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Didn't Think This Would Happen

When I got my new phone activated, I was told by the T-Mobile guy that the two ring tones I had downloaded were no longer on my SIM card. Was initally bummed, seeing how they were both two huge favorites of mine.

Coheed and Cambria's ' A Favor House Atlantic' was my alarm tone that I've woken up to every day since January of 2005. And AFI's 'Silver and Cold' played every time I got a text message. I never ever got tired of them.

Know what?? Believe it or not, found the coolest tone on my new phone and it's actually cooler than what I had before. It's called Moonlit Haze and it's a super sweet piece of music to wake up makes me really happy every time I hear it.

So I guess sometimes change CAN be good.

Let's Talk About Food

It's Meme time! Whee!

1. How do you like your eggs? If I'm making them, scrambled. In a restaurant or if my Dad is making them, over easy.

2. How do you take your coffee/tea? Me? Coffee? You must be kidding. Ditto for tea.

3. Favorite breakfast food: Steuben's hash browns.

4. Peanut butter: Chunky

5. What kind of dressing on your salad? Vinagrette? (The spelling is off but you know what I mean)

6. Coke or Pepsi? Used to be Coke only. Then I met HDW and now I'm 50/50.

7. You’re feeling lazy, what do you make? Reservations?

8. You’re feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order? Gave up delivery pizza last year. Only pizza I eat at home is Amy's Organic. And you have to buy that ahead of time. So I guess I've been saving $ on no food deliveries?

9. You feel like cooking. What do you make? I rarely get the urge to cook...maybe since I hate to cook?...but every now and then I'll make a meatloaf with baked potatoes and steamed edamame.

10. Do any foods bring back good memories? Eating anything at my parent's house. Everything they make is great and they make it all look so easy.

11. Do any foods bring back bad memories? Anything Oriental or Thai. I had several boyfriends in college that were always trying to get me to eat that crap. It always made me sick. But I kept trying. I never ever liked it and to this day whenever anyone mentions Chinese, Japanese or Thai food I want to puke. Very bad memories there!

12. Do any foods remind you of someone? Fried Chicken - Mom. Killer breakfasts- Dad. Gigantic holiday feasts- Dad and Mom. Chocolate chip cookies - Diane. Spanish Hot Doggies-Mom. Killer bean casserole - HDW. Killer BBQ- Cameron. Mac & Cheese - Jeff C. Killer Mango Salsa - Flod

13. Is there a food you refuse to eat? See #11

14. What was your favorite food as a child? Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers with my Auntie Maggie's potato salad. Heaven.

15. Is there a food that you hated as a child but now like? Strawberries

16. Is there a food that you liked as a child but now hate? Don't hate it but don't like ice cream as much as I used to.

17. Favorite fruit and vegetable: Toss up between banana and strawberry. Fave veggie? Avocado, hands down.

18. Favorite junk food: Chips and guac (w/ no cilantro)

19. Favorite between meal snack: Don't really eat between meals all that much. Handful of chips maybe?

20. Do you have any weird food habits? My milk has to be super super cold. If eating cookies, they have to be soft or else I'll nuke them until they are. And I won't touch leftovers that are over two days old MAX!

21. You’re on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on? Don't really do the diet thing...just try to eat healthy and in moderation. I do really like steamed edamame, tho. Tastes like french fries.

22. You’re off your diet. Now what? Again, don't really go overboard on anything. Maybe alcohol?

23. How spicy do you order Indian/Thai? See #11. For Mexican, I like it medium.

24. Can I get you a drink? Milk for breakfast or lunch. Coke or Pepsi for dinner. Raspberry Vodka Tonics for being social. Hot chocolate for when it's cold. Beer every now and then.

25. Red or White Wine? Gives me migraines so I'll pass. Rosie or HDW will drink it for me!

26. Favorite dessert? Spring & Summer-Key Lime Pie / Fall - Pumpkin Pie w/ French Vanilla ice cream / Winter- Pizookie from BJ's.

27. The perfect nightcap? Andrew got me hooked on Mountbrew. Roibos Tea mixed with Bailey's. I hate tea. I hate Bailey's. I love this concoction. Go figure!

Who to tag??

