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Birthday Resolution Update

* Debt continues to shrink. Visa balance is down to $8834.05.

* Still blissfully happy at Job #2.

* Continuing to improve my tech skills as they relate to all things Apple/Mac.

* Job #1…no great improvement but no further deterioration.

* Overall mood and outlook much better, largely in part to Job #2.

* ALWAYS listening to my gut feeling.

* Haven't lost any more weight...but haven't gained any either.

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The Songs In The Soundtrack Of My Life

Moving in Stereo The Cars - what I wake up to - the alarm tone on my cell.

When You Were Young The Killers- my cell ringtone

Straight Lines Silverchair- what you hear when you call my cell

Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day- my text ringtone

Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel - the song I always hear when I need to make a major life decision

I Hate California Girls, Nun's Litany Magnetic Fields, Stop and Stare & Apologize One Republic- current favorite songs.

What are the songs in the soundtrack of YOUR life?

Finally A Friday

Placeholder for later on tonight.

Happy Friday :-)

Ok, Happy Saturday.

Wound up working late last night for job #1, then hit the hay rather early (10 pm is very early by my standards) so I could be up at the butt-crack of dawn for job #2.

And now here I am, about to hit the hay even earlier tonite cause #1- I have some sort of tummy flu #2- I have to work again at job #2 early tomorrow...then have a meeting in the evening for #2.

Not complaining, mind you...just explaining.

So what did all of you think of our awesome weather today. A tad windy I realize...almost got blown off Hwy 36 on my way to work. But the sun was gorgeous and the snow mostly melted and mountain views were superb. Really, we live in heaven, don't we?

This next week will be a super busy one. Getting ready for my trip to Tampa, then word from the Mothership that job #1 will start requiring mandatory overtime at least one night a week, my weekly Apple One to One appt (birthday resolution, check!) and then job#2 and finally the Super Bowl next Sunday. And somewhere I need to start fitting in trips to the gym. Renewing my gym membership at the local community center. Let it lapse in December for budgetary reasons, now have decided it is worth the $35 for 3 month price tag.

I used it all summer when I was part of a weight loss challenge with a friend. Saw results then and I need to continue with my efforts. At one point I used to wake up at 5:30, walk to the gym, work out from 6-6:45, walk home and be at my desk at 7. I can tell you right now that I am not all gung-ho about walking to and from the gym in the early morning winter weather. Then again, maybe I should try it just to see if I can do it? That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Hmmm. Maybe I will.

On a closing note, was thrilled to see Obama sweep SC. Made my night.

And on that note, nnsd. I'm crashing!

What A Day

Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in ages. Nothing monumental or spectacular happened...rather, it was that kind of day where the small accomplishments and shared happiness add up to an incredibly happy day.

For starters, I got to sleep late for the first time in ages. For those of you that know me personally, you know that me and sleeping late go together like peanut butter (crunchy) and jelly. I LOVE SLEEPING LATE! If it were an Olympic sport, I would take the gold, hands down.

Once awake I blogged in bed for a good 2 hours. Some people read in bed...I blog in bed. It's my non-liquid equivalent to coffee and the morning paper.

Eventually I got out of bed and got stuff done. Things I had been putting off for the last week. Paid some bills, cleaned the interior of my truck, tweaked my office, my closet, checked a Powerball ticket I forgot I had. Then the usual errands I don't have time for during the union run, gas station run and the errand that was the cherry on top, the car wash. Having a nice clean vehicle inside and outside really brightens my day and my mood.

Left early for my 3-9 shift at job #2 so I could accomplish more errands along the way. There's something to be said for starting the afternoon calmly knowing that you were able to cross off everything on your morning 'to-do' list.

My buddy Jen kept me in the political loop by texting me updates of the SC and NV primary. Gobama, right JJJ? :-)

Work was absolutely awesome. Just the best. Awesome people. Awesome energy. I am happy when I get there and sad when I have to leave. Truly.

An extra nice highlight of the night was a visit at work from my buddies Steph and Anthony. SO NICE to see you guys! Thanks for popping in!

Driving home is always a good time to catch up with friends and last night I got the 411 on what's new with my buddy Gabe. Gabeland is a happy place these days. As it should be.

And?? I saw a shooting star while I was talking to Gabe which meant that he got to make a wish as well. Seeing shooting stars over the Broomfield sky...can life get any better?


Once home, vege time. I heart vege time.

Caught up on blogs. Caught up on my newest addiction I will blog about later this week. And caught up on sleep. Last night was the first night in ages I slept all thru the night and did not toss and turn and wake myself up a million times with the tossing and turning.

So there you have it. Like I said, nothing out of the ordinary remarkable. Just a series of accomplishments and happy moments mixed in with episodes of wonder and amazement. As days go, I'll take it!

Thanks To All You Denver Drivers...And Other News...

Snow. White fluffy magical flaky snow. Love to watch it! HATE driving in the stuff.

