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Post Ween/Weekend

So yeah. Saw WEEN Saturday night at Red Rocks.

Looking back at everything, it was ok. Yeah, just ok.

We did the carpool thing and went as a group...Shmeder and a friend, Rosalicious & Kev. Tailgated in the upper parking lot. Sun wasn't too hot, mood was great, company was fun.

Eventually made it inside...yikes! Stairs! Steep stairs! For someone with a massive and uncontrollable fear of heights, it was scary. But, the things ya have to do to rock out. It was my first time there, so I let Shmeder do the honors of snagging us seats and let me tell you boys and girls, she did not dissapoint. SHE ROCKED!!! 5th row, baby!

So we chitted and chatted with the nice guy Chuck that we sat next to for the last half of the Go! Team. They were good...very peppy!

Flaming Lips up next. WOW. My first FL concert. Very visual. Very over the top with dancing Santa's and dancing purple space aliens. Lots of confetti. Mega-confetti.Floaty gigantic green balloons in the sky. Good musicians but after awhile, the mic cam got very old. For some reason, they had a mini-cam stuck on the microphone and I saw way more of the lead singer's mouth...and teeth, and beard follicles than I ever really cared to see. Good music tho, but after awhile all I wanted was for WEEN to hit the stage.

After close to an hour (??) clean up after the Lips, WEEN took the stage at 11:15 ish.

[Inserting a personal rant here. For most of the concert, I was sitting on the end. Was happy to have a seat, no doubt, but all sorts of 'crowder-inners' decided to try and become friends so they could share my seat with them. Nah, not so much. The Security guy was great at shooing them away, but it got old really quick and only got better once WEEN took the stage and everyone moved to the  center.

What never got better and what totally fucking pissed me off was the people who HAD to smoke. They were everywhere. EVERYWHERE. The guards tried to manage it, but after awhile they gave up.

(Smoking is allowed on the far sides of the arena, but not in the main area) Couldn't breathe mid-way thru the Lips and it got worse once WEEN started. Felt like crap and at that point was frustrated beyond belief. This was a concert I had been waiting for for AGES. And now that it was about to happen, I was so miserable I almost cried. Selfish bastards. End of rant]

It was cool seeing WEEN. Cool when they played some of my faves. Realized I have no where near that knowledge that others have of WEEN...and that's was good music.

After awhile, I gave up,tho. Was just too uncomfortable from not being able to breathe. Took me 15 minutes to make it up the stairs and watched the last 6 songs from the top. Much better air quality up there.

One by one, everyone appeared at the top of the stairs. Fervent hopes for a breakfast burrito vendor to be waiting for us outside the entrance gate were dashed. Damn! We were starving, it was late - after 1 am- and we still had to get out of the parking lot.

After a rousing discussion of perceptions of 'real' friendships vs. 'blog' friendships we finally made it out of Red Rocks, were back at the Colorado Mills rendevouz pick-up place where NO restaurants were open, damn them, and thanks to eagle-eyed Kevin, we were in the drive-thru line at Taco Bell within 5 minutes after departing  Colorado Mills.

Starving doesn't even begin to describe how hungry we were. I thought Rosie was gonna pass out. After major scarfage, it was time to drop off the rest of my carpooling cohorts  then head home. Two nights in a row of getting to sleep past 3 am. Nice! Beats sitting at home watching HGTV and falling asleep on the couch.

Sunday is a day that hopefully Rosie and Kevin have forgotten by now. MOVING DAY! I have to give them props! They were the most cool, calm and collected movers I have ever seen. Very organized, very on top of things. I was very impressed. Was even more impressed when they did not laugh at me for all the height-challenged things I could not do and for having to wimp out on them with a break right in the middle of unloading the moving van at the new house.

Knowing them, they are probably all unpacked and sipping beers on the front porch, with lovely little Lucy at their feet.

Wound up the day with errands, BBQ out with Tom (he turned me on to a new BBQ place, given my newfound desire for weekly Sunday night bbq ribs) then came home to weed, water, do laundry, clean the kitchen, grocery shop, organize bills and unwind.

So that's the weekend wrap up. Two and a 1/2 more days to go then off to Chicago for hanging out with my cousin and hitting up Lollapalooza!

Tomorrow is August. Where has this year gone?



Just got home...was a fun night out.

First, Apple Class. Then, lovely pot roast (my fave!) dinner at my buddy T's house. Then Jager Bombs for dessert. Then more Jager Bombs. More.

