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First Halloween In Denver

I have NEVER in my entire life met a politer (new word!) bunch of kids than the ones that visited my house tonite.

Went thru a whole Costco-sized bag of candy (Snickers, Milky Way, Twix) which was another first in my life. Seems the previous places I've lived haven't been as kid-filled as my own neighborhood.

And oh my goodness...the parents drove them from house to house. Another first. Yeah, it was 19 degrees outside so maybe that's why..huge difference from doing Halloween in FL or CA.

Tons of Spidermen, Vampires, Princesses, Ghosts. One SpongeBob. One Butterfly. And 3 honest teenagers that said they just wanted candy, please. So of course I gave them could I not reward honesty?

Was nice to hang out and see the kids in my neighborhood that I never get to see. And next year, I am so getting more decorations. My atttempt this year was minimal.

And nice to know that the Yes on I signs all over my front yard and in my kitchen window did nothing to deter them. Or maybe they could care less. Candy is candy, after all.


Just won a gift card from work for hitting a goal.

Starbucks! Ok, don't laugh at this next part. I am not a coffee drinker. Have been into Starbucks 2-3 times in my life, either with a friend as they bought something or else to snag their internet.

So, what do they have to drink besides coffee and tea? Do they have Coke? Hot Chocolate?

I know what you are thinking...that I should just give the card to you.


Guys, Don't Get Tricked

Ok much as you like to screw whatever comes your way, it only takes one scheming bitch to ruin your life forever...or 18 years (19 in Alabama)... whichever comes first.

If a girl tells you it is safe to have sex without a condom (cause she just finished her period) DO NOT TRUST THE LYING BITCH! Why? Because she is LYING! Duh!

All it takes is one of your guys to meet one of her eggs and your life as you know it is finished. FINISHED.

18 years of child support = $250,000 minimum all because you screwed some lying skank.

So be safe and no tricks this Halloween. Especially with skanky lying bitches from Alabama. They're the worst.

Just When You Think You've Heard It All... go and read something like THIS and you get pissed all over again.

This diary was written by Michael Schiavo....Terri Schiavo's husband.

Who among us should know better than Michael? His personal life and the life of his wife were violated by the current administration running the country (into the ground I want to add).

Like the popular bumpersticker says, 'If you're not pissed yet, you haven't been paying attention'.

I got pissed enough from reading this diary to donate some cash to Angie Paccione's campaign. Am not rolling in money..far from it...but when evil lives in your own backyard, you need to do everything in your power to defeat the danger that is Marilyn Musgrave.

Feel like donating to Angie or any of our other local candidates? Check out the links on my sidebar.



Taken at 7 am. About 4 inches so far and it's still coming down. YAY!

I get to shovel the driveway at lunch.

I'm sure this will get old eventually but right now I am lovin' this white stuff. Of course, I don't have to drive in it.

Oh wow...I can throw snowballs after I shovel...just thought of that!

Who needs to watch Mission Organization at lunch when there are snowballs to throw and driveways to shovel??


Was still snowing at lunch, so I baked an Amy's Organic Pizza for lunch and watched Mission Organization after all. And threw snowballs. Snow in my backyard measured out at 9 inches right off the deck.

And now, gonna head out and toss some (snow) balls and shovel and gaze in wonder at the fluffy stuff. I wonder if this will ever get old?

10 Weird Things About Me

The History Chic started this and I am guessing she meant to tag us telepathicly...or telepathetically...or pathetically? Who knows?

Anyway, here we go.

Ten Weird Things About Me

1. I HATE exposed electrical outlets. I will hide them with blenders full of M&M's or cutesy nightlites or anything else I can get my hands on.

2. When I tear a piece of paper I have to tear it into quarters each time.

3. I have preview conversations with myself before I have to confront someone.

4. I lose it each and every time I see snow fall. We're talking mega-freak-out.

5. The older I get, the harder it is for me to shut the fuck up on political opinions. I was called a Closet Republican at Drinking Liberally tonite. HA!

6. More corny than weird, but here goes..each time I mail a letter to a friend, I kiss the back of the envelope before I put it in the mailbox. Hmmm...maybe that IS weird now that I type it. Oh least I'm honest!

