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This Would Be Nice...

Can someone please invent a kitchen genie? You know, someone who could whip up a dinner or lunch or even breakfast on the weekends when I get out of bed before noon?  I want magic. I want nice homecooked meals. And I want them in my kitchen. Now!

Is that too much to ask?

(Cousin Bill - I can hear you tsk-tsking all the way from Chicago :-> )

After Midnite

It's after midnite but I'm still considering this my Sunday, even tho the time and date will say differently.

And I guess, in a nutshell, that's an apt description of me and how I see things. My tagline for my blog used to be "My perception IS my reality". And it still is, I guess. Even for things as little as the date and time of a blog post.

So. Your weekend? Good? Great? Drank lots of wine? (yeah, that was for you, Rosie).

Mine was really really nice, thanks for asking.  Hair cut, more purple added, errrands, worked 8 hours at my awesome of awesomest J#2, then headed out to meet Shmeder (hi Shmeder!) and April, who I met via Facebook and was in town to check out DU as a potential grad school (hi April).

Didn't stay out all that late but managed to have fun in the short amount of hang time allocated. And Famous Pizza didn't hurt either.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Slept in like no one's business. Sleeping late at least one day a week is a godsend...two days in a week is heaven beyond belief. Spring cleaned my Master Bath and you know how good that makes me feel :-)

Got other needed to do stuff done, then headed out for errands, lunch at Panera ( a client gave me a gift card as a thank you for 'being so nice and sweet' - I know...huge awwww moment, huh??), and then back home to relax and surf and be alone and think.

Today was sunny and windy and gorgeous and the START of Spring...oh yeah...Spring is just getting started which makes me beyond happy.

Speaking of beyond happy...

Read a Twitter thread this week that made me think. One of my followers/followees tweeted about how Social Media can be all happy-happy and not really real cause there's no negativity mentioned. Good point, I think. This one particular person (hi Micah!) is the most transparent person I know...meaning he puts it alllll out there for everyone to see. Doesn't hold back, doesn't mince words, WYSIWYG. Yeah, that's Micah.

And it got me to thinking how I portray myself and my life and me in general when it comes to Kathyland/ALS! and everything in between.

I would say my portrayal of myself and my world is accurate...truthful...positive...and every now and then there is negativity combined with realisticality. Was going to say realism but that wouldn't have been the best word choice, altho it may have sounded nicer than realisticality.

Of course, there is the not-so-perky side of Kathyland when things don't go as planned or when life kicks me in the gut or when I am just in a really really bad shitty scary oh-my-God-I-want-my-mommy kinda space...and I guess just cause I don't blog about it or tweet about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist or that I am not having a crappy day/week/month/quarter.

Someone once asked why  99.9% of my posts are upbeat and positive. And my answer was 'Bad stuff happens to everyone on a daily basis. And just cause it happens, doesn't mean you have to share it with everyone'.

That's been especially true for the last 2 months. Seems it's been one thing after another. And for awhile seemed that other than my J#2, almost everything in my life was headed down the tubes. And that made me not only sad, but came close to defeating me. So I didn't blog about it cause I thought if I did it would be making a not great situation even worse and would have hurt more than helped. 

Now really, this isn't a cue for anyone to comment and say ' hey, I'm here for you'  or 'hang in there, things will get better'. I know you're there and life is cyclical, so if it's shitty now it WILL get better...and if it's better, enjoy it while it lasts since shittiness is more than likely on the horizon. No, this is not a pimp for comments.

So anyway. I was in a bad place for a longer than usual time period. And I'm not used to being there, especially since my move to CO. Call it being at my wits end but the other night I had a breakthru..after the breakdown...and just decided to accept things, own the badness and shittiness, and just fucking move forward and get beyond it.

And the next day, Friday, I really did see things in a whole new light. And while I'm still worried and concerned with happenings in Kathyland, it's manageable. And my stress level has plummeted. And my new mindset is so what?  

So what if this happens? So what if that happens? It's life, baby and you really have no choice but to live it. I mean well yeah of course you have a choice to live it OR NOT....but I'm not going down the OR NOT path. Trust me on that one.

See, there I go again. The whole perception thing. In the end, my perception will make or break this experience called life.

Call it positive or negative or whatever you want to call it, but it is my reality. And it's the only one I have right now, so I'll take it and do the best I can.

Wish me luck and thanks for listening.

Ya Don't Say?

After close to 3 years of no GERD symptoms (I had it all the time in FL) have had two attacks in one week. Eek!