Meet up with Blogger Buddies at Falling Rock.

More Jager shots. Beer. Several types. Jager. Beer. Beer. Jager. Rinse. Repeat.

Leave Falling Rock to go to a bar near T's. Helping the local economy, yeah baby!

Detour at the Celtic. Jager. Beer. Jager. Beer.

Thank HaShem I was not driving.

Arrive at T's safely after several hilarious convo's with Shmeder.

Crash in the guest room. Basement guest room. Nice, cool, dark.


Time for a nap now that I'm home.

Then WEEN!

I love my weekends!


Part of becoming friends is recognizing that your friends are wonderful and unique individuals. Not everyone processes events the same way I do. Not everyone is as open as I am...some more so, some not.

The journey of becoming friends and building the relationship between the two of you is an on-going process. Filled with delight, laughter, knowledge and an increased understanding of what makes you friends.

At times when your friend is having a rough go of life, you want to be supportive and let them know you care. If that friend is a blogger it's almost like a double-edged sword. You don't want to say too much cause you respect their dignity and privacy, yet you want to let others know that someone you care very deeply about is in a world of hurt and pain.

My friend/blogger buddy/client Little is going thru a very difficult time right now. My heart goes out to him, his partner Scott (Big- also on my sidebar) and Little's family...especially his mom.

Little, I'm here for you and Scott, no matter what time, day or night. You might not want to take or make calls...I totally understand. And if this post is too personal and you'd prefer I take it down, just say the word.

Love you,


Well DUH!!

Reading this gives me hope that Dems and Progressive Liberals might have a fighting chance to defeat the hate-based Administration that is currrently running amok.

For years it has bothered me...the notion that the Religious Right (an oxymoron if there ever was!) calls the shots in these United States. Truth in advertising would suggest renaming them the 'Rabid Holier-Than-Thou Hate Mongers', but I'll stay with Religious Right for now.

I am all for freedom of religion. Jesus, God, Buddha, Flying Spaghetti Monster...whatever floats your spiritual boat. I am not for you shoving your religion and your beliefs down my throat. Which is what I feel the RR has accomplished over the last 6 years.

Freedom of religion is why this country was founded. It's ironic that we have to mount a concerted effort to push back against the efforts of the RR. It makes me sick. It also makes me angry...make that angrier.

There is hope. Ralph Reed's defeat gives me hope. That more and more Republicans are disgusted by the current resident of the White House (that they voted into office - some voted TWICE!- ) gives me hope. Maybe people are FINALLY waking up to the ongoing tragedy that is Iraq and to the realization that the United States has become the laughing stock of the rest of the world. That's just for starters.

Too many agendas are hidden under the banner of the Religious Right. So let's fight back. We're close to losing many of our rights anyway, so what's it gonna hurt? After all, one of my favorite sayings is 'The religious right is neither'.


There is a wasp in my bathroom. AGAIN!

The last time this happened I totally freaked and sprayed his ass with Paul Mitchell hairspray then tried to beat him to death with a roll of paper towels before shoving him down the drain in the tub. Then I didn't use the tub for 3 months...just to be sure.

Well lo and behold, I clean out the tub yesterday and voila, a wasp is in my bathroom again. He's sitting on the window ledge. I can't quite tell if he is sleeping...or dead. Hoping dead. I've seen no movement in the last 30 minutes since I first spotted him.

Of all the times NOT to have a roomate/boyfriend/visiting guest over...urgggg.

Ok, who wants to come over and do wasp disposal for me? SERIOUS! I'm allergic to them and almost gave myself a heart attack last time I had to deal with one.



Hang gonna go check again.

Still snoozing/dead.

Only one thing left to do.

Bombard the bathroom with wasp spray, close the door, and leave the house. BBQ sounds good. In times of stress I turn to BBQ. Or blogging. Or both.

Wish me luck.


Just as I went to spray, my cell rang in my pocket and I jumped 10 feet and almost passed out. Told Shmeder I would call her back, then proceeded to work up my courage to blast the thing. The spray came out in a thick, white,gooey spray that covered the window, wall, ledge...and the wasp. Seems the spray can is very touchy. Wiped up the excess and crunched the wasp (he was dead!) in a paper towel then closed the door behind me.

Took close to 15 minutes for my heart to stop trying to jump out of my chest.

Chatted with Shmeder then headed off for BBQ ribs and the works.

Crisis averted.

Comcast Evil Plot?

