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34 Talking Points

Rarely, if ever, do I post an entire article. This demands an exception.

34 talking points for Dems. In case they decide they want to govern again.

by Jay Esbe


1. Is the United States safer without it's allies?

2. Is the United States safer with it's military decimated and trapped in Iraq losing a batallion a month?

3. Is the United States safer with the entire Arab world enraged on account of an illegal war?

4. Did Bush get Bin Laden?

5. Is the United States safer with the Taliban back in Afghanistan and not enough troops because of Iraq?

6. Was America prepared on September 10th 2001 with Bush explicitly warned and supposedly in charge?

7. Was New Orleans safer with Bush in charge?

8. Do you like being told that if you don't support Republicans, you're "on the side of the terrorists"?

9. Did Bush "solve the middle east problem" or is it now erupting in flames?

10. Do you feel safer when Republicans cut port security bugets?

11. Did it tell you something when Bush tried to turn New York/New Jersey port security over to an Arab company?

12. Does it tell you something that the same Arab company is still in charge of New York/New Jersey port security 6 months after the arrangement was supposedly banned by congress?

13. Do you wonder why Bush opposed the creation of the 9-11 commission?

14. Do you wonder why he immediately hired a personal attorney after 9-11?

15. Do you wonder why Bush and Cheney REFUSED to be sworn in to swear to tell the truth when questioned by Congress about 9-11?

16. Did you liked being lied to 237 times to "justify" attacking Iraq?

17. Do you think a man who was willing to lie 237 times to attack a country which never attacked us, and to kill a hundred thousand innocent people in Iraq, might have been willing to kill three thousand people in New York city to "justify" doing what he wanted to do?

18. Do you think letting a thousand illegal aliens a day cross our border while confiscating your shampoo at the airport is a legitimate national security policy?

19. Do you think declaring there are "no symbols of national significance" in New York in order to justify cutting proposed anti-terrorism funding is a legitimate national security policy?

20. Do you like the 20,000 Iraq casualties for NOTHING; no WMD, no democracy, no peace, only increasing chaos and death?

21. Do you like starting unnecessary wars and then LOSING them?

22. Do you approve of remaining in a lost cause and watching our soldiers die only to protect Republican politicians from admitting the obvious defeat which has taken place?

23. Republicans have controlled all 3 branches of government for 6 years, who then is responsible for all this?

24. Do you think keeping the people who've lied and repeatedly failed national security on the job, to fix what they broke, is smart?

25. Do you like living in the most hated nation on earth now?

26. Do you like having a religious delusional who claimed ""God"" told him to strike at Saddam", with his finger on the nuclear button?

27. Would you like the United States to attack Iran on false WMD pretenses too? "Fool me once....": Bush couldn't even finish the sentance correctly, can you?

28. Do you want a man who believes Armageddon is "necessary" to fulfill his religious beliefs?

29. Do you want two more years of this nightmare?
30. Would you like Bush and Cheney re-questioned about 9-11 and compelled to answer under oath?

31. Had enough fear?

32. Had enough abuse of power, contempt of congress, violations of the Constitution, violations of the court, arrests, indefinite detainment, and torture without trial?

33. Had enough of being ashamed of your own country, all on account of a few contemptible criminals?

34. Tired of being held hostage to elevated terror alerts before elections and having your patriotism questioned when you notice they're compulsive liars?

If you have had enough, realize that the ONLY way to change this disastrous course, is to elect Democratic representatives who will act to remove Bush from office. A vote for ANY Republican anywhere, is a vote for more of the disasters you've already seen and worse to come.

Jay Esbe is a writer with a background in cultural anthropology and comparative religion and lives in Seattle Washington.

Catching Up

This is the first time in close to 3 weeks that I have been this caught up at work. Sad thing is, I'm no where near where I need to be, but this is getting close. Spent time after my normal work hours and more time goal is to be totally caught up by 15 Sept.

Health issues going on. Have had some tests...having more on Weds. Surgery might be in the near future but will know more in the next couple of days or so if meds will do the trick instead of 'the knife'!

And no John, am not getting a boob job! Thanks for your concern, tho :-)

Clock on my laptop (which is back to normal, thanks for asking) just turned past midnite.

Got a ton accomplished tonite...the urge to keep procrastinating is being replaced with the urge to get things done, for once and for all.

Until the weeds grow again.

Nah, weeds are on tomorrow's agenda.


All Better!

My laptop is all better. While it's not one of the iBook models that has a battery recall, the battery was acting up anyway. I would turn it off and it would turn itself on by itself, the battery would race, then die and then I'd have to charge it for a least an hour before it would start up again.

