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That's what happens when you combine Lollapalooza with YearlyKos.

Yearly Kos is the yearly gathering of all the bloggers (and ya can't forget the lurkers too) of the #1 Left Leaning blog Daily Kos. This will be year #2. Almost went last year to the first ever convention in Vegas then bailed at the last second. Instead, wound up watching a huge chunk of it on CSPAN. Geek-alert. Guilty as charged.

Last year at Lolla I had the thought of how PERFECT it would be if both events were held the same weekend in the same place. Be careful what you wish for, right?

So, I'm going.

Clearly, the music is my #1 draw. While I am a proud Progressive/Dem/Pretty-Much- Liberal, I am more excited to see the bands than to meet all the Dem Presidential hopefuls that will be in attendance @ YK. Obama will be there and there will be schedule changing in order to meet him...hopefully our next President.

Have met Edwards before in FL for the 2004 elections. HRC? Could care less.

So on one hand will be politblog central @ McCormick Center with free wireless...the other will be headbanging rock @ Grant Park.

And I'll be right in the middle of it.


I Miss The Traditions The Most

This is a post I've been meaning to write since last August.

Lollapalooza 2006 was the first weekend in August. I stayed with my wonderful cousin Bill who really helped to make it an awesome experience for me. More details on family time later, tho.

Lolla last year came at a perfect time for me. Work had been overly hectic, a long-time personal relationship was just about DOA and I was pretty overwhelmed with life in general. So I escaped to 3 days of music in Grant Park.

Even tho it was last year, it feels like it was yesterday. Weather was PERFECT! First band I saw that Friday morning was Blue October. There were just a couple hundred of us there since the gates had just opened. I remember standing in front of the band thinking that this is what heaven would be like.

Live alt music, beautful garden surroundings, plenty of shade trees, cool breeze from Lake Michigan tempering the heat, and everywhere you turned there was music.

Lotsa killer bands over the next couple of days. Coheed and Cambria. 30 Seconds to Mars. Mates of State. Wolfmother who so rocked it! My Morning Jacket. Nickle Creek, Umphrey's McGee, Ranconteurs, WEEN, Death Cab for Cutie..and those are just some of the bands that graced the multiple stages.

Every 55 minutes like clockwork, crowds would shift from one stage to another. Sometimes it was just a matter of turning around and looking at the stage in back of you. Most times tho meant a trek to the other side of the park, past the Buckingham Fountain located in the middle of the park.


At the end of each day I would walk several blocks down Michigan Avenue and catch the bus back to my cousin's apt. Between catching concerts and catching the bus all I did was walk for 3 solid days. Not complaining, tho. It was neat and gave me a great sense of 'being there'.

There was a span of 6 years that I traveled to Chicago every winter to attend a Radiology tradeshow that was always the Friday after Thanksgiving. The Chicago weather I was used to was definitely not evident during the summer. Duh. It was a neat change.

At nights after the concert ended I got to hang out with my cousin and his daughter C. It was so nice to come home to FAMILY at the end of the day. You have no idea how much I miss that. Bill would have a lovely spread of cheese and crackers and several wines as well...and of course who better to learn about wine from than the Chicago Tribune Wine Critic. (All my stories of Jager Bombs are like nails on a blackboard to Bill!). Two nights I was treated to home cooked dinners with Bill and C and one night C's mom stopped by as well. It was the perfect way to unwind after being in an anonymous screaming crowd for most of the day.

One night Bill and I went off on our own and did the Halstead Street bar-hopping thing. I FINALLY got him to try a Jager Bomb and he was not impressed. But at least he tried it.

My cousin has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things well as other parts of the world...and it was fascinating to see Chicago thru his eyes as well as meet some of his friends.

It was also really nice to have the one-on-one time just to hang out and get to know each other. The first time Bill and I met, we were kids and we met at my Gramma's house in CT. Bill and his twin sister Melanie grew up in CT. He spent the day snapping rubber bands at me and I hated him for it. (Don't ever snap rubber bands at me if you want to stay on my good side, k??). The next time we hung out was 4 years ago at my parents wedding anniversary.

The trip ended with a visit to the Chicago Botanical Gardens that Monday. I love sights like that, especially this really cool hops arbor we found! I definitely want one of those for one of my future homes. And private shady nooks where you can spend the afternoon with a book surrounded by peace and this one!


So. That was last year. One of the best vacations I'd had in ages. Perfect combo of family and music and adventure and travel.

Next up?

Lollapalooza 2007. Stay tuned.

Filling Up The Reservoir

Bone dry. Depleted. Dangerously low.

That's how I feel when I don't see any live music for awhile.

Tonite, that was remedied.

The last show I saw was John Doe. WHAT a show it was! That memory...and company...has carried me thru surgery and recovery and getting back to work and just keeping it all together, overall.

