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Official Last Post of 2006

Ok, the last one didn't count.

This does.

Was just talking with my buddy Jillian about what an amazing year this has been. A year ago tonite I sat in my house that I had closed on the day before. I had my iPod, an air mattress and no internet for my laptop since Comcast goofed up my internet connect date.

So much has happened since 31 Dec 2005.

Many new and wonderful friends have entered my life and I will be eternally grateful for and humbled by their presence. Several old friends left my life of their own choosing. Change is inevitable.

Little's Mom passed away as did several close friends of my parents. The memories remain with the hope that they are at peace and in a much happier place.

This has probably been the funnest year of my life...seriously. Decided at the end of 2005 to never pass by an opportunity to have fun and I have to say, that is one of the best resolutions I've ever kept.

Saw tons of good bands, had tons of fun out on the town in Denver and nearby locales, got re-involved with Drinking Liberally which in turn got me back into local politics which gave me an opportuity to meet even more wonderful people.

The daily sunsets that are gorgeous beyond belief and the snow that just amazes me with its otherworldly beauty convinces me every day that I moved to heaven.

My resolutions for last year were :

* Have fun whenever possible

* Buy a house

* Work from home

* Lose weight

* See a concert a month minimum

All resolutions kept.

This year??

* Stay passionate

* Speak up

* Follow my gut feeling

* Lose more weight

* Snowshoe, ski, xcountry ski and snowboard by the end of Winter

* Create and stick to a budget

* Improve the quality of my photography

I'm so happy tonite as I write this post. I have much to be thankful for. And I really do feel the best is yet to come.

Happy New Year's to everyone reading. Thanks for being a part of my life, internet or otherwise.

Love and hugs to all of you!

Kath :-)

Under Pressure!

Whoa, the last day and the last post of the year. What to say? What to write? Do I go for low-key? Momentous? Humorous?

Oh well, I'll punt.

Got a late start on my errands after not being able to fall asleep until 7:30 this am. Truth! Was up until 2 am watching (don't laugh) the first season of Party of Five (Matthew Fox, winner of the Yummier Than Yummy award). Then hit the hay since I was taking my buddy Anthony to the airport at 4. Couldn't make myself fall asleep so when he called at 3:45 to say he was on the way I was all 'hey, I'm awake, come on over'.

Did an airport drop, came back, couldn't sleep, blogged, tried to sleep. Urrggg.

So anyway, headed over to my fave of all fave porn shops then from there my brilliant idea was to head over to REI to rent some snowshoes. Have been wanting to try snowshoeing for ages and thought I would snag the shoes today then try them out tomorrow. Alas, they were closed...missed them by 15 minutes.

So what to do then? Go out to dinner? Go to Target? Make another Famous Dave's run? Nah, decided everything was a want and not a need, so going straight home sounded like the prudent thing to do.

Good thing!

Traveling north on Tower and had to react quickly where both lanes merge into one. A woman was broken down in a area that was pitch dark, her car was in the road and her tail lights were so faint I almost slammed into her.

Rolled by to ask if everything was wasn't.

Long story short, I acted as a warning sign and stayed about 20 feet in back of her with my hazard lights on so people would get out of the way in time. OMG, I almost got hit about 4 times. Hardly anyone was paying attention. The women had 2 of her kids and one of her grandchildren with her. She'd called a tow truck but the wait was 45-60 minutes. Man!

After 5 minutes of hoping cars would stop in time, suggested she and one of the kids push the car off to the side of the road and I would take them home. That took about 20 minutes since the side of the road was nothing but chunky ice.

Eventually, got her and the kids in the car and took them home to get them warm (since the car died it had no heat) then offered to bring her back to get the groceries out of the car.

It all had a happy ending and I made a new friend in my neighborhood, but I learned several lessons from this.

#1- No matter how close by you are going (she'd just run to the Walmart down the street) always keep your cell charged. Her cell had died and she never recharged it and so she had to use her daughters which was dying.

#2- Always be prepared for an emergency. She had no flares, flashers, flashlites, etc. I always carry an emergency kit so I lent her a reflective device so no one would run into her car.

