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Winding Down

Vacation's coming to a close. Back to J#2 in the morning, then J#1 comes calling at the butt-crack of dawn Tuesday morning.

Sigh. Am I ready? Not even. Did I have fun while I was off? Most definitely.

This last week has been soooo wonderful. In so many ways.

Have a couple more posts re: this past week on tap.

NNSD for now. 

And stay safe, buddies in LA.

A Dream Come True

Thursday, 28 August 2008 is a day that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I asked for a week's vacation the day it was announced that Denver would host the 2008 DNC gathering. At the time I told my Manager that I needed to be there to see Barack accept his nomination. She chided me gently, suggesting I should not get my hopes up. Thankfully, my hopes of Obama getting the nomination came true.

For the last several days I had been mulling over the logistics of the day, namely how would I get there? With mass transit calamity predicted for the downtown area, I wasn't too keen on driving. Yet I didn't want to leave to catch the return bus any second earlier than was necessary.

So I awoke the day of Thursday 28 August deciding to let my gut rule the day.  Remember that, ok?

While everyone suggested getting there early, I slept in. Decided to spruce up the house. Blog. Twitter. Vege. As far as how to get downtown, decided I would bus it after all and if I wanted to stay past the last bus back home, well, that's what cabs are for.

Made it to the local PNR with time to spare and was amazed at the many empty parking spaces. Nice!
The bus was pretty much deserted too. Was downtown in less than 1/2 hour and as I started walking towards Mile Hile Stadium, my inner voice told me to stop. So I did. Grabbed at seat at the outdoor Starbucks and met up with Meryl. One thing led to another and before you knew it, Meryl, Elsie and their friend whose name I never got were all walking down Blake Street.

As we walked, I discovered that Meryl is a Mayor from New Jersey and Elsie is her town Councilwoman. We made a pitstop at the CNN Grill where Meryl dashed in to grab some food & drink. Minutes later she returned with some pretty sweet CNN schwag for all of us and we continued on to Invesco.

This was my first time going to Invesco and as such, I was not the best tour guide, which I felt horribly about and apologized for several times.  I had wanted to escort my new friends to MHS in the quickest possible way but after awhile it was evident that not only did I not know what was going on as far as directions, no one else seemed to know what was going on as well.

Lines were beyond long and confusing and thanks to texts from my friends Anthony and Heather I knew I'd have a very long wait. My New Jersey friends were impatient with the lack of progress we were making and when they stopped to call friends  I lost them in the crowd. 

My gut told me to keep walking so that's what I did. Found myself in a line that snaked along the MHS parking lot and wound up on Federal in front of a Burger King. Thinking a nice frosty Coke sounded delish, I walked inside to wait in another line, this one air conditioned. Wound up geting interviewed by a CSPAN reporter who was amazed at the monstrous lines surrounding the event. 

Back outside to join the line, which had grown considerably since I left it  As I took my place, started talking to the two guys in back of me. To be honest, I had walked a little quicker to get in line, sensing they would be good linemates. And that turned out to be one of my best decisions of the day. Their names were Steve and Nate..a doctor and an architect by trade. But I'm convinced they were both angels moonlighting as a doctor and architect.

After chatting for a good 20 minutes in a line that barely moved, Steve heard a rumor that an additional parking lot entrance had opened. He dashed off to see if it was true while Nate and I continued to chat about anything and everything.  Another 15 minutes passed and Steve called to tell Nate to come meet him...quickly!  Nate looked at me and said ' Hey, we're a team...let's go'. So off we went.

Ok, you know the dizzinesss I've had problems with lately?  The route Nate and I had to take involved going down a hill. You do the math. Me+Fear of Heights+Dizziness = Holy Crap Scaredycatness. So I fessed up and gave Nate the 'hey, I need help going down hills' and he was kind and gracious and helped me down without ever laughing or making me feel like the klutz I was feeling like inside.  We met up with Steve then headed down another hill. Again, 100% help all the way. See?? Angels in disguise!

We pretty much breezed  thru all three security stations in less than half an hour at that point. I promised the guys drinks and told them I would blog about how angelic they were. Heather called to check up on my progress right after we cleared the first security checkpoint and I babbled to her about Nate and Steve and how she needed to blog about them in Blogher as being two awesome dudes that ladies in Denver and nationwide would want to know...since Steve and Nate had volunteered that they were single.

Yeah, by that time I was bordering on manic relief and wild enthusiasm for not only getting inside the stadium, but my fortune in meeting Nate and Steve and having them adopt me into their pack.

As promised...ALS! readers, I give you Steve on the left and Nate on the right.

