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GABF- Day 2

Guess what, boys and girls?

Day 2 and Day 3 were sold out. Couldn't get in. Yep, am not lying.

So Thursday night was it.

Lessons learned. Next year I'll buy my 3 day pass the day it goes on sale. No, make that the hour it goes on sale. The minute it goes on sale?

And speaking of next year...11 Oct 2007.

Start planning now. I'll be there....will you?

GABF- Day 1

Let's face it. With 1600 beers available for tasting, no way in hell was I going to attempt to taste all of them. Some were trying to accomplish that feat, but I wasn't one of them.

Decided that a tactical approach would be best. Hit my favorites first, then grab some food, hit some unknowns, break for an informational meeting session, then finish up with pix and a non-alcoholic beverage to prepare for the ride home.

First off the bat was my #1 favorite from last year :

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery - Sampled the Punkin Ale, 90 Minute IPA, Festina Lente and a new mixture called Black and Blue..brewed with coriander, I wanna say blueberries and I forget what else but damn was it tasty!

Shipyard Brewing Company - Again started off with the Punkinhead Ale (excellent with bbq, I'll have you know!) then tried the Old Thumper Extra Special Ale.

After attending last year's GABF,  it took me two weeks to find liquor stores in FL that carried both of the beers above. When I found them, snagged 3 sixers of each.

Of course, the next brewery holds a special place in my heart since they are hosting our Drinking Liberally  party this Saturday night. None other than Flying Dog Brewery! Talked to several of the guys from Flying Dog, they are looking forward to Saturday night as well. I am looking forward to having more Dogtoberfest, Flying Dog Pale Ale and In-Heat Wheat.

Ran into Bryan from Great Divide ...hadn't seen him since I met him on the plane coming back from Lolla. For those of you going to the GABF tomorrow or Saturday, stop by the folks at Great Divide and try some Titan IPA, Hercules Double IPA and you gotta ask for seconds after you try the Wild Raspberry Ale...that was truly delish!

Tried a couple more samples from several breweries I had never heard before, then headed over to the 'Brewer's Studio' to listen to some of the top leaders in brewing talk about the future of beer and where it's headed.

On the panel were Rob Tod of Allagash Brewing Company, local Boulder brewer Adam Avery of Avery Brewing , the energetic Sam Calagione of previously mentioned Dogfish Head, Tomme Arthur of Port Brewing Company  and Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing Company .

All of the guys are friends and they regaled the audience with anecdotes from their trip to Belgium to  check out Belgian brewing methods. All 5 are collaborating on a beer that will be released when it's good and ready to be released is all they would say about it. Sam brought a pitcher of his Dogfish Head Festina Lente mixed with another beer (forget which one) which resulted in a tres yummy about a personally crafted brew!

The meeting cube was standing room only and the final thought they left us with is that we are determining the future of beer in the US by what we like and taste and share. They encouraged everyone to keep exploring, drinking and sharing good beer. It sorta felt like a patriotic mandate. So, being the patriot I am, went out and had more beer.

The Utah Brewers Cooperative had a really decent Squatter IPA, the Wasatch Evolution Amber Ale really kicked it, and the Wasatch Poligamy Porter was good but not as good as the matching t-shirt the pourers were wearing. My Utah pourer suggested I go over and visit a brewer he used to work for in Las Vegas. Being as I'm not one to overlook the power of networking, I hightailed it over to Chicago Brewing Company which as I said is in Las Vegas and omg, tried an elixir the likes of which I've never tasted. Sorted tasted like beer but within 4 seconds of tasting Hawaiin Honey my mouth and tastebuds didn't know what to think other than gimme more. So I had more. Then thirds. They used a special process of combining clover honey in the brewing process and all I could think about was pairing it with a nice Honeybaked Ham (the kosher kind, of course!!). The Hawaiin Honey was the best find of the show.

Saving the best for last, visited a booth that does not sell beer, but sells cheer. And if you are a Denver local and plan on visiting the GABF, you MUST MUST MUST stop by X-Communicated Mormon Drinking Team and buy something...anything...from them. Tell Bryce and the guys that Kath (that liberal chick) sent you. These guys are hilarious, their schwag is to die for and yes, they are all ex-Mormons.

OK, enough of the words. Wish I could share the beer with all of you, but alas, I cannot. But I do have pix to give you the feeling of being here...just without the plane ticket, the hotel room (or crashing at my house), the altitude and the $40 to gain entrance. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Cheers, guys!