I'm thinking Comcast is hatching an evil plot to get more Denverites out into the great outdoors.

Here's why...

Lost cable and internet last week from 7pm Sunday night to 9 am Monday morning. Then yesterday from 11am to 9pm. I mean, come on!!  Dudes, I USE the internet. Maybe way too much some would suggest. Whatever. I need it, I use it, case closed.

Since I did not have internet yesterday, was forced to think of other ways to occupy my time while waiting for my friend M to come over.

Did several loads of laundry, did the monthly drain cleaning (dump a cup of baking soda down the drain, follow with vinegar, watch it get all bubbly, then rinse with steaming hot water), did the same thing to the dishwasher then air-dried it, vacummed, swiffered, washed off the front of the house (bugs and spider webs...yuck!), finally took 'after' pix of my house to send to anyone that's interested, read, re-oranized my closet (took pix of that too...let me know if ya wanna see 'em!), and basically waited around for M while thinking of stuff to do.

She wasn't feeling all that great yesterday so I told her to take her time coming over.

We finally got to hang and head out for dinner around 9...did a couple errands before dinner...then got back to the house around 11:30.

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I realized that maybe not having internet for most of the day MIGHT have been a good thing, cause I sure got a lot of stuff done. Actually, other than pull weeds in the backyard, everything is done except for assembling the gazebo  (I'm gonna need help with that).


Anyone need their house decluttered?

Happiness is..

...the little things in life.

A spotlessly clean sink


A spotlessly clean kitchen


I have this 'thing' about eletrical outlets. I hate them...visually. So I camoflauge them.


( appears right side up in the preview- not sure what I'm doing wrong).

Anyway, you get the idea.

About to pass out, so you know the drill.



Need to get ready for Boulder DL. Need to take a shower like 5 minutes ago so I can leave on time. But's it's thundering. And starting to lightning. Was told never take a shower when it's doing that outside.

And then I'll have to blow dry my hair. When it is lighting outside. Ewww.

Oh man..stuff like this makes me nuts.


Busy night tonite.

Bought a gazebo after work. Originally $199 or so I thought. Went to pay for it and when Tyson the check-out guy said the total was $172, I told him he had undercharged me. He smiled, then advised me it was on a special 'in-store' sale. Then thanked me for being honest. Nothing to thank me's all about karma. Do good and good comes back to you.

Since the gazebo box is huge, my buddy T is bringing it over to my house today after work.

Last night was the weekly Apple class. Dragged T along with me since I'd convinced him to get an Apple not too long ago. Learned how to download pix from my camera and a couple other nifty tricks.

Towards the end of my class, my one-on-one guy was getting frustrated with me. He was trying to show me all these 'shortcuts'. Control this, control that. I don't do controls. That crap is for PC's. I use a stupid PC for work. I prefer drag and drop. That's why I have a mac.

I told him nicely thru out the night that I appreciated what he was trying to teach me, but it was not what I came there to learn and he was basically wasting our time. His response?

'You seem to be the type of girl that knows what she wants and zeros in on it...nothing stands in your way'.  Yep....that's a fair assessment. Then he suggested I try another teacher next week. When I playfully asked him if my anal-retentive-control-freak ways were getting to him, he just smiled.

Gee, all he had to do was to listen to his customer, ya know?

Speaking of customers...I am dreading a 2 hour conference call later on today.  Not dreading the call itself. For conference calls, I use the landline in my bedroom, get comfy on my bed and blog and surf while listening quietly...speaking rarely, if at all. Good times.

For tomorrow, however, we've been asked to come up with ways that we could be 'more helpful' to our clients...and make the whole sales process more efficient overall. OK, we have had this type of 'brainstorming' session 3 times in the last 4 years. Every time, I give my ideas...radical as they might be ie' can we focus on quality over quantity'? Every time, our suggestions are ignored.

So why is this time any different? Who knows.

So I am torn with coming up with THE EXACT SAME THINGS I SAY ALL THE TIME or just telling them what they think they want to hear. And of course, when push comes to shove, I will have to stay true to myself and be honest with what I think they could improve on...then  once again I will be viewed as the 'radical' with the wacky ideas.

I feel like Charlie Brown lining up to kick the football.

Will Lucy pull it up at the last second?

Who knows. Probably. But maybe not?

