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Dazed And Confused

Still trying to wrap my brain around the 700 billion bail out. 

Here's what I don't get. How can you let things get this bad? I guess it's one thing if you need $100, $1000 or even 100,000.

But a billion?? Much less SEVEN HUNDRED BILLION?

That is just wrong in so many ways. Beyond wrong. Disgusting. Sickening.

And now they want to be bailed out. Well, I'm really don't want to bail them out. Sorry, not at all.

The powers that be say  we 'have' to or else the economy will collapse.

Now I'll be the first to admit I am not a financial genius. I am dyslexic with any numbers over 3 figures. But I know that this whole situation is lacking in common sense.

So here's what I propose.

The top 3 layers of management for these firms  need to sell their homes. Apply the proceeds to the debt. Pay back their bonus' for the last 2 years. Divest themselves of 50% of their tax portfolio and apply those proceeds to the debt. 

Next step? End the war. Now. We need to stop the flow of obscene amounts of money into Iraq. Pull out all of our soldiers in the next 90 days. You're on your own, Iraq. We've tried for way too long to help and seriously?, you need to stand on your own two feet.

While we're at it, effective immediately, all places of worship will have to pay taxes for the next 5 years. For too long churches, synagogues, mosques, etc have enjoyed tax free status. No more. Let's call a 5 year reprieve on that. It's gonna hurt, but we need to pull together and do it.

Also, let's roll out a special Visitor Tax where we tax each non-citizen $350 to enter our country. We'll refund $100 to them when they leave. Lots of visitors come to the US each day for work or let's take advantage of this. Plus, their money can buy way more due to the sucky dollar, so it may not affect them all that much to begin with.

Finally, remember that 3 layers of management I mentioned earlier?  We'll bar them from having any position of leaderhip in a financial institution for the next 10 years. They need to learn their lesson and 10 years is a good start.

It's sad, the whole bailout issue. Nowhere have I heard what they will cut or sell or do whatever they can to pony up any amount of money. It's smug if to say 'hey, we trashed your economy and since we're so big you HAVE to bail us out".

We've been let down. And I'm not happy about it at all; who is?

It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out. Any ideas you have, feel free to add them in comments.

Things That Keep Me Awake At Night

Random thoughts that I would like to ask of John McCain, George Bush and Sarah Palin :

* How can you be for less government, yet deny women the say-so over their own bodies?

* How can you promise to 'fix' healthcare when the administration you belong to has not attempted to 'fix' healthcare for the close to 8 years they've been in office?

* How can you be our President and remain mute on the current financial crisis until the last several days?

* How can you be so smug, condescending and superior about your supposed foreign policy experience when your only true foreign policy experience (if you want to call it that) comes from living next door to Russia?

* How can you think so little of our country - or maybe so much of yourself- as to assume that you are ready to lead us as our Vice-President?

* How can you think so little of our country - or maybe so much of yourself - as to lie repeatedly and shamelessly over everything from experience and qualifications all the way down to attendance numbers at rallies?

* How can you honestly look us in the face and say you will be better...than the current administration that you are a part of and have been a lock-step part of for close to 8 years?

* Do you honestly and truly know what it's like to be an 'average American' when you can't remember how many homes you have (the correct number is 7) and you have 13 automobiles?

* How can you live with yourself when you consider that YOUR administration has not gotten us any closer to reliable forms of alternative/clean energy?

* How can you live with yourself knowing that your Big Oil friends have seen record profits while the rest of us struggle to afford the gas to get us to work and back?

* Why is it called welfare if you're a single mother but if you're a well known financial institution, it's a bailout?

When all is said and done, I really don't think you DO have our best interests at heart. You are out of touch and one of 'them'...them being the Republicans that got us to the sorry state we live in right now.

Lack of experience seemed to be such a big talking point in your campaign...until you picked Sarah Palin to be your running mate. Now? Well hell, who needs experience when you live next door to Russia and can gut a moose?

I'm tired. I'm so fucking tired of your sanctimonius ramblings about getting us to a better place when honestly, you've had a front row seat and a change to enact change..and you didn't. You could have spoken up. You could have tried. So many chances to truly serve us, and you did nothing. That's pathetic. And sickening when you consider how far down we've come as a nation since your party took the reigns from the Clinton administration. 

I hope to God enough people 'get' it, I really do. Cause I really think we deserve so much better than what we've gotten.

I'm tired. And I'm pissed. And I am so ready to get your sorry asses our of our White House. You've done enough damage, thanks very much.

I'm ready for change. Real change. Not lip service. Not leading by fear. Not lying to us.

Please. No more lies. They keep me awake at night.

Spur Of The Moment Day Off

And what makes it awesome...

* Comment from a long-lost friend..who did not know she was lost :-)

* Sleeping in late (duh, you saw that coming, right)

* Turning off cell/laptop/landline/brain the night before

* Awesome breeze coming thru the window


* Led Zep on iTunes...especially Immigrant Song

* you remember the first time we heard the Immigrant Song?