4 Denver bloggers that blog all the time. 2 Denver Bloggers that haven't blogged in over a month (so many to choose from, sadly!). The new daddy foodie from DE (WALT...this is you! YOU, Walt! YOU YOU YOU!!!). And for dessert? LG from LA.

Bon Apetit!


Hit a bloggy-type milestone this afternoon.

And Miss Heather helped me get there!

Lifetime page views:

Am sure a large majority of them are from me, but still! That's a lot of clicking.

Thanks for clicking along with me!

You might be thinking ' well that is all well and good but does Heather win anything'?

Of course she does. A blog post giving her credit and a drink...her time we hang out.

Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

Finally Played It

Wrote this post on 2 Feb 2006.

Seeing as my hard drive died recently, am in the process of reinstalling all my CD's into my iTunes. Today I decided to keep grabbing stacks and stacks of CD's and multitask as I worked.

About 20 minutes ago I saw the CD mentioned in the post. So I installed it. And now I'm playing it.

First time in 6 years.

And I'm good with it.

Another Instance Of Me Asking For Your Opinion

Lucky you!!

The breakyness continues here in Kathyland. My most recent victim is my cell. It died last night with no warning. I have two newer batteries and the one that came with the phone. None of them will hold a charge anymore and I can't use my cell unless it is plugged into an outlet.

So! Any ideas of which phones I should check out and which I should steer clear of?

I am on T-Mobile and really don't want to spend more than $100 out the door...yeah, I'm cheap these days. iPhones are not an option given I am happy with T-Mobile and not switching anytime soon.

What I look for in a phone is :

* Easy to use

* Ability to text

* Digital Camera (at least 2 MP)

* Video capability

Don't need to play music or any other bells and whistles.

Thanks for your input!

Update -

What make, model, brand of phone do you have? Why do you hate/love it? Anything you would change if you could?

Universal Thou Shalts / Shalt Nots

If Kathyland ruled the world...or at least Colorado.

In no particular order.

Thou shalt not have two major tech appendages die in the same month. Example - Hard drive two weeks ago and cell tonite. Nope. Not allowed. (And yes they ARE appendages cause I said so)

Thou shalt not sell playoff tickets via an antiquated Luddite manner.

Thou shalt not pull up to your neighbor's house at 3 am BLASTING what you call music out of your windows. Cause it will wake me up. As well as the rest of Denver. And it's so very rude to boot.

Thou shalt not use your stadium voice when you come outside at 3 am to meet your friend with the music BLASTING out of his windows. Cause, you know, people are sleeping at 3 am. Or trying to.

Thou shalt not call me on the phone, being a client I have only talked with once or maybe twice, and say ' hey, it's me, call me back. Without leaving your name. Or number.

Thou shalt call me by my name. The one on my voicemail that you had to listen to before you left me a message. My name is not Kazzy, Karen, Kody, Taffy, Tami, Lisa (WTF??), Becky, Karol, Gretchen (another WTF?) or Krazy. Altho the last one may be more appropriate at times as of late.

Thou shalt not give birth to a child unless you plan to love it and care for it and nurture it and treasure it with all your heart and soul. Cause there are just way too many reports lately of parents that don't do that and it's getting sadder and sadder to read about almost every single day. And it's not fair to the kids. Not that life is fair, but you know what I mean.

Thou shalt not go a day without laughter. It's good for you and the people around you.

Ditto for music. Unless you blast it out of your car windows at 3 am.

That's all for now. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.

The Final Cut - Denver Zombie Crawl 2007

The idea first came to me early last week. What would I be for the Denver Zombie Crawl was the recurring thought running thru my brain. Zombie, Zombie, Zombie I kept repeating. Then all of a sudden? ZOMBEE! That was it! I would be a Zom-Bee Zombie. Complete with Bee Deeleybobbers. Aka, antenna. Deeleybobbers is a funner word, tho. Don't you think?

So! My idea was hatched. And in true Kathy form, I told everyone I was gonna do it. Before I found the costume. Yeah, me and details? Not always on the same page. But I was confident that I would find a bee costume so I didn't worry all that much. Until Saturday morning when I was in FULL ON freak out mode since I couldn't find an affordable bee costume.

So I emailed TCD and confided my freakingoutness to him. He told me not to worry and to be at his place at 1. NICE! A friend to help me and calm me down. Better than valium and more priceless than gold.

