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Last Look At 2007

Here's what I learned in 2007.

* ALWAYS listen to your gut feeling

* Actions speak louder than words

* Karma. What goes around DOES come around. And she will be a bitch when she comes for you or those you love.

* Trust is a good thing

* Trust is a bad thing

* Say I love you as often as you can but only if you mean it.

* Don't say I love you if you don't mean it

* Never assume. It may not make an ass out of you and me, but still, don't assume.

* The people that say they will never hurt you are the ones that will hurt you.

* ALWAYS have money set aside for a rainy day

* It will rain when you least expect it

* Politeness, neatness and compassion will never go out of style

* Think a thought 3 times before you say it

* Always forgive...but you don't have to forget

* Just cause you're doing what you think is the right thing doesn't make it right

* Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Decide how you want your life to play out.

* True-honest-to-goodness friends are rare and priceless. Treat them accordingly

* Life is cyclical. If you're unhappy now, just wait, things will get better. The reverse is also true.

* Always believe in yourself.

Spotlight On...


Decided I would devote the last week of the year to spotlight several blogs I read on a daily basis. Today's pick is Howard.

Howard. Howard. Howard

The man is busier than a one-armed paperhanger.

Besides juggling his :

- Full-time job

- Weekend job

- Improv Group

- Running the soundboard for The Rodents

- Writing music reviews

- Having a social life

- Sleeping every now and then

He also has his own blog.

The perfect marriage of wit and intelligence, caring and calling bullshit when needed, always funny and NEVER boring.

It was difficult to pick just one favorite Howard post since I love so many of them.

This one seems to fit the season. So here you go.

5th Grade Nickname

Spotlight On...


Decided I would devote the last week of the year to spotlight several blogs I read on a daily basis. Today's pick is my buddy HDW.

One of the best writers...and friends...I have been blessed to have in my life. I especially love her 'Love Thursdays' where she talks about her dad and the special bond they shared. If you are not already reading her blog, you should.

Here's one reason why :

Like a postcard of a Golden Retriever

Sick And Tired

Don't know about you, but my parents always had to say those two words together :-)

I managed to pick up a cold or flu bug...can't tell which...but I feel pretty crappy and out of it...and tired like you can't believe. Next three work days will be slammed so there really is no time to be sick. Plus I start the part-time job I can't blog about on Sunday so I have to be healthy for that.

Not to worry, dear blog readers. I have given consideration to your needs for minimum bloggity blog requirements.

Watch this space over the next couple of days. Don't blink, ok?

Thanks Dad And Mom

My Dad and Mom were very generous (what else is new?) and gave me this for my Birthday/Hanukkah present :

A snowthrower...yay!

The winter of 2006 prompted my parents to get me a snowthrower. This one runs on gas. And guess who procrastinated at getting a container to put said gas into?

Craftsman. Good stuff. Works even better with gas.

And look what Santa brought me. Snow! And my very own snow drift to call my own. Gee, thanks Santa!

Note to self. Procrastination = not good.

So what did YOU get for Christmas?

Hope Santa Is Good To You!

"Hope Santa is good to you". That's what my Dad always says whenever he calls, relatives, friends anytime around Christmas. Of course, after Christmas he changes to "Hope Santa was good to you".

My family has a yearly tradition where every family member that is able shows up at my parents house on Christmas Eve. Friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and second cousins twice removed are welcome. My parents go all out and cook for two days prior in preparation for the feast. Attendance usually numbers in the low 30's to the mid-50's....mostly immediate family and some friends.

Here's a pic from our family reunion this past August with some (not all) of my family...


In the spirit of recycling, here's an ode to my family that I wrote back in Dec 2004. Keep in mind I was living in FL at that time which reflected some of the phrases I used.

Merry Christmas to those of you that celebrate and oh yeah...hope Santa is good to you!

For My Family (24 Dec 2004)

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And I’m on the phone
My family’s in CA
And I’m here alone

A yearly tradition
Takes place once again
The whole crowd comes over
Eats, drinks, and settles in

My parents have been cooking
For over two days
More food than you can fathom
It’s our Irish-Hungarian ways

There’s ham, turkey, meatballs
Dinner rolls too
Aunt Maggie’s Jello Salad
And yeah, lots of booze

The house is crammed tight
With sisters and brothers
Dozens of cousins
And numerous others

Then suddenly the phone rings
Yep, that would be me
Calling to chat
With Diane then Denise

Tommy, then Matthew
Dad, Mom, Nichole &Terry
Patrick my brother
They all sound so merry

Then Mike, Kelly, Lindsay
Auntie Chele and Brian
Jeff, Casey, Erika,
I wanna start cryin’

Devon, Darian, Heather
Lori, Mr & Mrs G
Hopefully Patrick and maybe Damaris?

