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End Of The Day

This turned out to be a pretty good day after all.

In addition to my friend Chris getting wonderful news, the financial issues of the last week are fading and in one case, dissapearing. Maybe if I learned how to read certain statements, I wouldn't have freak out moments.

There was a contest kickoff at work several weeks back. Normally, contests don't float my boat. Never have. We were to be judged on 3 different sets of criteria. My associate was all jazzed about the contest so mainly to help her feel like she had a chance to win, I bought into her enthusiasm. Of course, the one sure way not to win is to tell someone you might win. So I told my super duper bloggerific buddy HDW the other night that I thought my chances were better than usual. And if I did win, would she come with?

Looks like I didn't jinx myself after all since I WON (was one of 5 that did so) and now HDW and I get to have a fun getaway to this quaint little place. And with it comes $100 in spending cash which has already been earmarked for Martini's, thank you very much. And maybe a Jager Bomb. Or two. Three?

But wait, there's more!

Snagged 3 more new clients today. Did some batch cooking after work. And even tho I had a sore throat and a migraine all day today and couldn't make Drinking Liberally, a chance mention to my buddy Anthony about my migraine resulted in him hooking me up with info for a pharmaceutical migraine study. SWEET!

Now I'm sitting here about ready to crash while really that tired.

Good days can do that to ya!

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Just read the most amazing news from an amazing friend and I can't wait to share it with you, my bestest blogger buddies.

My buddy Chris was offered a teaching position with Teach For America.

Go on over and read what prompted Chris to pass up law school in favor of bettering his community.

Amazing is the perfect word to describe Chris' initiative, ambition, leadership skills and the way in which he reaches out to those around him. He's very much an 'actions speak louder than words' type of guy and his love for all things NOLA is impressive beyond words.

Way to go, buddy. You really are amazing and I am so incredibly proud of you and happy for you.

Drinks at The Boot, anyone??

Ring. I Said Ring, Dammit.

Few of my clients know I have a blog. Fewer still read it. No one that currently works with me reads it...pretty sure, anyway.

If you are or have been one of my work peeps, this IS NOT directed towards you.


We have caller ID at work. I love it. Makes work easier when waiting for that certain client to call in so I can tell them they have a job for the next 13 weeks.

For some bizarre reason, some clients refuse to leave voicemail. Refuse.

So I'm on a call with a client today and I get 9 calls from the same idiotic person. NINE TIMES. Not once do they leave a voicemail. Or give up and send an email. So I'm trying to have a coversation with one person while this non-stop-calling idiot is driving me crazy. And not leaving messages.

Finally, they call time #12 and Holy Mother Of God, they leave a message. What does the message say?

"Hi, I'm trying to reach you but you are out of the office so I will call you tomorrow. Click. No name. No reason for the call. No nuthin'."

Does my voicemail say I'm out of the office? No. It lists my daily schedule in my usual uber anal-retentive manner. Notes my lunch time. My fax #.

What would YOU say when you finally get this joker on the phone?? Cause I know if I say what I want to say, I will probably be out of a job.

Katrina Cottage

I have always loved cottages. Be it a cottage tucked away off York Street in Denver, set back on a wide green lawn in Claremont, CA or bordering the Pearl Street neighborhood in Boulder, I've always had this 'thing' for cottages. I even subscribe to Cottage Living Magazine even tho my 4 1/2 year old house is a far cry from a cottage.

First read about Marianne Cusato's Katrina Cottage when I was visting my parents in CA. Tonite I was inspired to research a little further.

This concept cottage is now available at Lowe's for $35,000. Not exactly sure what all that entails. It is refreshing to see a finished design that incorporates beauty AND makes sense. 'Form follows function' is one of my favorite quotes.

When I toured the Lower Ninth Ward with my friend Chris words couldn't describe the magnitude of the devastation. It almost seems a travesty to try. Still, residents were rebuilding then back in June when I visited and they continue rebuilding to this day.

Not saying the Cusato Katrina Cottage is the definitive solution to the housing needs of New Orleans. Not even. It is a start, tho. And looks tons nicer...and probably works tons better...than a FEMA trailer.

Top 5 Most Played Songs On My iPod

In a list-making mood.

Different Acceptance Rock 115

Black Metallic Catherine Wheel Ferment Rock 92

I Wanna Go Back Eddie Money Rock 89

Moving In Stereo The Cars Pop 88

Mad World Gary Jules & Michael Andrews Alternative 83

Was originally gonna do Top 25, but it was too much trouble to take out all the extra info. Obviously I'm in a lazy mood today.

OK, back to my grocery list.


Have slept more than I've been awake today. Woke up with a sore throat and beginnings of a cold. Passed on a planned community service event and other than a quick trip to get get gas, pick up mail and wash my truck, I've been inside and horizontal most of the day.

Sitting here watching Food Network highlighting the Gilroy Garlic Festival. For all the years I lived in San Jose, never once made it to the Garlic Festival. Tried several times but gave up after sitting in the parking lot that 101 had become for hours at a time.