DSC00384 1  

Without their help, I would have still been in line at 8pm.

Once inside Invesco, it was almost too much to bear. The excitement was fantastic. Flags everywhere. People everywhere as well. And everyone was nice...friendly...happy. Joyous even!

I found my section, battled my fear of heights and wound up in section 521, row 13, seat 8.  Check out the awesome view from my seat!

DSC00389 1

Not 3 minutes later, Al Gore took the stage. And for me, that is when I realized that this was a reality. I'd been looking forward to seeing Gore since it was announced he'd be attending.

The night got better with each speaker. When Dick Durbin reminded everyone how he had announced Barack at the 2004 Boston DNC Keynote, I teared up, remembering that night like it was yesterday. I had the Team Stork campaign staffers over for a DNC watch party and while everyone else partied and drank, my buddy Chris and I watched it quietly. And I knew from that moment on that Obama is who I wanted to see accept the nomination next time around. Like so many dreams I've had over the last 6 years, that one came true Thursday night.

DSC00400 1

Thursday was the first time I'd ever seen Barack in person.If you want the official view or the pundit take on the night, that's what CNN is for. Or the networks. From my perspective? It was magical. Amazing. Empowering. Yes we can is not just a phrase, but a movement. We CAN affect change. We CAN do what it takes to bring leadership back to our country. We CAN make a difference, you and I. We really truly can. And Barack is proof of that.

Halfway during Obama's speech, I had the feeling I needed to move again. So off I went, to the Section 511 stairwell where my friend Anthony was with his son and my J#2 friends Steve and Ruth. Once there, I watched from the top of the stairs since there were no seats to be found. Soon after, an Obama staffer came by and asked if I wanted to wave this really huge flag. What is that saying about being in the right place at the right time?

Waving the flag while fireworks went off was a surreal patriotic I was in a movie or a dream. It was all so immense and meaningful. I have been trying to put into words how I felt and I really can't begin to do it justice. Other than saying I know I was meant to be there and be a witness to what transpired on this groundbreaking day in history.

Soon enough, the speech ended, the families left the stage and the crowds began to depart.  Had tried texting my friend Anthony and none of the texts were going thru. Met Steve and Ruth and waited for Anthony but we never saw him or his son.

Eventually we headed  back to downtown. Easier said than done. Confusion and crowds and no sense of order. Yet, the crowd stayed calm and the mood was mostly happy.

As good as Nate and Steve were at getting me into Invesco, Ruth and her husband Steve excelled at getting me out of Invesco. We looped and curved and wiggled our way thru the crush of people to eventually wind up somewhere over near Elitch's. Near a railroad track and a body of water. It felt like we were escaping an alien invasion and were on the run. Took close to 2 & 1/2 hours to get back to downtown, but we made it.

What a night. What a memory. So many people and experiences and sensations and feelings. I am still processing what I saw, who I met and how I felt. One thing I know for sure is that this experience changed me. I have a greater sense of urgency...almost a sense of do my part and effect change.  

Yes, we can. And yes, we will.

I Could Get Used To This Vacationy Thing

So far am excelling at sleeping late. And relaxing. And having fun. And more sleeping late. 

Finished two days of volunteering at the Big Tent in downtown Denver which I will blog about eventually. But for now?

Imagine me sitting here and vegging and smiling and relaxing and drinking and doing more relaxing while internetting.

That about says it all.

More later.

First Full Day Of Vacation (aka Things That Rock)

My vacay officially started last night at 6:46 MDT.  Then I went to a party with J#2 peeps which rocked. J#2 peeps have an uncanny ability to make every event rock.

Slept late today. Sleeping in also rocks.

Oh yeah. Bought my first pair of cargo pants the other day. They beyond rock! Especially the pockets which are exceedingly handy when working at J#2.

That is all for now. Happy Sunday :-)

Obama's VP Pick

I had a gut feeling Tuesday night that I know who Obama will pick for his VP slot. Didn't mention it to anyone, thinking it would be so far off the mark. Then last night I got a call from Shmeder and she had the same thought. Hmmm?

Coincidence?  Or just two Denver Blogger chicks being clairvoyant? Regardless, we both have the same thought so we're going on record and calling it here..

Obama's VP pick will be Al Gore.

Let's see if we're anywhere close to correct.

Deer In The Headlights

That's how I feel.

Vacay from Job #1 starts in 3 1/2 hours. Before then, I have a kajillion calls to make, a coverage list to write, 5 sets of references to call, 23 clients to follow up with.

Grabbing a quick lunch so I can get ready for Job #2 after Job #1 ends. 