But it was time to fill up the reservoir, as it were, so I headed out tonite to see SSPU.

My first time seeing the group. The last several times they were here in Denver I spaced on getting tickets and they sold out twice. Third time was the charm.

Sea Wolf opened for them. Had not heard of Sea Wolf and to be honest, their show got off to a slow start. It picked up after awhile and wound up being pretty decent after all.

After a 45 minute set break...I know, huh??...SSPU hit the stage.

Again, off to a somewhat slow start. Brian, the lead vocalist, sounded sorta raggy. A funny guy with great audience rapport, but his voice just wasn't even close to recording quality. So much for the beauty that is the recording studio. He even admitted as much after 4 or 5 songs. Then, magically, they jelled and the show took off.

Took off.

Good, solid, honest rock. Or alt. Or whatever you want to call it.

I was in my element and my musical drought was over. It was like a icy cold beer (or Vodka Tonic) after a trek in the dessert where you forgot to bring your canteen. It was musical energy and the crowd getting into the band. It was about time and I was glad to be in the middle of it all.

Future Foe Scenarios, my favorite SSPU song, brought the house down. Seems it was everyone's favorite song.

They played song after song from their first EP 'Pikul' and their second release 'Carnavas' and my buddy Andrew mentioned that it was an A set list all the way thru. It truly was.

For the encore, they played a cover song...of what I have no idea...then closed with bass player Nikki Monninger jamming as only a chick on a bass (wearing a dress!) can jam. My dream is to one day to play a bass guitar like Nikki. I need to start practicing!

So the drought is over and I have my music fix. My ears are ringing and I could stand a shower. And the smile on my face? That's gonna stay there for quite awhile.

It's all about the music. Always has been. Always will be.

Dangerous Thoughts

Had dinner at 6:15 last night and woke up this morning famished. Starving. Super hungry.

So as I am having a healthy breakfast of 2 bananas and a glass of 2% milk, I am fantasizing that the banana's are dipped in chocolate, then cut up into slices and placed over French Vanilla ice cream, with Hershey's syrup over them and M&M's sprinkled on top.

Is that a bad thing?


Got inundated with spam this weekend. More than I've ever had in close to 4 years.

Have added one extra step in hopes of stopping it.

I hate the Captcha thingies but will try it for awhile and see if it works.

Sorry :-(

An Extra Quiety* Weekend Comes To A Close

*Quiety. New word. Use it. Love it.

Very quiet weekend. Did a ton of reading, cleaning, contemplating and consuming mass quantities of Raspberry Vodka Tonics. Without a hangover, even!

The next 5 weekends will be fun-filled and travel-filled. So this was the calm before the really really fun go-go-go times.

Did a ton of stuff that had been on my 'To-Do' list for ages.

* Clean my office. And by doing so unearthed several receipts I needed to send in for reimbursement. Oops.

* Clean both bathrooms upstairs. Along with organizing my bathroom cabinets. Yeah, I sleep better knowing my cabinets are organized. But that's just me.

* Laundry, laundry, laundry.

* Made huge inroads in reading all my books that I have from the library. They should all be finished by Weds. Which is my target date to have them finished, so I can drop them by the library before I head out of town.

* Got a new battery for my laptop. Not free but oh well, it is what it is. Gotta send some love back to One Infinite Loop in Cupertino-land.

* Filing system! Got one going. Again, it will help me sleep better. Or at least I think it will.

* Speaking of sleeping, do you guys have overly bizarre dreams when you drink copiously?? OMG, had the bizarrest dreams last night. One in particular scared me so much I woke up with a huge GERD attack. And I NEVER have those anymore. Last attack was close to a year ago.

* Learned how to burn a CD. Don't laugh. I'm low-tech. Deal, ok?

* New tuneage! 'Pikul' by Silversun Pickups and the new Sum 41 "Underclass Hero" which sounds so much like Blink 182 I kept looking at the liner notes to see if any of the Blink Boys were on there. First song is the coolest. Very 'youth-anthem' theme going on. But really, totally Blinkish sound about it.

This is a short week for me! Monday will be my Wednesday at work. Don't be haters, k??

Fun fun stuff for later in the week, but that will be a post for Tuesday or Wednesday. Or maybe Thursday in the airport?

OH! One more thing!

Found out part of the quiety effect for this weekend was that my cell seemed to have eaten 5 calls from my nearest and dearest and decided to grace me with them earlier tonite.

Sorry Heather and Little and the 3 other friends that never read my blog. Bad T-Mobile!!

Still have several things to do before calling it a nnsd, so nnsd for now and Happy Week to all.

File This Under Things That Break Your Heart

I almost want to put a disclaimer on here asking/warning my readers that are parents to maybe not read this. Guess I just did, huh?

