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Highlights of 2008

I'm an optimistic realist, always choosing to look on the bright side.

In keeping with that tradition, here's what made me smile in 2008.

  • My friends, here and there 
  • My blogger/online friends, who are as unique (and priceless) as their internet personas.
  • The 2nd job that turned into the 1st and only job that turned into my biggest joy of the year 
  • That even in the toughest times (losing my sister-in-law) the love of my friends and family was there to get me thru the darkest days 
  • The news that it was not cancer 
  • Hearing that two friends - Howard and Stephanie - were cured of Lymphoma 
  • My family aka the loves of my life 
  • Karma, who was very good to me this year 
  • Waking up Nov 5th and realizing it was not a dream and YES, WE DID 
  • Realizing that bad times are still good times if you look at them in the right light 
  • Saying yes more than I said no 
  • Choosing to laugh more than cry 
  • Perserverance 
  • Taking vacation the week of the DNC  
  • Trusting in God when I wasn't sure that I could
  • E-A-G-L-E-S 

Hope you all have the opportunity to challenge yourself and live life to your fullest...and then some...over the next 365 days.

xo :-)

What If ???

Thinking the following thoughts.

What would happen if...

  • I gave up TV
  • Limited myself to one hour a night on the internet 
  • Got back into the habit of exercising an hour an day (minimum) like I did during Summer '07 
  • Tracked my budget on a daily basis 
  • Read more (and not online, either) 
  • Devoted an hour a night to home improvement/tweaking 
  • Wrote a letter - yes, an actual letter - a week 
  • Sorted thru and catalogued all my pix from back in the day 
  • Shredded everything and anything that needs shredding 
  • Did an entire Spring Clean about 4 months early 
  • Made an effort to be social once a week
You see, I stood in line at Comcast the other day for about 45 minutes. For a place that bans smoking, the entire waiting room reeked of stale cigarette smoke. It was gross. To me, at least.

The reason I was there was to get a cable box so I could 'upgrade' my system so I can save about $27/month. And the whole time I was standing there, trying not to breathe in, I was asking myself why I was there. Why do I feel I need TV? I have the internet, after all. And I'm not into network stuff and TV in general all that much to begin with. 

Yet, I stood there and when they called my number - C147 - up I went and got my little receiver. Didn't hook it up yesterday. Didn't hook it up today. It's like as soon as I hook it up, I will be flipping the switch on my my brain to allow me to waste even more time sitting in front of the tube. Wasting time for the most part. Being inactive. Just sitting there, watching my life go by.

Maybe part of it was being surrounded by people in the waiting room, none of whom looked all that healthy or happy. And did I mention the smell? They all reeked of cigarette smoke.

So as much as I heart my HGTV and NBA, I think I'm gonna quit. Take back the box. Save even more than $27 a month. And maybe, take back my life. 

I'll give it 3 months and see what happens.

Stay tuned :-)

7 Seven 7

This post is brought to you by the # 7.

As happens on the internet, meme's get circulated all over the blogosphere.  My buddy Andrew Hyde tagged me with this meme, so I shall tag you!

See how that works?

7 Random Things About Kath

  • I have dreams that come true with alarming frequency
  • If I could rid the world of just one thing, it would be cigarette smoke 
  • I had a s'more for the very first time last week at work 
  • I've never gotten a traffic ticket 
  • Sunset is my favorite time of the day  
  • Rio's Mango Margarita is my most favorite Marg in the whole wide world 
  • There is no such thing as too much laughter  

Who to tag???

Have at it, kids!

Follow Up & Looking Back

Wrote this on my birthday last year.

As I thought then and know more than ever now, it's all about following your gut feeling. It really is.

Reviewing what I had hoped to do, I snagged the 2nd job part the day after the inital post was written. Had no idea at the time that the 2nd job would go on to become my only job. My gut told me to go for it, I did, and haven't looked back since.

Had been making great strides at getting debt-free...then a death in the family, a funeral and all that goes with it, medical challenges and a sucky economy (given I spent most of last year in a commission-based job) torpedo'd my getting debt-free plans. It's still a goal; just one that will take longer than initally planned.

Fixing up my house...yeah...not so much. I have tons of ideas, just not the initiative or bravery to get them out of my head and into real life. And I still have a huge fear of heights.