#3- Know how to reach the proper authorities. This one is for me. My cell is area 561 and I can't call 911 for my local area. Huge oops. Normally most states have a shortcut where you can dial # or * and a number for emergencies...I have no idea what it is here in Denver and neither did she. Tried 303-911 and that didn't work

#4- Drive defensively. Tons of people always speed down this part of Tower. I don't. Have seen too many accidents and the remains of the cars involved not to take this certain area very seriously.

Like I said, it all turned out ok in the end. The woman thanked me profusely for stopping. She'd been stranded for 45 minutes and NOT ONE PERSON had stopped. She found out after the fact that her own nephew drove by and didn't realize it was her and kept driving.

When I saw her standing there, my first thought was 'what if that was my mom". Yeah, my mom never actually drove so maybe that is a stretch, but still you get my drift.

So that was my good deed for the day. Felt good to help someone. And maybe that's why I wasn't meant to go shopping at Target or out to dinner at Famous Dave.

Ya think??

I Saw Them!

I did! I saw them tonite.

Snow plows. They do exist.

Three of them rumbled into my complex about a half an hour ago. The ground shook. Yellow and blue flashing lights shone down on the neighborhood. I ran to the sliding glass door and WHOA, they are huge. Was sorta creepy and surreal to see them at night.

They followed each other like baby ducks following a mommy duck, up one street and down another.

First time I've ever seen a snowplow up close and real.

And it was way cool.

I've Been Tagged

What Do I Know aka Kathy tagged me.

So here I go. Four of the following five statements are true. One is not.

* I was born paralyzed and lived in a body cast for 2 months.

* I was hired by the FBI but I turned them down.

* Sometimes I dream in Hebrew and have no idea what I'm saying.

* The longest I've ever gone without checking email is 7 days.

* When I am really really stressed I've been known to smoke a cigarette or two.

So, which one is the lie?

Seeing As I Don't Have Cancer...

Not that I thought I had it!

That was the key point phrase in a discussion I had with several buddies last week. I had always wanted to have purple hair cause I love purple and think it would look cool. (I can hear Jillian screaming right about NOW).

Figured if I was ever diagnosed with cancer and had to have chemo and was going to lose my hair, I would dye it purple before I started chemo.

Then I got to thinking.

I really LOVE purple. And purple hair would be a goal to accomplish. And why let something like losing my hair determine what I would or would not do in my life? Why not just own my love of purple and go for it?

So I am. Tonite is my last night of having non-purple hair.

All or nothing, baby. All or nothing.

What's Holding You Back?

This post by Gabrielle Reece aka who I'd like to be in my next life, seems more appropos to a New Year's Eve post.

Be that as it may, it's 2:34 in the morning and I can't sleep so rather than wait until New Year's Eve, this is coming at you now.

A lot of what Gabby has to say rings a bell with me. For the most part, I've gotten good at identifying the inner workings of my mind and body and how they hold me back or propel me forward. Have I been 100% authentic in recognizing and dealing with those things or thoughts or beliefs that might be or are holding me back. Nope. I could say who has, but this is about me and not anyone else.

I've come to realize in the last year that I can take being authentic to a new level of what I call brutal honesty. Talking about being honest on the quality and quantity of what is happening in my life.

Honesty to me is HUGE and if it came to someone lying to me to spare my feelings or being 100% honest with me, I'd go for the honesty in a heartbeat. No matter how much it hurt. My fallback being of course that no one or no thing can come close to hurting me as much as my separation and divorce hurt me. Not that I am not vulnerable...I am very much so...but I would say my bounce-back-ability has a pretty quick turnaround time.

I guess my perceived fear is that I tend to see things as all or nothing. In several areas of my life I border on obsessive, ie. cleanliness, loyalty, follow up, being there for my friends. The areas I would like to improve in are personal fitness and work-related areas.

In the past there have been three times I can think of where I was 100% committed to a healthy exercise regimen.This last time was right before I bought my house in early 2004. Results were achieved, I was approaching 'ripped' status and the stronger I got the more obsessed and some would say meaner I got. All I cared about was working out 6 days a week. I used to stare at my biceps about 20 times a day, amazed at how strong they'd become. I had wanted results, I was getting results, and I wanted more. People at work were starting to not recognize a good way!!