Brewers Roundtable

Dogfish Head Dudes

Bryan from Great Divide

Flying Dog Dudes

X-Communicated Mormon Drinking Team

Vacation All I Ever Wanted..

Just logged off my work computer. I am officially on vacation.


Busy weekend ahead! Great American Beer Fest. Drinking Liberally National Convention. Beer. Fun. Beer. Fun. Having fun times with liberals while drinking beer. Fun.

Things could be worse.

Internetting will be sporadic but pix will be taken and YES my darlings, am drinking for all of you this weekend.

Catch ya later.

Want vs. Need

What I want to do :

Continue to sit here and vege and work on getting rid of my migraine that is almost gone...the one I've had since it woke me at 4:15 this am.

What I need to do:

Weed baby, weed! Tomorrow is trash day. Tomorrow is home inspection day. The weeds are threatening to kick my butt.

Clear choice on what I NEED to do. I need to weed.

Being a responsible homeowner SUCKS at times.

Ok, getting off my whiny soapbox. Lots of people in New Orleans would kill for a chance to pull weeds in their own yard. Or at least for a chance to get out of their FEMA trailers and have a yard.

Reality check complete.

Later...weeds are calling.

Welcome Back Home... the 'Dome .

It's hard for me to watch tonight's edition of Monday Night Football without tearing up every 10 minutes.

This is a wonderful night for the Saints, the people of NOLA and for everyone that has believed in NOLA and the rebuilding efforts.

When my buddy Chris took me on a tour of New Orleans, it started on the way home from the airport when we passed the Super Dome. Granted it was at night and the visibility was not the best, but what I could see gave me goosebumps. It was only the beginning of a weekend filled with goosebumps every time you turned a corner and saw the destruction.

The weekend did have bright spots where signs of recovery were evident. I cannot begin to imagine all the good feelings and positive vibes that are happening in Dome tonite.

For the longest time, Chris and I have had a good-natured where is the cooler, neater place to live. I say Denver (am I right, Denver Bloggers??) and he says NOLA.

For at least tonite, I will have to agree with Chris. New Orleans is definitely the place to be tonite.



Day started out lovely. Out to Golden to sightsee and take pix. On the way home the 'check engine' light comes on in my truck. I panic, but make it home safely. Hoping whatever is causing it is not expensive or time-consuming.

Did you ever write a letter to a friend who you are on the outs with and mail it, even tho what you said could be construed as painful, yet honest? Or did you never press send and instead just keep it saved? Ever sent a letter or an email and then regret it? A mixture of both? Is it ok to hurt someone a little bit when they have fucking devastated your life? Or is it always better to take the high road? I need some help on this one.

Did a huge splurge ($12) and got bamboo diffuser rods from Pier One. Rainfall. At least mine was marked Rainfall. It should have been marked 'Worst Migraine Of Your Entire Life".

That's all I got, guys. Hurts too much to type anything more.


Typepad (the wonderful hosts of my blog) will be down from 10pPDT-2aPDT tonite.

And in further housekeeping related news, I switched my primary email account from Yahoo to Gmail about 2 months ago. Have sent out several reminders since switching. If you are still sending email to my Yahoo account, you might want to switch to my Gmail account. Just a thought! Won't be checking Yahoo all that much going forward.

OK, catching up on work then heading out and about to the southern realms of Castle Rock.



...and not at the Disco, either.

Not sure if my tree outside is dying...or if the leaves are turning cause it's getting colder. None of the other trees on my street are dying...or turning yellow...just mine. I look at it all day long as I work. I am pretty sure it is dying and I will have to replace it. Will post a pic of it tomorrow.


Watched the first episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'. Only reason was that I watched the last two episodes last season so I could tell Jillibean what happened since she was traveling in case her then boyfriend forgot to record it.

OK, I am not a Grey's fan. Not even close.

For those of you that are, answer me this. Just what the hell is Meredith's problem? She looks like a neurotic drowned rat! How is that sexy? She's not in the least confident which is why she can't make a rational adult decision and WHY?? is she all in love with the dark haired Dr who cheats on his wife? He is not McDreamy...maybe McSemi-Cute but please, any guy that cheats on his wife, who cares what he looks like? Go for the vet. Much cuter. Much wiser. So what if the doc said he loves her? So what the fuck??

Or maybe cause I haven't watched it much, I don't realize that Meredith used to be really confident and really wise and made sound decisions but she had a breakdown or something? Tell me I'm right, ok??