Saturday To-Do's

* Sleep in - check

* Water lawn that is dying cause the asshole neighbor kids wrecked 5 sprinkler heads - check

* Get aphid spray and commence killing the malicious little critters that are munching on my trees and shrubs

* Get hair cut at 2:45

* Meet the always-exciting-lives-life-on-the-edge Rosalicious

* Drink

Yeah, that should do it for the day.

It's a GORGEOUS Denver day so I'm heading out.

Enjoy your day where ever you are.

Yo, Denver Bloggers

Time to give some love to one of our own!

From the one, the only Howard

See! Comedy Done Without A Script!
My improv troupe, Monkey's Uncle, is doing its monthly show at Jazz@Jack's Monday night at 8. This is a perfect way to end those crappy Mondays that you know you're going to have because Mercury is all retrograde and crap. Plus we have Shari Myers back on the stage with us, so we get to play The World Of Shari. You just have to experience it to experience it!

Monday, July 17th
@ 8:00pm
Denver Pavilions, 16th Street Mall, Denver
3rd Level
$6, price includes admission to
Bomb Shelter Open Mic right after our show.

Happy Birthday Mark~

It's my buddy Mark's birthday!

He's been my best guy friend from my Sophmore year on (Freshman year he hated my guts cause I had the audacity to want to be a drummer and they just didn't want any geeky girl drummers) and has been the epitome of a great friend.

He always had my back, no matter what. Told all of his girlfriends that I was his buddy and if they had a problem with it, then it was their problem and they needed to get over it.

Almost every Saturday I'd help him wash his van or his car or whatever particular vehicle he had at the time. From Mark I learned that if you are going to do something, do it right the first time. Keep your stuff spotless. Never eat in the car if at all possible (I still think about that to this day!). And most of all, if you make a promise to a buddy, you keep it. He always did for me. And I like to do the same for my buddies to this day.

Mark drove me down to San Diego State when I started college. Helped me move in. Going to college was a battle at the time cause my parents really didn't think I should go...why? I was Catholic and what more did I need than to find a guy and get married and have kids? (They changed their minds over the years). Mark stood behind me and supported me in my goals..paying for college on my own, getting good grades and telling me to stay away from my druggie ex-boyfriend Nile. That one was hard, but I felt that Mark had good judgement and was always right, so I listened to him. Nile was history.

It's really cool that after all these years, we're still buddies..we still talk...and he cracks me up like no one else can do.

Happy Birthday're the best friend a chick could ever hope for!

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

...and residents of Kathyland often go awry.

A get-together with a long-time buddy got cancelled, so I found myself with NOTHING to do after work. Shocker! Have had something going on every day for the last 12 days, so figured I would work late and catch up (check), go thru all my side-barred blogs which I haven't done for days (check) and then hit the gym which I haven't done in ages.

Yeah, no check there.

The working late part worked great and got half-way caught all the way caught up on my blog buddies and the last thing I remember was plugging in my laptop to charge it and walking to my closet to change into workout gear.

Next thing...well, I was waking up and the room was totally dark and it was just past 9. Looked at my cell and couldn't figure out why the room was so dark at 9 am on a Saturday morning. Then it dawned on me that it was still Thursday night...late Thursday night...and so much for working out....and puttering in the backyard...and repotting some plants....and going to Home Depot for aphid spray cause the little critters are eating my trees and I need to kill them before they kill the trees.


Procrastination and a lack of sleep will do that to you, I guess.

Off to Walgreen's to pick up an Rx that I had been procrastinating at getting filled, then to the mailbox to pick up the mail...which I hadn't done for 3 days...then home to clean off the counter which had become a dumping ground over the last couple of days. 

Reality check. My procrastination was getting the best of me and I really don't like it when that happens. So I took a deep breath and instead of sitting on the couch and watching yet another episode of 'Landscaper's Challenge' I cleaned off the counter, organized my bill folder, dumped the recyclables, washed dishes, emptied trash, reconciled my checking account, cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, living room and ran the entire sprinkler system thru its cycle and updated my Flickr account that I've neglected for the past month.

Now  I feel somewhat better. Coulda done more 'work' work but it will be there in the me on that. And hey, look at the time!!


Cross Your Fingers

What could be funner than a birthday?

When it's YOUR birthday!

How's about a birthday celebrated in a totally fun place?

Like Vegas?

For close to an entire week?

With your company picking up the tab?

Meeting lots of your clients that love to party?

Did I mention it's for a whole week?

So I ask you, what could be funner?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Cross your fingers they let me go....put in my request today.