Weird, huh?

So I am back to keeping it on, 24/7.

So how was your weekend?

Mine was pretty uneventful.

Errands, dinner out Saturday, stayed home all day Sunday. Did several projects I'd been putting off for ages (balancing my checking account, filing financial paperwork) as well as continued to procrastinate on things I said I would do (re-organizing the garage, weeding the backyard and catching up on work-work).

Some ya win, some ya put off.

Saw Brokeback Mountain. Very cool movie. Classic love story, in my opinion. Jake G rocked. Then again, Jake G could make a DVD of him reading the phone book and I'd rent it in a heart beat.

Am actually hooked on a reality show. Me, who never watches reality shows!

HGTV Design Star.

I really liked the last 3 contestants. In the beginning the show was annoying due to the high drama factor. But once Ramona, Donna and Temple got booted, things got my opinion.

Bypassed the Emmy's. What little TV I watch is cable...HGTV, Food Network, The Daily Show and ESPN or network sports are about it. Did see the list of the Emmy winners online. Only a couple of the shows sounded familiar.

Sorta boring wrap-up, I know. But that's what ya get when ya have a boring weekend!

What A Day

Drama yesterday, drama last night. To bed at 2 but not really falling asleep until 4. Up at 5.

Another day, same thing.

Driving home from the post office tonite and I can't keep my eyes 7:30 at night!?? That is just wrong.

Tomorrow is work, Dr's appt, more work, then is anyone up for sitting under a new gazebo and getting mildly shitfaced? Yes? Call's a date!

PS- Please don't call tonite. My teeth are brushed, face washed and calling it a!

Dumping Grounds

Twice in the last two days, two friends have shared with me stressors and events in their lives. They both referred to it as 'core dumping'. Coincidence? Nothing is truly a coincidence.

As a benefit to all my readers aka adoring throngs (in thongs???) feel free to do a 'core dump' of your own.

Be my guest...dump away.

Ready...set....el dumpola!

Maybe I should get American Standard to sponsor this post?

Day In Pictures, Part Two

Busy day!

I worked while Dad and Mom finished the gazebo, the plumbers finished the toilets then I forcibly dragged my parents to a special landmark in Denver (Hungarian Freedom Park) then out to dinner at BJ's after a quick stop at Kohl's to complete my new bathroom ensemble.

Had a cool new dessert at BJ's called a 'Bazookie'?? My parents have it all the time when they are do Kelly and Diane (my sisters). It was truly delish!!

My parents leave for CA tomorrow and I will really really miss them. It was heaven having them here.

Ok, here's some pix and due to popular demand, got Mom to appear in some of the pix as well.











A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

What a weekend!

You already read about the toilet fiasco. After much tossing, turning and thinking things thru, a plumber is dropping by tomorrow to try and alleviate the leaking problem. And if he can get the guest room crapper properly installed he'll have a go at installing the one in my Master Bath.

Saturday we did minor projects around the house (my wind chimes are finally up-yay!) then headed out to Red Rocks. Lunched at the Red Rocks Grille then off to here and there for errands on a rainy afternoon.

Today. Oh my goodness. After they went to church and  Home Depot (like father, like daughter!) it was time to start Project Gazebo. The start of the project coincided with the sun arcing over the house to hit the deck full blast. Took before and after pic and then the fun began.

My Dad has done home improvement projects for the last gazillion years. He has remodeled our family home big-time. He has helped countless friends with their add-on's and home projects. And he's a woodshop instructor's aide. So I was thrilled to have his expertise and guidance.

Power tools, baby! My dad showed me how to use my mitre saw, skilsaw, cordless drill, corded drill. I cut, drilled, un-drilled, re-drilled, sweated my ass off and learned a ton. I now feel confident around power tools. Not perfect by any means, but definitely on my way.

We were able to get most of the gazebo done after taking several breaks, once of which was a trek to my next-door neighbors backyard to check out her garden. My neighbor is the area Garden Guru and we left loaded down with fresh fruits and vegetables from her garden.

Before you read this next part, those of you that know me well might want to sit down.

I helped prepare dinner. You still with me??

Did prep work...peeled carrots (which I love doing) then chopped potaties and onions for the scrumptious pot roast my dad prepared. It was hard to concentrate with the aroma of pot roast wafting out onto the deck as we finished the gazebo install.

After dinner it was time for dishes, laundry and a shower that felt better than I can ever describe.

My parents are absolutely beat and are already upstairs sleeping. And I'm about to hit it as well.

Ok, here come the pix.

Have a great week!












