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The Biggest Splurge

Talking with a friend today on the biggest splurge we'd made in our lives. When I told her what mine was, she choked.

Let me preface by saying that I'm all about quality. Quality sleep. Quality life. Just quality whenever possible.

So one day after moving into my new house in FL, I stumbled across the following sheets at ABC.

They were 50% off...a mega huge steal. Flat sheet, fitted sheet, two cases and a white sham set me back $625. I've slept on this pair of sheets every night since I bought them. Worth every single penny.

That was in 2003 and it's time to buy new sheets. Google the brand and what do you know? I find a set on Ebay. $18 a sheet.

I almost passed out.

Once again, internet to the rescue!

What Hit Me?

It dawned on me around 10:48 tonite that my place was a mess. A sty. A pig-pen. At least by my standards.

And all of a sudden I realized I had not lifted a finger to clean or move piles or do laundry or do much of anything houseworthy since last Thursday night. I got lazy!

Left work early Friday for a Dr's appt and never stopped going until Monday night. My house was just a waystation where I would come and go and check internet and shower and maybe eat a meal or two. I left dishes in the sink. For 3 days. I NEVER leave dishes in the sink for that long...never. Longest I've gone was from overnight to late morning. And they were rinsed well too, no food on them. Seeing since I don't cook, when I say 'dishes' I mean glasses that I've used for drinks. When Amy's Organic Gluten-Free meals are your basic mainstays, there are not a lot of dishes to contend with.

So anyway, tonite at 10:48 I looked around and all of a sudden my days when I used to be a total slob-packrat came flooding back. It scared me.

Again, my standards are pretty different from most. When all was said and done, it took me 20 minutes total to clean the kitchen, load the dishwasher, spruce up the living room, sort the laundry, make my bed and clean my room and my upstairs bathroom. I feel so much better now.

I've been scatterbrained of late...don't know why...and house upkeep hasn't been on my radar. I feel better now that I am caught up. 6 piles of presorted laundry lay on my closet floor, all ready to be loaded into the washer as soon as I wake up before I hit my office. By the end of the day I will be caught up on laundry and I will feel very serene. Then, after work, on to organizing and decluttering my bills and paperwork and life will be smooth sailing.

I know what to do and how to get it done. Lately it's just remembering to do it. I seem to have NO TROUBLE remembering to blog or read my favorite blogs. Riight! Someone needs a paradigm shift!

Ya think?

Guess What YOU Get To Do?

Help me design my office! What? You didn't have anything else planned for this weekend, right?

Oh, you did. Hmm.

Seriously, any and all advice welcomed.

Here is what I currently have :

Smallish office painted in purple. Actually, Laura Ashley Lilac #4. Love the purple/lilac but would like to tone it down a tad.

Color schemes thoughts are to add more white to balance the purple (think Crisp!) - or - go with dark wenge or expresso wood furniture with copper/dark coral accents (think Moroccan).

I currently hate the desk I have that was left by the previous owners. Too big and bulky. Not very ergonomic or efficient.

I am torn by my desk options.

Part of me really lusts over floating shelves with tiny spot lights installed underneath. Overall look would be very clean and streamlined. Would like to center the shelves on the West long wall and have a daybed or chaise on the opposite wall with sidetables and lamps to make it more of an office/guest room/library.

The other part of me is 'Out of sight, out of mind' and thinking an office armoire that hides everything would be the way to go. Plus, it's not as 'permanent' as floating shelves would be which could hurt resale potential.

So, here's pix of my current set-up with measurements.

Note: Phone connections (which I need for my office line and fax) are on the West Wall. Cable connections (for internet) are on the East Wall.

East Wall and West Wall measure 126 inches.

East Wall first.


West Wall.


North Wall measures 110 inches. There is also a heating grate right below the window that has to be taken into consideration for design purposes.


South Wall aka The Closets


So there you have it. My office in all its purple glory.

My company furnishes me with a desktop monitor(which cannot be a laptop...I've already asked), a HUGE ass printer/scanner/fax which I may send back to them and buy a smaller version of my own, and the PCU or whatever it is that you call the brains of a pc...the black bulky thing that I have hidden under my desk and heats up at the drop of a hat. All of that stuff has to be taken into account.

So while I head out for a nice walk around the golf course and go about the rest of my day and weekend, feel free to ponder this, my latest design quandry.


