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And To All, A Good Night!

(Tried to post this shortly before midnight last nite, but the intenet was not cooperating!)

What a whirlwind 24 hours it's been!

Last night was Paul and Eric's annual Christmas Eve soiree, which gets better with each year. Called my folks' house on the way home from the open house to talk with my siblings, cousins and relatives by the dozen to wish them a happy Christmas Eve. Today, up early to attend Christmas Services to hear my neighbor Jeremy preach, then off to Howard's Mom's house for a super yummy Christmas meal that knocked me out for the last several hours! Woke up to find I had missed 3 text msgs and 4 phone calls. That NEVER happens! Finally, the lighting of my hanukkiot to kick off the start of favorite Jewish holiday.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful Hanuukah.

Peace and love to all of you in your little corners of the world.

NNSD :-)

I'm Evil

(Paul, please don't read this until after tonite's party!)

Tried to convince my neighbor Jeremy (current vicar and pastor-in-training) that the gift I got for Paul and Eric's party tonite was porn...since I bought it from 'The Love Shack', ya know?

Of course he believes me (sucka!) and the look on his face was priceless.

Then I told him what it REALLY was (candles...and Paul, I hope you're not reading this)...and the look on his face was still priceless.

Playing mind games with Jeremy...always a fun pastime! Of course my roomie Howard tells me I will rot in hell for my evil ways. I disagree. After all, I'm just doing my best to prepare Jeremy for the 'real world'.

Off Until Tuesday...

...and not a moment too soon.

Why is it that returning from a vacation usually warrants the need for another vacation? Had 900+ emails waiting for me Weds when I got to work. Weds was catch up, today was productive...very much so...but SOOOOOO much time goes into placating and fixing and explaining things that IF DONE CORRECTLY THE FIRST TIME (by my clients) would not have become the huge issues they have mushroomed into. Sometimes I think that if I have to explain the importance of making sure we get their faxes ONE MORE TIME I will fucking let loose screaming, start laughing hysterically and have to be carted away. And then who would be left to answer the phones that never ever stop ringing?

L, B, B and M, am not talking about you.

Right now I feel drained of life, energy and passion.  Will feel better tomorrow after sleeping in, I'm sure. But right now, I need a beer in the worst way. And laundry detergent. Roomie has promised to buy laundry detergent for the last 2 days.

Cold beer, clean undies and vacation....if that's not heaven, don't know what is.

What The?

This is the message I get when I try and view my blog...


You don't have permission to access /a_likely_story/ on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


Note To Self

...just because it is bright and sunny outside, do not assume that your cheap cotton Jack Daniels lounge pants from Target will protect you from windy and cold CO weather on your morning walk. It's not happening. So I walked faster thinking I wouldn't be as cold. Again, not happening.

There were, however, no mosquitos to bother me and humidity is so a thing of the past here.

Heading out to REI to snag workout wear.


My Horoscope...

Quickie: Temptations abound today, but you must resist. Do not overeat or overspend.
Overview: If you're not seeing anyone, accept a friend's invitation, get out there and socialize. Either way, don't bother going any place your type of people won't be: the odd, unusual, rebellious and deliberately irreverent souls you identify with, that is.


Arrived safely in CO. Kel and Di picked me was SO NICE to have cool weather once more! 29 degrees and I didn't even wear my fleece jacket...was that thankful NOT to be sweltering.

Beyond fantastic to see both of had been too long. They drove out from CA to spend the weekend with me so we could celebrate our joint birthdays...Kelly's was 2 November, Diane's was 27 November and mine is this Tuesday. I am the oldest by 11 might want to remember that little tidbit of info!

As soon as we sped away from the airport, they called our parents to check in and let them know I'd landed safely. Briefly talked to my Dad...told him the weather was awesome! Can you tell I have a one-track mind?

As we were checking into the hotel, Kelly's cell rang. She said it was Dad and he needed to tell me something. I was in the middle of check-in so asked Kelly to have him wait a sec...but she just shoved the phone towards me so I (exasperatedly) started to chat. My Dad asked why I wasn't wearing fleece. And what was that on top of my head?


I looked at Kelly. I looked at Diane. Looked out the front of the hotel. Looked at my sisters once more. Then to my left, in the darkened dining room, I saw a lighted cell phone. And my Dad. And Mom.


Next thing I knew, I was hugging them both and couldn't stop crying. Just couldn't stop.

So there I was, crying and speechless.  Wow!! Those stinkers had been planning this surprise since September!!

They flew in to surprise me for my birthday.

Can you believe it?

So I recovered and started talking...yeah, you know the speechless part wouldn't last. Had a great dinner at OUTBACK, non-stop laughing the whole time, then Dad and Mom went back to their hotel room and we got back to ours, after making a booze stop at King Soopers where I GOT CARDED. I love CO! Have been carded on each visit.

Now it's after midnite, Kel and Di have crashed, and I'm sitting here blogging and marveling at how very lucky I am to have such an awesome family that loves me as much as they do.

Speechless really does say it best.

Happy Anniversary To Me

4 years ago today I got my freedom back. Back then, I used to wonder if I would be happier being divorced and on my own. I always believed in 'til death do us part'. I still do. But now I'm more realistic as to what makes a marriage...or a relationship for that matter, work.

As for the wondering part?

Yeah, I am happier. More than I ever could have imagined.