Broke & Broken-Hearted

...and boy are my knees raw.

It was one of THOSE nights.

Started out with promise. Hope. Anticipation. Finally after waiting for all these months, everything would go down smoothly with no frustration and life would flow smoothly again.

But it was not to be.

Nah, the two new toilets that I bought at Home Depot totalled just over $700 with additional supplies (corded power drill- whoohoo baby!) like new seats, new wax rings, etc.

My dad was gonna show me how to swap out a toilet. He's installed a jillion toilets. But tonite's heartbreaker even made him throw in the towel in defeat. After we used the towel...several mop up the floor from the water that kept overflowing.

Take that, American Standard Champion toilet, guaranteed to flush 24 golfballs without ever clogging. We couldn't get the damn thing to stop leaking. We worked on it for over 3 hours, my poor Dad gashing his arm and mom helping where ever she could, me realizing that I SUCK at this stuff...urggg.

So now my parents don't have an operable toilet in the guest bathroom...which is driving me nuts cause the whole reason I wanted a new toilet was for the guest bath to be a bit nicer.

Decisions to be made. Take it back and re-install the old crappy (haha) one that clogged when you looked at it wrong, call the Home Depot plumber to come out and take a look at it, or just wake up in the morning and hope that this was all a bad dream.

Any of you guys run into this problem? Any solutions? Sympathies? Hell, I'll take anything at this point.

My dad just trudged off to bed. Had to wait for me to wash and dry the towels so he could shower. It's way past his bedtime which made me extra sad. The things that Dads do for their daughters!

Tomorrow, we'll see what solution I wake up with.

And then we'll tackle the gazebo set-up!

Am I a glutton for punishment or what??


Decided to leave the toilet in place and called Home Depot to see if they could send an installation guy out. After getting the royal run-around for 30 minutes, decided to find a plumber/handyman on my own. You guys know any handymen/plumbers you can refer? Hit me up on my private email.

As for the gazebo, it's raining so that task will be deferred until tomorrow. Am going to pile the folks in the truck - along with the other toilet I am returning- do the return at Home Depot then go out for a day of sight-seeing. Red Rocks in the rain is still pretty (right Jami??) and we'll hit some other fun places as well. Whole Foods on the way home for a pot roast, then guess who's cooking their daughter dinner tonite?? :-)

The only time there's cooking in my kitchen is when my parents come to visit.


Got an email from a former client/current friend with some happy news!

The tips I gave her on salary negotiation worked. She asked for what she wanted, they countered, she held firm, and she walked away with a larger salary than expected!

C, your email made my day, sweetie!

Congrats, good luck and remember...nothing is forever if it keeps you from following your dreams!


Spent this afternoon having a fun day o' medical tests. Poking and prodding...good times!

While I was waiting for my turn (I was in the Imaging Dept of a downtown hospital) the following group trudges into the waiting room.

Mother, daughter, son, son's girlfriend.

I know I can be very judgemental at times, but after what I saw today...well.. I was speechless.

Mother - brags about how she can have 5 kids at home, not work a day in her life, and welfare will take care of everything.

Daughter - Following in mom's footsteps. She is 23. Has 3 kids. 3 different fathers. They laugh...brag about cheating the system...laugh some more. Yes, they were talking out loud. Loudly out loud.

Son - Proudly proclaims how he is 20, has done time twice, how he can 'beat the system' next time, how 'he don't need no GED' to be a success.

By now I am ready to puke. Or tell them to shut the fuck up. Or both.

But wait. It gets better!

Son's girlfriend. Is there for an ultrasound. Everyone is thrilled. HS dropout...there's a shocker! Daddy-to-be doesn't work. Mommy-to-be doesn't work. Nice. Just lovely and nice and wonderful.

The part of me that thinks people need to be responsible for themselves and make the right choices is having a huge internal discussion with my inner Democrat.

Luckily my wait time is over.

Thank goodness.

[ a little bit later]

I clicked post and then went on to vacuum the upstairs. The whole time I was asking myself, what really was it about the group I observed that bothered me. Was it that they were happily cheating the system, or was it something else?

Came to the conclusion that it's parity. When you work hard, you get ahead. Put in the time, get the reward.

My parents arrive tomorrow. Have told some of you their story, but for those that don't know, my parents were determined to give their kids the best possible education. My dad promised my mom on their honeymoon that she could be a stay at home mom. He kept his promise...even when it meant he had to juggle 2 and sometimes 3 jobs. Catholic school for 5 kids isn't cheap.

Life was tough, to be sure, but did we ever go on welfare? No. Ever use foodstamps? No way. Ever sacrificed and scrimped and saved. Of course. Story of my life.