Everything else I listed I made progress with. More proficient in the techy area of my life...but not as good as I want to be....lost more weight...but not as much as I want to lose...have a better understanding of photography...yet no where close to being an Ansel Adams or Andrew Hyde.

Overall, I'm doing ok with what I hoped to accomplish.

So what are my goals for 2009?  

It's pretty simple, actually. Maybe way too general for others, but I know myself well enough by now that this one line goal will work for me.

"You know what you need to do it"

So. What about you?  Did you make goals/resolutions/promises to yourself last year? Did you keep them? Some of them? Any of them? 

Lemme know...I'm all ears!

A-Ha Moment

I've spent absolutely zero this holiday season. Not a cent.

Not doing cards. Not doing gifts...the ones that cost money, anyway.  Won a $100 gift certificate for Pottery Barn that I gave to my parents for their Christmas gift. I'm just not spending, cause I really have no excess $ to spend.

Contrasting this year with years in the past. Back when I was married. Debt-free. Plenty of disposable income.

Know what?

When it comes right down to it, I've never been happier than I am now.

1 Year...

1 Year ago today the powers-that-be at what used to be Job #2, now Job #1, called to offer me a place with their team...a chance to become part of their family.

First I cried and then I said yes. And then my life changed in ways I am still comprehending.

Even tho I thought it would be years before I had the opportunity to go permanent, I was offered to go perm at the 11 month mark. I jumped at the chance. A leap of faith on many levels that I haven't questioned at all.  I am where I am meant to be, with the most amazing people on the planet.

So. If you have dreams, goals, lifelong wanna-do's where your life won't be complete unless you do them?  Go for it. What are you waiting for?

The whole world is yours for the taking. So take it.


Why YAY you ask?

Cause shoveling is even more proof that I don't live in FL.

No hurricanes. No humidity. No freaky gecko's that invade your house at all hours of the day and night. No freaky gecko's that evade you as you try to catch them to throw them out of your house at all hours of the day and night. No whiny bitchy elderly Floridians whining and bitching 24/7.

I could go on and on, but the snow's not gonna shovel itself.

Pix to follow!

Rocket's Red Glare

A surprisingly true story...

Rocket's red glare is what he sought
So off to the store he went and bought
Bottle rockets that were sold to him
"Stuff to blow up" he thought with a grin.

But where to shoot them to get the most
Bang for his buck screw the cost
He scratched his head and thought real hard 
Bingo, I think I'll try the back yard

Rocket #1 went off with a bang
The colors were awesome, the rocket sang
But bothersome neighbors he didn't want
Should he reconsider his rockety thoughts?

The front yard he knew had tons of appeal
He'd do it right quick so no one would squeal
#2 went airborne, oh shit, too loud
Inside to regroup, away from the crowd.

One rocket was left, he needed to send it
But where would that be? And how would he end it?
He didn't know how or what or where to
So he retreated upstairs to ponder in his loo.

Out the window?  No, then it'd be too loud
He pondered some more
And then he looked down
Into the sink
Which made him think
WATER..that might muffle the sound?

He mind careened ideas spewed forth
Minimize the danger, corral the force
Try this idea, hey, it might work
If not, who cares, I'll end up the jerk

He grabbed the rocket, lifted the lid
Of the toilet seat and stuck the thing in
Yeah, bottle rocket stuck in the pot
You really think I'd make this stuff up?

He lit the tail then stood back and waited
Before long the water evacuated
Out of the toilet and on the ceiling
The floors, the wall, his mind was reeling

The toilet gurgled then went quiet
Then started the noises that made his heart quit
Deep in the base of the toilet thingy
"What have I done' he started thinking

When all was said and done, dear readers
A useless toilet was his for keepers
It could have been much worse he knew
The house coulda been blown to Timbuktu
But it wasn't and all he had to show for it
Was a toilet where you could not take a shit

No lives were lost & for this he was grateful
And when he told his mom, she wasn't hateful
He needed to own it and this he did
And he swears he'll never again open the lid
To the toilet and deposit harmful explosives
Lessons learned he freely admits
Don't mess with where you pee and shit.


Office cleaned with pix to prove it!

DSC00596 1DSC00597 1DSC00598 1

Yeah, I still have some shredding to do, but at least I can walk into my office without wanting to turn around and walk right back out.