I had come up with an alternative costume that wasn't really a costume. Raggy jeans and my Dad's grey sweatshirt he keeps here for when he visits (hi Dad!!). Figured I could replace it before he and my Mom plan their next visit.

So off to TCD and Hayes' house I go. Then off to Wizard's Chest (where TCD used to work) we go in search of more blood and whatever else might strike our a Bee Costume?

We get there and WOW, what a place! I had walked by Wizard's Chest many a time but this was the first time I'd gone inside. Very cool!! AND? I found my bee costume. I was so excited I could have floated on air. Which would have prevented me from falling down the stairs...which I did..and right into a display at the base of the staircase. Stairs and going down them are not for me at all. I re-assembled the display I crashed then brushed it off as no big thing and walked away...embarassed on the inside and acting clueless on the outside.

We paid for our stuff then headed off to Target for long t-shirts, broke for lunch at Wahoo's, then off to snag some Zombie duds for TCD.

Then back to the house for makeup! And music. I am now in love with Apple TV. And Eagles of Death Metal. And MC Lars.

First there was the splattering of blood!


Then Zombee makeup!


Music to apply Zombee makeup was dead (ha!) on!


Then it was Dan's turn!




Honey, I'm home! Too bad Hayes wasn't home to see this!


What a COOL lookin' Zombie!


Soon we were out the door on our way to the Denver Pavillions where we met up with others of 'our kind'! We got there the exact moment everyone started the 'Crawl'. Great timing!


We and our 'undead' peeps staggered and fell upstairs while groaning and screaming and asking for brains. It took me a while to get my 'Zombee spiel' down, as the last holiday I celebrated was 'Talk Like a Pirate Day'. So I said 'Arrrgggg" a lot. Way too much actually. But no one was really keeping track.

We looped up and down the Pavillions. Victims were attacked, noise was made, tons of pix were taken by passersby and it was just so much fun!.

Back on the 16th Street Mall, we crawled down towards Market. At one corner there were bongo drum players, so of course we went into 'Bongo Zombie' mode after we crossed the street. Some of us were invited into the Aveda Institute so OF COURSE we hit them up to scare them and check out their brains. They laughed at a nice way...and we left without one new brain to our name.

As we got closer to Market there were more and more restaurants we passed with outside seating...the perfect venue to ask for 'brains'. There are many ways to ask for brains!

BRAINS! - The demanding request

Brains???- The polite request

Brains Brains Brains! - The excited request

BRAIIINSSSS!! - The 'hey, you ARE eating brains and can I have some?' request.

(And Mom...if you are reading?? Several people told me I was the politest Zombee they had ever seen! Go me!)

All too soon, the crawl ended and the horde disbanded. Some of us went to Double Daughters. Most went elsewhere.

Here we are at DD, just hanging out and posing for pix.




TCD and yours truly after the Zombie Crawl.

Dan, THANKS so much for the friendship and the makeup and being my Zombie wingman. I am DEFINITELY in for next year.

Not Meant To Happen

10:00 am MDT - Hit the 'Buy Tix' button for the Colorado Rockies WORLD SERIES Tix.

Paged refused to load for the next hour...I had 4 screens going

11:05 am MDT - I GET A PAGE!!

11:08 am MDT - Select 4 seats together in the Rockpile. Section 403. 17-20

11:09 am MDT - Enter member email and wait.




Take pix of screen shot as proof that I will have tickets.

Wait some more.

Keep waiting.

12:48 pm MDT - The page with all my info crashes. Get a server has crashed error message.

Bummed. Really Really Bummed.

Go Rockies.

Screw you Paciolan servers.

Do As I Say

...only if ya wanna have fun!

First off, what with my laptop having severe computery issues, I missed a very important happening I had wanted to blog about. You can empathize, I'm sure.

Good to know that 'Bloggers Helping Bloggers' is alive and well here in Denver since the always funny and incredibly cute Howard blogged about Cameron's new calling and did such a great job of it that there is nothing more I can really add.

Actually, there is. I lied. (But not on purpose).

You see, I don't like wine. I mean I like it, but I don't like what it does to me. Massive migraines ensue after one glass. Have been told sulfites are to blame. Let's just say asking me if I want a glass of wine is equivalent to asking me if I'd like to be tortured...or listen to C&W and the same.