My parents made it happen and as we got older, we helped.

I am not saying that everyone on welfare cheats the system...not saying that at all. I guess there is one thing to cheat the system, and another to openly brag about it in a hospital waiting room.

Today was a microcosm of what's happening on a larger scope in the world. People that need help can't get it, whereas people that might not need it, get it and more. Like tax breaks for the top 1% whereas college funding that students must have in order to have a better life is slashed. Not a lot of parity there.

No one ever said life was's not and I have never thought fairness was a given. Still, it would be nice to see the good guys win every now and then.

Happy Birthday Jillian!

My uber-cute, uber-smart and very lawyerly-wanna-be buddy Jillibean is celebrating her birthday today.

First birthday in Louisiana. First birthday at LSU Law School. I'll be celebrating for her later on tonite. She specifically requested a Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae be consumed in her honor. Happy to oblige, sweetie. (And boy am I glad you are not into steamed lima beans!).

So all of you...head on over to her blog and give her some BD love. Then go out and eat a Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae. You know you want one!

Happy Birthday honey!

Love you,

Kath xo :-)

I Got Weeds

Big Time.

Told myself I was gonna pull 'em after work, since tomorrow is trash day and they would get disposed of post haste. I love that phrase, by the way. Post haste!

Instead, after work I blogged and conference called and slept. Was up until 4:30 this am...think that had something to do with the napping part.

My parents are coming for a week visit on Thursday. All of my life have had this thing, obsession, call it what you will, that whenever I have guests, the house MUST be antiseptically clean. Cleaner than usual...which is really really clean.

So I battled with myself....Type A Kath - 'You'd better get busy and stop blogging/watching HGTV/daydreaming so you can get the house in order before Thursday morning vs Slacker Kath 'What??? It's clean'll do just fine".

TA Kath- 'Clean out the fridge so everything can go out with the trash'.

SK- 'Damn, doesn't she ever shut up?'

So I cleaned out the fridge. Especially the Vanilla Bean Ice Cream container. Heh!

TA Kath- 'OK, that's a go outside and pull up all the weeds, throw the leftover sod in the trash barrel, place the sod that won't fit into the barrel on the street, wash off the front of the house, water the plants, wash the outside windows...c'mon, we have work to do'.

SK- ' I should check my email. Maybe a blog or two'.

Which voice will win? Who knows? At this point, who cares?

What I do know is I got weeds.

[Update- Went out and pulled weeds. Most of them. Sod was way too heavy to carry..I am a wuss, I guess. I now have bug bites. About 34 dime-sized bug bites. And I was just telling my FL buddy Howard (before I started weeding) that I am so happy to be in CO where I never get bug bites like I did in FL. I need to work on my timing]

Mourner's Kaddish

Magnified and sanctified be G-d's great name in the world which He created according to His will. May he establish His kingdom during our lifetime and during the lifetime of Israel. Let us say, Amen.
May G-d's great name be blessed forever and ever.

Blessed, glorified, honored and extolled, adored and acclaimed be the name of the Holy One, though G-d is beyond all praises and songs of adoration which can be uttered. Let us say, Amen.

May there be peace and life for all of us and for all Israel. Let us say, Amen.

Let He who makes peace in the heavens, grant peace to all of us and to all Israel. Let us say, Amen.


My dear friend Little lost his darling mother this evening at 9:30 pm EDT. Little and his partner Big flew home to be with Mom last night.

His Mom had endured numerous surgeries, treatments, you-name-it over the 3 years since she was diagnosed.

Scott and Scott, my love goes out to each of you and your family and friends. The Kaddish is the Jewish prayer for the deceased and I'll be saying it for Mom over the next week.

I'm glad you both were able to be with her and the rest of your family when they needed you most.


Kath xo

Newest Neighbor

Out here in Kathyland, it's pretty sparse. Not a whole lotta commerce around me, other than a King Soopers, Wendy's, a gas station and a Walgreen's.

That said, you can only imagine the immense joy and happiness I felt when I learned I will soon have a brand new neighbor in the very near future.

Now if only they would build in my neighborhood, life in Kathyland would be complete.

I Owe, I Owe

you a post on Lollapalooza.

I know.

It's on my To-Do List.

After paying my mortgage (done), mailing a package to one of my most fave and funnest relatives (also done), picking up an Rx from Walgreen's and catching up on laundry.

I do have to give an early-warning way to go to Hubs for turning me on to Mates of State. Saw them at Lolla and OH. MY. GOD! They are so many things. Rockers. Musicians. Spouses. Really cool and nice people that you would totally want to have over to hang out with. Their show was PACKED with a spellbound audience that hung on their every word and note.

