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The Best Thing About Today that the day is almost over.

Slammed from the second I woke up to right now...fading fast.

Was gonna have pizza and beer, since another blogger buddy told me that's what he was having for dinner, but it would have made the 4th time this week that I had pizza. So I had a Chicken/Veggie Burrito from Qdoba and now I'm calling it  night.

Actually, the BEST things that happened today were my buddies that called and im'd and helped me keep my sanity thruout the day.

And Giblet drunk texing & calling to tell me I MUST try  Stoli Blackberry and Soda.

Sounds yummy.



Did not dash out right after work to run errands, meet anyone, buy anything, drive anywhere.

Slept for 2 hours. Woke refreshed and more centered than when I started my day.

Lots of thoughts, activities, questions, goals, what-if's swirling around me.

So I decided to just sit and be.

Blogged, thought, blogged and thought some more.

Sometimes you can make the biggest transitions just by having quiet time and listening to your inner voice. As opposed to the voices in your head. (private blogger joke there!)

On my agenda right this second?

Realized the sound I've been hearing in the background for the last hour has been my stomach.


#3-log back on to my work PC and work some more
#4-blast AFI in anticipation of their 11 July concert at The Fillmore
#5-appreciate this huge feeling of contentment I'm getting right now



Every day for the past 3 days I've woken up and the first thought in my head (after saying a morning prayer) is "I can't wait to go back to sleep when I finish work'.

Of course, that hasn't happened any day this week. Have been out the door and on the go every single day this week so far. Tonite was DL, last night was buying my new Mac and having way too late night company stop by, and Monday was errands and more errands.

Today at work was a clusterfuck. Went into my office about 20 minutes ago to finish up the stuff I could not finish even tho I stayed 45 minutes overtime tonite...not that I am paid overtime :-)

And now? And now, my eyes feel like they are gonna fall off.

For sure, tomorrow after work I am so napping.

That's a promise!

NNSD :-)


...that's her name.

Have never named my objects, computers included. So I'm breaking with tradition.

Back in my Foster Puppy days, there was this one little puppy I couldn't think of a name for. She was a little Chihuahua-Boston Terrier Mix and weighed 2 pounds at the most. Thought of names all the way home from the Humane Society...called my parents and friends...nothing seemed right.

Tried to take her out of her crate once we arrived home but she wouldn't budge. So I said 'come here  Munchkin' and all of a sudden I realized the naming part was over.

Still getting used to her. At the store they said they would import my iTunes and all my pix. Not so much.

Will figure it out eventually.

I have a computer again. And internet.

Life is back to normal in Kathyland.

I think.


...for my iBook.

It DIED on me a couple of hours ago. Working now, but the time is here to upgrade...the writing is on the wall.

So off to the Apple Store I go very sad to have to trade up to a new machine. Chris, checked out your Gateway version, but it has to be an Apple for me. I used to drive by Apple HQ in Cupertino and wave...I am THAT much of a Mac-geek.

Bought 'my baby' in Sept 2001. Back when I was a 'couple', my husband always said I was so techno-useless he would need to hold my hand and do everything for me when I eventually got my first laptop.

Tell ya what, gang. Did just fine on my own, thanks to the nice guys at the Wellington, FL Apple Store.

My iBook has been with me thru my separation, divorce, 5 moves in 5 years.It's been my one constant in a life that has not seen a lot of consistancy. It's been my lifeline and altho I am not into all materialistic stuff when it comes right down to it, this little machine on my lap has been an extension of me.

I will miss it.


* iBook works great at times, other times, not so much. Gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when it is not so much.

* Blew way too much $$ at Sephora yesterday but boy does the Bliss Stuff just cheer me up...yummm...Lemon and Sage!

* On the continuing subject of my recent purchases, getting my Tuppeware order today. YAY! Used to sell it...LOVE the stuff! Anyone up for a Denver Blogger Tupperware Party? Guys too are included!