I am that wussy scared-of-snow driver that I don't want to be but am anyway. The stuff just freaks me out. I feel like I should put a huge placard in the back window of my vehicle that says 'Sorry I am a snow wuss and thanks for not honking and making fun of me'.


I'm returning to The Mothership. Not forever, just for 4 days. Am actually going to the Tampa branch of The Mothership. Have never been to Tampa before. Have you?? It would have been nice to go to the Boca Mothership so I could see my buddies but that is not meant to be. Sorry Boca/Deerfield buddies. Maybe next time?


I get to sleep late for the next two days. YAY! The last day I got to sleep late was New Year's Day. I am overdue.


Craving bacon and chocolate chip cookies. At the same time. Weird, I know.


That's about it for now, sportsfans. Have a great weekend!

Happy Denverversary

To me!! Yep, 2 years ago tonite at 11:59 local Denver time I landed at lovely DIA to start the next chapter of my life.

Little did I know when I landed what living in Denver would come to mean to me. In a word? Heaven. Absolute heaven.

I have met the nicest, coolest, kindest, funniest people ever. And yes, I am talking to you...yes YOU...yeah, the one thinking 'Kath can't be talking about little old me'..well yeah I am. All of you have been so kind and sincere in sharing of friendship, life, drinks, music, laughter, food and fond fond memories.

So thanks YOU GUYS for doing your part to make my life absolute heaven in the absolutely heavenly place that we call Denver, CO.


4 times today I got a 'warning' email about how Barack Obama is some radical Muslim that won't say the pledge of allegiance. And how we 'need' a Christian president to lead us.

Besides being a load of crap...hello??...we HAVE a Christian president and look what he's done to us, not to mention the rest of the is just...well...a load of crap.

So rather than hit delete, I responded to every last email with the link from Snopes telling them that the email they forwarded was blatantly false. I shared the link with them and asked them to re-send the email pointing out that they had made a mistake.

So far, I haven't seen any of the emails recirculated.

Normally, I would just read and sigh and delete. But not anymore. Nope. If people chose to send emails without checking the validity of their claims I am going to start calling bullshit. Maybe I am just tired and cranky. Or maybe just tired of the lemming effect.

Ok, rant over. Back to work.

(Edit- Oh wow!! One of the emails WAS recirculated and my friend pointed out to everyone that he will check out Snopes before he sends out another mass email. I am really glad I said something. Thanks HDW for the support)

Time To Focus

Have been writing this post in my mind since Sunday night. Time to get it out and on the screen.

The New Year is getting off to a good start from a 'keeping my birthday resolutions' standpoint.

Started the new part-time job. I will be working every weekend from here on out. Had originally thought I might be working some week nights (after I finish with my full-time job) but that is not to be. This past Sunday was my first full day of actual work as opposed to training mixed in with work. It was fun. It was hectic. It was completely overwhelming. I drove home in a hazy shell-shocked fog and thought 'What the hell have I gotten myself into?'

Now please don't misconstrue. I am grateful. I am happy. I am beyond blessed to work with this company in the capacity I was hired. And I realize it was my first day and once I get into the swing of things I will take everything in stride. But yeah, being completely honest, I am overwhelmed at what lies ahead.

The reason I took this job was two-fold. To get debt free and as a hedge against a mostly commission driven full-time job that had started to trend downwards due to economy-based influences. Initally thought I could get debt-free in 9 months. Now that I know working nights will not be an option, I have realistically backed out my timeline to the end of 2008.

In a strange way, I am happy for this challenge. Since it will definitely be a challenge to keep my life in balance while working 7 days a week. It may be the catalyst for me to learn some lessons I need to learn...or haven't learned as well as I need to.

Some part of me wonders if what I share in this post is a tad too personal. Yeah, probably. Then again, it may serve to help or maybe inspire a random someone who finds my blog while surfing the tubes one night. And in reading what I am going thru, they might find inspiration or common ground or just know that someone else is going thru what they are going thru. Or not.

The resolutions I made on my birthday are going well. Very well, actually. Reducing debt? Check! Reducing weight? Yep. Listening to and FOLLOWING my gut feeling? Yep, yep, and yep. It's all progressing nicely.

In the process of working two jobs and trying to be the best person I can be...and staying focused...I may not be as social as I used to be, either in person or online or maybe both. And I might pull back at sharing personal news that normally I would have shared with everyone at the drop of a hat. You can take all that to mean that it is me, it's not you. It's gonna be part of the focus and overall attempt to do what is best for me...which I freely admit I have lost track of at times. Chalk it up to not listening to my gut.


Kathyland will still be here. Maybe not as frequently or as out there as I used to be. But I'll still be here. Working. Trying to meet my challenges and goals and things I need to accomplish to make my life better for me and the people around me.

Be careful what you ask for, right?

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(Edit- 24 Jan- I now get to work week nights as well as weekends. YAY!!!)