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25 Things About Me (in no particular order...)

1. I had a pet duck when I was a Jr. in High School. I named him Kirk, cause I had a huge crush on a basketball player named Kirk.

2. My 3 most favorite smells are : Puppy breath, Freesia and freshly mowed grass

3. My neck was broken when I was born and as a consequence, I was paralyzed for several months. I got better, tho.

4. I'm the only one in my family with green eyes

5. My favorite color is purple

6. I am deathly afraid of heights.

7. My memory is so good that sometimes it scares me  how much I remember

8. I still have a baby tooth

9. I knew from age 8 that I didn't want kids.

10. 'Swing Life Away' by Rise Against is one of my most favorite songs

11. Karma so exists

12. If I ever get married again, I wouldn't want an engagement ring. Instead, I would want box seats at the Pepsi Center for Avs/Nuggets games

13. My favorite # is 13

14. I was a Humane Society volunteer for 4+ years in FL. 2 as a Kennel Guide...2 1/2 as a Puppy Foster Mommy

15. I have a huge sensitivity to migraines when I'm around screaming babies or smell the slightest wiff of cigarette smoke. Once that happens? I'm done for the day.

16. Colorado sunsets are quite possibly the most beautiful thing you will ever witness

17. I have an intense love of bacon

18. My entire family lives within 45 minutes of my parents in Southern California

19. Raspberry Vodka Tonics hold a special place in my heart.

20. I wish I could read minds.

21. Time travel would also be a pretty cool power

22. I'm very neat/clean/organized/ and slightly compulsive when all is said and done.

23. I've been to Israel twice and each time it changed my life for the good

24. I love sleeping late almost as much as I love bacon

25. The moment I heard Barack Obama at the DNC Keynote in '04 I knew he would be our next President.

Friday Love List

It's been a week.

Starting from my truck dying last Saturday as I was on my way to an appointment to the subsequent stress of figuring out how to fix it, could I afford to fix it, and how to get to work when the public transit choices were say the least..I present to you :

I <3 My Friends Friday Love List

  • My next door neighbors who drove me to work- totally out of their way, btw.
  • My buddy Evan  who drove me home from work Sunday night....keeping in mind he lives 4 blocks from work, which meant he had to turn around and drive back in less than ideal weather.
  • My Managers  who were reassuring and understanding like you can't believe 
  • All my friends that responded to a 'when desparate times call for desparate measures' email I sent last week. Even if they couldn't help, they responded...which is the same as helping. 
  • My buddy Andrew who offered to drive from Boulder to come get me AND let me use his car while my truck was in the shop
  • My buddies Tom & Dale  who offered to drive me home and back or wait, better yet, just stay at their lovely house (which is 10 minutes from where I work)
  • Also reaching out with support HDWClizbizBella's MommyRosie
  • Tom and Dale spoiling me beyond rotten as a houseguest. I swear they are in cahoots with HDW in that regard
  • And although he's not a good friend, or even a friend, Brandon at Denver Suzuki gave me a free loaner car while my truck was in the shop. Yeah, he was hoping I would buy it, but not so much. Still, it was a nice marketing gesture and I truly appreciated it. And if you need to buy a Suzuki, please stop by and say hi to Brandon Musante at Denver Suzuki. 
  • Last but not least, Ryan from my credit union who used to be my Customer Service rep. He's now a branch manager that came to my rescue when the new person I talked to at my credit union in FL said my signature had changed from the one on file and they were doubting that I was me. Tres Stressy! But Ryan to the rescue, so all was good. 
Yes boys and girls, it was a week. And having all these lovely friends (and Brandon) come to my aid made me realize that I have so much to be grateful for and isn't it nice when the people you know and love give that love back to you?

All you need is love. And a vehicle that works.

Happy Friday!  

Friday Love List

Taking a page from Meg

What??  You don't know who Meg is?? Well get yourself over to her bloggity blog blog and find out.

But before you go, you must know this!

Meg is a breath of fresh air and common sense and frivolity and interesting tid-bits and down-home Canadian charm and so many other sorts of wonderful adjectives and nouns and you really don't have a complete blog roll unless Meg is in it.

One of Meg's endearingly darling rituals is her Friday Love List.