Vacay for Job #2 starts at 6:46 Saturday night.

And Sunday? A sacred day of sleeping.

More later...thanks for listening.

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

It's coming. Not soon enough, but soon.


As of next Friday 22 August I will be off from Job #1 for 11 days. And off from Job #2 for 9 days. 

It gives me goosebumps just typing that!

And in true Kathyland fashion, I have a list of Vacation To-Do's. Feel free to add your two cents.

Keep in mind the dizziness issues are still (yes, still) ongoing so am ruling out any long distance trips unless someone wants to drive with me or else I can get there by side streets.

Vacation To Do List
Paddle boats at Wash Park
Carpets cleaned
Spruce up backyard
Clean Garage
Catch up w/ Friends in Boulder Day
New Belgium Tour/FoCoRio
Coors tour- just because it's there
Meet up w/ Michelle-y in Highland Ranch 
This little event at Invesco
Plant bulbs for  Spring
Organize financial info
401(k) & IRA checkup
Declutter office

What A Difference...

... a day makes.

Especially when you sleep all night without waking up and your migraine finally leaves you.

And when you finish your shift at J#2 with an amazing mentor who can make all the difference in the world on your outlook.

And when you get good news about a friend's dad.

And when you can drive without being dizzy.

And when you remember that everyone has bad days at work and in their lives.

And when you also remember that life is cyclical and after a string of bad days you are bound to have a good day.

And when you wake up and it hits you that you are one day closer to the start of your vacation.

Would You Like Some Cheese With Your Whine?

My life right now.

Migraine going on 3 days.

Got 4 hours of sleep last night.

Stress from J#2. Yep, J#2.

Mega stress during 4 hour conf call with Mothership & J#1. Almost quit 4 times today. 

Tried to vote on my lunch hour. Never got the notice of where my polling place is, so went to 3 different locations since the first 2  polling places gave me incorrect info.

4 hour conf call meant 4 hours of work piling up. Clients just waaay too needy today and I am not handling it well.

Getting tired of 6 week wait to be reimbursed from J#1 receipts.  Getting tired of waiting for people that make promises to me to keep their promises. Getting tired of everything in general.

Vacation starts in 10 more days. Can't wait.

Thanks for listening.  Over and out.

Update From Kathyland


A couple of buddies recently asked me about stuff that's been going on in my life, so figured I would post an update as to what's new in Kathyland.

Not a whole hell of a lot, actually.

Dizziness is still here. Started taking Inderal a couple of weeks ago cause the dizziness specialist said she was pretty sure said dizziness is a type of migraine that doesn't cause pain. And Inderal is a beta-blocker that stops migraines. So. Still dizzy. And the migraines I stopped having since I had my surgery last year? They have started again. Go figure that one. I tried. But it made me dizzy. HA!

Driving still an issue due to dizziness so am still taking the long way everywhere on side streets. An hour and 4 minutes each way to Job #2. A trip to see Rosalicious Friday night went awry when I had to abandon I-70 after being on it for maybe 10 minutes. So yeah. I'm not getting out all that much unless it's a necessity. Which sucks but hey...I'm saving gas!

Job #1. Job market still depressed in that there is not a lot of positive movement due to the crappy economy. So I do the best I can do and pray on a daily basis that I don't get fired for economic conditions that are beyond my control.

Job #2. Love it. Still. Coworkers rock. Managers beyond awesome. Totally happy!

Fun stuff on the horizon! My buddy Aree comes to town this weekend! She's  only able to spend one night hanging out with me, but it's better than nothing so I'll gladly take it.  Some upcoming concerts I'd like to see so am hoping that the couple of people that owe me $ (to the tune of $450 collectively) will pay me back (soon!) so I can use some of it to buy tix and the most of it to apply towards debt. Especially since I have already asked 3x and have been told ' it'll be in the mail soon'. (Yeah, I know I should just forget about it and if it gets here, it gets here. Call me crazy, but part of me wants to believe that when friends say they will repay you that they will be good on their word and follow thru)

Have an upcoming vacation planned to coincide with the DNC. A vacation where I will have time off from both jobs. 


Which will mean I will get to sleep. Sleep late, even!  A lot!!! Yay for the catching up on sleep!!  And that makes me happy-giddy-elated in ways you will never comprehend!

And other than that? Not much going on.

My life is pretty much work. More work. Think about grabbing a quick nap. Internet. Think about working out. Plan world domination. Fantasize what I would do with multi-million Powerball winnings. Internet some more. Then finally go to sleep.

And on that note? It's time for nnsd.