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Wanna See My Big Hole??'s my new washer...what else could I be talking about?? (Zip it, those of you with your minds in the gutter!)

Ok, obviously I am feeling better than I was this time last night. The tummy problems vanished after an early pillow rendevouz, but the migraine stayed with me all night. It was bad. Made me wonder how people with chronic pain (like my sister-in-law who has severe MS) deal with pain on a daily basis.

That people deal with stuff...stayed with me thruout the rest of the day. A large part of my job, as of late, deals with telling clients and wanna be clients that I don't have jobs for them or I can't place them in the first place. Some accept the news with grace, kindness and understanding (right Scott??), some with humor and then some scream and yell at me like I am personally responsible for not having a job ready and waiting for them. It just doesn't work that way, baby. Wish it would be better for all of us!

And how do I deal with stuff? Well, maybe not as well as I thought. Maybe not quite as realistic as I need to be. One of my top ten goals when I moved in was to have everything unpacked with boxes off to the recyclers within 10 days. After all, I did it when I moved to my Boca house from CA...why couldn't I do it this time??

Well duh, Kath...different set of circumstances. Back then I was married and hadn't found a job I had unlimited time to accomplish my goals. Now? Hmmm...factor in being at my desk from 7-3:30  or maybe 4...or until 5 like tonite, then run a fast errand or two, then make dinner and do a load of laundry, talk to Howard or Scottie or Jillian (or all 3) while vegging, then start another project and all of a sudden it's 10 pm or 11 or midnite and I realize how quickly 6:30 will arrive. Plus, it's just me these days. Which I am MORE than fine with, in case you haven't guessed :-)

How do I react when 10 days come and go and there are still boxes to be unpacked (in the guest room mostly, just have 2 more in the living room) and my house is not in the state of perfection I had assured myself it would be? I tend to focus on what I haven't done...not what I have done. And ya know what chicks and dudes...that's not healthy!

Tonite I started a new set of 3-5 small tasks each night. Pick something that will make me happier, will be visually or aesthetically pleasing and will result in having a more organized, cozier house. What did I do?

Steamed zucchini slices for dinner, made guacamole (without the C word, thank you very much, Scott!), washed my Tupperware Modular Mates and started integrating them into my cupboards, sent pix to all my buddies that had been asking for them, and took the time to sit in my favorite chair and just ...sit..... and vege and listen to my new favorite band (The Fray) and just blog my little heart out.

This makes me feel good. Content. Peaceful. Grateful. Happy.

The house will get where it needs to be in good time. While I relish crossing yet one more item off my huge To-Do List, I have to make sure I don't lose myself and my sanity in the process of achieving To-Do List, a completed list..even tho you gotta know that here in Kathyland, there is never such a thing as a completed list.

Just keepin' it real, ya know?


Under the weather here in Kathyland.

Have either come down with a tummy flu or food poisioning, but I feel all achey and pukey and of course have a killer migraine as well. Downed ginger ale during the day cause I just can't justify calling in sick when I work from home...nah, I think I'll have to be hospitalized in order to use that card.

Ran a quick errand after work and started feeling made a quick dinner of salad and tortellini and within 20 minutes of eating could barely stand up.  After resting (and blogging for a bit) forced myself to haul in the new office chair I bought for my office...since the one I have sits waaaay too low and my typing posture is both comical and not ergonomically healthy. Damn, this thing is heavy, smells like chemicals and will take more energy than I have right now.  Urgg. Put the seat and back of the chair in the garage to air out, and once I start the dishwasher I'm calling it a night.

Hope your night is going better than mine.

NNSD :-)

I Tried to Be Like Howard & Almost Burned Down My Kitchen

Started my Saturday bright and early, with a huge list of 'things-to-do' and a purpose to accomplish as much as I could in a 24 hour span. So far, so good.

One of the perks of living with Howard is that he always cooked...and many times, he'd cook wonderful breakfasts...sausage or bacon, eggs (just the way I liked them), home fries and toast. He'd cook, I'd clean, and all was right with the world.  So I decided to start the day off right and cook a huge Howard-inspired breafast. I'd never cooked sausage before, but after watching Howard do it numerous times, I figured it couldn't be that difficult.