So I'm sitting here and see something that grosses me out so much that it becomes painful to watch. Which leads me to the title of this post.

I have some pretty strange eccentricities.

Like not being able to watch food shows where food is being cooked OUT IN THE OPEN in the hot sun. (Talking about cooking on a stovetop. Grilling meat does not fall into this category). All I can think of is impending food spoilage. It truly gives me the chills. Throw up a tarp over the contestant and their cooking area and I'm fine. Otherwise, I'll change channels.

Another eccentricity resulted in me (this is embarrassing) following two mailtrucks to see if they were MY neighborhood mail truck that had the package I'd been waiting for since my return on Thursday. My carrier had dropped off a signature slip without ringing the doorbell (don't you hate it when that happens??) and I just HAD to get the package today since waiting until Monday was just not what I wanted to do.

Was not successful in tracking down the correct mail truck. The two mail carriers I talked to looked at me very weirdly. One offered to take in my signature slip which I thought was very kind. Go Denver postal workers!

As luck...or karma...would have it, my mail carrier made a second trip back on a hunch and I was able to get my package. Yay. Two extra cell chargers that will ensure (hopefully) that I'll never be without juice for my cell. Maybe that's another eccentricity in and of itself?

What say you?

Not Missin' The Palm Trees

Or the humidity. Hordes of old people. Make that old cranky people that try to run over you in the middle of Costco.

My trip back to South Florida for business was fun while it lasted. It was super cool to hang out with my buddy Aree (she asked me to stay with her) as well as seeing old buddies and current co-workers.

Arrived a week ago Saturday at 5:30am. It was a chilly mid-30's getting off the plane which was a shock in and of itself. Normally, deplaning into a Fort Lauderdale airport jetway envelopes you in an invisible cloud of heat and humidity and makes you wish you were getting right back on the plane to escape. Not this time.

Aree picked me up shortly before 6 and boy was it weird to see the sun come up over the water as we drove to her home-away-from-home. We chatted and eventually crashed and I slept thru my dentist appt that I was able to snag last minute before I left. Was totally bummed that I missed it, but oh well, I was so tired I slept thru my alarm so there ya go.

After a quick lunch (go Baja Fresh) and a trip to Costco for Jager and Red Bull (priorities!!) it was off to visit our friend Henry at O'Malley's in Hollywood Beach. It'd been about 2 years since Henry and I had hung out at O'Malley's and Aree had never been there, her being new to FL and all.

For those of you that I drunk-dialed and tried to send pix, you know I had a good time. Our bar bill was over $200, thanks to Jager Bombs and Grand Mama shots and the random beer. We all wound up back at Henry's place, still freezing (it never got above 40 that day) and wound up commandeering Henry's bed...a waterbed with a broken heater...and spend the coldest night of my life trying to fall asleep but never quite made it. Sometime during the course of the night my blogger buddy Little called...hey honey, let me know what I said cause I know I talked to you but the memory is lacking as to what was discussed. (Edit- never mind. I remember now. He's not worth discussing anymore!)

Come morning we were STARVED so headed off for my yearly visit to Cracker Barrell. Let's face it, great food that is horribly bad for you so I only go once a year...if that.

During breakfast played back the night before for Aree by way of pix. Watching realization hit can be so humorous!

Home to snooze again in preparation for a BBQ at my buddy Howard (no, not Denver Howard) sister's house.

Howard was my roomie when I sold my house and started looking for a house in Denver. It was a great time in my life and we had a blast, other than the time I screamed bloody hell at him and his then-girlfriend in the meanest angriest outburst I had ever had in my entire life. Not good times, but we all got thru it. Chalk it up to Hurricane Wilma stress.

Was great seeing him, meeting his new gf Renee and of course seeing his sister and bro in law. The BBQ was awesome, food wonderful, company divine. He'd just sold his condo so congrats were in order as well.

Monday was my first day back in our FL office in over a year. Totally surreal day. Cool seeing my coworkers and work friends I hadn't seen for over a year. They all commented on how 'good I looked' and 'how young I looked'. Hmmm...I should have moved to Denver ages ago. That's what losing weight, cutting your hair and dying it purple will do!

Went out Monday night. Was in training all day Tuesday then went out Tuesday night as well. Weds, more training, then work, then Howard picked me up after work and drove me by the house he had just made an offer on the day before. That turned into a 2 hour drive of going around to see all the homes he had looked at in the last week.

When we were roomies, we'd spend tons of time driving around looking at homes for sale. He wanted a HOUSE with a GARAGE in the worst way. There were a couple of close calls where he came close to buying when I lived with him and on several occasions we would go traipsing thru empty backyards at 1 in the morning to check them out.