Sir Howard kindly offered to hand out questions which were then to be answered on the questioner's blog.

With me!!

Here goes!

1. Drinking Liberally. Do you?

Yes, I do! I imbibe in the Denver Branch of this illustrious organization altho I ALWAYS imbibe responsibly. When out and about for a night of funness separate from DL, nothing can be funner than Jager Shots, Jager Bombs, Vodka Tonics (or any VBC- Vodka Based Cocktail) while always switching over to soda or water within 2 hours of having to drive. And milk. I love milk too. Drink lots of that as well.

2. At times you make me look like I'm moving in slow motion. Where do you get the energy?

Funny! I think the same thing about you! Part of it comes from the fact that I like being involved with friends, fun stuff to do, causes I believe it, etc. Another part comes from having a past life that was not so fun and cheery. And now, whenever I have the chance to do something 'FUN' I am there! Also, being a work-at-home-wonk forces me to get mega-involved as well

3. If love is a battlefield, where would you set up your base of command?

Love a battlefield? Not in Kathyland! No drama wanted/needed/accepted. Love is always best run from the internet. As a starting point, anyway! (and did you REALLY think I would give a different answer?)

4. What's with the concert fetish?

Ah yes. My love of music. Any word/time limits on this answer? Music is one of my BASIC needs. Water, oxygen, internet, housing are the only ones to trump music. Music is : what drives me, what makes me happiest, what inspires me, what keeps me going, what cheers me up, what keeps me from crashing. Live music? The cherry on top. Live music is everything above amplified. Life personified. Mega energy, crowd communion, laser focus on the music and that precise moment in time. Live music = heaven on earth.

5. Are you the kind of girl you don't take home to mama?

Back when I was in dating mode (pre-marriage) I WAS the girl the mom's loved. Stayed friends with most of them after my relationship with their sons had ended. I was the good girl. The kind girl. Always looked out for the guys in my life. The girl they never dreamed loved having sex more than their sons did! Just never wanted to have kids with them, so that derailed most of my relationships back in the day. Present day, not really into dating as much as just hanging as friends. I could be wrong, but my perception is dating (from the people I know that actively date) involves too much drama and not enough happiness, so why do it?

OK, anyone out there want me to ask them 5 questions to be answered on their blogs...or MySpaces or Facebooks...for all the world to see?

Hit me up!

Howard Gets The Shock Of His Life

(Live blogging from The Monkey's UnclePerformance. Any mistakes at transcribing jokes and mangling the punchline is mine and mine alone.)

The Monkey's Uncle is giving Howard the shock of his life. In honor of his recent birthday, Howard is getting a combo wake (for turning 40 - altho he doesn't look a day over 30) and a roast (cause we all love him!)

As a surprise to Howard, his Mom is in the audience. That was pretty shocking! The Monkey's paid for her ticket, picked her up from the airport and showed her Denver for the day, all while keeping it hush-hush from Howard.

Mateo has informed Howard that tonite is HIS birthday roast and they are taking over his show. Howard still in shock mode.

Cute Howard story from his mom. Howard loved trucks as a little tyke. Except he called them 'fucks'. And he LOVED KFC.

And now, friends do a skit of when Howard ran into a tree. With actors and sound effects CD to boot.

It was funny. You had to be here. Trust me.

PTL (Pass The Lox) rabbi that circumcised Howard twice is here!

Plays the game is it 'Howard or Jewish'! Rabbi stuns us with trick questions!

Again, you had to be here.

Mike (former Monkey) takes the mic.

Gets off a couple of good one liners before I can get them typed. He's a speedy one, that Mike!

Now Professor Smartypants takes the stage.

Howard's very first sexual experience was David Hasslehoff, lime jello and all nighters.

If Howard were the lovechild of 2 celebrities, what celebrities would they be? Cher and Pee-Wee Herman.

If Howard were on Quantum Leap, into whom would he leap and how would they change his life? He would leap into Edgar Allen Poe. And he would make the Raven the Stupid Stupid Bird Who Would Not Leave Me Alone.

The funniest mom in America...Stephanie McHugh.

How to prepare breakfast sausage.

She likes to have latex between her and meat. Since bacteria might be on the meat.

Ok, you need to be here to see it. Howard 'greasing' up the skillet! Plopping sausages into the skillet.

(This is not translating well into liveblogging but it is hilarious!)

At this point my battery while not live, here's a quick synposis of the rest of the night.

