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The Party's Over

The pity party, that is.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and thoughts. Was able to work today even tho my voice was not even close to normal. Right KOBW???

Dashed...rather, the store on my lunch hour to stock up on everything I could possibly need over the next 2 weeks in case it started snowing and forgot to stop. All the things I had been craving....soup, limes, Gatorade, Amy's Organic (I truly heart her Gluten-Free Mexican Bowls), Pepsi (as HDW smiles knowingly) and more cold meds. And Bubblegum flavored Benedryl which does the trick when I visit peeps that have cats...and when I need to fall asleep and can't.

Worked from 6:15 to 4ish and accomplished as much as I could...still have more work to finish up later on tonite that does not involve using my voice.

And this snow stuff. Gotta tell ya, I still think it's pretty when it falls. But this ice buildup has me vexed. So as I sit at work and stare into the street, contemplating all manner of contraptions I need to invent to melt the ice, I wonder when it will finally be gone. As in all gone. Nary a speck in sight.

Any guesses? Conjectures? Hunches??

I'll go first. And please don't kill me, but I have a gut feeling it will ALL be gone on 10 April. That's a Tuesday. Of course I hope it will be gone LONG before that, but the 10th is what my gut tells me and I gotta go with it.

OK, dinner time and I'm starved.

Soup, anyone?

Pity Party for 1, Please!

Being sick sucks.

Might get sick once, maybe twice a year but when I do it usually means I lose my voice and can't breathe. Which is what's going on now.

IM'd sick into work voice, ya see...and managed to get a fair amount of sleep. Had a Dermatology appt already scheduled so purposely did not take any cold drugs so I could drive to my appt.

Made it there ok and got a consult on some issues that were bothering me. One of those was a recurring bump on my right thumb that kept growing in, I would cut it out, then it would grow back in. Yuck, I know.

She said it was a wart and she was going to freeze it off. Didn't look like a wart to me but she is the Doc, not I. So she freezed the sucker off and FUCK did it hurt. Really bad. Of course, I am a HUGE HUGE wimp (which I apologized for profusely afterwards) and for the next hour I kept thinking 'damn, this hurts' and trying not to think about it.

After a quick stop at Snappin' Steve's for some Limeade which I had been craving since getting sick, I stopped at Home Depot to buy a pickax. Yep, the fucking ice in the fucking street is beyond stupid - not to mention the fucking ice floe...all 6 inches of the bottom of my driveway.

So...pickax in tow and feeling like utter crap, I drove home and started to attack the driveway.

Then it dawned on me that wow...I am a righty...the same hand that was just frozen to hell and back...and gee...this HURTS!! BADLY!

But I wanted to get the ice GONE so I sucked it up and kept bashing away at the ice, trying to breathe, and trying not to fall. Worked at it for 25 minutes until the sun was almost down and I had fallen 3x. Got maybe 1/8th of the driveway done. CRAP.

At the end it was a combo of feeling like crap, sore hand, back, legs from twisting them when I fell,fever of 103 that won't go away, chills and not being able to breathe where I said 'Fuck It' and called it a day. Went inside and promptly threw up the dinner I had grabbed at Arby's drivethru cause I was sooo darn hungry but I guess it just wasn't what I needed to eat.

Then I sat in my room and just cried. Figured what the hell, it's not gonna hurt and might even help.

Normally I am so fine on my own, very self reliant and all and I usually handle everyrthing pretty well, but I was just overloaded. So I sat here and cried for about 10 minutes and then I felt better.

So thanks everyone for listening and thinking to yourself (not out loud or in print) 'Man, what a whiny-ass baby'.

I'll feel better when I get better and thanks HDW for telling me what to take to get rid of a fever.

NNSD guys.

I need to call it a night.

What To Do?

Under the weather.

Have a cold...or is it the flu? The usual crap...body aches, can't breathe, sore throat and no voice.

Options for today -

#1- Lay on the couch and watch the rest of my Netflix 'Party of Five' DVD's

#2- Hit the mailbox which hasn't been hit since last Saturday

#3- This afternoon when it is warmer, de-chunk driveway ice

#4- If I feel better this afternoon FINALLY deconstruct gazebo

#5- Pay bills, balance checkbook, do laundry

#6- Continue penis hunt

Yeah, that should do it for the day!

Cleaning Up

The First Ever Kathyland Co-Ed Sex Toy Party is now history.

Fun was had, interesting tidbits shared, nipple creams tested, toys were buzzed and of course food and drink were consumed.

