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Yo Ho Ho

Part of my job is to initiate contract changes when we confirm clients for assignments. For many clients, one of the perks we offer is Free Private Housing.

For some reason, I always type Free Pirate Housing. Thankfully I always catch it in time.

God forbid I don't catch it and a client is miffed that their apt is not decked out in Jolly Roger decor.


Here A Blogger...

...there a blogger. Bloggers are everywhere. And I met another one last night.

Met Cuyler thru Gabe (check out Repetitive Motion Injury on my blogroll). Yes, Cuyler DOES have a blog but he has so many of them I am not sure which one to link to or if I should link to any of them. So Cuyler, if you want, post your preferred link in comments so my other blogger buddies can check ya out.

It was pizza night at DNote pizza in Arvada...home of heavenly pizza. That's not their tag line...just what I call it. But it was heavenly.

I totally shoulda had my camera on me but I was remiss in leaving it home. Reason why I shoulda had it is cause Cuyler's blog pix does nothing for him. Told him right off the bat he needs to take a better picture cause boy is he cute! Very cute! And now I am goading him into taking some newer pix for his blog. And maybe embarrassing him in the process? Oh well...sorry buddy!

Have decided am all for bloggers meeting in person. Have heard stories of how it's not always been the best thing to do, but every single blogger I've met here in CO has been wonderful. So am hoping the trend continues!

In a sorta related thought, wouldn't it be fun to have Denver/Boulder Blogger Week? You know, where people send their bloggers flowers, wine them and dine them, and make that special day be all about that special blogger. Hallmark might even get into the act. Restaurants and bars would give us discounts for our blog-gatherings and celebrations.

I like that idea. A lot.

Ok, off to DL for the night.

So, do you guys have any special 'Meet the Blogger' stories you want to share? Let 'em rip!


Now that you have all read about my wonderful booze-filled Sunday, I can break the sad news to you.

As of tomorrow, Tueday 27 March at about 3 pm I will be off alcohol until further notice. NO, not going into Rehab. (You know you were thinking that!)

Thanks to my buddy Anthony, have been accepted into a Clinical Trial sponsored by Merck for migraine relief.

For those of you that even remotely know me, you know that I have had more than my share of mega-bad excruciating migraines over the years. And while they are no where near as bad as they used to be, they are bad enough to keep me from working and from having fun. And you know how I like to have fun.

Part of the agreement to be accepted into the trial is to totally give up all forms of alcohol. Call me altruistic, but if I can be a part of something that will result in helping someone (even tho it might not be me) live a better pain-free life, I'm all for it. Jager bombs and margs will still be there when the trial finishes...anywhere from 30 days to a year. Yeah...I said a year. Gulp!

On a semi-related note, am taking up a quest started by Her Hottness and going Coke-and-Pepsi free. Yeah, giving up all soda. Will try it for a month and see how it goes from there. I LOVE Coke..and now Pepsi (thanks HDW for that!!). The longest I have gone without Coke or date...has been 2 months.

Two lovely challenges ahead. Wish me luck. I've stocked up on water, Izze and milk. I'll let you know how I fare.

Weekend Update - FOR REALS!

My buddy Kathy and her fiance Bob were here for the weekend. They skied at Winter Park on Friday and Saturday. Sunday we toured Boulder.

Margs at the Rio


Followed by Chocolate covered strawberries from Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory

Then off to Golden to hang at our favorite biker bar. And drink some more.


Last stop Denver and The Pour House


Looking up at the moon from the rooftop bar

Great weekend, killer weather, wonderful friends, cool CO sites and yummy drinks. Can life get any better?


Purged my cell today. #'s of people..former friends, friends turned into acquaintances and friends that barely qualify for the label of friend. Purged them all. Felt so much better afterwards.

It's one thing if you have a good relationship with someone and you are in touch sporadically. They are too. It's all good. You are both at one with your sporadic-ness.

But then you have those friends/people/whatever where you text. You call. You drunk text. You drunk call. You send random email forwards to them so as to make them laugh. And nothing. They never write. They never call. They never text. Sober or drunk, you never hear from them.

So ya purge 'em.