* And the cure to my sleepless nights of the last 2 months? I switched from a semi-mushy pillow to a down pillow I had but never used. WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. Have slept ALL thru the night for the last 4 I just had to share.

* No progress on the lawn...compost is still sitting in front of the house on the street since last Weds.

OK boyz and chickz...back to work for me!

Sick iBook :-(

For the last week or so, horizontal yellow lines appear on my screen within 10 minutes of firing up my laptop.

This morning it was especially problematic, so off to the Apple store we'll go.

Have had the motherboard replaced 3x so far... wondering if it is the same issue?

Regardless, no blogging until my baby is back home. Yeah, I know you guys will be thrilled bummed. Don't feel comfortable blogging on my work PC, so there ya have it. Will check email on the PC, but not as frequently as I do on my iBook...which is incessantly.

Cross your fingers it's nothing huge or expensive or expensively huge.

6 Month Reminder

Seems every 6 months, someone asks me what 'NNSD' means.

So every 6 months I tell the story of when we were little kids, our parents would read a bed time story to us 5 nights a week. And when they were finished, as they turned off the light  they'd say :

"Night Night, Sweet Dreams"

Loved that saying then and I love it now.

So NNSD from Denver.

I'll remind you in another 6 months.

Life As We Know It...

...might very well be non-existant within 50 years. Especially if you live on the East Coast, the West Coast, The Netherlands, Beijing...

This afternoon I saw 'An Inconvenient Truth'  with my buddy Heather .

Had been meaning to see it eventually, but after a nudge from Chris  (see his 18 June review) I decided to see it sooner than later. This movie blew me away.

It's amazing that Al Gore has been steadfastly hammering on this subject since the '70's. His scope and understanding of the issue is impressive and I truely hope that his status as the President-Who-Never-Was won't deter those who might otherwise be interested in this topic. As it was, the theatre in Bel-Mar had only 20 or so movie-goers when Heather and I were there.

If you want an in-depth review with facts and figures, check out Chris' site.

All I can say after seeing this is I am telling everyone I know that they MUST see this movie. Just told my parents (who NEVER go to the theatre) that they had to break with tradition and go out and see it...and take my siblings along with them!

Am also sending out an email to everyone in my address book (except for Chris and Heather!) urging them to see it as well. While it won't happen for awhile, my next vehicle WILL be a Hybrid, I already recycle and I''ve decided to reseach the alternative energy options in my area and see what I might be able to take advantage of.

Please don't read this and think 'I'm only one person, what can I do'? One person can do plenty. Just ask Al Gore.


My weekend has started and am sitting here thinking of what I SHOULD do as opposed to what I WANT to do.


Balance checkbook
Write out bills
Mail bills
Write, address, mail sympathy cards
Hang chimes on front porch
Hang rack in entry way
Clean out garage
Set up hose in garage
Grocery shop
Do laundry


Stare out the window and think
Think some more
Watch HGTV nonstop until I can't take it anymore
Go to Sephora and buy the entire line of BLISS products
Eat Famous Pizza (Colfax, not Broadway-thanks Hubs)
Go to Twist and Shout and buy stuff
Drink some more
Go back to BJ's (whaddya say, Bex)
See a movie with Heather this weekend
Maybe see a movie with Jami this weekend (J??)
Watch all the DVD's that have been piling up
Do a road trip on Sunday..have no idea where to go but just pack up and GO regardless.

Ok jury...that's my dilema.


Do As I Say Not As I Do

Had such a GROOVY time with HDW last night that I collapsed in bed as soon as I got home. Well, ok, I did fill the dishwasher first...REFUSE to have dishes in the sink overnight..and did brush my teeth cause dental decay takes no holiday. But then I crashed. HARD.

Now, remember back to my post of yesterday when I was so tired on my lunch hour? Well boys and girls, I took a small nap and set my cell alarm to go off at 12:28 I could be back at my desk in time.