Since I don't like grease spattering me or the kitchen, I put the sausge in a frying pan then covered it with a lid...and watched it cook while I got the eggs and toast and hot chocolate prep out of the way. After awhile, it started to burn. A good sign, since I know sausage should be cooked thoroughly. Before I knew it, there was a ton of smoke in the kitchen...uh oh. So I went to open my kitchen window for the first time. Oops. It was locked...and the latch is waaaay up high. Crap. So the kitchen is getting smokier by the second and I have to go get the stepladder. I come back and the kitchen is beyond smokey...not good. So I open the front door, open the sliding glass door in the dining room, then struggle to open the window. And yes,  I already had the stove vent turned on full blast but that wasn't helping.

Eventually I got the window open and aired out the place. Sausages were crispy, to say the least. No worries of being undercooked at all.  Damn, cooking was never this complicated when Howard did it.

So I whipped up the scrambled eggs, and toast and hot chocolate...and sat there eating my breakfast thinking 'this is waaay too much stress for one meal'.

Today, I'm having cereal.

What Would YOU Do?

Letter to my buddy Howard...I welcome your suggestions/opinions/2 shekels as well :


Remember how I told you about the high-tech new scale I bought that tells you body fat percentage, amount of hydration, weight and the chances that you will get laid any time soon?

Well, it is not working correctly...very not correctly. It keeps telling me (prepare to laugh) that I weigh 76 #. STOP LAUGHING!

I know I've lost weight since I moved here, but if I lost that much I'd be anorexic...and I am far from anorexic.

So now the I take it back to Target and tell them the truth and watch them collapse in helpless I keep it here, wait for your visit and hope you can fix it for me?  Took out the battery and tried to reset it....3x...but gave me the same weight.


Saw this on Derek's site...

Four jobs I've had

1. Grocery checker- Yay Vons! The main job I had while in college (among others)
2. HR Rep - Was fun, was overworked, was underpaid, taught me tons about corporate life.
3. Tupperware Mgr- Don't of the coolest jobs I've had
4. Medical Recruiter - Current job that I dea(e)rly love :-)

Four movies I can watch over and over

1. Local Hero
2. Scrooged
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
4. To Live and Die in L.A.

Four places I've lived

1. My parent's house, La Puente, CA
2. Langley AFB Officers Housing, Hampton, VA
3. 3/2 townhome in San Jose,CA- first house as a married couple
4. The dream house I moved into 2 weeks ago, CO

Four TV shows I love

1. NBA on ESPN, TNT or Network
2. NFL- ditto
3. Mission Organization - HGTV
4. Curb Appeal- Rick Spence version- HGTV

Four places I've vacationed

1. Tel-Aviv, Israel
2. Andros Island, Bahamas
3. Zwiebrucken, Germany
4. Vegas Baby, Vegas

Four of my favorite dishes

1. In-N-Out Double-Double
2. My mom's meatloaf
3. My buddy Howard's grilled steaks and grilled asparagus (easy on the Cajun seasoning,tho)
4. Any guacamole that does not have the dreaded cilantro as an ingrediant

Four sites I visit daily

1. Jillibean
2. Little
3. HDW
4. Eek!

Four places I would rather be right now

1. Nowhere but here
2. Nowhere but here
3. Nowhere but here
4. Ok, maybe another weekend back in Vegas with the gang

Four bloggers people I am tagging

1. See above
2. See above
3. See above
4. See above (didja really think I was gonna go thru all that linky-ness again??)


...all warm and comfy on the couch...wearing my purple fleece pullover over a white cotton long-sleeved t-shirt...woolen hiking sox from REI that Elise gave me for my bday that are SO delicious...just finished a cup of hot chocolate and am cuddled under a chenille throw (with my laptop on top of that) creating a very cozy and comforting evening.

Best of all??

I'm listening to my new dryer dry my laundry...can't get anymore domestically blissful that this.

Color me grateful and happy and soon to be wearing very clean clothes.

NNSD :-)

It's The Little Things

New washer and dryer (with catch pan to go under washer) arrive tomorrow. YAY!

Bought Tide, Febreeze-Scented Downey AND Febreeze-Scented Bounce sheets to celebrate the arrival of my new toys...and to attempt at cutting down the wicked static electricity that is rampant in my house.