Figure if all of a sudden they start calling you post-purge it means they either were meant to call you and gain entrance back into your life...or they read your blog! Haha. Would die if that happened tomorrow. What are the chances? For the record, I would bet $100 that no one that I purged reads my blog. And if they do, they sure as hell know I'm talking about them.

Purging can be good for the soul.

If something or someone is dragging you down, get rid of it/them.

Then let me know how you feel.


Our company's system was acting up big time this am. Hardly anyone had phone, im, Outlook or access to our proprietary system.

Cept for ME! Yep, me alone in the division was humming right along. Making calls. Sending emails. Was LOVING it.

My smugness has caught up with me. Nothing's working now. Nada.

So...I sit here and try and do the Lazarus thing and while I wait, I blog.

HDW has a post about a good attempt to cook healthy gone bad.

And then I found THIS and was afraid to post in on her blog under the comment section. So I'm posting it here.

Bacon, yum. At this magnitude tho, not so sure.


So it's St. Paddy's Day and I'm on my way out to party it up in Denver. Especially since I was super-sick on SPD 2006.

Head downstairs and the TV has been tuned to March Madness all day.

The UCLA v. Indiana game is just starting. I sit down, thinking I'll watch it for a minute or two.

Four hours later I wake up. Slept thru 2 calls and 3 text msgs. Guess I was pretty tired after all.

Next thing I know I'm waking up in bed at 8:30 this am. Have no idea how I got to bed....obviously I walked upstairs but have no memory of doing so.

So. There's your update from Life in Kathyland. Where we live on the edge when we're not crashed out on the couch.

Lotsa Thoughts

But not lotsa time to blog about them.

Highlights :

You Tube = Great when used correctly

VIRB = ROCKS! And Switchfoot asked ME to be their friend. Very cool. Love that band.

(Working on a post about Switchfoot, and CD releases and the memories they hold)

Letting Go = When it comes right down to it, one day you wake up and it's time and it's pretty easy after all.

Paradigm Shift = I like the phrase. Plus it's starting to happen. A good thing.

March Madness = Better than Christmas and Hanukkah all rolled into one.

Tomorrow is a big day...more purple hair and getting taxes done...and a Bug day.

And that last phrase needs no explaining.

An Idea Who's Time Has Come?

Some things you find on the internet might be a tad hard to swallow.

Found this on my friend Chris' facebook page....S&BJD.

Why not? Sounds fun!

Well, maybe not the grilling steak part...especially since I don't have a grill. Also don't have a boyfriend at present either, which makes this a moot point? Moot post? Moo post?

Technically, I guess you could take him out for a steak?

Judges, what say you?


Of all the concerts I've attended since moving to Denver, Rise Against was one of the best.

My current favorite song happens to be their 'Swing Life Away'.

When I saw them perform it live at the Fillmore, it blew me away how EVERYONE in the audience knew the words and sang along close to perfectly, without missing a beat.

Did a You Tube search and found this rendition. Audio quality isn't bad and you can hear how well the crowd sings along.

Swing Life Away.

I absolutely love this song.


Still sick. For me, one of the bummery things about being sick is no desire to do the things I love. Reading, blogging,, no energy for it. That's when I can tell that I'm really sick. Plus the coughing non-stop and not being able to breathe.

Was online for a bit in between naps last night and found something worth sharing with you.

One of my buddies is at SXSW and writes about VIRB.

Much nicer design than MySpace. Not to sound elitist, but has a classier look. Signed up for it, we'll see how I like it.

Right now I'm on MySpace, Facebook and now VIRB. Checked out VOX, the Typepad edition of social networking and it did absolutely nothing for me.

Can one social networking site be that 'one definitive site that meets all your needs'? It'd be nice to think so and I think one of these days someone will nail that concept.

Who will do it remains to be seen.

Guess We're A Red State After All

When it comes to the flu at least.

Was online, trying to figure out if the illness that has pummelled me all day is a cold or a flu.

According to the Centers for Disease Control I have the flu. Also according to the CDC, many people in CO have the flu as well.

Don't know about them, but I just chugged some Bubblegum Benadryl cause nothing knocks me out like that bubblegummy wonder elixir.

Off for a nice long nap in a few.