
  • Having something special to look forward to each day of this week 
That's my list....what's yours?

One Step Closer... being debt free.


Paid off my Nordstrom card. Yeah. I wanted a iPhone. BADLY. Rather, I WANT an iPhone. Badly.**
But I also want to be debt-free. VERY BADLY.

So instead of buying the coolest, neatest, most awesome-est phone out there, I plunked the money down and paid off my Nordy's account. Yay me.

It felt good and I knew I did the right thing.

Back in the days when I had tremendous debt, my mantra for 4 1/2 years was 'Is it a want or a need'? And eventually I got debt-free. It was HEAVEN!

The life happened and I got a divorce and there ya go.

Then several years later, I got debt-free again.

Then? Hello recession where you have a commissioned job with a paycheck  that shrinks each month for over 2 years.

I have started to employ the mantra once more.

While I'm no longer in a commissioned job, it's tough going in this economy. I'm making baby steps. Especially with my truck being in the shop 3 times in the last 2 months. Knocking on wood (granite, marble, formica even) that my truck woes are a thing of the past.

One of these days I will have an iPhone. 

But until then?

It's a want, not a need.

And if I say it long enough, I'll believe it.

**  Full disclosure :

My current cell is getting ready to die. Also, when I am at work, my family and friends can't reach me on my cell as I don't get reception. At times it's been stressful for my family when an emergency comes up and they can't reach me. Given that and the state of my phone, I may cave sooner than later. But when that happens, it will be a NEED. Big difference.

Stay In - For Good.

One of my internet buddies that I have never met IRL but is as dear to me as if we had, is championing a cause that is very near and dear to her heart.

Said buddy is Meg Fowler and the event she is getting behind is Stay in and Help

Basically, we're asking you to donate what you would have spent on a night out, by staying in, getting comfy in your jammies or loungewear, and join us online as we chat with other like minded stay-inners.

It'll be fun, interactive as always, and you'll be doing good without having to leave your house.

Don't have any plans for Saturday, March 7?  Now you do :-)

Happy Birthday Howard!!!

Today is my buddy Howard's birthday. He lives in FL and at one point in the past, we were roomies while I made trip after trip to Denver to find the house I would eventually buy.

Howard is one of the rare individuals that is as neat and picky about things being neat as I am. Howard can cook like no tomorrow. Which was a good thing cause I can't cook to save my life.  Howard would catch the pesky little gecko's that invaded his condo day and night. I would try to catch them, but end up pissed off and yelling at them instead.

Howard was and is one of the best buddies I've ever had and definitely one of the bestest roomies I've ever had. Shortly after I moved to Denver, Howard got a new roomie. And a month later, emailed the following :

You are the Official Winner!!

Hi Kath!

I just wanted to say thank you for the Publix gift card, I am greatful for the ten buckaroos!

I also wanted to let you know that though R is a nice roomate (now that her kid no longer jumps on the sofa), you are the clear winner for roomate of the year award. I am not saying she is a slob, but she is no you... and she doesn't do my laundry, though she did fold it once and that was a crappy job.


tt u later

So happy birthday, buddy!  I miss you like crazy and wish you (and Renee) would come visit!