My family’s all there
And me, I am not
I’m back here in FL
80 degrees, humid and hot

I miss them so much
And love them much more
So I call on Christmas Eve
Instead of walking thru their door.

I talk to everyone
To see what is new
To tell them I love them
I know they love me too

Thank goodness for phone calls
It’s part of the night
It’s just like I’m with them
And that feels just right

Merry Christmas, Guys... I Love You!

Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please

Caught tonite's Av's game vs the Vancouver Canucks with my buddies Andrew and Shmeder. Awesome game, Av's won 3-1, good time was had by all and our seats were KILLER! Right behind the goal, Section 112, 8th row.

Halfway thru the first period I told Shmeder that for once, I would really really really like to see an Av's player bust out an Ice Capade-y move. Yeah, I know it'll never happen. But how cool would it be if it did? I can hope!


The eco-liberal part of me wants to conserve gas and drive only when needed.

The kid-who-loves-pretty-and-sparkly-lights part of me wants to drive around at night and look at Christmas lights.

Just in case the kid part of me wins out, where are some cool neighborhoods in Denver I might not want to miss?


What's It Worth To Ya?

(Initially wrote this Sept of 2004 then forgot about it. Found it tonite as I was decluttering. My views have changed slightly since I wrote this. Thought I'd post it anyway as a look back to the way I used to feel about the subject)

What's a relationship worth to ya?

What do you mean by relationship is the first question that needs to be answered. Casual, Mr/Ms Right Now, buddies with benefits (emphasis on benefits), boyfriend/girlfriend, love of your life or 'The One". And if you pick 'The One', do you really think there is just 'one' that can do it all for you or fit the bill?

Personally I think it's all a load of crap. My premise...what when all is said and done, relationships aren't worth a dime.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. I realize that. My parents have been married for 50 years and they say they'd do it again in a heartbeat.

For the most part, with all the crap, the drama, heartache, hassles, does it equal or surpass the positive perks being in a relationship can bring?

Some examples of relationships I have observed :

Ms. X - First serious relationship. Says she's too young to move in with her boyfriend yet spends more weekends than not flying from FL to NY to be with him. Every conversation she has with you revolves around her boyfriend. He cheats on her. He lies to her. He has her fly in for the weekend then stands her up. She finally moves to NY and lives a block away from him. Is all she gives worth what she gets?

Mr. W - One failed relationship after another. They are all with the same person. He's a chronic yo-yo dater. Doesn't love her. Won't marry her. Doesn't want kids with her...but wants kids eventually. So she waits. He sees other options but stays frozen. He'sunfulfilled yet unable to move forward.

Mr. B - Desperate to be loved by the boobed beauties. Prefers the needy yet gorgeous type. Craves the tumultuous types who are connected to him at the hip. Is he settling? Who knows?

The married ones I know don't seem any happier. Wives are mostly mommies even if there are no kids.They order. They pontificate. They glare. They're mirthless martyrs behind the facade of the happy family unit. The husband? Stupid and defenseless and depends on the wife for their very survival...or so the wife wants you to believe.

And we do this...all of this...for what? Sex? Protection both financial and social? Bragging rights? Desperation? Fear of the unknown and being alone?

When it's all said and done, is it worth it? Does it make the giving worth the getting? The De Beers corporation along with every bridal or couple related industry will have you think yes.

I'm not sold...not at all.

Relationships are a scam and and sham. A way of them making you be all about them. Or at least that's what I think. Feel free to prove me wrong.

Waiting For The Benedryl To Kick In

I have a new unwanted best friend. Hives. They have become a daily pest for the last 6 weeks or so. They come on suddenly, within minutes. Sometimes they stay for an hour, today...they hang around like the freeloaders they are. Bums!

About once a week they get all up in my face...literally...and I wind up with a puffed out lip or eye or both. Last Sunday night was a huge puffy eye to where it closed up half-way and I could barely see. Today? It started on my waist and tummy then stealthily commandeered my bottom lip. You know that 'bee-stung' look that models crave? I've had it all day. Just the bottom lip, tho. Not the top. I got the strangest looks. I'm sure thoughts ranged from 'Who punched her' to 'Why did she only Botox her bottom lip' to ' What stung her'? I still have it now altho the swelling has started to decrease. Probably since I had 4 capfuls of Benedryl. OK, we've come full-circle here.

Can you believe I am STILL on vacation? I so love this feeling and love being on vacation. I could seriously do this for at least a month...if not longer...if I had the time to burn and coverage at work. I am totally getting into relaxed mode, which is why I am wondering WTF with the hives?