One by one all the friends departed on the icy path that used to be my driveway back when the white stuff never fell and the air was warm.

Cleaning up I reflected on how fun the night was, how much we laughed, and just how WONDERFUL all my Denver/Boulder buddies are.

Especially the buddies that hide small plastic penis' (peni??) all thruout your house.

Like here.








I heart my friends xoxoxo


Sounds like the perfect horoscope...seeing as my eagerly anticipated Sex-Toy Party is tonite!

There is a ton of information to discover today, and you'll have a ball finding it.

Being bad is just what you need in order to feel good again. The stars give you permission to catch up on all the things that you usually deny yourself. Go ahead and revel in the earthy pleasures.

Me? Bad?? Nahhhhh.


(updated version)

* Finish chipping ice at the bottom of the driveway (Check)

* Shower (Check)

* Pick up Yax Trax at REI (yay, no more slipping and sliding. Or less slipping and sliding) (CHECK!!)

* Grab something to eat along the way as I am starvin Marvin

* Gluten-free run at Whole Foods (YUM...oh, I mean check!)

* Wine, beer, booze run (CHECK, CHECK, CHECK)

* King Soopers run (yeah, if this was Cali could do it all in one place but nooooooo)

* Target run (missed the offramp while daydreaming)

* Home to clean and swiffer and swiffer and clean for Toy De La Sex-Party (after the Daily Show)

* Download SFW pix from this weekend

* Blog about this weekend

* Stay awake long enough to watch the Daily Show without passing out

That will do it for now.

Catch Up

Owe you all a huge catch up since I last posted. Unless you are one of the Denver locals who hung out with us over the weekend.

Stories detail left unshared. Well, maybe one or two.

The only question I have right now is WHY does one glass of Chardonnay have the same effect as a whole night of Jager Bombing and Whiskey shots? Chardonnay is my Master and it is kicking my butt...and head...and Just one glass...who knew?

More later!

One Word

From HDW -

This Moment: procrastinating
Your Shoes: off
Craving: him
The State of Your Home: swiffered
Annoyed By: liars
Noise In the Background: silence
Really Want To: snowboard
Thinking About: visitor
Smelling: nothing
Favorite Product In Office Supply Aisle: planners
Don't Ever Want To: smoke
Your Eye Color: green
The Weather: nipply
Have Never Tried: skydiving
Think Everyone Should Try: decluttering
Last Vacation Destination: NOLA
The Last Thing You Had to Drink: Pepsi
Your Bad Habit: internet
What You're Going To Do Now: shower

Copy and Paste if you want!

The Southern Invasion

My bestest buddy Miss Jillibean arrives tomorrow for a weekend of drinkin' and partyin' and more drinkin'. And checking out our fair city as well. And a drink or two.

So what does that mean for me??


Her Jillibeaness is as Anal-Retentive as I (yes!!) so from the time I log off from work this afternoon untll I leave for the airport tomorrow, Kathyland will be a frenzy of hectic cleaning.

Some things never change :-)

Family Bizniz

So y'all remember that back in mid-December, the day I was supposed to fly to CA to spend the holidays with my family? The same day that the Hanukkah Blizzard of 2K6 blew into town? And I wound up spending the holidays here mostly snowed in except for the special Christmas Day I spent with Her Hottness & Clan.

In the back of my mind I was thinking that I really should get on over to SoCal to do some visiting sooner than later.

Well, let me tell ya.

Monday night my dad went to the ER complaining of massive stomach pains. Xrays were taken and he was told it was nothing, go home. So my brother dropped my Dad back home at 2:30 in the morning, having been at the hospital all night. 6 am that morning (my Dad hadn't even been home for a full four hours) he gets a call from the Radiologist that just came on duty, telling him to get to the hospital asap. The first RAD read the films wrong and my Dad's appendix needed to come out asap. Which finally happened Tuesday night.

The same Tuesday night that my Sister-In-Law Michele was taken to the hospital by ambulance cause she was having problems breathing. (Michele has an advanced case of MS). Once at the hospital she was found to have a 105 degree temperature and pneumonia.

Fast forward to today...Michele is doing better but will stay hospitalized for a bit longer. My Dad was supposed to come home Mom's birthday...but wound up developing an infection and will have to stay a while longer.

Of course, this is making me miss my family even more. My first urge upon hearing that Michele was also in the hospital was to catch the next plane. Then Kelly (ever the smart ass) said with our family luck the way it is, my plane would probably crash. Good point, Kel.

So I'm staying home for now but will plan to see them before long.

And surprise surprise, I miss them now more than ever.