Found Susan's blog about 6 months ago. Read it every now and then to see how she and her family and their son Nathan are doing. Lately and sadly, they are not doing all that well.

For the last several weeks I find myself thinking of them thru out the day and sending good vibes and prayers their way.

Susan has a special blog for Nathan here.

Never in my life will I be able to figure out or rationalize or just plain 'get it' why this has to happen to kids. I wish there was some sort of cosmic rule where nothing bad would ever happen to any kid until they are no longer a kid.

But that is wishing and not real life.

Instead Of Fucco, I Found A Bed Instead

Was out with my friend Michelle-y in search of 'fucco'. Check out that link for the reference point.

So anyway, we BOTH found a house we love! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

The 'Monarch' floorplan in the new Oakwood homes out near me. Here in KS. Don't laugh.

So many cool features in this house and to my shock and surprise the leather (oooh, leather!!) bed in the guest room is EXACTLY what I am looking for. But I didn't realize it. I had been looking for dark expresso wood. Not leather. (oooh, leather!). But once I saw it I fell in love with it.

So now I want it. And yes, it is a need not a want. (Nah, it really is a want. But still.)

Will post pix here later so you can see what I have fallen in love with. And maybe help me look??

OK. Time to head out to Costco and points beyond. is 'The Bed'. What do you think?? I love how the headboard is so bendy. Perfect for internetting in bed. And reading. But mostly internetting.



A Great Way To Start A Weekend

As of 3:30 yesterday my Friday afternoon options were:

#1-nap (my fave)
#2-go for a walk
#3-break out the vodka, baby
#4 was crunches but I started doing them and am so not ready cause holy mother of god they hurt
#5- lay out and get a sunburn and peel by Weds...but not a good option

What I wound up doing??

Organic salad w/ smoked gouda strips then went back upstairs to change clothes and go for a walk. Next thing I knew, it was 12:30 am and I was waking up. Up for maybe 45 minutes then crashed again until 10 minutes ago.

NOW I am heading over to the gym.

Sleep. It's a great way to start a weekend.

Oh!! Guess what?? Before I get the buzzcut I am thinking about getting, I am meeting a NEW blogger for lunch. See you soon, Jen!.

OK, I am off to the gym.

Have a great weekend. Wear sunscreen :-)

Danger Will Robinson!

(You may not want to read this whilst sipping a beverage. Buddy, I'm talking to you and you know who you are.)

Several of us were talking and the subject matter turned to options of...deforestation...of the South America area.

One thing leads to another and the product 'Bikini Bare' is mentioned.

I google Bikini Bare today.

Did not expect to get this.


Was anticipating my 4:45 Apple foray all day today. Macgeek that I am, I have a thing for all stuff Mac related. Much like weiners, in my earlier post of today.

I go in and tell Mr. Genius du Jour of my issues...laptop shutting down with no warning when I have 39% (or more) of my battery available. Mr. Genius says 'You need a new battery!. Don't worry, it will be free". I like free. I like free in context of Apple thingies cause that shit's not exactly cheap. He said free at least 5 more times. I was happy.

Then he looks up my account. Frowns. Looks at my laptop. Frowns again. Brings up this screen schematic and says to me 'WOW! Look at all your cycles". Then he starts babbling about cycle numbers. He also stops saying free.

So, boys and girls, it seems my battery is shot to shit and it WILL NOT BE FREE since my laptop is over a year old and out of warranty. Just barely, but still out of warranty. He is impressed by my cycles and that my battery lasted so long. He asks, jokingly, if I have my laptop on 24/7. He laughs and looks at me. I do not laugh and just say 'Yeah...I's always on". Then I get a look...well, let's just say I think I have outgeeked a Mac genius. He says he is impressed. Then tells the genius next to him. He also is impressed with my cycle numbers. Yay me! So while everyone is impressed I am wondering how much this is gonna cost me.

$129.00. I liked free better.

And why do you think he said it would be free? Yeah, I was getting to that. Really wanna know?

Because. It. Was. So. CLEAN.

Cleanliness may be next to godliness but's it's nowhere near free.

So. Instead of spending $129.00 on a battery I decide to head across the way to Victoria's Secret. Yeah, the big 'anticipation post' that I wrote about last night was that I wanted a little lingerie splurge just cause. To celebrate. Whatever.

Last night I hit the VS at Belmar. Goodies on sale...yay...but BORING colors. Yuuuuck.

So I try tonite at this new location.

I walk in and the headsetted sales rep says ' Will you be staying with me tonite'. Shit you not. I just say 'huh'? She repeats. I repeat 'huh'? I look around for a hidden camera. Apparently that was her way of gauging my backpack and determining if I am a shoplifting risk. So she allows me to proceed to where I want to proceed.