I also loved that it was 40 degrees and sunny today. I couldn't get enough of it. Seriously, the couple of days we didn't have sun last week were sad....I've become so used to an endless amount of sunny days that I go into mourning when they dissapear. I so could not live in Seattle or Portland.

Have my last dental appointment of the year this afternoon. Gotta use up all that money in my Flex-Spending account. Having 4 more cavitites replaced but am nowhere near as stressed as last time. My dentist and his assistant (referred by Bex) are wonderful and make things as painfree as possible. Even if they have to give me double the amount of novocaine. Would rather have 2 shots (ie- injections) than be in pain.

Ok gang, Benedryl doing the trick since I am having problems typing...big time.

NNSD and happy last day of vacay to me!

Last Chance For Laughs

...for 2007 at least!

Check out Monkey's Uncle TONITE as they perform their last show of the 2007 season. All proceeds from the show go towards Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, a charity near and dear to their collective simian hearts.

So! Do a good deed AND laugh your butts off at the same time. And drink! They serve drinks at Jazz@Jacks. But wait, there's more!

Jazz@Jack's is at the Denver Pavillions. So you can also do your holiday shopping before and after the show.

Let's recap =

* Last chance to laugh

* Help a worthy cause

* Drink

* Cross out a few things on your shopping list

* Get out of the house

* Did I mention they serve drinks?

See you there*!

* Even tho I am having major dentistry work earlier in the day and I will be all slurry and puffy-faced, I am still not gonna miss this.

Que Bueno

Hey Denver/Boulder/CO peeps, you need to stop what you are doing RIGHT now, click on this link then get in your car or hop on your bike and get yourself over to La Sandia.

What an awesome restaurant!

I loved everything about it. The interior design/decor is stunning, vibrant and very colorful. I could have sat there all afternoon admiring the decor. The food was phenomenal..some of the best I've ever had. Superfresh, very yummy and the presentation was gorgeous. Service was sincere, quick and server truly cared about my dining experience. Best of all? LOCATION! A 15 minute drive from my house! Finally! Something good in MY neighborhood. About time!

They have tequila tastings, fully equiped bar, cozy bar seating, and they would be perfect if they had wireless. Yes, I did suggest that!

HDW, Rosie, Heather, Karen, Jeff C, Floyd, Howard & Cameron, Hayes & TCD, Andrew, Micah, Gwen, Bex, Anthony, Her Highness, JennyJenJen, LG & Chris (even tho you are in LA) and KOBW even tho you are in DE.....I thought of all of you while I was here and I'm pretty sure all of you would love this place!

So go check it out and let me know if you want company :-)

So Happy!

Such a wonderful day!

Had lunch with my bestest buddy HDW at Steubens today. It was GREAT to catch up over yummy drinks AND food. Cold and snowy outside, hot inside :-) And I got wicked killer cool presents!!

Say hi, HDW!

After lunch, the happy streak continued when I got some great news. Remember my Birthday Resolution list from yesterday?

I get to cross one goal off the list!

365 Goals

* Get a second job with a company that I strongly believe in DONE!

Was offered, and accepted, the opportunity to work for a company I TOTALLY believe in and truly love.

[Edit- Sat 15 Dec]

As part of my employment agreement, I can no longer blog or link to my new company. Suffice to say it's worth it, I'm happy, and life is good!

And I think HDW would agree. Look at how happy she is!


Birthday Resolutions

Most people make New Year's resolutions. They proclaim them, give it a go for 2-3 days and a week later they're forgotten, only to be dredged up the following New Year.

I'm not most people. For starters, I make Birthday Resolutions. Dunno why, but I do. One of my friends said it was cause it's 'all about me'. Yeah, when it comes to my life, I guess it is. So anyway, I make the resolutions, I blog about them and I write them on a list that I stick in my closet so I will see them each day. Most of the time I am pretty successful at getting close to 80% or more of my goals.

So let's see what I plan to do this year. Or at least try. Yeah, I know Yoda says 'there is no try, only do or do not'. Right Yoda be.

365 Goals

* Get a second job with a company that I strongly believe in

* Get debt free by September

* ALWAYS listen to my gut feeling

* ALWAYS follow thru with my gut feeling

* Become more proficient in MacBook & Mac peripheral usage

* Ditto for my photography

* Start fixing up my house in small increments

* Lose the remainder of the weight I want to lose

When it comes right down to it, if I soley focused on listening to my gut feeling and acting on it promptly, there would be no need for other resolutions cause everything else would fall in to place. Hmmm. Thinking.

I'll go with the longer list and see what happens.

Thanks to all of you that made my birthday so special and memorable. It's been a great day!