Not meaning to be mean, but I really don't get her. Not at all.

Man, I am so not used to network tv. Can you tell??

Frugality Is Fun!

In my ongoing challenge to live frugally...

*Use coupons. Saved $10.30 in coupons at King Sooper' a $5 coupon for buying more than $50 in groceries, the other a $2 coupon for buying at least $7 in frozen foods. Since it had been a month since my last shopping trip, hitting the $50 minimum was easy.

*If you know you have flying in your future, stick with one airline. All the flights I made to Denver last year to househunt were on Frontier. Cashed in my miles and guess who gets to fly to CA for free at Christmas?

Lunch challenge - how many of you buy your lunch every day? Living right around the corner from Wendy's and about a mile away from The Border, Qdoba and KFC, I was getting into the FFFL (Fast Food For Lunch) habit. Average cost of lunch was $4.50.

Have gone cold-tukey for the last two weeks. No fast food for lunch.

Gonna try it again for the next two weeks. Wanna join me in this challenge?

What Is Real?

Woke up wondering how much more I had to pack before I'd be ready to drive off to San Diego in time to move into student housing before school starts.

Then it dawned on me that it was a dream...the whole moving to San Diego to start grad school plan...was nothing but a dream.

Bummer. The student housing was all cool and design-y and solar powered. It probably woulda been fun.


This theme: 'The Bravest Thing I've Never Done' has been on my mind for the last several weeks. Have made several false starts at writing a post. Finished one, but it was way too personal to post. I'm like that sometimes.

So I'll throw it out to you guys to take and run with on your own.

Let me know how you do.

Tip Time

Was telling my buddy Jillibean of my new fascination with all things frugal.

It's a new kick I'm on, out of necessity and also cause it's sorta challenging and I always like to turn challenging into fun (if at all possible).

So thought I would share with you every now and then what 'frugal tip' I've learned or practiced or am learning to practice.

Staring with my #1 mantra, is it a want or a need, have only spent $2 since last Tuesday. That's it! Of course, haven't gone anywhere other than the mailbox and King Soopers on Saturday to cash in the Lotto tix my parents won while they were visiting last month. No grocery shopping (would kill for a glass of ice-cold milk right now), no fast food, no drinks, no concerts, no nuthin!

What I HAVE done is yard work, lots of work-work, stuff around the house and have caught up on a couple of books.

I know eventually I will spend money but wanted to see how long I could go without doing it.

This is my little experiment...feel free to play along if ya want.

Was at work in Boca Raton, FL

(my post on one of the political blogs that I subscribe to)

We all worked in close-quartered cubicles.

Everyone was screaming. Easily 30-40% of our 300+staff was from New York or the surrounding area. One new team member was hysterical, as this was her second week with us after quitting her job at the World Trade Center. It was non-stop crying and panic and bedlam.

We tried to stay focused and call our clients ( I work in travel healthcare) who are spread out all over the US. Called 3 of my clients in VA...attempted I should say, since the circuits were all busy.

One by one they all called me. All 3 were safe and had worked the night shift. One lived in an apt 4 blocks from the Pentagon and was knocked out of bed when the Pentagon was hit. All my clients were called back to their respective hospitals to wait for survivors. There were none.

My company closed up shop by 11 am in both our MA and FL locations and told us to go home and be with our families. We were paid for the rest of the day.

I was newly separated so I went home to my one bed apt and sat and stared at the tv for the next 2 days.

I had no family or friends in NYC. Had never been there. Had no idea what the World Trade Center or 'The Towers' were. And frankly, the one thing it reminded me of was during the Gulf War when they kept repeating over and over 'They are bombing Tel Aviv'.

9/11 was one of those days that you'll remember for the rest of your life. One of my clients is at Ground Zero today for the memorial service. She just sent me a pix via cell.

Don't really know if we'll ever get over this. Or if we should.


Our company president, CEO and CFO were all in New York for a meeting at the World Trade Center. Their meeting was running late so they stepped across the street for a quick breakfast before their meeting.

That still chokes me up to this day.

They all made it home safe and sound a week later.

Necessary Paperwork

Seeing as I'm going thru a period of taking care of business and getting all my ducks in a row and basically just trying to have each and every aspect of my life under control, I snagged a Living Will form from my local hospital.

Figured no time like the present to complete one now and cross yet another line item off my ever-increasing to do list.

