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It's The Little Things...

I am all about the little things in life. The things that no one else would really notice or care about or get all worked up about. To me, little things can make all the difference in the world.

Take my new garage door opener system. It's a Chamberlain Liftmaster. It's AWESOME. Super quiet. Super smooth. You barely hear it. Has a remote keypad entry, special sensors, bells and whistles. It's the BEST garage door opener I've ever had. And it makes me smile and get all warm and gushy inside each time I use it.

Still talking about the garage. Today I spring cleaned the garage floor. Couldn't wait to get the Winter accumulation of dirt and muck and gross stuff off the floor. Used Oxyclean (a last minute inspiration) and can I tell you how sparkly clean my garage floor is right now?? And it smells great. Even better.

Granted, I wouldn't advise heart surgery or even eating off the garage's not quite THAT clean.  But it is waaay better than it was. And for anyone that knows me and my anal-retentive-cleany-ways, you have to have some idea of just how happy a place Kathyland is tonite.


I heart Raspberries!

Especially when the Raspberries are in a Vodka-based cocktail!

I double heart Vodka-based cocktails!

Especially when you consume said cocktails with a totally-dear-to-my-heart buddy  I have not seen in way too long!

I heart my Denver/Boulder blogger friends! (and non-blogger friends as well!)

Especially when you get to hang out at really fun cool places with great food, sexalicious ambience, and did I mention the awesome drinks??

Thanks for hanging Friday night Rosie my dear!  Had an awesome time at Vita!  Sorry you couldn't join us HDW, Heather and Shmeder. And Jeff and Penguin too. There will definitely be a next time!

Especially since we all need our vitamins!

(ps- sorry I could not link to anyone or to Vita. Am doing a Beta test for Typepad and the link feature is temporarily is the spacing feature)

I Swear To God I Am So Gonna Say This

I hardly ever/almost never blog about my full-time job.

Making an exception today.

Salary rates for my clients are determined by the hospitals that hire them thru us. Nothing whatsover I can do to raise their salary. Would if I could but I can't so I won't.


These two clients keep calling and asking me 'can they pay us for this'...'can they pay us for that'? My answer is always a firm and calm, 'no, they can't'. I have explained to you (SEVERAL TIMES, alright??) that we just can't do it unless the hospital pays US more $. When they do that we will be, make that more than pass along the extra to you...which we would.

Still, they keep calling. And calling. And calling. They say 'company XYZ pays their clients for that'. So I tell them great!! You might want to check out company XYZ for your next job. Hmmm...not what they wanted to hear. So they keep calling. (Disclaimer - they have both renewed with me twice as well and never went with company XYZ when all was said and done. Said they trust me. Yay me!)

Finally decided how to handle this. Reverse psychology.

Both of these clients are moms. Their kids are older. Most are out of the house. So the next time they hit me with 'but company ABC or XYZ does this' I'll remind them of all the times their kids asked them for stuff and used the reasoning 'well Billy's mom got it for him'...totally making up the Billy name, of course.

It might help them to see where I am coming from...hello from between a rock and a hard place. Then again, it might not accomplish anything other than giving you a glimpse into what I do from 9a-5:30p ET day after day after day. After day.

ALS! Turns 4

Four years ago today I posted this. I've left the post intact, complete with links that don't link to some blogs that no longer exist. This was back in the day when I barely knew what a blog was.

And now?

Hmm, let's see.

I started my day by reading some of my fave bloggers, both local and far. Twittered and im'd with HDW and Jeff L.

Then I was off to see my buddy Andrew's brainchild Startupweekend in full swing. Got to finally meet Micah who I follow on several social media sites and know thru Andrew. Also saw Charlie and Stan, who I also met thru Andrew.

Could only stay at Startupweekend for a short time as I had a kind invitation to join HDW and family for a lovely and yummy Easter dinner. Spent a wonderful afternoon and evening before I headed home to prepare for tomorrow.

The signficance of this day from a blog perspective is that everyone I had contact with today (other than calling my parents to wish them a Happy Easter) was someone I met thru my blog or thru a friend's blog. Andrew is fond of saying (and rightly so, I feel) that Startupweekend is all about community. Pretty much the same thing applies to blogs and it definitely applies to my blog.