I look forward to them every week and am never dissapointed.

Since she encourages everyone to do THEIR OWN list, well, here we go!

Kath's FIRST Friday Love List

In no particular order...

  • 3 day weekends 
  • Haircuts from Teresa 
  • Warm Colorado Winter days (it was 70 degrees yesterday!)  
  • The internet 
  • Having a full 12 pack of Coke..and one to spare 
  • Ice 
  • American Apparel thermal long-sleeve T-shirts 
  • Payday 
  • Falling in love with an old song all over again 
  • Bacon 
  • Having a job I love more than I ever thought I could love a job 
  • Feeling the same way about my coworkers of said job 
  • Finding new blogs 
  • My Cute Overload Calendar which makes me laugh like you can't believe 
  • Sydney - for the calendar and SO much more 
  • Freshly washed sweaters 
  • When incredibly talented musician friends send you free downloads (thanks Eric!) 
  • My new President and his beautiful wife and darling children   
 So what's on YOUR Friday Love List?

Share in the comments or create a list of your own. And thanks for the inspiration, Meg :-)

It's Over

My love affair with tv is over.

Dropped  my cable box off at Comcast this afternoon. Had been considering ditching cable tv altogether. Was getting to the point that every night I'd come home from work, plop in my front of the tv with a warm computer on my lap...and stay there all night. HGTV. Food Network. Sports. CNN. The every now and then network tv show. I was wasting my life in front of the tube.

So it's over. And I feel great. Relieved even. There's one less distraction to tempt me. And I'll save $56 bucks a month.

I had to stay with bare bones basic channels or else my internet bill would increase. So I have local channels which may come in handy, who knows?

There is the issue of what to do with the tv. Right now it's sitting where it's always sat, in the fireplace insert. If I take it out, I'll have nothing to replace it with and it would leave a big gaping hole. So I'll keep it there for now, unless you guys have a better idea?

This is an experiment more than anything. A way to save $ and stop hibernating in front of the tube. To break free of the siren song of HGTV.

I was giddy with joy when I left the Comcast office. The Comcast guys said he sorta envied me...and he didn't know if he could give up tv if he tried. You know, I bet he COULD do it!  It'll be interesting to see how I fare.

I'll let ya know!

Follow Up To The Yay Below

So the carpet cleaning was a huge success!  The carpets look SOO NICE and even better, they aren't dirty anymore.

Now anyone that knows me well knows that my idea of 'dirty' may be a tad off from their idea of 'dirty'. Anal-Retentive-Clean-Freak, party of one. That's me and I am comfortable with how I am and what my standards are. And I don' least I hope I don't...apply my standards to anyone else's home. OK, maybe at work I do sorta kinda obsess about getting everything clean and 'just right' but seeing as my work's corporate culture has a huge focus on details, my efforts are appreciated...or at least tolerated?

It'd been awhile since I had my carpets cleaned and I admitted to Mark, the owner of the company, that I hadn't really been able to make the time back when I had two jobs seeing that I worked at home (so daytime visits were out) and I worked every weekend. Too bad carpet cleaners don't make 3 am house calls, huh?

He told me that they really weren't all that bad to begin with and all the dirt...mostly in high traffic areas...came right out.  As I promised to have him out every 6 months going forward, he commented that it made him happy to see someone as 'thrilled' as I was about having clean carpets.

It goes back to the little things that make me happy. Coming home every day to icky carpets was really doing a number on me and had started to depress me, being truly honest with you.  Money is not plentiful...never was really...but I decided to just DO IT and hope the end results would be worth it. And boy, are they. I feel like a million dollars. Huge weight off my shoulders.  I'm sure a couple of you can comprehend how I feel. At least one of you?  :-)

The company I used specializes in chemical-free solutions, so I have no side-effects from the cleaning. That used to happen when I lived in CA and FL.  Ya gotta love clean with no ill side effects.

Now comes the hardest part. Walking on it when I really don't want to. Wish I could levitate so I could keep the flawless look. Was going to move the furniture back tonite, but I think I'll wait until after work tomorrow night, just so I can see how nice it looks tomorrow morning as I head off to work.

Thanks for letting me share this quirky part of my life with you :-)  You really have no idea just how happy I am right now.