By the way, the desk is outta here. Looking for a good home and the price is right....FREE!

Hit me up for details and dimensions.

Feels really good to have this crossed off my to-do list!

I Still Hear His Voice

"You're a good 'taker-carer-ofer. You've taken wonderful care of me. And my family. And your family. And our dog. You just love to take care of me and everyone else. And that's why I stayed with you for the last 3 years. I didn't love you anymore, but I woulda been stupid to leave you...cause you did everything for me. You did it cause you loved me and you wanted to make me happy. You didn't want anything in return other than to make me happy. So I guess I have to finally be honest with you since you've always been honest with me. I don't love you anymore. I haven't for awhile. File the divorce papers tomorrow."

And that's how I knew my marriage was over. I picked up the necessary documents the next day and we filed 2 days later.

And a month later, Dec 7 2001, our marriage was declared over and I was single again.

Every year around this time, I remember the day he was finally honest with me.  And I remember the day our marriage ended

I still hear his voice like he said it yesterday. And I always wonder as I go thru my life, helping out family and friends and co-workers and plain old strangers, am I doing it again? Am I going overboard on the being nice and kind and helpful?  Cause I really truly like being that way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to help out...whoever...whenever...for whatever reason. When I was in 3rd grade, my dad asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. And I said that I wanted to help people. Consistancy, right?

Honestly, it's how I like to be. I'm no Mother Teresa; far from it. I never expect anything back other than to know I made someone's life a little easier or happier or cheerier. Yet, when it comes to this time of the year, I tend to second guess myself. To pull back just a little and review where I am and the type of person I am.  Just this week I thought...for the very first time...maybe...just was him?  Maybe it's ok to be giving and loving and making someone else the center of your life and universe cause it comes from within...I wasn't really doing it for him...I was doing it for me cause I WANTED to do it for him?

I'm not in a relationship now...haven't been in one for awhile. It doesn't really bother me either. Every now and then I will say' ok, yeah...I'm ready to move forward...then 5 minutes later I change my mind and think 'Why bother'?  It's easier this way. Easier to be friends and buddies and not go down the relationship road".

It gets easier every year, this whole D-Day anniversary thing. It'd be nice to not remember it each year and not to get all retrospectivey & analytically about it. But I do. 

And when all is said and done, I would do it all over again, yes I would.

I would move heaven and earth to make that one special person feel as special as possible. To give everything and then some and not expect anything in return.

It's me. That's how I am and how I roll. 

If there is a next time around, I hope it would turn out differently.

Keepin' It Real

For the most part, I am a neat-and-clean-aholic. Everything just right and in the right place. Just last week my dear buddy HDW said something to the effect of ' You always say you have a messy house but I just don't think you do'.

Very sweet of her and clearly she needs to visit more often. So in the interest of keepin' it real, here's several pix of my 'former' home office.

My last working day at CCTC was Oct 29th. As soon as I sent my last im to my Team Leader at 3:30 MDT (Denver to the Mothership, over and out) I logged off, unplugged...and dashed out of the office to get ready for J#2 (which is now J#1).  The next day, I tore apart my office at the crack of dawn since I had to get all my office equipment FEDEX'd back to the Mothership. Other than one other time when I was looking for a receipt, that was the last time I was in my office. 

Oh sure, I'd think about it every other day or so...saying to myself that I 'really need to get in there and clean up the mess'...but other chores or laziness or procrastination got in the way and here is how my office has looked since Oct 29th.

Disclaimer...while this may be nothing to you, it is horrendously messy to me. And I can't believe I am even showing it to you, but since transparency is the new black, why not?

DSC00576 1

DSC00580 1

Lest you think the rest of my house looks equally messy, I assure you it does not. Here is my guest room. Just waiting for a guest to come for a visit!

DSC00579 1

I figured if I posted my office pictures, I would get inspired to clean that mess up! Whatever it takes to motivate, right?

I'll keep you posted, with 'after' pix as well.

Who knows? Maybe I'll run right upstairs and clean it now!!


Love & Hate

A long time ago, my buddy Tom suggested I should write a post '100 Things About Kath'.

So I'm sitting here all cozy and warm in front of the fireplace...when I shoulda been at Team Trivia night. What can I say, it's snowy and icy and cold outside and I am a sucky wimp driver in ice and snow, so there you have it.