So thanks Hubs for my latest addiction :-)


I was an idiot tonite.

Now I know some of you are thinking 'well, when aren't you?' or ' tell us something we don't already know' or even 'well DUH!'.

But even I'll admit that tonite was one for the books.

After working late, blogging and taking a nice hot shower, hit the door running to get out and vote, grab dinner, run errands, then be home in time to finish more work that I couldn't finish even tho I worked late.

Was schocked to discover I was not in CD-7 after all, but CD-1 (Yay, Ed Perlmutter- who I would have voted for). So I voted, headed over to find dinner near Target/Stapleton but just couldn't go to Famous Dave's since I have been there so much lately, so I headed over to Heidi's on Colorado for dinner, then hit the Cherry Creek Target.

Shopping at Target is like what I think being on drugs would be like. Peaceful. Relaxing. Fun. Stress-less. Was so relaxed, meandering up and down the aisles. Got some cute stuff, some needed stuff and a surprise for a special person in my life. Even had a cute little flirt going with a really funny guy looking for a card to give to a female buddy of his...all in hopes of getting some action...nothin' wrong with that.

Anyway, came out to the parking lot and couldn't find my truck. Looked here. Looked there. Looked everywhere. YES, I did look in the parking lot next store. Nada.

So I went back inside, called the cops and filed a report, all the while trying NOT to freak from all the thoughts racing thru my head. Like 'they'll find my address and get into my house thru the garage' or ' by the time I get home my house will be totalled' to 'how the hell will I get home'?

Called Scott and Bethany who live about 3 blocks away. No answer. Called T even tho he was at work cause he is the buddy I call when I freak so badly I can no longer hold it together on my own. Went out to meet the Glendale police and spoke with Target Loss Prevention Mgr and her associate. She suggested I take another turn around the parking lot. I said that I'd be happy to even tho I had already looked.

Yep, you guessed it.

Didn't look quite hard enough. Or far enough.

My truck was there, right where I left it. So far away, that I couldn't recognize it. Oh. My Goodness. I felt like such a LOSER.

(ok, here is where you start laughing).

After profusely apologizing to the Loss Prevention people and the very kind Glendale Police Officer, I loaded my purchases into my truck and drove home so thankful that my truck WASN'T stolen...and so completely embarrassed that I thought it was.

Called T and gave him permission to make fun of me for the rest of the night...he has 40 more minutes to take me up on the offer.

Moral of the story?

It's time for glasses! And to remove all personal info from my car since I really got a second chance tonite. If only I can get a second chance with the guy in the card aisle.

130 In 3


It will take me a day or two to adequately describe the sites, sights, sounds, events and people that touched my life forever over this past weekend.

In the meantime, pix for your viewing pleasure.






Top to bottom : Buckingham Fountain (entrance to Grant Park) with the Chicago Skyline in the background, Saturday at Lolla on the way to see Coheed and Cambria, Coheed and Cambria, Jared Leto stage-climbing, Jared on solid ground.



Vacay starts tomorrow afternoon.

Leaving for the airport the second I log-off from my work pc.

Not taking my laptop. May not even take my cousin up on his kind offer to use his laptop while I'm there.

Think I can go for 4 days without checking email?

Place your bets and odds below.

[Edit- Was talking to Jillian and hit upon this brilliant idea! Old-fashioned blogging...aka...journaling! Will take a journal with me to record my thoughts and impressions of my trip and all things Lolla. PLUS, it will give me incentive to finally make that 'lists of all lists' that I had been telling one of my buddies I was gonna write 2 weeks ago...and haven't done yet. Hope springs eternal. ok, back to work)

[Edit #2- Rosie, Shmeder and Heather - I will be within 25 minutes of an IKEA. Will try and pay homage on your behalf.]

Not The Funnest Day

Monday after work I made the mistake of taking a 4 hour nap. Woke up shortly after 8:15 last night and have been awake ever since. Nope,didn't even doze for a second.

Worked the entire day with a killer migraine, food poisioning from Wendy's (yeah, good times) and had several clients scream at me for good measure.

Had to work late to prepare for vacation, cleaned out the garage, cleaned out the fridge, prepared the guest room for my lawn sitter, took out the trash and now I am going to crash big time and hopefully leave my migraine in my dreams.

Thanks to all my buddies who listened to me whine today. I needed the shoulder like you wouldn't believe. And I am more than happy to return the favor whenever needed.

Now here's the part I've been wanting to say all day :