7. I can remember most conversations with my clients verbatim. One of my guys accused me of typing copious notes, since I always ask about his dog and keep track of his last 4 girlfriends.

8. I never close the door from the laundry room to the garage all the way when I go into the garage cause I am afraid a gust of wind will close it and lock me out of my house.

9. I study each daily sunset in case it is the last one I ever see.

10. I tell my house good night right before I fall asleep each night.

OK..first 5 Blogger Buddies that read this on Thursday, tag, you are so it!

The Thousand Mark

The thousand mark.

Seems like I've had a lot to say since I started this here blog. This was my first post, back in March of 2004. And here we are today.

Wondered if I should have a special 'theme' for this post. Maybe a retrospective? A look back down Memory Lane. A wondering glance at the future?

Or maybe I'll just comment on the present and take it from there.

Spouting my words out into the internet has been wonderfully rewarding in so many ways. I've made contact with people from all over the world, met some wonderful and special new friends (talkin' to you Denver and Delaware bloggers!) and have used it to keep in touch with family and friends as well. Have written almost every month since I started, except for the period after Hurricane Wilma when my life was in a horrible place and I feared that writing about the emotions that were a little too close to the surface would not be good for anyone I stopped writing.

Back when I first started, I was pretty much a political newbie. Consumed and passionate as all get out. Not near as articulate as the big league bloggers that I was starting to read morning, noon and night, but what I lacked in written eloquence I feel I made up for in getting and staying involved in local politics. Work with your strengths, ya know? Cold-calling and door-knocking suit me fine. Writing a 500 word diary on Daily Kos? Eeeek! No thanks!

Present day, I am once again involved with politics, this time in CO. Back in 2004 I was so hopeful that my efforts would place honest and upright candiates where they needed to be. When my efforts and the efforts of the rest of my political ilk failed, I was devastated to the brink of despondancy. Pushed back from everything and everyone political. But I've come back out of necessity and desparation. I want to make a difference. My efforts might not result in any wins, but at least I'm doing something instead of just sitting at home blogging about it.

Sititng at home blogging. That used to be my main form of entertainment when I lived in FL. Here in CO, my blog has been my lifeline to the Denver area. By meeting the oh-so-friendly Denver blogging populace, I've been to lots of new places with uber cool people and have had killer times. And it just keeps getting better.

In a nutshell, while my life was good at post #1, post #1,000 has found me happier than I've been in many years. Could I be any happier when post #2,000 comes around? I can't imagine how I could be, but then again, you never know with blogs.

I'll let ya know when it happens.

Two New Links

One organization I passionately support is NARAL.

Also discovered a new Colorado-based organization called Choice Vote Colorado that's just developed an on-line presence.

It disturbs me to no end that Bill Ritter has not responded to Choice Vote Colorado's poll regarding voting Pro-Choice. It might be a minor point to others, but it is a major sticking point with me. So, I'm calling his office over the weekend to see who I can chat with and see what their rationale is for him not responding to the poll. I know that Ritter is Catholic and is personally Anti-Choice. That's his right.

As my potential governor, I want to make sure that if my birth control glitches and I wind up pregnant (it does happen!), I'll be able to safely and legally have an abortion. Or get EC without getting any grief from a holier-than-thou pharmacist. Which also happens. You'd think that in this day and age there would be no question whatsoever on this issue.

Sadly, we've not come as far as we should have.


Called Ritter's office and spoke with one of his staffers. She was very pleasant and tried to help me but since I had already read Bill's statement page and still had questions, she said she'd have a staffer get back to me.

Here is a copy of the follow up letter I emailed to the campaign :


I spoke with Liz Broder this afternoon, trying to get some information on why Bill did not respond to the Choice Colorado PAC questionnaire on Abortion Rights.

While chatting with Liz (who was very pleasant and professional, by the way!) she directed me to Bill's statement page. I am aware of the statement page and while it all sounds good, the fact that Bill has not answered the questionnaire gives me cause for concern.

Actions DO speak louder than words.

Have enclosed a link to my blog where I posted about this issue. Several of my readers are waiting to hear what the response will be from the Issues Staff, as am I.


So there ya go. Will keep you posted as to when and what I hear back.

You Heard It Here First

For the last couple of nights I've been having dreams of a huge celebration in St. Louis, MO. Had no idea what it meant.