However, ran across a Living Will I liked better than the one I got at Rose Medical Center.

Thanks to Drunk Bunny !

Living Will Form

I, Kath of Kathyland,  being of sound mind and body, do not wish to be kept alive for even a nanosecond by artificial means.

Under no circumstances should my fate be put in the hands of pinhead politicians who couldn’t pass ninth-grade biology if their lives depended on it. Nor in the hands of  lawyers/doctors who are interested simply in profiting from my misfortune.

If a reasonable amount of time passes and I fail to ask for at least one of the following:

Jager Bombs
Avocado & Bacon Cheeseburger from Cherry Cricket
My iPod
My cell phone
A computer with access to blogs

…it should be presumed that I am not capable of living a quality life ever again.

When such a determination is reached, I hereby instruct my appointed person and attending physicians to pull the plug (and/or hold a pillow over my face), reel in the tubes and call it a day.

At this point, it is time to call a bagpipe player to my funeral and then a New Orleans Jazz Funeral Band to come do their thing, and ask all of my friends to tap the keg or mix up a ton of JB's and raise their glasses to toast the good times we have had.

Then  rush home and blog about it.


Signature: Kath


So True

My horoscope for today :

All your efforts are starting to pay off -- and there is balance in your life now.

Some people always stay on the surface, but not you -- you see layers of meaning and perceive subtleties that most ordinary mortals just don't get. An old situation holds new possibilities, thanks to you.

In this instance, it's true. Totally true.

Work had been kicking my ass for the last month. Was incredibly behind with no end in sight. So, rather than keep dreading it and putting it off, I went into high gear and worked my butt off this week. Getting up early. Staying late at work. Taking a break to do other stuff then going back into my office to work some more. Hadn't been this focused in ages.

As of today, I am caught up. Yay! Took me one hour today and finally finally, caught up! Huge sense of relief.

Also caught up in other areas of my life that were being neglected and nagging me ad nauseum.

Checkbook is balanced. Laundry done. Front and side yard looks presentable. Long-time friendship that had turned into something more problematic and toxic than was worth my time and energy (and loyalty), was jettisoned.

So yeah, I'm more balanced than I've been in ages. Gonna tweak some record-keeping tonite and get even more balanced. Also slept in until 11:22 this morning. Haven't slept that late in ages but boy did it feel good.

So there ya go. Balance in your life = good thing. Taking the steps to stop procrastinating so you can have balance in your life = a good feeling. Things, people, objects that cause more sadness than happiness = a peaceful feeling when you delete them from your life.

So it's time to kick back, crack open a new microbrew and pop some popcorn and watch DVD's. With no nagging concerns in the back of my mind.


Different Perspective

For the longest time it used to bug me that I didn't live in an area that had convenient mass transit to downtown Denver. Or anywhere else for that matter.

I do sorta kinda live out in the eastern boonies (Kansas, as Rosie once said) and if I want to get anywhere other than the grocery store 3 blocks away, I have to drive.

Then it dawned on me tonite as I was watching tv that... wait a minute...there WAS something good that I was doing for the environment. I work out of my house. I don't commute more than 5 feet. I haven't driven ANYWHERE since Monday night. Also haven't spent a cent since Monday night's trip to King Sooper, but that is another goal I'm working on. Frugality. It's the new black.

I felt better once I realized that I was doing something contributative. (Think I just made up a new word)

Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective, paradigm shift, call it what you will. I hate to say thinking outside the box cause that is so over, but that's really what it was.

So now that I've conquered that concept, next in line is doing something I've been petrified to do since January. Figured if I put it off, I'd never have to do it. Guess again, Kath.

OK, no one laugh...especially Gabe.

I need to set up my printer/fax/scanner and have no idea how to do it and am chicken to ask the IS dept.

So there...that secret is out of the bag.

That's my goal for this weekend.

That, and weeding some more and catching up on some sleep.

Speaking of which...


Still Here

It's been a nutso week so far. Averaging 11 hrs a day working. Work is indescribably bad lately. Sad thing is it's not just's everyone. Just a bad vibe going on lately and nothing going right. Not complaining as much as explaining.

Still have to write about Lolla...haven't's just a lot of stuff is on the backburner these days.

Am pretty beat and just remembered...DAMN IT...forgot to eat dinner the 3rd night in a row. Oh well, I'll's too late to eat now anyway.

Will be back to normal blogging soon...I hope.

NNSD, motechs*

* Hebrew for 'sweeties' :-)