CANNOT WAIT to do my own laundry in my own house in my own washer and dryer.

It is SO the little things in life that give me incredible pleasure and happiness.

NNSD :-)

Vegas Virgin No More

Was in Las Vegas from Friday evening to late Sunday night to celebrate my friend Jen's Birthday...aka Jen's Vegas Birthday Bash.

My FIRST time in Las Vegas and OMG...where do I start?

Went from being absolutely overwhelmed by the frenetic pace at the airport to speechless by all the energy that is Vegas. As expected, we had LOTS of fun. LOTS. And boys...can I tell you about all the cool boys I met? And the booze? And the...well...nevermind. Seems there is a saying 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'. And it shall.

But no one said anything about not sharing pix!

KvclrdrkitchenOur condo that Jen snagged on Ebay.

Too_trueToo true!


Lots of progress here in CO Kathyland!

My migraine from last night was gone when I woke up, my work day was flawless on all counts, I actually DROVE in 4 inches of snow and did not wreck (my #1 fear about moving to CO), then I unpacked the living room, kitchen, Master Bedroom, hung pix, washed dishes, and now I am calling it a night...err, morning.

Tired, but the feeling of accomplishment is worth it.

NNSD :-)

Daily Occurance

...internet out again for most of the day...this is getting old.

Don't mean to whine, but this was the day from hell. Movers were here for 6 hours, Migraine just won't go away. And for a chick that has been anti-committment and anti-boyfriend for the longest time...well, all I wanted after today was a special someone to tell me that it's gonna be alright, then give me a neck rub, a huge hug and cuddle the rest of the night away.

I'll snap out of it tomorrow.

Here A Glitch, There A Glitch..

...ok are you keeping track?

Cell phone - still dead, still no replacement

Internet - dead from 3:30 yesterday afternoon (both work and personal) until just now...seems my IS guys needed to give me a Dynamic IP setting...whatever that is. Not sure how long I will have internet for trying to work off my MAC which allows me access to 1 of the 4 screens I need to be able to work from home. Have no idea how soon IS will have me back on my work PC. URGGGGG!  Frustrating!

Movers- supposed to arrive today...have not heard from them since cell has a recording asking everyone to call my landline...hope I hear from the head mover before he shows up.

Paint is going well and tile will start today...won't be finished for me to order my washer and dryer before the weekend tho...MUST FIND A LAUNDROMAT!

Paint color for the entire downstairs is Laura Ashley Sand last house (before moving to Howard's) was painted Sand 2...yep, I'm kicking it up a notch as Emeril would say!

Weather is BEAUTIFUL....beyond gorgeous. Scott (who's doing the tile) can't get over the views I have. Yeah, I think they're pretty spectacular as well.

Ok gang...back to work.

Cross your fingers the glitches vanish, my movers show up TODAY and my replacement cell gets here soon :-)


Huge progress! My work computer is up and running...just waiting for my headset and other office stuff to arrive...hopefully will go 'live' at working from home tomorrow afternoon.

And it's SNOWING!

Within 15 minutes after it started, my driveway was covered.

How cool is that? And since I work from home, I can enjoy it without having to drive in it.

The way my luck is going, bought a powerball ticket for 87 million. Hey, it can't hurt.

OK, off for a quick walk to the store for more milk!

Life In CO that I have internet, I can tell you that I arrived safely.

My plane landed just before midnite on Saurday and I was HOME by 12:30 am. My first 'official' visitors stopped by around 1:30...two wolves.

I'm not in FL anymore.

Most of Sunday was spent in disbelief that I am actually living here. Walked 3 blocks to the grocery store, then of course back again. Carrying groceries has to count as weight-bearing exercise, right?? Was cold and windy and not a mosquito in site.

Last night I conked out around 9ish (sorry Little and Jillian) and slept all thru the night...until my alarm went off at 6:30 am (oops, FL time) which was 4:30 CO time. My cell is staying on East Coast time since I will adhere to my office's EST hours. Had no prob falling back to sleep, thanks to my cozy electric blanket and semi-comfortable pirate raft.

So far, FEDEX, COMCAST and the tile/paint guy have come and gone. Tile starts tomorrow, FEDEX will return tomorrow as well and the COMCAST guy gave me internet...yay!