Who knows what would have happened if a rotator cuff issue hadn't sidelined me for 12 weeks. After that, I lost my edge, got lazy even tho I was in Rehab and once Rehab finished I wound up not seeing the inside of a gym for 2 years.

All or nothing.

Normally I make birthday resolutions as opposed to New Year's resolutions. Most of the time I achieve at least 75% or better. Last year's resolutions were pretty straightforward.

Buy a house. Paint/tile/trick out said house. Get to work from home. Force myself to get out and meet 30 people by the end of the year. Lose 30#.

A year and a week later, I'm proud to say I accomplished all of those goals. Yay me.

Am also thinking, ok, if you did that, how else can you challenge yourself this year.

Which brings me back full circle to Gabby's post.

I have done great in many areas. I need to do greater. Plain and simple.

And in order to move forward, I have to determine what is holding me back.

Any specific thoughts you might have for me on this one, feel free to share via comments or private email. Remember, your feedback can't hurt me. Neener, neener!

And what about you? What is holding you back? What does that voice deep down inside say as you try to stifle or ignore it?

It's time to let the voice speak up. At least for me the time is now. Maybe for you as well?

Merry Happy

Christmas to all my buddies, here and there, far and wide.

Hope Santa is good to all of you and gives you what makes you happiest.

Thanks for making my life so happy by honoring me with your friendship this past year.

For those of you that I have addresses for, your cards WERE sent...really...but Denver mail has been a tad bit slow lately...go figure. Hopefully you'll get them before New Year's Eve!

Have WONDERFUL holiday!


Kath xo :-)


Here's a post from Christmas Eve 2004. Same as it ever was. Except that I'm in CO now and there's snow to deal with. I'll take snow over heat and humidity ANY day :-)

For My Family

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And I’m on the phone
My family’s in CA
And I’m here alone

A yearly tradition
Takes place once again
The whole crowd comes over
Eats, drinks, and settles in

My parents have been cooking
For over two days
More food than you can fathom
It’s our Irish-Hungarian ways

There’s ham, turkey, meatballs
Dinner rolls too
Aunt Maggie’s Jello Salad
And yeah, lots of booze

The house is crammed tight
With sisters and brothers
Dozens of cousins
And numerous others

Then suddenly the phone rings
Yep, that would be me
Calling to chat
With Diane then Denise

Tommy, then Matthew
Dad, Mom, Nichole &Terry
Patrick my brother
They all sound so merry

Then Mike, Kelly, Lindsay
Auntie Chele and Brian
Jeff, Casey, Erika,
I wanna start cryin’

Devon, Darian, Heather
Lori, Mr & Mrs G
Hopefully Patrick and maybe Damaris?

My family’s all there
And me, I am not
I’m back here in FL
80 degrees, humid and hot

I miss them so much
And love them much more
So I call on Christmas Eve
Instead of walking thru their door.

I talk to everyone
To see what is new
To tell them I love them
I know they love me too

Thank goodness for phone calls
It’s part of the night
It’s just like I’m with them
And that feels just right

Merry Christmas, Guys... I Love You!

V'Imru Amen!

The driveway is finished! YAY!

(Disclaimer- it is not quite as aesthetically shoveled as HDW's or Rosie and Kev's or anyone else's...but it'll do).


In other semi-related news, I am typing this post with my teeth cause my arms fell off.

(Not really. But they feel like they're going to)

Next on the shoveling agenda, the sidewalk. If I can find it.


Add This To Your To Do List

So, ok, you've shoveled the steps, driveway, sidewalks, all of the above, none of the above, watched every DVD you own, are sick and tired of tv and/or the internet.

What to do next? What to do?

You could always try this.

I guess. If you don't have a headache. And feel like it. And haven't run out of batteries. And have nothing better to do. It's a thought.

One more thought? No need to share your results. Yeah, keep that one to yourself, okeydokey?

How Frontier Airlines... like a High School boyfriend.

*Impossible to reach by phone

*Always busy

*Sounds promising, never delivers

*Infrequent updates

*Says one thing, does another

*Causes you to re-think the whole relationship

*In the end you give up and wonder just what the hell you were thinking.