Was nice to have the one on one time and definitely brought back memories. By Weds, the weather had heated up to normal hot and sticky weather. As we were leaving work Howard commented on the sunset ( he knows I am a sucker for sunsets) and he asked me if I didn't miss FL just a teensy bit?? Replied in the negative, that there was nothing left in FL that appealed to me other than my friends. I was glad I moved away and told him as much as I loved hanging around with everyone, I was itching to get back home.

He is the forever FL boy, just not getting why anyone would want to leave. Guess I am the always optimistic Denver chick, wondering why everyone doesn't live here and who in their right mind would want to live in FL. He's meant to live in FL. Not me.

Weds night was fun, out with Howard, Renee, my associate at work and Aree and her new 'friend'. Had a great time at my FAVE restaurant Dada in Delray Beach but by the end of dinner the last 6 nights had caught up with me and I was about to drop.

Made it home by midnite, packed, and was out the door at 6 the next morning, off to the airport. Seriously, was so glad to leave that I got tears in my eyes as my plane took off.

Was back in work mode within 45 minutes of landing and spent the rest of Thursday catching up on sleep.

Not sure when I'll be back to FL...or if I ever will. Corporate is thinking of getting all us remotes together back at the Mothership for training at least once a year. I think I could handle it once a year, provided they schedule it in Winter or Spring. Maybe. For no more than one week tops.

Looking back, the trip wasn't as bad as it could have been, even tho the stress of going back caused two GERD episodes. If anything, it just reaffirmed that I made the right decision for the right reason.

Denver's my home sweet home and I'm never leaving.

Shorts And Tank Tops

Sandals. Baseball cap. Packing all of this cause I leave for Florida today.

During the first part of my trip the weather is supposed to be 55-60 and during the last part high 80's and sunny. Hopefully without the humidity but it is FL after all, famous for the mugginess that envelopes you and makes you feel like you're suffocating. Or at least that's how I used to feel.

It'll be nice to see my buddies and work buddies...some are the same. Will get some beach and booze time in as well and plenty of pix will be taken.

So have a good week Denver buddies and enjoy your projected 50 degree weather.

I know I should feel happy to be escaping this snow, but the only thing I'm feeling right now is wanting to come back...and I haven't even left.



Long story short, still limited on my cell. Things should be better by Thursday.

Work is nuts, life is nuts, lots going on, some I can talk about, most I don't want to or can't.

Getting ready to go back to Boca Friday night. Want to see my friends but don't want to go to FL to do it. Dawned on me the other night just how many bad memories I left behind in FL. I am happy here in Denver. Happy and content. Part of me just doesn't want to have bad memories seep into my life for 6 days...even if it is sunny and warm with no snow on the ground. I haven't even left and I'm already wishing I was back.

Still tired beyond words.

Ok, this is going nowhere. Over and out.

Happy Birthday To Chris

Happy Birthay to my buddy Chris.

Chris is one of those unique individuals that never stops asking why, is always forward thinking, likes to push limits (in a good way) and has an ingrained need to help others and in doing so, enriches the lives of his friends in ways that can't be measured or imagined. Plus he introduced me to Jager Bombs, so there ya go!

He's definitely a force for good and I'm definitely glad he's my friend.

Have a wonderful birthday Chris. You rock...always have, always will.

Home Sweet Home

Home at last.

Fun weekend. Lots of family time, time with my best buddy since high school, and today a killer home-cooked dinner to beat all home-cooked dinners.

Lots of pix to share but first I need to that my plane has landed safely I can say that...since I have to be up in 6 hours.

Mistakenly left my cell charger at my parents house, so until Jason my FEDEX guy delivers it on Tuesday, landline or email are the best way to reach me.


Word Of The Day

We here at ALS...that would be me...have decided to decree a new feature that we' you to consider playing along with.

Word Of The Day.

Every now and then don't you run across words that either get stuck in your brain and cause you to think about them over and over? They're fun to say and to hear others say. They have a nice ring to them.

So, in honour (Brit spelling) of this new feature, allow me to introduce :



Say it. Gob-smacked. Fun, huh??

So feel free to use it in a sentence with a loved one, a client, a friend or yourself.

We'll be here, celebrating.

*extra points if you say it with a British accent -or- say it to someone that is British. Go for it, Bex! And Britgirl.

My 8 Minute Lunch

Shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel.

Salt, salt, salt.

Grab sex-toys from Sex-Toy-Party-Lady who shows up just as I finish shoveling

Inhale lunch in 5 minutes.

3 spare minutes to blog.

Gotta love time management.


Update -

Well well well.

Right after lunch the winds started howling and within an hour there was more snow on the driveway than there was before I spent my lunch hour shoveling it.

Mutha Nature is laughing her ass off at my feeble attempts of snow control.

Fine. Be that way, Bitch.

Screw you.

It's Friday. Time to crack open a beer or five. Gonna do some batch cooking action. Whip up some taco meat and spaghetti meat mixtures. Freeze both. Save some for tacos tonite. Have more beer.


DVD time. Gluten-free cake and ice cream time. Hot bath time.

Not all at the same time, tho.

I love the weekends.