* iTunes

* Call from Aree

* Endless possibilities

* Catching up on favorite blogs be continued

Wrap Up Of All Things That Need Wrapping Up

Seems like only yesterday that I was starting my vacation and the whole 11 days of blissful vacationing loomed in front of me.

This was the first vacation I'd taken in over a year * and the first weekend I had off in 9 months.


It's been a week since I started back to work and I gotta tell ya, I don't know where the time's gone. Maybe the older you get, the faster time moves?  Who knows.

The vacation was marvelous. I went from 100 mph to zero. And it was a good thing. Got massive amounts of sleep. And downtime. Time to just sit and think and stare and putter around the house with no deadline to meet or timeclock to punch.

Tried out our local bus system and I love it! It was awesome to go from the Park and Ride blocks from my house and be in downtown Denver in less than 25 minutes. Met some cool out-of-towners in Denver for the DNC. A delegate from New York. A New York Blogger. Reporters from TN and IN. They all loved Denver and had wonderful things to say about Denver friendliness. Wound up driving the reporters from TN and IN to their hotel one night as they had planned to walk back and I wanted to make sure they got there safe and sound. Didn't want to blow their concept of a friendly and safe Denver.

It was cool to volunteer at the Big Tent and be around all the politics. Stood next to Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post. Walked by Darryl Hannah in the hallway of the Alliance Building. Saw almost all of my DL peeps (I was the gatekeeper on of the days, granting access to the main building) and got to see all sorts of people come and go.

There were also down days as well. On one particular day I slept in until close to noon, then decided to head out for lunch and afterwards look at model homes in my area.  Loved doing things on the spur of the moment where the only 'must do' of the day was to be happy.

It was beyond awesome to have a Saturday where I didn't have to work and could do errands and enjoy the weekend as the weekend was meant to be enjoyed.

Had plenty of time to think about my life and where it is headed and what I want to do differently going forward.

If you're a regular reader, you know I've been bothered with really bad dizziness over the last several months. Bad enough to where I wasn't able to drive on the freeway or expressway. Dizzy enough to where it was difficult to walk at times.

Well, guess what?

It's gone. Well, 98% gone. I'm back to driving freeways and not falling over at work. Both great things. I'm tons more relaxed now. Chalking it up to stress as far as I can tell. I know I had a lot going on in my life and in retrospect stressing about it and burning the candle at both ends took a toll.

Now I'm more relaxed and am dealing with my life differently. I'm getting lots more sleep. Am close to overdosing on steamed veggies and salads. Getting more exercise. Making a determined effort to relax on a daily basis. And it's working.

My first day back to work I requested another week of vacation from both jobs in November so I can spend time with my family and friends in CA. 

I get it now. I get that my life will involve working two jobs. One 40 hours a week and one that may top close to 30 and sometimes 35 hours a week. I'm semi-active in politics. And I like to have fun with friends. I like to keep busy. And in order to live my life the way I want to, I will need to balance priorities. If I want to stay healthy and happy and sane. And I do.

So take it from me. Vacations are a blessing. Don't take them for granted. Get off the merry-go-round of life when you can while you can. Some times you need to slow down in order to speed back up.

* - After posting I realized that I did have a 4 day getaway to San Diego. Since I had the flu the entire time it musta slipped my mind that it was a vacay.

I Need Your Help!

Denver needs your help. Colorado needs your help.

Last night I attended my first  local Obama/Biden chapter meetings. In my area (District 7), there are over 6000 residents that are not registered to vote. There are many more in District 8.  Colorado is a swing state and as of today we have 30 days to register as many people as possible.

Anyone who has read my blog for more than a month knows I am a Progressive that will be proudly voting for Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Mark Udall in November. It's who I am and how I roll and I make no apologies for my views.

I have not been a fan of the current administration. I am not a fan of the future proposed Republican administration. I know I am in a much worse place..much worse...under this administration that I was under the Clinton administration. And I want to change what happens next.

If you want real change from real people that care, I implore you to please get involved. Get involved now. You don't have to volunteer for days or weeks at a time. Given my schedule of two jobs, I am only giving 1-2 days a week to the campaign. But it's a start.

Our campaign headquarters will be in the Stapleton area of Denver. Canvassing will be in the my neighborhood. Or you can make calls from your home. Write letters to the editor.  Please, we need you. 

It all comes down to you. If you are scared of the prospect of 'More of the same' please please please get involved.

Please contact :

Keyshia E. Sanders

Campaign for Change

Field Organizer HD7


Vacation? What Vacation?


Driving home from J#2 last night I was mentally ticking off all the points I wanted to make in my end of vacay post.

And then I got home and downloaded pix and chatted and crashed and as you can see, there is no end of vacay post.


In the meantime, it's cool outside. Fall is on the way and several of the leaves on the tree in my front yard have turned to yellow.

Where did the Summer go? It's September now. Where has the year gone? One more month and it'll be time to blow out the sprinklers for the Winter. OK. Getting ahead of myself.

Back to work for now...more to follow later today.