Furniture (and my truck) get here Weds...double yay...finally get to  sleep in my wonderful king-size bed for the first time since July.

Lots to be thankful for on soooo many levels. I am so blessed.

Gotta set up my with ya later :-)

(Edit - was informed by my neighbors that the two creatures that welcomed me were coyotes...not wolves. How embarrassing!!)

Over And Done

Finished packing at 6:30 Sunday night, which is right about the time my internet died :-(

Out to a thank-you dinner with the roomie's ex-ex-gf..we watched her dog for 2 weeks so she rewarded us with dinner out.

Was up at 6:30 am today,awaiting the movers that were supposed to be here at 8...make that 9, maybe 10:30...11:45? They finally showed up close to 1, left close to 3 (8 boxes, a Queen mattress and boxsprings, 2 nightstands and my truck were packed) and when they finally drove away I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders...the packing/loading part was finally OVER!  (I hate to pack in the worst way!)

Roomie left for school soon after so I finished cleaning up my room (ran the vacuum and washed the windows) then took a long shower to try and get rid of the killer migraine I'd had all day. Also called work and told them I woudn't be in after all....going in for 2 hours would have been senseless at that point.

Afterwards, just vegged and thought about the day last July that all the stuff from my house got packed up. At the time, had no idea when/where I'd be going. Now I know and I'm glad. The wait is finally over...or will be on Saturday.

Still have my migraine, so NNSD from here!

Packing Update... 1/3 finished.

Most of yesterday was devoted to running around to get last minute errands done. Didn't start packing until I came back from dinner with Jeremy. Then a quick trip out with Howard to get more t-shirts he found on sale...they'll go perfect under his scrubs.

Once I actually started packing it hit me that this is finally happening. Didn't expect the sadness that came it. After 11 I stopped...was almost out of tape, so decided to call it a night and finished watching TV with Howard.

Now it's bright and early and time to get back at it. Might be easier to do when I'm by myself, ya know?

Off to have breakfast, get more tape at Target, then back to packing.

THe next time I post I'll be finished! (Hope springs eternal!)

Life Without A Net

Where to start?

At the begining, I guess.

Summer before last while experiencing the joys that were Hurricane Frances and Jeanne,I started to have thoughts that maybe, just maybe, FL wasn’t the place for me anymore. Since my divorce, there was nothing or no one to tie me down to this area. And I had a funny feeling that the next hurricane season would be a lot worse.

So I started researching different locations. Arizona, Maine, Nova Scotia (after the elections), Utah and Colorado.

In June of 2005 I decided that the time was right to take advantage of the red-hot FL real estate market, so I said a quick prayer and put my house on the market. My prayer being ‘God, if this is meant to happen for me, please have my house sell within a week’. It sold in 3 days.

Made a financial killing, put all my stuff in storage and in July moved in with my buddy Howard, who had quit his job to start Respiratory school.

My long-term goal was to find and make an offer on a house on my birthday.

So I  did. December 13 my offer was accepted. Closed last week. I now own a house in CO.

Today I informed my company that I would be moving and would like to be able to work from home. They were shocked and surprised, to say the least. Me, who shares everything and anything at the drop of a hat, had remained mum on the whole house-hunting adventure. I also informed my company that if their answer is no, then my last day will be Friday, 13 Jan. I’ll get my answer this Thursday.

Life without a net is what Howard calls it. I know what I want and I go for it. Even if it means giving up a job I adore and clients I would truly die for to follow my dream. Dream, goal, fantasy...I know what I want and go for it, even if others can’t or won’t understand.

In the end, we all drive our own destiny. If it is meant for me to continue to work for my company from a remote location, then it will happen. If not, no biggie. I’m debt-free (other than my mortgage) and I’m an optimist...incurably so. I will succeed. I will make it. Failure is not an option.

So that, boys and girls, is what’s been going on in Kathyland.

I start packing this weekend and the movers come on Monday. Life will change and change big-time. Oh, by the way, I’m afraid of driving in ice and snow. Terrified. But I want to learn how to snowshoe, crosscountry ski and snowboard. So what’s life without a challenge or two along the way?

Life without a net. Just because you can have a comfortable, predictable life doesn’t mean you should.

Happy New Year....hope all your dreams come true...I know mine are :-)