Skits, laughter, more skits,Shari as Darryl Hannah, Hedgehog Beauty School skit (one of the sharpest skits of the night IMO...Mateo, Mike and Howard giving the signing version), more laughter, more games, a couple more skits, and then congrats for Monkey Matt2 and his lovely fiance Leslie who recently got engaged in Peru.

At the end of the show, Howard thanked everyone for the surprises and the roast. You could tell the evening really meant alot to him and his thank-you was very touching and from the heart.

And now, time for pix!

Howard and His Mom


Mom Taking Pix of Monkey's


The Monkey's Uncle, Live and In Person

(Left to right : Larry, Shari, Howard, Mateo, Matt2 and Tonite's Guest and Former Monkey Mike)


Hermetically Sealed

Left the house tonite for the first time since Wednesday.

Didn't plan to become a hermit, it just sorta happened. Bad GERD-like reaction to food all day Thursday, migraine all day AND night Friday, Saturday I wanted to buy a patio set in the worst way but figured if I didn't leave the house I wouldn't be tempted to swing by Home Depot 'just to look', then whaddya know, here it is Sunday and I HAD to leave to hit up the Kings since I ran out of 2% milk. And breakfast bars.

So you might be asking 'well, what DID you do this weekend'?

Finished the first Harry Potter book and started the 2nd one. I never read any of them or saw any of the movies, always planning to spend a whole summer catching up. That summer is now.

Did a ton of Spring-Cleaning, decluttering, planning, budgeting, internetting, napping and a fair amount of just plain vegging with HGTV and NBA action thrown in for good measure. Even got up and OUT of bed by 8 this morning to continue with the cleaning. It's been ages since I got up that early on a weekend. Most weekends I sleep until 10, if not later.

I'm sure it sounds like a really boring weekend, but it was actually nice to go for 3 days without spending a cent or driving anywhere. Every now and then it's relaxing to pull back and spend quality quiet time with yourself. Especially since the next 5 weekends are action packed with things to do (ie coed sex toy parties) and 2 sets of guests scheduled to visit.

This was the quiet before the storm and it was greatly appreciated.

Have a good week, gang.

Do You Digg?

Signed up for Digg back in December...on my birthday, no less...and lost interest after a couple of weeks.

Initially (before I lost interest) searched for friends I might know ie. other bloggers and found Hubs right away.

Discovered several months ago that I had tagged the wrong Hubs.

Anyway, starting to get back into Digg. Yeah, as if I don't already spend way too much time online. But that's neither here nor there.

So. If you Digg and want a new Digg buddy, my screen name is KathinCO.

Hit me up and in return I will most likely pick your brain as how to get the most I can out of Digg. And add you as my friend, of course.

Seems fair, right? :-)


Outcome of yesterday's Dr's appt : Good

Having downtime in between appts to hit free Wifi venues : Good

Watching 'Hot Fuzz' with Screening Liberally peeps last night : Beyond Good

Killer Crack Fries and hanging out with Rodents (and several Monkey's) last night : Very Good


Getting rid of gazebo : PRICELESS, BABY!



"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

Steve Jobs

When You Least Expect It

Life can turn on a dime. Rather, does turn on a dime.

Several of my clients have my im and use it to shoot the shit, since I don't always have time for shooting the shit when I work. That's why they call it work, ya know.

Anyway, my client that I haven't heard from in ages got a rude awakening today. His 11 month old has a potentially fatal heart defect.

Hearing that made MY heart drop. I physically hurt for he and his wife and their son that they tried so hard to have for 7 years. They gave up, thinking parenthood was not to be. Then last year, when they least expected it, she got pregnant.

Not going to divulge too much info other than as a Daddy and a Mommy...who just celebrated her first ever Mommy's Day...they have had their world turned upside down in the last 5 hours.

The pleas to heaven and bargains to God have started.

It pains me to no end to see people who are wonderful parents and treasure and love their children go thru something like this. Even tho life is not and has never been fair, in the grand scheme of things, this ranks near the top as being so very not fair.

I wished him a peaceful night and to have hope and assured him that I and my friends would pray and think positive thoughts.

He knows I have a blog but I've never shared it with him and I doubt if I will.

Still, tonite I would like to harnesss whatever power my singular foray into the internet brings and ask everyone reading to think good thoughts.

After all, his parents should be planning his first birthday party, not his first surgery.