Rather than write 100 things about me...decided to break it down to 50 things I love and 50 things I hate.


50 Things I LOVE :

  1. Killer CO sunsets
  2. Sleeping late 
  3. My electric blanket 
  4. 1000 threadcount Italian sheets 
  5. The smell/feel of clean laundry fresh from the dryer 
  6. Kind people 
  7. People that smell good 
  8. Puppybreath 
  9. And of course, puppies too! 
  10. When I listen to my gut feeling  
  11. When my friends 'get me' 
  12. White twinkly sparkly lights 
  13. Calls or texts from friends just because 
  14. Honesty 
  15. Found money 
  16. Genuine smiles 
  17. Genuine people with genuine smiles 
  18. Vodka...with plenty of limes 
  19. My coworkers and their collective sense of humor
  20. Efficiency 
  21. Neatness 
  22. Order 
  23. Uncluttered surroundings 
  24. Good hair days 
  25. Getting carded ( it last happened 2 weeks ago! Told her she was too kind and needs glasses)
  26. Hot dinners  
  27. When good fortune happens to my friends and family 
  28. Found $ 
  29. NBA in person 
  30. The perfect hug 
  31.  The internet
  32.  Paying my mortagage...cause it means I have a job and a house 
  33. When friends come to visit 
  34. Having a spotlessly clean house/truck/garage/everything 
  35. Not slipping on ice. (Unfortunately, it doesn't happen all that much) 
  36. Hot showers 
  37. In-N-Out Burgers 
  38. Hearing from my grade school boyfriend (HAWR!) 
  39. Mini-Weiner Dogs 
  40. Raspberry Vodka Tonics 
  41. Alternative music 
  42. Live concerts 
  43. Anything Apple 
  44. My Blog Buddies
  45. Trusting my gut feeling 
  46. BBQ
  47. Vibrantly colored flowers 
  48. Bacon
  49. Green design homes 
  50. That I had the guts to start over 7 years ago this weekend.  
  50 Things I HATE :

  1. Cigarette smoke
  2. Drug abuse
  3. Intolerance 
  4. Mean people. And yes, they DO suck
  5. Religious fundamentalists that want to turn their beliefs into law 
  6. PC's 
  7. Clutter 
  8. Slobs 
  9. Whiny negative people 
  10. Child abuse 
  11. Animal abuse 
  12. People who cheat the system 
  13. Burnt popcorn 
  14. Broken promises 
  15. Hurricanes 
  16. Puppy poop 
  17. Rocks, Paper, Scissors game 
  18. Microphone feedback 
  19. Getting lost 
  20. Letting my friends and family down 
  21. Migraines 
  23. Desparation 
  24. Jack Johnson - his music gets on my last nerve 
  25. High-pitched screeching noises 
  26. Plane crashes 
  27. Bugs 
  28. Snakes 
  29. Humidity 
  30. Mosquitos 
  31.  Welfare cheats  
  32. Over consumption 
  33. People who don't even attempt to recycyle 
  34. Throwing out my back 
  35. Procrastinating 
  36. People who sing along to songs and get all the words wrong 
  37. Grammatical errors 
  38. Slobs (yeah...I know I already said this)
  39. When the internet dies 
  40. Forced gaiety 
  41. Liars 
  42. Burned out lightbulbs that are too high for me to change them 
  43. Weeds 
  44. Customers that say 'I have a quick question that will only take a minute' and then they take 20 minutes of your time
  45. Fail Whale 
  46. Papercuts 
  47. Dental visits (unless it's for a cleaning) 
  48. Knowing that sometimes I am my own worst enemy 
  49. Trusting someone that I know I shouldn't be trusting 
  50. When I don't listen to my gut feeling and wind up regretting it.   

So what's your list?

I'm tagging 5 CO bloggers, 4 out-of-state-er's, and anyone else that's dying to try this! 

Problem Solved!!

Just solved a problem that had been bothering me ever since I moved into my house almost 3 years ago.

I have a really comfy leather chair in my living room that I like to sit in every now and then. Sadly, the plug for my computer never quite reached from the wall to my laptop, so I'd always have to sit all contortiony and stuff.

Until tonite. When I decided to...wait for it...push the chair closer to the wall. Whoa. Genius at work, don't you concur?

Sometimes I truly amaze myself.