My life has been changed, enriched, improved and immeasurably blessed by having my blog. Little did I know four years ago that I was on the brink of something that would change my life forever. In a way, my blog has not only tracked my life, but has been my life. My life on the internet. And it's intersected with so many other people that it just boggles my mind.

Thanks to all that have visited, commented, agreed and even's made Kathyland a better place.
And to my friends that I've found thru my blog? Having you in my life is an honor and a blessing. Thanks for staying with me. Thanks for keeping me honest and calling bullshit when needed. And most of all, just thanks for being here and seeing what I have to say.

It's rarely profound, sometimes boring and yeah, I know lots of times I am just too perky and upbeat for words. But it's me and since I'm the main voice here in Kathyland, what ya see is what ya get. And if that's not a likely story, I don't know what is!

Operation LEDAYL

As I was driving to my appointment for more purple hair yesterday afternoon it dawned on me that the last time I drove to this appt I got the call that my sister-in-law Michele had died. It was almost a month to the day. And for the rest of the time I live here in Denver, I will remember the exact spot on I-70 (near the Safeway warehouse complex) that I heard the news.

So many things have happened in the last month. Many good, some bad, too many sad.

So. Decided last night to create Operation LEDAYL - Live Each Day As Your Last. If you have something important you want to do, do it. Something important to say? Say it. Tomorrow is promised to NO ONE.

You in?


Windfall Decision

While I didn't win the $275 million Powerball, I did come into a very small windfall. And now I'm trying to decide what to do with it.

So weigh in internet peeps and give me your two cents on what you would do with $500, give or take a dollar or two.

Responsible ideas :

* Pay down debt
* Use for 90,000 mile truck tune-up
* Replace side deck that is warped
* Hire electrician for minor (non-emergency) repairs

Tech ideas :

* Upgrade RAM and buy an external hard drive
* New digital camera
* Drink the iPhone Kool-aid

Decorating ideas :

* Bedroom set for Master Bedroom
* Clean carpets
* Replace kitchen sink and overhead lights

Total Splurge ideas :

* New clothes shopping spree
* Lost weekend in Vegas
* Fly to SoCal and surprise my Dad for his birthday
* One word....DYSON

The polls are open!

Sorry To Leave You Hanging

...the pilots finally showed up.

Have been home since late Saturday night. Meant to blog, then life got in the way. That's been a recurring theme over the last two weeks.

My mini vacay in CA was mega fun, even tho I had a bad flu/cold for most of it. Flying while sick and on drugs...oops, sorry...medications...was interesting. But I made my gate changes in time and once in San Diego had a wonderful time.

Sunny skies, green grass, tons of flowers blooming all over the place...oh Denver, you need Spring to arrive in the worst way.

There was also this...


...the Pacific Ocean, in all its glorious wetness...taken near San Onofre where we used to boogie board when we were in high school. (Trust me, the PO is just can't see it as well as I thought I could see it when I took this picture. But it's there.)

My buddy Aree and I made time for a two day visit to see my parents, my sister Kelly, my brother Brian and his 3 boys as well. Knowing that I would see my family again within a week made saying goodbye last week so much easier. Not so easy this week, of course, but what can ya do? (No, not move back to CA. Wrong answer. Nice try, tho).

Say hi to Jeffy, Matt and Tom.


Drove back to San Diego Friday afternoon and even tho we were scheduled to hit a bachelorette party pub crawl, we passed out instead and napped and stayed in to watch DVD's and eat pizza. And salad and beer buddies.




And then? Slept in until close to noon the next day. One of the most important ingrediants of a good vacay...major snooze time.


That's Aree pointing out the Ronald Reagan to me...the aircraft carrier, not the dead President. We stopped for lunch at the Fish Market right around the corner from the airport and enjoyed one last look at water and sun and boats.

Then off to the airport, off to Phoenix, and you know the rest!



Got home from CA Friday afternoon so I could work Friday, Saturday and Sunday at J#2. Now I'm packing to head back to CA for a vacation that's been planned for the last two months.

Also coming down with a sore throat and my lungs feel like they are imploding. Thinking (hoping?) it is a by-product of being around all my relatives that smoked last week instead of me coming down with a cold right before my vacation.

Heading back upstairs to finish work from J#1 then more laundry, pay bills and calling it a very early night.

Next stop, San Diego.