But the cool thing about D'Vine is you can make your own. Experiment. Try a little of this..a little of that. Find out what works for you. Now THAT is what I need. Someone to take my hand and try not to make wine so scary for me. Also?? The coziness factor of D'Vine is off the charts. Seriously. When I visited over the weekend there was this cool window-seat area where I could just imagine a whole bunch of us Denver Bloggers (Ahem HDW and Rosie and Heather and everyone else!) just hangin and sippin and kickin back.

So off you go to D'Vine. You will love it! I promise. And I would love going with you so call me,k? AND AND AND?? Open on Sunday. Can life get any better??

Well guess what, yes it can! Wanna know why??

This Saturday is your big chance to be a Zombie. Much better than playing one at home. I'll be there. TCD will be there. Funner than fun for everyone. So go.

This Friday and Saturday are supposed to be gorgeous. How it could get much gorgeouser than it was today is beyond me, but that's what the Post says. So get out there and enjoy it! And take pix. And blog about it.

Remember, do as I say, ok??

It's Vacay Time.

The modified version.

Was supposed to go to New Orleans and hang with my buddy Chris and help him with the last days of the Evan Wolfe campaign as well as whatever drinking needed to be done. Unfortunately I had to back out of the trip :-(

Sorry buddy, maybe for JazzFest in April?

Since I have the time off, I'm still taking advantage of it. 5 whole days to sleep late, stay up later, get some special projects done around the house and maybe meet a buddy (or two) for lunch.

This last month has been 90% sucky and 10% great. Things breaking left and right. Work days of 12-14 hours which make my eyes wanna fall out. And other non-bloggable stuff. So I need to get more great in my life to leverage out the sucky.

Just logged off from my work computer, so I guess that means that vacay starts now. Yay.


Keeping Things In Perspective

Well boys and girls, I had my Genius appointment tonite. A little later than scheduled, thanks to a wack-job client that didn't call me when he was supposed to (which made me wicked late getting out of work) and horrendous traffic on I-70. Was running way late for my 4:30 appt, so I called the Apple store and they switched me to a 7:30 appt instead. Wound up killing time by having an early dinner at Panera and browsing Costco.

Apple could not restore my missing stuff. All 3869 iTunes songs are gone, save for the 39 I bought from the iTunes store.

So I will be downloading this collection in the weeks to come. Or should I say re-downloading?


As for my missing pix and movies? Re-downloaded all of them. Only took 5 minutes when all was said and done. Of course they are not named but oh well, that's a very minor detail.

This whole 'fried hard drive' has been a lesson in patience and control (or lack thereof) and keeping things in perspective. When it first happened I was a basket case. Between not knowing what had happened, how much it might cost to fix, why did it happen, and could I get my email, I was all torn up inside.

My laptop is my lifeline to everything. I am not a phone person...maybe since I am on one the entire day for work? I am all about the email and the chat. And without those I feel adrift and disconnected. So it didn't make for a fun time and for the most part really did a number on several facets of my life.

Now? Now all is better. For the most part. Cost out of pocket is zero. Yeah, it did cost in frustration and lots of other intangibles, but actual monetary cost was zero. I'm thinking of buying the new Leopard upgrade that comes out Friday (has a 'Back in Time' application for backup) and an external hard-drive to prevent this from happening again. For now, they'll go on my wish list.

When all was said and done, I really had nothing to stress about. No one died. No one got cancer. No trees were harmed and no baby seals were clubbed. There are way worse things life can throw your way than a fried hard drive. And maybe I just needed a reminder of that.

So thanks for all the kind thoughts and well wishes on this crisis du jour of mine.

If you'll excuse me, I have a ton of CD's I need to download.

Checking In From KS*

Had to head back to work after dinner. Just a short commute upstairs from the living room (how's that for helping my carbon footprint?) but after 15 minutes I just wasn't feeling it and hit a wall.

Thought some ice cream and a gander at the Rockies game would help. Sounded good, right? Bought some B&J Fair Trade Vanilla ice cream and meant to get a pumpkin pie to go with it (sounds so Fallish, huh?) but seeing as I'm not used to eating baked goods and I shopped without a list, I got home with ice cream and no pumpkin pie.