Yep, you guessed it.

Forgot to reset my alarm.

Woke up WICKED late...horribly wickedly late...and the first thought I had was 'SHIT!! I am WICKED late...why has no one called to check up on me??

Ah, the wonders of MSN Communicator breaking down all the time. No one had any idea I was not at my desk. Baruch Ata Adonai. PLUS, I am covering one of my buddies desks today so I needed to be on top of my game.

Am on my lunch hour right now and have only checked gmail twice so just too slammed today. But good slammed. And my buddy's desk is all caught up and running smoothly.

So rejoice, it is FRIDAY, payday Friday no less and I have nothing on my agenda for the weekend other than to sleep, resume drinking again (it's been 2 weeks since laser surgery so the coast is clear for alcohol), hang out with a blogger or two, catch some movies, read some books, watch some DVD's.

I love weekends almost as much as I love hanging out with HDW. Almost.

(Had a great time, honey! You crack me up like no one's business!)


On my lunch hour watching 'Mission Organization' and trying not to fall asleep.

GERD woke me up at 2:45 and I've been awake ever since. It's so hard keeping my eyes open.

HDW, glad our meeting time is later than earlier.

Am so taking an hour nap right after work.

Bur for now?


évforduló magyar

Which is the closest I could figure on how to say 'Hungarian Anniversary'.

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Uprising.

I'm 50% Hungarian on my Dad's side and growing up it was not uncommon to have Hungarian literature in the house, especially when my Dad's Mom (Gramma) lived with us. Our knowledge of Hungarian was limited to the words for 'Hello' ...transliterated it sounded like 'Yor-re-gelt'. We always tried to get our Gramma to teach us Hungarian swear words. We finally broke her down one Friday night and she taught us 'summod'...which means jackass.

It did help that we plied her with wine while my parents were at Friday bingo. And we hid her cane from her. That was Brian's doing.

I know there's a Hungarian Memorial off Speer in a little pocket park. Will drive by later today to see if anything is going on, and just to have a picture of the marker so I can send it to my Dad.

Would love to visit Hungary one of these days and take my parents with me. Heritage is important to me and a trip to Hungary and Ireland (my Mom is 100% Irish) with my parents in tow would be a dream come true. Yes Kelly, you can come too.

Any of you ever been to Hungary? Pix and stories appreciated.


Was driving home from looking at bedroom furniture and decided I want to be a solutionist.

Ideally, people would pay me to come up with solutions.

Not to be mistaken for a consultant. Consultants 'consult'...they suggest, infer, hypothesize.  No, I want to come up with solutions to problems. Problems are not inherently good or bad...they are what they are...much like porn or money or alcohol.  People have them. I want to take away their problems and give them solutions. Ergo, solutionist.

Tonite I sat down and came up with a list of over 20 big-time solutions I have provided over the years. Ranging from academic, professional, fraternal and personal, I've been able to see my way around challenges and come up with viable solutions. Not that I will win a Macarthur Genius Grant anytime soon, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is something I could really do.

I've reinvented myself several times during the course of my life...have a feeling another round of 'reinventation' is right around the corner.

So...have any problems ya wanna run by me??


..finally happening.

My horribly offensive lawn, the embarassment of the neighborhood, is going away NOW!

My lawn contractor was supposed to start next week but he had a break in his schedule so within an hour sod will be ripped from my front and side premises! YAY!!!!!

Dudes and is sooo gross...let me tell ya. And soon it will be oh so pretty. (Yeah, can you tell I really have no life whatsoever when I get this jazzed about a new lawn??)

Was just finishing up a long day on the phones (in my spotlessly clean office that I re-arranged and decluttered after midnite last night) and was thinking a nap sounded good and after that, pizza from Famous Pizza...(damn you Shmeder and LSE for getting me hopelessly hooked on this culinary be sooooo good!).

Now that John is coming over, the nap is canned and am in housecleaning's my MO when company comes to call.