Same old ugly wares here. Ugly AND boring. Then this customer standing next to me starts complaining to her boyfriend (who clearly looks like he wishes he were anywhere BUT VS) about how she can never find her size...Extra small.

Gimme a break. She was a size 7 if she was anything. Whatever. At this point I am over VS and Apple so I head out to the common area and here I sit, blogging. I've determined I am not spending money tonite on batteries (for laptops) or lingerie.

Next up on my agenda for the evening is the Rodents show (no J, I don't have mice problem!) So at least my night will end on a funnier note than my shopping foray did.

Hopefully, right?

The Kids Aren't All Right

Every now and then I blog over at the Blog for CO Progressives & Liberals. Not a big-time blogger and I definitely read more than I blog or comment.

But this. Well, this article just got me all riled up. I mean WHAT. THE. FUCK.??

Our current occupant of the White House is all for Pro-Life, anti-Abortion. Until the kids are actually here. Then he witholds health care from them. Nice. Maybe Pro-Life in the truest sense but definitely not Pro-QUALITY-of-Life'.

Here are two links quoted in the above diary. Just in case they don't link.

Salazar's Response to Bush

Explains the difference between public and private coverage.

All Things Weinerly

If you know anything about me you must know that I love, adore, cherish all things weinerly. (ie, Weiner Dogs, Dachshunds, Hot Dog dogs, etc)

My buddy J told me about this next blog awhile ago. Read it, laughed til I cried, then promptly forgot about it. Until yesterday, when I remembered.

Miss Doxie.

Having owned a Mini-Weiner Dog in my past life that was one of THE loves of my life is where my "All Things Weinerly" affinity comes from. They are funny and funny looking. And steal your heart. Or at least they've stolen mine. So until I get my next dog...which will probably be never since I am in 'what, me be responsible for anyone/anything other than myself?' mode...I will live vicariously thru Miss Doxie and reap the benefits of dog ownership without having the downside of dog ownership.

Let There Be Light

When I first saw these my first impression was 'very wax or smoke'. And no possibility of falling over, causing a fire, or potentially hazardous stuff like that.

While I like the smell of candles (and LOVE the smell of Cost Plus World Market Indonesian love love!) the safety and esthetic factor of how pretty these look won me over.

Plus? They have cool covers in fun colors for $2.85 a pop so you can switch from soft white lighting to soft colored lighting.

Can't wait to use 'em!

Dust Off Your Funny Bone

Then bring it with you tomorrow night, Wednesday 18 July to see ROUS where they will make you laugh so hard you'll pee your pants. So maybe bring a change of clothes with your funny bone.

Get ready to do it again on Monday, 23 July as Argyle Rules at the Denver Pavillions. They'll make you laugh really hard as well.

Hey, both places have A/C. Now you have no reason not to go!


This whole work thing??

Definitely cuts into my internetting time.

Speaking of said internetting, it is much comfier to internet from bed in a slouchy position than sitting up all straight with good...well, better...posture going on. Better than slouching in bed, posture-wise. Not so much better comfy-wise. (Does that last sentence even make sense? To me it does. Whatever)

That is all. Back to work.

Friends Are The Frosting...

..on the cake that is life. Or something like that.


I'm getting ahead of myself,tho.

It was awesome to have some time off over the last several weeks to reconnect with my local buddies during the day. Be it extra im's or calls or emails or lunches, I got to do it and it was fun. Felt like summer vacation only with stitches and sleeping a lot the first week and not being able to lift over 10 pounds.

This past weekend was the culmination of 'fun stuff with friends' time.

Jeff C. had his once-in-a-lifetime-demo party where I also got to see and spend time with HDW as well as Heather as well as hang out with Rodents. Bloggers and Rodents and Booze. And writing on walls. And cake on the walls. Is there any better way to eat cake?




Sunday called for hanging out with the Boulder contingent...Richard & Sara and Andrew. We all got together at Illegal Pete's to catch up..and to admire Andrew's new iPhone!


All in all, it was a great way to wrap up being off for two weeks. And it gave me an idea that when I build up more vacation time, the next long vacation I'm taking will be right here in Denver.

New To The Blogroll

#!- This book will be added to my Goodreads list and oh look! he has a Blog as well!

#2- Expatriette, brainkid of current Boulderite (for now, at least) Gwendolyn Bell.

At various times I've spent 3 weeks in Israel (twice) 4 weeks in Germany and 5 weeks in the Bahamas (twice). Currently reading the book "Eat, Pray, Love" and now Italy is added to the list of places I'd like to spend a good length of time. And Paris. And Greece. Ireland, Scotland, England and Hungary too. So I figured I'd best start reading Expatriette to be prepared!