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10 Reasons Target is Better Than Walmart.

The last time I was in a Walmart was in 1997. I had just moved to Boca Raton, FL and was in search of shelf liner paper. While it was a fairly new Walmart, to me it was just dirty and cheap and dingy. I never went back. The ensuing years have not endeared me to Walmart either. Am not fond of their policies, let's put it that way.

I'm a huge Target fan...Target rocks. Targets are always clean, updated, friendly, and fun. At least the ones I frequent.

So what do YOU think?

H/T Steve Olson

Hat Trick

It's that time of the year where I really look forward to 4 of my favorite things!

Sort of a Holy Trinity type of thing as far as sports go, ya know?

The Avs, The Nuggets and the E-A-G-L-E-S!.

And the 4th?

Hoodie wearing season. So comfy, so handy with the pocket and all, and just so slouchy. Also Merrell wearin' time as well!

This year my goal is to see way more Av's games, a couple more Nugget's games and I'll settle for watching the Eagles make it to the playoffs then get various sports bars around the city.

Let me know if you want to do some live games!

Home Stretch

The next 30 days will be busy. Have a huge - and very important - work challenge to achieve as well as a huge - and very important - personal challenge to achieve.

Got a head start on the work challenge tonite. Amazing the progress that can be made when the phone is not ringing off the hook! Made progress on planning for the other challenge as well. Thank goodness for Google Calendar!

Also need to plow thru the rest of the Netflix DVD's that have been laying around waiting to be watched for the last month. Thinking of cancelling Netflix since I never watch TV other than the 10-15 minutes of HGTV here and there. And? Pick up the pace on reading the library books on my sidebar.

In the midst of all my planning details, I am amazed that Summer is almost over. Almost, but not quite. Still have a ton of fun things on my agenda.

Ok, laundry and library books call. And listening to new CD's.

Have a great week!

I've Seen God

And his name is Chris Duarte.

My buddy Jeff turned me on to Chris as well as took me with him to see Chris last night at Ziggies.

I really don't have the words to aptly describe the spectacle d'music we saw last night without repeating myself with awesome's and outstanding's and omg fucking brilliant's as descriptives.

But really, it was incredible. Series after series of guitar riffs, each one leading you to the edge where you think ' OMG this is as good as it gets...but wait..oh, no THIS is as good as it gets...and then it keeps getting better...and better...and better to where you finally give in a realize that you will be astounded time after time for the rest of the night...and you just go with it and enjoy it.

So we did. From 9pm to almost 2 am. Pure enjoyment of the highest calibre. Rock heaven for me and I'm pretty sure Jeff will agree when he writes up his post.

All of us have different passions that drive us to seek them out and enjoy them to the fullest. Music always has been and always will be my biggest passion/drug/vice...whatever you wanna call it. And last night was a musical drug overdose of the highest degree.

Huge mucho thanks to Jeff for sharing his love of 'all things Chris Duarte' with me. It was a night I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Happy Anniversary...

to Me!

9 years with the same company as of today.

Truly awesome company. No, really. There have maybe been 10 days in the last 9 years that I did not want to go to work. For the most part, can't wait to start each day knowing I may be able to help someone reach their goal of travel, exploration, financial opportunity or just plain having fun.

Having been able to work from home since Jan 2006, I love this job even more...if that is possible.

Yeah, there are the random wack-jobs I interact with, but that's universal in any company. For the most's all good!

When I moved to FL from CA, I knew I would work for my company. I had researched them for 2 years prior and fell in love with them from afar since they had a daily casual dress code. That did it for me. There was no other company I wanted to work for.

Told all my friends in CA that I WOULD work for them. And when I did snag an interview with them, told the Director of HR that I had to work for them seeing as I had been bragging to my friends for the last 2 years of my goal.

She said ' Alrighty then...let's not make a liar out of you'.

I love it when dreams come true! Especially when they are my dreams :-)


Reading this just after getting home.

Here are my top 10 best things about coming home :

Seeing the lights of Denver below me
Wireless, wireless, wireless
A/C (after spending the last 3 days in 100+ heat in my parents house that has no A/C)
Sleeping in my own bed with my own sheets
My streamlined and organized surroundings
Being thankful for getting home safely
Back on Mountain Time
No more saying no to Southwest Airlines honey roasted peanuts
Not living out of a suitcase

And the #1 best reason I am glad to be home?

I missed my buddies :-)

NNSD for now!

Weekending Happiness

Still haven't blogged about last weekend and now this weekend is coming to a close. Writing this on a layover in Phoenix. Will be home shortly before midnite and am not sure how much...if any...blogging I will do seeing as I have to prepare the guest room as soon as I get home for another guest that arrives tomorrow morning.

August is fast becoming my most active month of the year, to date. No complaints tho, I'm loving it.

Until I get around to a more indepth post, here's some pix to tide you over.

The first two of last weekend with my buddy Chris.

Estes Park


My buddy Jeff's Block Party

And from this past weekend we have my immediate family


And my nieces who held me captive for two plus hours while I made up story after story after story. They love stories!

More later!


Crucial for travel. Protects your ears from SCREAMING the one shrieking next to me...and talkative businessmen that feel the whole plane needs to know what business deal they are about to close.

Bose Headphones. Awesome.

This has been your Friday evening update from Phoenix,AZ.

On to Ontario, CA next.

Over and out.

The Apple Falling Miles Away From The Tree

In preparation for my trip to Casa de Daddy and Mommy tomorrow, I called my parents to say hey and see what's up.

My mom informed me it is hot and humid in CdD&Mland. But, not as humid as FL was I add, so I'll be fine.

I then asked my dad if he had gotten around to using their computer (which was set up for them last February and they hardly use at all) to check out the video links from the Chicago Tribune of my cousin Bill. He replied by saying ' I have so much to keep me busy here that I haven't spent a second on that thing since it was installed". Not a second online since last February. Whoa. That gave me chills.

In all fairness, my Dad sits still for his coffee and crosswords in the morning, his meals, and to watch the news at night. That's it. He's also added on a new woodshop, redone his patio, re-roofed the house, and is installing a new ceiling fan on the front porch as I type this. All since last January.

So much for my idea of getting my parents a laptop for Christmas.

Politics of Service

Ever feel like you want to do something good for your community, but are not sure where to start? Or say you are a Progressive Liberal or Dem or someone who follows that way of thinking and you also want to get involved...but maybe not involved in a campaign and certainly not for the whole campaign season?

If you fall within those parameters, check this out.

Erin Egan ( a friend I met thru Drinking Liberally) who along with Jason represents Democrats Work is looking for some locals to get involved with their cause. If you have some spare weekend time, please check them out. If you can't help asap, no worries. Please sign up anyway and help when you can.