Q: How to make Kathy a nervous wreck?
A: Call and say you're 10 minutes away...eek! Bust out the Swiffer!

Was gonna look at bedroom furniture after pizza, but that might have to wait, depending on how soon I get bored of watching sod being ripped apart. Too bad this won't require any heavy machinery...I could watch heavy machinery all's slo-mo nature is just dreamy and sorta surreal....and very relaxing.

Just like taking a nap.

A Blog Is Born!

My buddy Chris has jumped on the blog bandwagon. It was a long time coming (have been telling him he needed to start a blog for the last two years!) and as we all know, timing is everything.

For Chris, the timing is now. His reasoning??

"This is my first post on what I hope will become a tool kit for progressives around the country to win for Democrats nationwide this fall and beyond. I'm offering the perspective of a College Student in New Orleans who is looking at a future condemned by our current leadership. Everyone needs to take this fight into their own hands. I have personally chosen to fight through this site and by running for Programming Director of College Democrats of America".

Check him out on then feel free to share his site with any College Dem or any progressive liberal you know. I've been telling Chris ever since I met him on the Stork Campaign that he has what it takes to be President of the United States.

Programming Director of College Democrats of America would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Best of luck, Chris!

ps - I get dibs on the Lincoln Bedroom :-)

<EDIT-Hey Denver Bloggers -  Chris spoke about the Al Gore movie 'An Inconvenient Truth'.  This movie has now branched out to venues other than The Mayan. Let me know if you want to get a group up to see it...maybe we can team with Drinking Liberally as well??>

'Cut And Run'...

...that's what Karl Rove said the Democrats are doing (via Meet The Press).

Rove sez that Dems that voted for the war are now advocating we  'cut and run'.

Karl, Karl, Karl.

In case you don't remember, those Democrats actually believed that guy you put in the White House when he made a compelling case for going to war. They stood in line behind their Commander-in-Chief.

Of course, that's before we all found out that there were no WMD's and Bush Jr. was basically going after Saddam cause Saddam tried to kill his dad. Grudge match, if you will. So yeah, Bush lies and now that we see the light  that changes things. Truth can do that, you know. Or maybe you don't.

We all know that Bush is a lame duck President...he's on his way out. Some would say he's been a lame President from the get go. C'mon George, try stepping up and being a leader at least once in your 8 (4 of which were stolen) year Presidency. Get us out of Iraq. The troops deserve better. We deserve better from you.

Here's your chance to do something right for a change.

It's not called 'cutting and running''s called bringing them home.


Just okeydokeyed the go-ahead for the transformation of my lawn from 'slacker-in-the-hood' to what will hopefully be a weed-free lush carpet of green grass that begs you to walk thru it barefoot.

Pricey but it will #1-make my home look SOOO much better #2-make me feel so much better about my home #3-gotta think about resale value #4- help the local economy (the guy who bid on it is self-employed and fulltime employed and going to school full he does great work) #5-it will make me happy. Yeah...dontcha know it's all about me??? :-)

"Before pix' will be up soon.

A Good Time Was Had By All

What a blogifically wonderful night!!

LSE, Jami, Shmeder and Heather, thanks for coming out tonite! Had the BEST time and hope you did too! Bex and Rosie, we missed you...maybe next time???? And Chuck...what can I say but 'hey, Chuck!"

LSE, the Nancy Drews keep getting better and better. You rock the house like no other.

And on that note, it's time for this little vampire to hit the hay.


You Never Hear...

...just how beautiful she is!

Yes, met up with another Denver Blogger tonite! Bex is a riot and I had the best time meeting and hanging out with her. Dinner was yummy, post-dinner shopping at Target a ton of fun and I am really thrilled that we finally got to meet!

After all the excitement of tonight, am fading fast. Super windy outside so I'm gonna fall aleep listening to wind and -of course- the new AFI CD I CANNOT stop listening to.


Bye Bex :-)