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Music To My Ears!

What I wanna know is what is music to YOUR ears?

In need of new music/new groups/new toonz...give me something to fall in love with, ok?

What are the top 5 new  or new-to-you songs that you are currently smitten with and play and play and play on your iPod. Or Zune. Whatever.

Ready, Set, Go!

Weasel Time

Trying to weasel out of having to go back to the Mothership. In FL. In August.

Wish me luck.

[Wrote the above and after reading it several times, wanted to add the following]

My extreme reticence at returning to FL is not just about the location and the oppressively hot and humid month of August. I mean, it is, but it's more than that. 

FL is where my life crashed and burned. Most of my hugest life dissapointments happened there. FL is like spinach and cilantro and heights and hurricanes and sadness and tears all rolled into one hot sweaty steamy package. Yuck!

Also?? Being there means being away from J#2. And CO. And Denver. And my life as I love it. And where I am happy. And J#2. Did I mention that?

In the whole scope of things I know this is relatively minor and I really need to keep it in perspective. And J#2 is being very gracious and understanding and all which is what they excel at.

Stiil. Keep your fingers crossed they let me do all this training I **need** to do over the phone. Cause between you and me? I've had the training already. When I joined J#2. But since J#1 does not know I have J#2, it's not like I can really tell J#1.

Gee...aren't you happy I clarified everything?


Do You See What I See?

My blog is acting wonky so may I ask for your help?

Could you please tell me what you see on my blog? Is the design green on the sides and burnt orange at the top? Or dark green on all 4 sides? Can you see my blogroll on the right hand side or do you see it alllll the way at the bottom? OR? Do you see it on the side when you look at an individual entry and not when you view from the home page?? And are you viewing my blog in Safari, Firefox, IE or another browser?? Anything else design-wise that seems out of wack?

I have a couple of help tickets into Typepad and your answers will help big time!

Hugs and Kisses and Thanks!

(UPDATE - 1:50 pm MDT - Design should be back to all green borders with no burnt orange. Blogroll now appears to the right. Thanks for your feedback!)


In no particular order of importance...

So hey...what's up?  Had a super fun night last night that will be blogged about soon. But for now?  Just random thoughts that are really neither here nor there.

I used to be all 'TGIF' and woohoo for every Friday cause I wanted the weekend to be here so I could relax from Job #1. Now? I'm still all woohoo for 'TGIF', but now it's cause I'm jazzed to work 8 hrs on Sat and Sun at J#2.


Seeing a Vertigo/Dizziness Specialist in several weeks. My dizziness has gotten worse to where freeway driving is done only when absolutely necessary. I am fine at driving surface streets morning and night...dizziness then is minimal if at all. And if the freeway is stop and go, I'm fine. But anything over 40 mph is tough and let's not even think about E470. It's also become problematic at J#2 due to the nature of what I do, but in true J#2 form, they are awesome and wonderful and kind and understanding and I just love them all to death and more cause they are that beyond fantastic. OK, gush session over.


Sometimes I want to express opinions but I don't, thinking my friends will think I am talking about them even when I am not. So I stay silent. Maybe it's for the best.


The more I see and experience, the more I believe we are here on purpose and what happens to us happens for a reason. And if we are analytical and aware enough, we may even figure out the 'what or why'. Or not.


With the intent of getting back into working out, I bought a new pair of Nike's. First new pair of workout shoes since Aug 2001. And all I've done is worn them to opposed to working out. Lately, I'm all 'why bother'. Why bother losing weight. Why bother working out. What's so great about being a single digit size? Does it guarantee happiness? (nope) Does it bring you extra money (nope) I guess I don't have a strong enough 'why should I'. And until I do, I probably won't.


Paid $76 to fill up my truck today. Most I've ever spent.


Saturday is 4 months to the day that my sister-in-law Michele passed away...or was killed. Final autopsy came back and there are enough discrepancies in the report that my brother feels his wife was killed by subpar care...which makes her death even sadder.

I've been missing Michele so much lately. Everytime I see a little bunny in the front yard I think of her. Michele loved bunnies...just loved them beyond words. She was buried with 3 stuffed from me, my sister Diane and my sister Kelly. My bunny was a Colorado Cottontail. I've started calling Michele's cell phone just to hear her voice. I'm so glad my brother has kept her cell active. I want her to pick up the phone and talk to me when I call, but it's just not gonna happen. Stil, it's nice to hear her voice.


Tonite on my way home from work I encountered a vehicle that had no use for rules. Like speed limit rules. Tailgating rules. Driving while not intoxicated rules.