Today I get around to reading the news and duh! it dawns on me...World Series.

So I'm going on record as calling it for the Cardinals.

Doesn't hurt that I have a special place in my heart for Tony LaRussa. He managed the Oakland A's when I lived in San Jose. He was also a huge Animal Rescue advocate, which of course rates huge brownie points from me. During one game a cat got on the field and Tony was the first one out on the field to rescue the invading and very confused kitty. Nice!

Not sure who you're rooting for...I'm not following baseball much this season so I could care less who wins. Let's see if my dream-thoughts are correct and the Cards win the title.

Time For A Change

Rather than buy a sporty roadster or go off on a round-the-world jaunt, decided to spice up my Blog layout and change up my MySpace layout as well.

Yeah, livin' on the edge here in Kathyland.

Really love the new MySpace layout and this one is ok too...much better than the former.

With the season of cold and snow fast approaching, I'm getting the urge to cozy things up a bit.

Anyway, don't forget to refresh your browser so you can see my Blog in all its' Fallish glory.

Update :

(Eek!! MySpace is tinkering with stuff and it made all my friends dissapear from my main page. Y'all are still there in the Edit Mode. Just wanted you to know I didn't delete anyone!)

Why Are Weekends So Short?

Mine was over way too quickly.

Got my iMac back tonite...yay!

New heat sink innards, new keyboard and new surround around the keyboard. The Mac Dudes were cool as always. Yet another reason I am a proud and loyal Apple-fanatic.

Yet another weekend full of the best intentions halfway fullfilled.

Things I did do were:

Catch up on my reading, finish watching Episode 1 and 2 of the 2nd season of Lost (thanks James for getting me hooked on Lost big-time), returned stuff to Costco that I didn't really need and were total impulse buys AND swung by the Yes on i office to pick up yard signs. Check 'em out at Coloradans For Fairness.

Things I didn't do but meant to do:

Too numerous to mention, so let's just leave it at that!

The weekend officially ended about 22 minutes ago, but I consider it still 'the weekend' until I crawl into bed, close my eyes and fall asleep.

Which sounds pretty good right about now.


iMac Is Sick :-(

Well boys and girls, am blogging from my work PC cause my little iMac is in the shop for what seems to be a very prevalent issue amongst new iMac owners. Commonly referred to as 'Sudden Shutdown Syndrome', enough iMacs have reported this symptom to Apple so the Apple peeps did some investigating and discovered that the 'heat sink' apparatus was malfunctioning.

This resulted in the iMac shutting down suddenly at random times. Also resulted in a REALLY warm lap most of the time. Ouch!

Should have my baby back by Sunday evening. The Apple Genius Jeremy (hi Jeremy, try not to add 50 new people to my MySpace account, ok??) said all the parts were in stock so it was just a one day fix.

In the meantime, I will limit myself to checking email once a day on my work PC.

Can you say withdrawal?

Thanks to my buddy John for the fyi on the heat sink issue!

Maybe...'s time.

Time to have a doggy in the house.

Not for keeps, not permanent. Not ready for any living breathing entity to live here permanently other than moi.

Met someone at a party last week that's involved in Airedale Rescue. When she found out I used to be a Kennel Guide and a Foster Mom in FL, we exchanged info and she said she'd call me. Today I emailed the friend who threw the party where I met the Airedale Mommy. Told her I needed to talk to her friend.

I have been thinking about doing this since last Saturday night.

Going back and forth.

Cons -

Loss of freedom
Responsibility for an animal
Risk of heartbreak when I give it back
Possible potty goofs (this is really the least of my worries)

Pros -

A dog gets to hang with me and sleep in my warm house instead of a cold, drafty shelter
Since I work at home, built-in company all day
I am a wonderful doggy Mom - not braggin', it's a fact!
Fenced in yard with lots of green grass to snif and play in
I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking dogs for walks
It could be a mutually beneficial experience

So right now I am open-minded and waiting for further discussion. My gut feeling says it's the right thing to do.

We'll see.

The 'Puppy Chronicles' category on my blog might be dusted off sooner than later.

(Disclaimer - The fenced in yard is for play and poop/pee with maternal supervision at all times. No dog of mine will ever be left in the backyard all day...I don't work that way, just so ya know)