OK, This Might Gross You Out

The other day Jillian and I were having our daily phone chat check in and she asked me what I had for lunch...more as a joke than anything else since I have been STUCK on Special K cereal bars for breakfast and lunch for over 2 months...when I told her, her reaction was 'YUCK!".

She found the idea of a peanut-butter and bacon sandwich completely gross. Whereas I think it is a yummy type of splurge lunch that I might have once a month or so...when I am not having Special K cereal bars.

We got to talking about individual likes and dislikes and things I think are perfectly normal another person might find beyond disgusting...and vice versa.

Take smoking, for example. Am loathe to be around cigarette smoke or people who smoke. One of my best friends here in Denver smokes and it grates on my nerves every time I'm around him and he lights up. I won't date guys that smoke, won't ride in a smoker's vehicle, will keep my distance while people around me light's something that I detest big-time.

Yet, some of my friends can't live without's part of who they are.

We all have our own little peculiarities and idiosyncracies.

Some of mine are;

* COMPULSIVE email checker

* MUST fold clothes the very second the dryer dings cause GOD FORBID they get wrinkled

* When I no longer need a piece of paper, I have to #1- fold it in half #2 tear once #3 tear twice in the opposite direction

* When going to a new place for the first time, I have to Mapquest it several days before I leave so I can commit it to memory

* I MUST arrive on time for apts, meeting friends, etc. When I think I'll be as much as a minute late, I freak out! 

* MUST wash my sheets every Sunday so I psychologically start the week feeling nice and rested (have 1,000 thread count sheets and when they are clean and right out of the dryer it feels like falling asleep in a cloud)

* When I leave a voicemail for a client, I always say the exact hour and minute. Even tho I've been made fun of for doing this a ton of times, it's a habit I can't break

* MUST Swiffer at least once a week

* MUST have the downstairs spotless before I go to bed at night...this includes no dishes in the's hard to sleep with unwashed dishes in the sink. Ewww...typing that just gave me the chills.

OK guys, that's my list.

What's yours?

Meet Angela

Yet another interesting Drinking Liberally evening. You can't go wrong by starting the night with an ice cold Stella and Deep Dish pizza.

This evening's guest was Angela Engel, who is running for the State Representative seat for HD 37 (Centennial).

Wasn't prepared for the dynamo that is Angela Engel. Determined, feisty and confident, Angela is focusing on :

* Healthcare

* Education

* Economic Development

Why is Angela running? She felt she had no other choice.  Upon discovering there was no Democratic candidate that wanted to run, Angela tried to find potential candidates. When that didn't work, she decided to take up the challenge. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!

And that's not the first time that Angela's stepped up to the plate. Quoting from her website :

"Angela’s service to children began in 1991 with her founding of University Kids Club, a mentoring and tutoring program for at-risk youth in Denver Public Schools. As an educator, Angela taught in Douglas County Schools and served as high school instructor and Academic Director for the “Denver Street Schools” – a privately funded, alternative high school providing a “last chance” education to inner city students. In addition, she created and implemented staff development trainings for 45 National Street Schools".

Angela was also the citizen lobbyist for HD 1289, known as the 'Parent's Choice' bill.

As a 4th generation Colorado resident, Angela has seen Centennial blossom as a city and has concrete ideas on how to improve the lives of those in her district as well as in the state of Colorado.

Check out her link on the left...donate some cash...donate some time.

If you're fed up with status quo, you need to get on board with Angela.

Simply A Look Can Break Your Heart

What do you get when you combine a packed-to-the-gills-Filmore, 90 degree heat, high wattage energy of the highest degree, and a love of honest alternative rock?


Tonite was the concert I've been not-so-patiently waiting for over the last 3 months as well as over the last 2 years (was supposed to see them in FL 2 years ago and the night before they were scheduled for Pompano,they cancelled due to dangerous nodes on Davy's vocal cords). Truly one of the best concerts I've ever seen and I've seen quite a few in my day.

Music was LOUD. Moshing was frequent. Was drenched from the heat and beer and who-knows-what that everyone was spilling on everyone else by the 3rd song. Dancing while drinking is so the new black.

Played a ton of new stuff, a ton of old stuff, all of it the good old AFI I know and love.

By the time the concert ended, I was soaked thru and thru from the equivalent of an hour and a half musical cardio extravaganza...cause you just can't stand still when AFI rocks the house.

My ears are still ringing and while my heart rate has settled down, my mind is still back at The Fillmore. I really didn't want it to end.