Started in on the pie-less ice cream and for some reason, that didn't cut it either. Have been losing my voice on and off for the last couple of days and about 2 hrs ago I started to have sore throat symptoms. You know, hurts to swallow and feeling all icky and stuff. Ice cream back in the freezer and just sitting here half-watching the Rox and trying not to fall asleep. I can't, cause I DO need to get a fair amount of work done before calling it a night, but there is nothing as comfy as sitting on a comfy couch wearing a comfy sweater with a nice warm laptop to keep you company. And warm.

Speaking of laptop, so thrilled to have it back. You have no idea how nice it is. Tomorrow after work I meet with an Apple genius to see if we can retrieve my iTunes as well as my Pix, Movies and other stuff. Please blogosphere, cross your fingers for me. I had 3,869 songs prior to the crash. And I am missing those songs big time. If the retrieval doesn't work, I get to input my CD's ALL OVER AGAIN. Not what I would call 'yippee yippee fun', but if I gotta do it, I will. And if any one has the New Pornographers CD with 'Sing Me Spanish Techno' on it (sorry I am too lazy to look up the name right now) I will love you forever if you could burn me a copy.

Some good news on what looks to be the end of 'Breakyness in Kathyland'! My heat finally came on last night. I played around with it all night to no avail and finally set it at 80 and forgot about it. Ha. Silly me. It roared to life sometime around 5:00 am cause somewhere around 6:00 I woke up roasting to death. Seeing as I had brought out the big guns... the electric blankie...and wore wool jammies and sox to bed to combat the cold. Small wonder my room felt like the Sahara early this morning. But it works and I am glad and that is one less repair guy I have to call and that makes me very happy.

Ok blogosphere dudes and dudettes...I am fading fast and still...still...have more work to do.

Please think good thoughts for me tomorrow with my iTunes issues. Please and thank you.


*not really in KS but feels like it sometimes.

Tonite & Wednesday

In case watching Rockies playoffs games doesn't float your boat, hurry on over to Jazz @ Jack's tonite to see Monkey's Uncle doing what they do best. That would be making you laugh. Totally different from how the Rockies would make you laugh.

Need more laughter in your life? Who doesn't. Wednesday you can hit up Rodents of Unusual Size (with opening act MQC & their rendition of 'Dueling Putos'!) as they do what they do best. That would also be making you laugh.

Two chances to laugh in one week. Neither involve baseball or stratospherically expensive scalped tickets. Can life get any better?

Emily X

HDW was reading my mind.

Friday afternoon I got an email about the following blog. Read it, thought it interesting, and continued to work. HDW sent me the same link 15 minutes later!

HDW also addresses this issue way more eloquently than I could. Sometimes the fact that we still have debate and protests on this issue makes me more angry than eloquent

Emily X. Adding her to my blogroll.

Back. Sorta.

Got my new hard drive installed. When I asked for help in figuring out how to get all my backups out of I was told they could not help me...the Genius dept, that is...since they were so busy and are allotted 15 minutes per customer. News to me but oh well.

The soonest I can make a return appt is Tuesday.

I have Gmail/Gmail chat and I can blog again as well as Twitter, Facebook and all the other social apps I have.

My iTunes, pix and movies are another thing. Anyone know a sure fire way to retrieve it from my .mac account? Here is where I make my disclaimer that I am low-tech about all this stuff. All I know is that I do a back-up every single night. Where the backup info goes, I cannot tell you. So if you know, give me a shout!

On a related note, the breakyness in Kathyland continues. My heating system is kaput. At least it is not all cold and snowy and -20 degrees outside. So! Looks like I'll break out the electric blankie tonite. And jammies. Maybe some hot chocolate for good measure.

It can't hurt. Or maybe with my luck as of late, the fewer machines I use, the better.

Social Disease

It's getting confusing this internet perusing
So many options, so many names
Online 24/7 so close to my heaven
So many to choose from it can make you insane.

There's Gmail for starters with chat so addicting
The green lights beckon, the red means no way
Twitter you follow for updates and laughter
And directions to parties any time any day

Vox rocks the neighbours with affected spelling
They figure the u makes it oh so very chic
Jaiku is no more well yes the name still is
They were sold to Facebook earlier this week

Now Facebook is mighty and new apps abound
Some goofy some awesome some groups in your town
While some might dis MySpace don't fear and don't fret
Their 10 minutes of fame? They're not dead yet.

