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This Was An Awesome 4 Day Weekend...

...and I'm bummed it has to end.

Plenty of rest, relaxation, college and pro basketball, football all day today (YAY E-A-G-L-E-S), hanging out with my new buddy J, Turkey Day with the roomies' family, and food...did I mention the food? Howard's sis can cook like all get out.

I have tons to be thankful for on any given day...and this weekend was no exception.


Nordstrom = Prayer

At least it does for me. Why?

I'll tell ya why.

Tonite when I walked into Nordstrom (to pay off my account, yay!) the entire time I was in the store the line 'lead us not into temptation' was going thru my head. And I still wound up in the shoe dept! Go figure!

And then I saw them.

Merrill's. My FAVORITE shoe. In Purple. My FAVORITE color. Lined with fur. Warm. Fuzzy. Furry purpley Merrillness.

Oh man, did I want them BAD!

And I walked away.

'Lead us not into temptation'. 

Yeah, I'm a Jew, but if it works, don't knock it.


Came down with a cold/sore throat/general yuckiness Thursday afternoon. Have been sick at home since then. No interest in reading, surfing the internets or watching HGTV or NBA. (But I’ll watch anyway!)Yeah, you KNOW I’m sick if none of those sound appealing to me.

Managed to wash the dinner dishes last night and take out the trash today...and that’ll be about it. Saving my energy to watch the Michigan-OSU game where (HOPEFULLY!) Blue will CRUSH Ohio.

It would be nice.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The whole time South Florida was  without power, hot water, internet and the daily basics that everyone takes for granted, my constant thought was ‘we have it so much easier than the people in New Orleans’.  We are so lucky...we are so blessed.

At least we had a roof over our heads. And a bathroom in which to take cold showers. And a bed to sleep in at night.

To this day, many of the residents of New Orleans have none of these treasures. They were hit hard. Many lost everything they had;both material goods and lives.

Still, New Orleans exists. And the residents are returning, determined to rebuild.

Actions, not words, will help with rebuilding efforts.

One of my friends is spearheading an effort to help in the rebuilding process.  My friend Chris is a man of action. A strong believer in rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done right the first time, Chris is currently President of the Louisiana College Dems. Together, all the Louisiana College Democratic Clubs are banding together to stage a massive offering of help for New Orleans residents.

Billed as “A New Year For New Orleans Project”, they need volunteers and funding. Please help however you can.  If you are a blogger, please blog about this. I’ve  linked to the LA DEMS site on my blog as well as posted their link below.. If you can spare a buck or two...or $200...there is a donation button on the LA Dems website . If you can help house volunteers (54 volunteers signed up  on the first day and tons more are expected) please contact Chris.  And if you can’t do any of the above, please think kind thoughts and say prayers for the volunteers the  weekend of  27-29 January.

Louisiana College Dems

This is your chance to take action.

Thanks for listening :-)


The motherboard in my computer died about 5-6 weeks ago and while it was off being repaired by the lovely folks at Apple I went thru high-grade internet withdrawal.

Took a computer-less trip to Colorado during this timeframe and came to realize that at least while in Denver, I didn’t miss my computer connection as much as I thought I would. Maybe it was from being drunk half of the time I was there...maybe I was just having too much fun partying and seeing never-before-seen sights....but I just didn’t miss it that much. Hmmm.

After returning, I experienced a sad incident where someone very very close to me lied to me and violated my trust. So I went into a tailspin and subsequent hermit mode. Afraid of writing about what had happened and risk hurting more people and possibly saying something I would regret, I decided to close up blog-shop and take a breather.

So I did.

Started reading more. Sleeping more. Exercising a lot more. Even working more. I was basically in my own little bubble world and wanted it that way. Time to keep people out and restrict letting anyone new in.

Then the hurricane hit.

Really thought the house was gonna cave in. Tree after tree after tree came crashing down.The wind pressed water thru the windows. Power was out for 8 days...longer for cell service and internet. Definitely not fun times. I crashed again and said very mean and spiteful things to individuals that used to be very near and dear to me. Again, promises broken and I just didn’t handle the dissapointment like the rational adult I knew I was...or maybe used to be? Who knows anymore.  While my anger was justified, nothing justified the way I treated others. Definitely not my finest moment. Not at all.

And now it’s been a month. Slowly coming out of my shell. All that once burned, twice shy crap vibe going on. Don’t feel like talking about important stuff in my life right now....some of it very personal and confidential....and trust, which has always been a hot button of mine, is even more tenuous these days. If I trust you, how do I know you won’t betray me? Maybe it’s better not to trust, then? Or should I just forge ahead and take a chance and hope I don’t crash too badly when the inevitable happens?

Promises broken and trust kills me a little more each time it happens.

Remember Me?

I'm back.

Lots has happened since I last blogged.

Good stuff. Bad stuff. And a hurricane named Wilma tried to blow us off the planet.

Details to follow tomorrow.

As for now, this is the first night I've had internet at home since Wilma...over 2 weeks ago.

With many people still without power, without homes, without water and without jobs, I am so damn lucky.

And thankful.