Still haven't been able to get thru to Frontier. Have been trying since 8:30 Weds morning. I've accepted the fact that I'm not joining my family for Christmas. It's not that Christmas is a big deal for me. Far from it, being Jewish and all. It's just another day to me.

What bums me out the most is that I won't get to be with my family on THEIR most important holiday of the year. The holiday where they throw out all the stops and party, eat, drink, laugh like crazy. THAT'S what I'll be missing this year.

Weds I was really bummed, yesterday was better. To be honest, probably won't be in the best mood Christmas Eve when my family's soiree of the season is taking place.

Looking on the bright side I'm home with my internet, my own bed and a ton of other things that stranded passengers at DIA don't have.

This rant is over.

The sun is out, it's beyond gorgeous outside so what could be more funner than shoveling snow?






My horoscope says :

It's a good day to go to a concert or a museum if you can fit it into your schedule.

You mean, fit it into my busy schedule of watching snow fall, taking pix of the snow, being glued to my laptop uploading snow pix, explaining to family members that there is no way I'll be there to celebrate with them thanks to the snow, and wondering how long it will take me to shovel out the driveway and sidewalks which have pretty hefty drifts.

That schedule?

When Life Gives You Lemons

...break out the vodka.

I'm not leaving for CA anytime soon, if at all.

For anyone that's paid the slightest attention to the news over the last 12 hours, Denver has a bit of a snowfall going on. Couple extra flakes here and there. And a blizzard. And other stuff like DIA closed down and 5,000 people stranded at the airport and even the "Not wind nor snow nor rain nor sleet' Post Office has thrown in the towel and said 'hell with this'.

So here we are. Sitting at home. No parents. No siblings, No IN-N-OUT! Yeah, suckage all around.

Then I got to thinking.

Well wait a minute, what good things have come out of this?

Here's a couple "

* Caught up on my sleep by napping twice today

* At least I listened to my gut feeling and mailed my parents gifts ahead of time. The gifts arrived before I did.

* I would probably be wondering non-stop at my parents house how my gazebo was holding up in the wind. And since I'm home, wonder no more. It is falling apart, tho.

* Got to light another Hanukkah candle.

* Got to experiene the beauty that is snowfall in Denver. It really is gorgeous, from where I sit.

About to call it a night.

Tomorrow will rise and shine and attempt to finish some projects I've been meaning to accomplish for quite awhile. Decided I'm going to use it as a vacation day...why not, since I have coverage?

So for all of you Denver people, stay warm, stay dry, stay inside.

For everyone else. be glad you're not in Denver!

Home Is Where The...

In-N-Out is!

What, you thought I was going to say heart? Nah, that would be Denver.

Flying home to my 'hood. It really is a hood but oh well, it's where I grew up and is right around the corner from the #2 In-N-Out store. Bars on neighborhood windows, nightly eye-in-the-sky, gunfire every now and then to keep you on your toes, but it's always gonna be home to me and I can't wait to get there.

Work stuff is finally finished. One more load to wash, then pack, then finish...well, start...Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever cards and that's all on my to-do list. Yay.

Every year my family has a giant get-together on Christmas only and attendance peaks around 40-45. It's a BLAST and this will be the first time in 4 years I'll be there to share it with everyone. Turkey, ham, fried chicken, meatballs, a zillion side dishes and plenty of beverages on hand to quench your thirst. Family, food, booze. In a word, heaven.

Hope all my blogger buddies have a WONDERFUL holiday and Santa brings you what you really really want.

Santa is bringing Allen Iverson to Denver so I am all set on the sports front. Besides, am sure AI blew Santa's budget to smithereens.

Internet will be scarce as in NON-EXISTANT and my family is already laughing at the thought of me going cold-turkey. 5 days without internet. Will I make it?

Stay tuned.


Blizzard in town. My flight was just cancelled. Not going anywhere any time soon :-(

At What Point Do You Stop Trying?


Tonite is when you stop trying.

After 8 yrs of friendship and looking out for you and watching your back and making you a priority in my life.

That all ended tonite.

Lessons learned the hard way, but learned none the less.

Good luck.

Your life will be all the worse for listening to the wrong people (if you even want to call it a person) for the wrong reason.

(this post fueled by jager bombs and common sense)