Hey Dude do you Digg it with your shiny new widget
What is your ranking? What's your faux name?
For chicks there is Sk*rt if you're really alert
Laura also came up with the Tip Dish fame

Vosnap is amazing, incredibly so
It was hatched up in Boulder not too many months ago
Virb was so cool when it first came out
And now? I'm all 'eh, no big shout'

Flickr for photos, Tabblo too
So many to pick  from so how do you choose?
These social networks multiply each day
And each of them tempt me to adopt them and play

I spend time online way too much I would say
Think someone would pay me to blog the day away?
That would be killer, awesome and sweet
Let's put it to Vosnap and follow up with a Tweet.

From Good To Bad

My day started out wonderfully. Or so I thought.

Woke up before my cell alarm went off and felt SO RESTED! More rested than I had in ages. I reached over to revive my MacBook (yes, it's on the bedstand right next to my bed) and saw that the time read 1 am. NO WAY! No way could I be this rested and happy after a little under 90 minutes of sleep.

Then I noticed all the warnings. It seemed that everything had automatically shut down at 1 am. Firefox. Safari. iTunes. Twitter.

Uh oh.

So I got up to see what time it really was. 6:10. Ok, not bad but suddenly I was overcome with concern for my laptop aka my sole link to the outside world. Tried to start it up 3 times. Nada. Just a clinking raspy noise. Installed a spare battery. Nada again. Oh crap. Oh crap. Not good.  And my stomach went into full-on stress mode.

So made the 3 foot commute and got into work early thinking I could figure out a way to use a back door on my work pc to get into my Gmail. 4 months ago my company blocked Gmail/Gmail chat/ Facebook/Myspace. Yahoo and Hotmail is still allowed, go figure, but not the wicked Gmail.

Well guess what?

It was unblocked. HUGE sigh of relief. Beyond huge. Tried Twitter...that works too. And then, altho I hate/despise/loathe doing it, I blogged from my work pc. I hardly ever do that. I really want to keep work as work and personal as personal, but I bent my own rules today. And am bending them now as I type.

Because, you see, after work I raced over to the Apple Store in Cherry Creek to learn that my beloved laptop has a fried hard drive. DOA baby. Sigh.

The good (?) news is that I have Apple Care and the repair won't be any additional money out of my pocket. Definitely good news since the garage door and opener already acted up this week. As well as the patio and kitchen lights. As well as some more financially-bad news things that I don't even want to talk about here. So yeah, bad that it is dead but good that it is paid for.  Bad that I won't have my own 'personal' laptop which I'll admit comes close to being surgically attached to my lap. But good that I am one of 'those' people that religiously backs everything up each night to my account...the only thing I use it for.

All in all, it will be ok in the end other than being a huge inconvenience. It is one thing to go 'laptop cold turkey' when you have a say in the matter...totally other thing to have it forced upon you.  The new hard drive was ordered tonite and worst case scenario the longest it should take to be repaired and back with me is Wednesday night...altho I am hoping for Saturday or Monday.

As Little mentioned below, yeah, I guess I have had some frequent issues with this MacBook.

I had my iBook (first laptop ever!) from Sept 2001 to May 2006 and during that time the Motherboard died 3 times. Twice Apple replaced it for free. The 3rd time was the charm where I had to say adieu and get a new laptop. This current MacBook HAS had several issues in the short time I have had it.

First it was the 'simultaneous shut down' which was an Apple-wide defect and they fixed...for free. Then my battery died at 14 months, which I had to replace out of pocket Then my laptop case split which Apple Care covered. And now this. Again, covered by Apple Care. So  I ask you Apple this par for the course? (Apple Haterz, no need to speak up!)

Par for the course or not, I'll be relying on my work pc over the next several days. It's a desktop so I won't be on it as much as I am with my, really!! I hate being tied to a desk which is one of the gazillion reasons that I love my laptop.

So that void in the blogosphere?? That sudden plummet in your site hits? No gmail from me? Now you'll know why.

It will hurt me WAY more than it will hurt you. That's a promise.

Over and out from Kathyland. For now, at least.