On a semi-related note, have been up since 2 am from said GERD attack.

Trying new reading glasses. Ouch. But at least they are teal and cute.

Procrastinating at finishing work from Job #1 to type this post.

Snowy yesterday, sunny today. Go figure.

Pesach starts this weekend. So do NBA playoffs.

Figured out an honest and 100% truthful way to cancel my T-Mobile account.

I am pissed at myself cause I keep forgetting to remove my Burt's Bee's chapstick thingie before washing my jeans/khaki's. Ruined 4 pair of pants tonite, Not so good since I only have 6 pair (not including dress pants).  

Hoping Oxyclean will take out the greasy spotty stains.

Work calls so I'll end here.


Checkin' In

Hola chiquita's.

Here's what's new in Kathyland...

  • Truck back in the shop...2nd time in 2 weeks. This time? Timing belt and serpentine belt. Ka-ching and ka-ching. 'Twas very nice of Isuzu to comp me with a rental car...2008 Toyota Rav 4...pretty sweet!

  • Job #1 nutso crazy.

  • Job #2 still heaven.

  • Other stuff suspended in air...waiting for the other shoe(s) to drop...or not.

Later gators.

A Love Story

Have I told you lately how much I love you?

All of my friends and many of my family members thought I was nuts to chase after you. They called me crazy. Insane. Delusional. Why are you taking a chance on someone you don't even know? What happens when you fall out of love? What will happen then? Play it safe...look, but don't touch. And whatever you do, don't commit.

Beyond grateful I didn't listen to them. Had no idea I could be THIS happy. I knew I could be fairly happy with you. But THIS happy? No way.

Yeah, it meant leaving everything and everyone I knew. Starting all over is tough. But to start over with a relative unknown was flirting with danger. I knew that then. I know that now.

Still? The risk was definitely worth the reward. You've made me happy in ways I could never imagine and still can't comprehend. The process of falling in love with you has made me a stronger person...and a much happier person as well.

After all is said and done, I can say that you have taught me that love at first sight is possible.

I love you, Denver. So happy I took a chance on you.

Blame It On The Antihistamine. Or Steve Nash. Whichever.

I almost asked a boy out this week. Closest I've come to doing that in ages. But when push came to shove, I chickened out. Bwak.

See, it's not like we were in a bar or in a social setting. It was in a medical setting -ie he was the healthcare professional doing my 4 hour allergy test earlier this week- and was the nicest, sweetest, kindest, funniest eligible guy I have met in ages. And tall. He definitely passed my 'armpit test'. What is my 'armpit test'? Why a very shallow (yet important to me) parameter where the guy has to be tall enough to put his arm around me and we can still walk without his arm coming out of his socket. It's the little things, ya know?

By the way, I know he was eligible since he stood right outside my door (when he wasn't inside the room with me) telling his co-worker how he can't seem to find the right girl to date and he wishes someone would ask him out instead of him always having to do the asking. So that, to my powers of deduction, means he is eligible. And he said girl, so he is not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Other than not being a good match for a straight girl. Now that you're up to speed...

Anyway, the almost asking out? Sorta a scary feeling, yet sorta a fun one.

Results of the allergy test? Well, my hives could be caused by stress. Or they could be caused by a chemical imbalance. Donated 12 vials of blood for tests and we'll see what the results say. Getting stuck by the charming boy was fun. Getting stuck by the Quest Lab Tech aka Vampire...not so much fun. Guess it depends on who is doing the sticking, right?

Discovered I have a severe intolerance to just about every type of grass that grows in CO, not to mention Locust trees. Not that I ever have reactions when I am outside...never have them, actually. But in case ' getting Kath a Locust Tree' was on your To-Do list, it might be wise to cross it off. You could always substitute Grey Goose, ya know?

Awesome weekend at J#2. What else is new?

And Steve Nash! Woohoo! Got to see His Steveness with the Phoenix Suns this past Tuesday when they hit town to play the Nuggets. Normally I am a Nuggets fan. Except for when it comes to Steve Nash. Then it is Steve all the way. The Suns lost, but not by much. Thanks Shmeder for going with me. It was fun. And your first NBA game. And first time seeing Steve Nash. Actually first time knowing who Steve Nash is.

And now? 2:04 am and I have to be up in about 4 hours and 35 minutes. If I go to sleep RIGHT this second. Uh oh, make that 34 minutes.

Time to call it a night. Day?

Outta here for now and have a great week.

33 minutes. Cya! (Typepad STILL wonky. 30 minutes! Urggg)