Luckily I saw him in my rear view mirror seconds before impact so I had a chance to move out of the way. Barely. He then blasted past me as he veered all over the road.

Thanks idiot drunk driver. You were about an inch away from maiming or killing me. 

Calling it a night and thanking my lucky stars, good karma, guardian angel and anyone else that wants to take credit.


The Internet Reached Out & Tapped Me On The Shoulder

This is Eric's trailer...


I found Eric's trailer after my friend Andrew Hyde Twittered that if he saw just one movie this year, it would be 'Everyone But You'.

After watching the trailer about 20 times. I dashed off a quick comment to Eric. Which lead to more comments. Then emails were exchanged.

Then lo and behold, I got to meet Eric and some of his friends and see his movie in person. My buddy Heather was with me and I cannot even do justice to Heather's description of Eric's movie, so I won't even try.

What I will say is that Eric (who just won Best Composer at the Jackson Hole Film Festival) is the real deal. He is honest, heartwarming, hilarious, immensely talented and tells one of the coolest/saddest/warmest stories I've ever heard thru his movie and soundtrack. He's been the #1 artist on my iPod for the last 3 weeks and I still am not close to being tired of his music.

The first time I saw the full-length movie, I laughed then cried then laughed some more. I've now seen his movie about ten times (yeah, I bought a copy of my chick that doesn't buy DVD's and only has 3...make that 4...DVD's to her name). Every time it gets me, even tho I know it's coming. The range of emotion in his moving is amazing.

It's beyond awesome how much one chance encounter from an internet lead can enrich your life in ways you never thought possible.

Enjoy the trailer and the next time Eric has a showing in Denver, you will all hear about it ad nauseum. Cause I''l be counting the days, even tho I already own the movie.

Want your own copy of his movie or his CD or both? Smart move!! You can find Eric here

Catching Up - Little Known Fact About Fort Collins

Fort Collins has free vacuums...did you know that??


Found this out what...close to a month ago??...when Shmeder and I headed north for my first visit to Fort Collins. Yeah, I have lived here in Denver for over 2 years and had never gotten around to visiting our neighbor to the North...and location of Shmeder's beloved college experience. And? I'd never been on E470 either. I know..sheltered life, party of one!

So one day after work we headed out, with Shmeder at the wheel.

First memorable event? 

E470! Woohoo!


It only took an hour...actually, 54 minutes, from leaving my house to taking the freeway offramp onto Mulberry Street. And at the end of that street is where I found my first surprise of the night. Free vacuums. Who knew?

Our trip was a veritable walk down memory lane for The Shmeder.  Grabbed dinner at Avogadro's Number.  Saw a 'special' apt. Cruised thru the campus, taking pix of a dorm Shmeder used to live in.  Visited many places near and dear to her heart, including this fine reading establishment.  Yeah, nothing says cramming for college like books. Or so they say.


We parked near a cute little area downtown where I MADE Shmeder buy this totally cute dress. She bought two, actually. Both equally cute. Except by that time we were calling them frocks...not dresses. See how cute they were? And yeah, I know I used the word 'cute' way too many times, but it was,!


(Yikes! Turn your screen sideways...sorry about that!)

After a brief stop for ice cream (as opposed to Margs at the Rio- snif- gonna have to raincheck that one) we hit I-25 for the drive back after detouring thru Southern FC. Very residential and family-ish, but in a totally good way.

My take on the night?

I loved it!  Loved spending time with The Shmeder and listening to her stories....she's quite the story teller, that Shmeder....seeing the CSU campus thru her eyes...seeing the places she used to live and the landmarks that were near and dear to her heart...and getting to see for myself why so many of my friends rave about this wonderful place...all in all it was a great time and I was very much impressed with the coolness factor of Fort Collins.

Cool enough to move there?  Ya never know what might happen in Kathyland.

Thanks Shmeder for a wonderful time. And next time? We really have to get a free vacuum. (Wonder if they'll give me a Purple Dyson?)

It's. Not. Cancer.

Best three words in the English language. At least for me. At least for today.

Several of you were aware that I needed to have a biopsy last week. My Primary Care Dr. was concerned enough that she mentioned the word 'oncologist' 4 times in 5 minutes.

Long story short I had a biopsy of a gyn isue that was pretty ouchy. Thank goodness for leftover Percoset.

Got the good, make that great news....right before I left for J#2.

Thanks to those of you that knew and helped me hold my fear in check for this last week. You all rock. And for those of you that didn't know, it was only because you had major issues of your own going on and I just didn't want to add to them.

I'm happy. And grateful. And really really lucky.